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  1. Introduction Taiwan / ROC
    1. Disambiguation: Taiwan, ROC, China
    2. Basic facts about the Republic of China (ROC)
    3. The political system of the ROC today—a brief description
      Taiwan Who's Who—an overview of current top politicians in the ROC
      Territory and jurisdiction
      A glance at the ROC's historical background
      The ROC Constitution and its amendments
      National day, national symbols and national anthem
      Major orders and decorations in the ROC
    4. Essential information on Taiwan I—population and languages
    5. Ethnic makeup of Taiwan's population
      Languages in modern Taiwan
    6. Essential information on Taiwan II—history
    7. Taiwan's history—much more than just the ROC
      Colonization acknowledged as historical fact
      The Republic of Formosa (May to October 1895)
      Facts about Japan's colonial rule over Taiwan
      2-28, White Terror and a soured relationship
      Cross-Strait relations since the late 1970s—an overview
      NCCU polls in connection with Cross-Strait relations
    8. The indigenous peoples and their marginalization
    9. The indigenous peoples in contemporary Taiwan
      Taiwan's colonization—implications, impact and consequences

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  2. ROC Presidency
    1. Details about the office
    2. Top job
      Palace of power
    3. Presidents of the ROC 1912–1948
    4. Early Republic 1912–1916
      Warlord Period 1916-1928—Northern China
      Warlord Period 1916-1928—Southern China
      Nationalist Government 1928–1948
    5. Presidents / Vice Presidents of the ROC since 1948
    6. List of ROC presidents and VPs since 1948
      Milestones of the ROC presidency since 1947
      First Ladies of the ROC
      Secretary-generals of the ROC presidential office
      Secretary-generals of the National Security Council
      Chiefs Aide-de-Camp to the President since 1948
      Directors of the New Southbound Policy Office
      Academia Sinica
      Academia Historica
    7. Biographical background of popularly elected ROC presidents (since 1996)
    8. Lee Teng-hui 李登輝
      Chen Shui-bian 陳水扁
      Ma Ying-jeou 馬英九
      Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文

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  3. Executive Yuan (Cabinet)
    1. The Executive Yuan in the Republic of China (Taiwan)
    2. Different layers of government
      Departments in the Executive Yuan
      Other committees and organizations under the Executive Yuan
      The Executive Yuan Council
    3. Leadership of the ROC Executive Yuan
    4. ROC Premiers/Vice Premiers—pre-constitutional period [1928-1948]
      ROC Premiers/Vice Premiers—constitutional period [since 1948]
      Secretary-generals of the Executive Yuan
      Spokespersons of the Executive Yuan
    5. Past and present Ministers without Portfolio in the Executive Yuan
    6. Wang Wen-ho cabinet (took office on May 31, 1948)
      Sun Fo cabinet (took office on Dec. 22, 1948)
      Ho Ying-chin cabinet (took office on March 21, 1949)
      Yen Hsi-shan cabinet (took office on June 12, 1949)
      First Chen Cheng cabinet (took office on March 12, 1950)
      O. K. Yui cabinet (took office on June 1, 1954)
      Second Chen Cheng cabinet (took office on July 15, 1958)
      Yen Chia-kan cabinet (took office on Dec. 16, 1963)
      Chiang Ching-kuo cabinet (took office on June 1, 1972)
      Sun Yun-suan cabinet (took office on June 1, 1978)
      Yu Kuo-hwa cabinet (took office on June 1, 1984)
      Lee Huan cabinet (took office on June 1, 1989)
      Hao Pei-tsun cabinet (took office on June 1, 1990)
      Lien Chan cabinet (took office on Feb. 27, 1993)
      Reshuffled Lien Chan cabinet (took office on Feb. 28, 1996)
      Vincent Siew cabinet (took office on Sept. 1, 1997)
      Reshuffled Vincent Siew cabinet (took office on Jan. 27, 1999)
      Frank Tang cabinet (took office on May 20, 2000)
      First Chang Chun-hsiung cabinet (took office on Oct. 6, 2000)
      First Yu Shyi-kun cabinet (took office on Feb. 1, 2002)
      Second Yu Shyi-kun cabinet (took office on May 20, 2004)
      Frank Hsieh cabinet (took office on Feb. 1, 2005)
      Su Tseng-chang cabinet (took office on Jan. 25, 2006)
      Second Chang Chun-hsiung cabinet (took office on May 21, 2007)
      Liu Chao-shiuan cabinet (took office on May 20, 2008)
      Wu Den-yih cabinet (took office on Sept. 10, 2009)
      Sean C. Chen cabinet (took office on Feb. 6, 2012)
      Chiang Yi-huah cabinet (took office on Feb. 18, 2013)
      Mao Chi-kuo cabinet (took office on Dec. 8, 2014)
      Simon Chang San-cheng cabinet (took office on Feb. 1, 2016)
      Lin Chuan cabinet (took office on May 20, 2016)
      William Lai Ching-te cabinet (took office on Sept. 8, 2017)
      Second Su Tseng-chang cabinet (took office on Jan. 14, 2019)
      Chen Chien-jen cabinet (incumbent; took office on Jan. 31, 2023)
    7. History of the ROC Executive Yuan
    8. Founding of the Executive Yuan in 1928
      Early development until the end of WWII
      Unsteady years: The Chinese Civil War and its aftermath
      New cabinet-level agencies established between 1954 and 2006
      2012–2014 Restructuring of the Executive Yuan
    9. A few remarks about the ROC before 1928
    10. The Xinhai Revolution
      The ROC central government 1912-1916
      List of ROC cabinets before Yuan Shikai's death
      ROC cabinet members before Yuan Shikai's death
      Beiyang government premiers and FMs 1916–1928

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  4. Ministries and cabinet agencies
    1. Ministry of Interior (MOI)
    2. National Police Agency, MOI (NPA)
      Central Police University, MOI (CPU)
      National Conscription Agency, MOI
      National Immigration Agency, MOI (NIA)
      Construction and Planning Agency, MOI (CPA)
      Architecture and Building Research Institute, MOI (ABRI)
      National Fire Agency, MOI (NFA)
      National Airborne Service Corps, MOI (NASC)
      National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, MOI (NLSC)
      Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau, MOI (LCEB)
    3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
    4. Taiwan Council for U. S. Affairs, MOFA (TCUSA)
      Taiwan-Japan Relations Association, MOFA
      Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA (BOCA)
      Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, MOFA (IDIA)
    5. Ministry of National Defense (MND)
    6. Military Intelligence Bureau, MND (MIB)
      Political Warfare Bureau, MND
      Armaments Bureau, MND
      Medical Affairs Bureau, MND (MAB)
    7. Ministry of Justice (MOJ)
    8. MOJ Investigation Bureau (MJIB)
      Supreme Prosecutors Office
      Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, MOJ
      Administrative Enforcement Agency, MOJ (AEA)
      Agency Against Corruption, MOJ (AAC)
      Agency of Corrections, MOJ (MJAC)
      Institute of Forensic Medicine, MOJ
      Academy for the Judiciary, MOJ
    9. Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
    10. Energy Administration, MOEA (EA)
      Administration of Commerce, MOEA (AOC)
      International Trade Administration, MOEA (TITA)
      Industrial Development Administration, MOEA (IDA)
      Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, MOEA (SMESA)
      Bureau of Industrial Parks, MOEA (BIP)
      Geological Survey and Mining Management Agency, MOEA (GSMMA)
      Water Resources Agency, MOEA (WRA)
      Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA (BSMI)
      Intellectual Property Office, MOEA (TIPO)
    11. Ministry of Finance (MOF)
    12. Customs Administration, MOF
      Taxation Administration, MOF
      Fiscal Information Agency, MOF (FIA)
      National Property Administration, MOF (NPA)
      National Treasury Administration, MOF (NTA)
    13. Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC)
    14. Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC (CAA)
      Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC (TRA)
      Railway Bureau, MOTC
      Directorate-General of Highways, MOTC (DGH)
      Freeway Bureau, MOTC
      Institute of Transportation, MOTC (IOT)
      Maritime and Port Bureau, MOTC (MPB)
      Central Weather Administration, MOTC (CWA)
      Tourism Administration, MOTC
    15. Ministry of Education (MOE)
    16. National Central Library, MOE (NCL)
      National Taiwan Library, MOE (NTL)
      National Library of Public Information, MOE (NLPI)
      K-12 Education Administration, MOE
      Sports Administration, MOE
      Youth Development Administration, MOE (YDA)
      National Academy for Educational Research, MOE (NAER)
      National Taiwan Arts Education Center, MOE
      National Taiwan Science Education Center, MOE (NTSEC)
      National Museum of Natural Science, MOE (NMNS)
      National Science and Technology Museum, MOE (NSTM)
      National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, MOE (NMMBA)
      National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, MOE (NMMST)
    17. Ministry of Culture (MOC)
    18. Bureau of Cultural Heritage, MOC (BOCH)
      National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, MOC (NTCRI)
      National Center for Traditional Arts, MOC (NCFTA)
      Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center, MOC
      National Performing Arts Center, MOC (NPAC)
      Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC (BAMID)
      National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, MOC (NTSO)
      Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Management Office
      National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, MOC
      National Taiwan Museum, MOC (NTM)
      National Museum of History, MOC (NMH)
      National Museum of Prehistory, MOC (NMP)
      National Museum of Taiwan History, MOC (NMTH)
      National Museum of Taiwan Literature, MOC (NMTL)
      National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, MOC (NTMoFA)
      National Human Rights Museum, MOC (NHRM)
    19. Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW)
    20. Centers for Disease Control, MOHW (CDC)
      National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, MOHW (NRICM)
      Food and Drug Administration, MOHW (FDA)
      National Health Insurance Administration, MOHW (NHIA)
      Health Promotion Administration, MOHW (HPA)
      National Health Research Institutes, MOHW (NHRI)
      Social and Family Affairs Administration, MOHW (SFAA)
    21. Ministry of Labor (MOL)
    22. Bureau of Labor Insurance, MOL (BLI)
      Bureau of Labor Funds, MOL
      Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, MOL (ILOSH)
      Occupational Safety and Health Administration, MOL (OSHA)
      Workforce Development Agency, MOL (WDA)
    23. Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA)
    24. Administration for Cyber Security, MODA (ACS)
      Administration for Digital Industries, MODA (ADI)
      National Institute of Cyber Security (NICS)
    25. Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
    26. Bureau of Agricultural Finance, MOA (BOAF)
      Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, MOA (TARI)
      Agriculture and Food Agency, MOA
      Livestock Research Institute, MOA (TLRI)
      Animal Health Research Institute, MOA (AHRI)
      Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, MOA (BAPHIQ)
      Endemic Species Research Institute, MOA (ESRI)
      Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station, MOA (TSIPS)
      Tea Research and Extension Station, MOA (TRES)
      Taiwan Forestry Bureau, MOA (TFB)
      Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, MOA (TFRI)
      Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, MOA (SWCB)
      Agency of Irrigation, MOA
      Fisheries Agency, mOA
      Fisheries Research Institute, MOA (FRI)
      Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute, MOA (TACTRI)
    27. Ministry of Environment (MOENV)
    28. Chemicals Administration, MOENV (CHA)
      Climate Change Administration, MOENV (CCA)
      Resource Circulation Administration, MOENV (RECA)
      Environmental Management Administration, MOENV (EMA)
      National Environmental Research Academy, MOENV (NERA)
    29. National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)
    30. Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, NSTC
      National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, NSTC (NCDR)
      National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC)
      Taiwan Space Agency (TASA)
    31. Mainland Affairs Council (MAC)
    32. Bureau of Hong Kong Affairs, MAC
    33. National Development Council (NDC)
    34. National Archives Administration, NDC (NAA)
      Regulatory Reform Center, NDC (RRC)
    35. Ocean Affairs Council (OAC)
    36. Coast Guard Administration, OAC (CGA)
      Ocean Conservation Administration, OAC (OCA)
      National Academy of Marine Research, OAC (NAMR)
    37. Fair Trade Commission (FTC)
    38. Public Construction Commission (PCC)
    39. Atomic Energy Council (AEC)
    40. Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, AEC (INER)
    41. National Communications Commission (NCC)
    42. Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC)
    43. ROC Central Bank
    44. Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS)
    45. Directorate-General of Personnel Administration (DGPA)
    46. Civil Service Development Institute, DGPA (CSDI)
    47. Central Election Commission (CEC)
    48. Veterans Affairs Council (VAC)
    49. Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC)
    50. Hakka Affairs Council
    51. Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP)
    52. National Palace Museum (NPM)
    53. Abolished cabinet agencies

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  5. Other central government agencies
    1. Diverse major agencies / Semi-official organizations
    2. Office of Trade Negotiations (OTN)
      Kinmen-Matsu Joint Services Center
      Board of Science and Technology (BOST)
      Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB)
      Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee (CIPAS)
      International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF)
      Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC)
    3. Handling of the Cross-Strait relations
    4. Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF)
      The counterpart of the SEF in the PRC: ARATS
      Development of SEF–ARATS interaction
      Other major players in the area of Cross-Strait dialogue
      Controversial terms—“One China”, 1C2S, Status Quo and others
    5. State-owned enterprises (SOE) / Public institutions
    6. Overview
      Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar/TSC)
      Taiwan Power Company (Taipower)
      CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC)
      Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC)
      Chunghwa Post
      China Airlines (CAL)
      China Aviation Development Foundation (CADF)
      Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (TIAC)
      Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd. (TIPC)
      Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC)
      Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL)
      Central News Agency (CNA)
      Public Television Service (PTS)
      Taiwan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (TFH)
      Bank of Taiwan (BOT)
      Taiwania Capital Management Corporation
      Taiwan Asset Management Corporation (TAMCO)
    7. The ROC military
    8. Introduction
      ROC defense budget
      The General Staff
      National Security Bureau (NSB)
      The three services—commanders and units
      Personnel of the ROC military
      Military education
      ROC Military Academy (ROCMA)
      National Defense University (NDU)
      Equipment of the ROC military
      National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST)
      Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC)
      Taiwan Defense Industry Development Association (TW-DIDA)

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  6. Foreign relations of the ROC
    1. The diplomatic isolation of the ROC
    2. Terms for various diplomatic approaches
      The current diplomatic allies of the ROC
    3. ROC vs. PRC since the 1970s
    4. Lost and found—the ROC's diplomatic relations since the 1970s
      Comparison: The PRC gaining diplomatic ground since the 1970s
    5. The ROC in major international organizations
    6. ROC representatives to the United Nations (UN)
      ROC representative office to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
      Taiwan's representatives at summits of APEC Economic Leaders
      Taiwan's representatives at the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)
    7. The ROC and the US
    8. Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO)
      US representatives to the ROC before 1979
      American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
      Milestones in the ROC–US bilateral relations
      Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG)
      United States Taiwan Defense Command (USTDC)
      ROC-USA Business Council
      U.S.–Taiwan Business Council
      American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham)
      Stopovers of sitting ROC presidents in the US
    9. The ROC and Japan
    10. Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan (TECROJ)
      Japan–Taiwan Exchange Association (JTEA)
      Japan and China/Taiwan/the ROC since the 19th century—a retrospective
    11. The ROC and Europe
    12. Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium
      European Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan (EETO)
      European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT)
      The ROC and the Vatican
      The ROC / Taiwan and Germany
      The ROC and post-Soviet Russia
    13. The ROC and selected other countries
    14. Ties between the ROC and Singapore
      ROC relations with Panama before 2017

    TOP   HOME    [Foreign relations of the ROC]

  7. Legislative Yuan (Parliament)
    1. General information about the Legislative Yuan
    2. Presidents of the Legislative Yuan
      Vice Presidents of the Legislative Yuan
      Secretary-generals of the Legislative Yuan
      Departments in the Legislative Yuan
      Committees under the ROC Legislative Yuan
      Legislative periods of the ROC Legislative Yuan since 1993
      Breakdown of lawmakers' categories
      Number of district representatives in the Legislative Yuan
      Gender proportion of legislators (at opening session)
    3. The ROC Legislative Yuan before 1948
    4. 1st Legislative Yuan (1948–1992)—A Summary
    5. Elections for the First Legislative Yuan
      Early sessions of the First Legislative Yuan
      First Legislative Yuan—1948 General Election Details
      First Legislative Yuan—By-elections Details
      First Legislative Yuan—Members in the Final Stage
    6. 2nd Legislative Yuan (1993–1996)
    7. Second Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Second Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Second Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    8. 3rd Legislative Yuan (1996–1999)
    9. Third Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Third Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Third Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    10. 4th Legislative Yuan (1999–2002)
    11. Fourth Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Fourth Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Fourth Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    12. 5th Legislative Yuan (2002–2005)
    13. Fifth Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Fifth Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Fifth Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    14. 6th Legislative Yuan (2005–2008)
    15. Sixth Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Sixth Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Sixth Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    16. 7th Legislative Yuan (2008–2012)
    17. Seventh Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Seventh Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Seventh Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    18. 8th Legislative Yuan (2012–2016)
    19. Eighth Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Eighth Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Eighth Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    20. 9th Legislative Yuan (2016–2020)
    21. Ninth Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Ninth Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Ninth Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    22. 10th Legislative Yuan (2020–2024)
    23. Tenth Legislative Yuan—Overview
      Tenth Legislative Yuan—Legislators
      Tenth Legislative Yuan—Changes and Remarks
    24. List of all ROC legislators since 1993
    25. Alternative English spelling of ROC legislator's names
      Double surnames of ROC legislators

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  8. Judicial Yuan
    1. Overview
    2. Leadership and structure
    3. Presidents of the Judicial Yuan
      Vice Presidents of the Judicial Yuan
      Secretary-generals of the Judicial Yuan since 1948
      Departments in the Judicial Yuan
      Courts under the Judicial Yuan
      National conferences on judicial reforms
    4. Constitutional Court and ROC Supreme Court
    5. ROC Constitutional Court
      The Council of Grand Justices since 1948
      ROC Supreme Court

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  9. Control Yuan
    1. Overview
    2. Leadership and structure
    3. Presidents of the Control Yuan
      Vice Presidents of the Control Yuan
      Secretary-generals of the Control Yuan since 1945
      Departments in the Control Yuan
      Committees under the Control Yuan
    4. Control Yuan members
    5. Members of the Control Yuan since 1948
    6. Ministry of Audit under the Control Yuan
    7. National Audit Office aka Ministry of Audit

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  10. Examination Yuan
    1. Overview
    2. Leadership and structure
    3. Presidents of the Examination Yuan
      Vice Presidents of the Examination Yuan
      Secretary-generals of the Examination Yuan since 1948
      Departments in the Examination Yuan
    4. Members of the Examination Yuan
    5. Members of the Examination Yuan since 1948
    6. Ministries and agencies under the Examination Yuan
    7. Ministry of Examination
      Ministry of Civil Service
      Civil Service Protection and Training Commission (CSPTC)
      Public Service Pension Fund Supervisory Board (PSPFSB)
      National Academy of Civil Service (NACS)

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  11. Local administration
    1. The special municipalities, counties and cities of the ROC
    2. Overview
      Data about the ROC cities and counties
      Restructuring of special municipalities, counties and cities
      Further administrative subdivisions at all levels
    3. The provincial level of the ROC
    4. Taiwan Province
      Fujian Province (ROC)
      A remark about Chekiang (Zhejiang) province
    5. Special municipalities in the ROC
    6. Taipei City
      Kaohsiung City
      New Taipei City
      Taoyuan City
      Taichung City
      Tainan City
    7. Counties in the ROC
    8. Hsinchu County
      Miaoli County
      Changhua County
      Nantou County
      Yunlin County
      Chiayi County
      Pingtung County
      Yilan County
      Hualien County
      Taitung County
      Penghu County
      Kinmen County (Fujian Province)
      Lienchiang County (Fujian Province)
    9. County-level cities in the ROC
    10. Keelung City
      Hsinchu City
      Chiayi City
    11. Abolished local governments
    12. Taichung County (now part of Taichung City)
      Tainan County (now part of Tainan City)
      Kaohsiung County (now part of Kaohsiung City)
      Rearranged constituencies for the Legislative Yuan
      Remarks about former Taipei County and Taoyuan County
      Remarks about Hsinchu and Chiayi

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  12. Political parties
    1. Overview
    2. Other political parties in the ROC
      Political party identification in Taiwan since 1992
    3. The KMT and affiliates
    4. Facts about the KMT
      Top leaders of the KMT
      KMT Secretary-generals
      KMT Youth League
      Party congresses ("national congress") of the KMT
      Party assets under scrutiny
      China Youth National Salvation Corps (CYC)
    5. The DPP and affiliates
    6. Facts about the DPP
      DPP Chairpersons
      DPP Secretary-generals
      DPP factions
      Party congresses / national conventions of the DPP
      World United Formosans for Independence (WUFI)
      Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA)
      Taiwan Association of University Professors (TAUP)
      Taiwan Society
      The World Taiwanese Congress (WTC) and its members
      Other active organizations in the pan-green camp
    7. Other major parties in the ROC and their leaders
    8. New Party (NP)
      People First Party (PFP)
      Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU)
      Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (NPSU)
      New Power Party (NPP)
      Taiwan People's Party (TPP)

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  13. Democratic elections
    1. History of democratic elections in the ROC
    2. Chronology of democratic elections in the ROC since 1987
    3. Direct presidential elections since 1996
    4. Presidential Election 1996
      Presidential Election 2000
      Presidential Election 2004
      Presidential Election 2008
      Presidential Election 2012
      Presidential Election 2016
      Presidential Election 2020
      Presidential Election 2024
      Retrospective: Non-direct ROC presidential elections before 1996
    5. Parliamentary elections since 1991
    6. Second National Assembly [325 seats]
      Second Legislative Yuan
      Third Legislative Yuan
      Third National Assembly [334 seats]
      Fourth Legislative Yuan
      Fifth Legislative Yuan
      Sixth Legislative Yuan
      Ad Hoc-National Assembly
      Seventh Legislative Yuan
      Eighth Legislative Yuan
      Ninth Legislative Yuan
      Tenth Legislative Yuan
    7. Provincial elections
    8. Ninth Provincial Assembly of Taiwan [77 seats]
      Tenth Provincial Assembly of Taiwan [79 seats]
      Taiwan Provincial Governor
    9. Elections for mayors of special municipalities since 1994
    10. Taipei 1994
      Kaohsiung 1994
      Taipei 1998
      Kaohsiung 1998
      Taipei 2002
      Kaohsiung 2002
      Taipei 2006
      Kaohsiung 2006
      Taipei 2010
      Kaohsiung 2010
      New Taipei City 2010
      Taichung 2010
      Tainan 2010
      Taipei 2014
      Kaohsiung 2014
      New Taipei City 2014
      Taoyuan 2014
      Taichung 2014
      Tainan 2014
      Taipei 2018
      Kaohsiung 2018
      New Taipei City 2018
      Taoyuan 2018
      Taichung 2018
      Tainan 2018
      Kaohsiung mayor recall vote 2020
      Kaohsiung mayor by-election 2020
      Taipei 2022
      Kaohsiung 2022
      New Taipei City 2022
      Taoyuan 2022
      Taichung 2022
      Tainan 2022
    11. Referendums since 2004
    12. Lists of all referendums in the ROC since 2004
      Nationwide referendum 1 + 2
      Nationwide referendum 3 + 4
      Nationwide referendum 5 + 6
      Nationwide referendums 7–16
      Nationwide referendums 17–20
      Constitutional referendums (nationwide)
      Local referendums since 2008
      Non-binding local referendums 1990–2003
    13. Glossary: Election terms English–Chinese

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  14. Non-governmental sector
  15. Introductory remark
    1. Major non-profit institutions and NGOs
    2. Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD)
      Association of Foreign Relations (AFR)
      Central Broadcasting System (CBS) / Radio Taiwan International (RTI)
      Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC)
      Cross-Strait Policy Association (CSPA)
      Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation (TPOF)
      Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR)
      Chinese Association for Human Rights (CAHR)
      Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty (TAEDP)
      228 Memorial Foundation
      People Rule Foundation
      Taiwan New Century Foundation (TNCF)
      Taiwan United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA)
      Taiwan New Constitution Foundation (TNC)
      Judicial Reform Foundation (JRF)
      Taiwan Jury Association
      Legal Aid Foundation (LAF)
      Environmental Jurists Association (EJA)
      Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, Taiwan
      Taiwan Forever Association (TFA)
      Taiwan NextGen Foundation
      Taiwan Democracy Watch
      Covenants Watch (CW)
      Nylon Cheng Liberty Foundation (NCLF)
      Peace and Neutrality for Taiwan Alliance
      Taiwan Friends Association (TFA)
      Friends of Hong Kong and Macau Association (FHKMA)
      Taiwan Association for Strategic Simulation (TASS)
      Confucius-Mencius Society of the R.O.C.
      ROC Chapter of the World League for Freedom and Democracy (WLFD)
      Alliance for the Reunification of China
      Concentric Patriotism Alliance
      Chinese Association for Relief and Ensuing Services (CARES)
      Friends of Armed Forces Association (FAFA)
      National Women's League of the ROC (NWL)
      Awakening Foundation
      Garden of Hope Foundation
      Collective Of Sex Workers And Supporters (COSWAS)
      Foundation for Women's Rights Promotion and Development (FWRPD)
      Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation (TWRF)
      National Alliance of Taiwan Women's Associations (NATWA)
      Taiwan Association of Family Caregivers (TAFC)
      Taiwan International Workers' Association (TIWA)
      Taiwan Social Welfare League
      Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR)
      Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation
      Buddha's Light International Association ROC
      Taiwan Falun Dafa Association
      Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation (CCKF)
      General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC)
      National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF)
      Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA)
      Tang Prize Foundation
      Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute (TFAI)
      Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)
    3. Selected universities
    4. University System of Taiwan (UST)
      Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS)
      National Taiwan University (NTU)
      National Chengchi University (NCCU)
      National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)
      National Central University (NCU)
      National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)
      National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)
      National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)
      National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU)
      National Chung Cheng University (CCU)
      National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
      Chang Gung University (CGU)
      China Medical University (CMU)
      Taipei Medical University (TMU)
      National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
      National Changhua University of Education (NCUE)
      Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU)
      National Formosa University (NFU)
    5. Leading research institutions
    6. Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
      Institute for Information Industry (III)
      National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL)
      Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC)
      Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI)
      Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE)
      Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI)
      Chung-Hwa Nuclear Society (CHNS)
    7. Think tanks
    8. Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER)
      Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER)
      Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI)
      Institute for National Policy Research (INPR)
      Taiwan Research Institute (TRI)
      Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR)
      Taiwan Space Union (TSU)
      Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF)
      National Policy Foundation (NPF)
      Taiwan Competitiveness Forum (TCF)
      Taiwan Thinktank
      New Society for Taiwan
      Taiwan Brain Trust (TBT)
      New Frontier Foundation Think Tank
      Thinking Taiwan Foundation (TTF)
      Institute for Taiwan-American Studies (ITAS)
      Global Taiwan Institute (GTI)
    9. Major trade organizations
    10. Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
      Taiwan Visitors Association (TVA)
      Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI)
      Third Wednesday Club / San San Fe
    11. Privatized former state-owned enterprises
    12. CSBC Corporation Taiwan
      China Steel Corporation (CSC)
      Taiyen Biotech Co. Ltd.
      Chunghwa Telecom
      First Bank
    13. Noteworthy commercial enterprises
    14. SMEs and big corporations listed by Forbes
      Foxconn Technology Group
      Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSMC)
      Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
      Quanta Computer Inc.
      Cathay Financial Holdings
      Formosa Plastics Group (FPG)
      Mega Financial Holding Co.
      ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
      CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
      Uni-President Enterprises Corp.
      Chang Chun Group
      Yageo Corporation
      Largan Precision
      Grand Hotel Taipei
      Taipei Financial Center Corporation (TFCC)
      Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC)
      Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (TDCC)
      Evergreen Group
      StarLux Airlines
      High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC)
      Acer Inc.
      Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE)
      Trend Micro Inc.
      Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      Taiwan Aerospace Corporation (TAC)
      Yulon Motor Co. Ltd.
      Chi Mei Corporation (CMC)
      Tatung Company
      Far Eastern Group
      Farglory Group
      SinoPac Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
      Want Want Holdings Limited
      Formosa Television (FTV)
      OBI Pharma Inc.
      I-Mei Foods Co. Ltd.
      Ching Fu Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (CFS)
      The Ting Hsin International Group and its opaque leadership

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  16. Abolished agencies
    1. The ROC National Assembly (NA)
    2. Secretary-generals of the NA
      General elections for the NA
      Delegates of the First ROC National Assembly
      Supplementary elections for the First NA (1969–1986)
      Plenary sessions of the First NA
      First NA—Members in the Final Stage
      Breakdown of NA members' categories (1992–2005)
      Delegates of the Second NA (1992–1996)
      Speakers of the Third NA and the Ad Hoc-NA
      Delegates of the Third NA (1996–2000)
      Delegates of the Ad Hoc-NA (2005)
      Index of all NA members 1992–2005
    3. Cabinet-level agencies under the ROC Executive Yuan
    4. Ministry of Railways
      Ministry of Social Affairs
      Ministry of Food
      Ministry of Water Resources
      921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Recovery Commission
      Consumer Protection Commission
      Government Information Office (GIO)
      National Youth Commission (NYC)
      Sports Affairs Council (SAC)
      Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)
      Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC)
      Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission (MTAC)
      Coast Guard Administration (CGA)
      Transitional Justice Commission (TJC)
    5. Other major government agencies abolished since the 1990s
    6. Planning Commission for the Recovery of the Mainland (PCRM)
      Taiwan Garrison Command (TGC)
      Special Investigation Division (SID)

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  17. Secessionist states before 1945
    1. Yuan Shikai's "Empire of China" (1915–1916)
    2. Chinese Soviet Republic (1931–1937)
    3. Manchukuo (1932–1945)
    4. Chinese Republic (1933–1934)
    5. Mengkiang (1936–1945)
    6. Wang Ching-wei Regime (1940–1945)

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  18. The ROC Constitution
    1. The Constitution of the Republic of China (full text)
    2. Chapter I. General Provisions
      Chapter II. Rights and Duties of the People
      Chapter III. The National Assembly
      Chapter IV. The President
      Chapter V. Administration
      Chapter VI. Legislation
      Chapter VII. Judiciary
      Chapter VIII. Examination
      Chapter IX. Control
      Chapter X. Powers of the Central and Local Governments
      Chapter XI. System of Local Government
      Chapter XII. Election, Recall, Initiative and Referendum
      Chapter XIII. Fundamental National Policies
      Chapter XIV. Enforcement and Amendment of the Constitution
    3. 中華民國憲法【全文】
    4. 第一章 總綱
      第二章 人民之權利與義務
      第三章 國民大會
      第四章 總統
      第五章 行政
      第六章 立法
      第七章 司法
      第八章 考試
      第九章 監察
      第十章 中央與地方之權限
      第十一章 地方制度
      第十二章 選舉 罷免 創制決
      第十三章 基本國策
      第十四章 憲法之施行及修改
    5. Temporary Provisions Effective During the Period of the Communist Rebellion
    6. Original version (1948)
      Amended version (1960)
      Amended version (1966)
      Amended, final version (1972)
    7. 動員戡亂時期臨時條款【全文】
    8. 動員戡亂時期臨時條款(民國 37 年 / 1948)
      動員戡亂時期臨時條款 修正(民國 49 年 / 1960)
      動員戡亂時期臨時條款 修正(民國 55 年 / 1966)
      動員戡亂時期臨時條款 修正(民國 61 年 / 1972)
    9. The Additional Articles (full texts)
    10. First Revision (1991)
      Second Revision (1992)
      Third Revision (1994)
      Fourth Revision (1997)
      Fifth Revision (1999)
      Sixth Revision (2000)
      Seventh Revision (2004/2005)
    11. 中華民國憲法增修條文【全文】
    12. 中華民國憲法第一次增修條文 (1991)
      中華民國憲法第二次增修條文 (1992)
      中華民國憲法第三次增修條文 (1994)
      中華民國憲法第四次增修條文 (1997)
      中華民國憲法第五次增修條文 (1999)
      中華民國憲法第六次增修條文 (2000)
      中華民國憲法第七次增修條文 (2004/2005)
    13. Explanations to the ROC Constitution and its revisions
    14. Enactment and features
      Temporary Provisions
      First revision (1991)
      Second revision
      Third revision (1994)
      Fourth revision (1997)
      Fifth revision (1999)
      Sixth revision (2000)
      Seventh revision (2004/2005)
    15. The Three Principles of the People (full text)
    16. Author’s Preface
      The Principle of Nationalism
      The Principle of Democracy
      The Principle of Livelihood
      Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Will
    17. 三民主義 【全文】
    18. 自序

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  19. Other texts and documents
    1. Selected important texts and documents
    2. Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895)
      Liaotung Convention (1895)
      Peace Agreement between the Great Powers and China (1901)
      Treaty of Portsmouth (1905)
      Japan's "21 Demands" to China (1915)
      Treaty of Versailles (1919)
      Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States (1933)
      The ROC's Declaration of War Against Japan (1941)
      Declaration by United Nations (1942)
      Cairo Declaration (1943)
      Convention on International Civil Aviation (1944)
      Agreements reached at the Yalta Conference (1945)
      Berlin Declaration (1945)
      Potsdam Agreement (1945)
      Imperial Rescript on the Termination of the War (Jewel Voice Broadcast) (1945)
      General Order No. 1 (1945)
      Japan's First Instrument of Surrender (1945)
      Act of Surrender (1945)
      Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers Instruction No. 677 (1946)
      San Francisco Peace Treaty (1951)
      Treaty of Peace between the ROC and Japan (1952)
      Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty (1954)
      The US Congress Formosa Resolution (1955)
      PRC Defense Minister Peng Dehuai’s Proclamation to Taiwan Compatriots (1958)
      Legal Problems Regarding Formosa and the Offshore Islands (1958)
      Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the US and Japan (1960)
      Czyzak Memorandum (1961)
      UN Resolution 1668 (1961)
      Okinawa Reversion Agreement (1971)
      Starr Memorandum (1971)
      UN Resolution 2758 (1971)
      Shanghai Communiqué (1972)
      Joint Communiqué of the Government of Japan and the Government of the PRC (1972)
      Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and the PRC (1978)
      Joint Communiqué of the US and the PRC (Normalization Communiqué) (1979)
      Message to Compatriots in Taiwan (1979)
      Taiwan Relations Act (1979)
      Nagoya Resolution (1979)
      Chairman Ye Jianying’s Elaborations on Policy Concerning Return of Taiwan To Motherland and Peaceful Unification (1981)
      The "Six Assurances" to Taiwan ROC (1982)
      Joint Communiqué of the PRC and the US (1982)
      UN Convention on the Law of the Sea [Article 121] (1982)
      Deng Xiaoping’s "Six Conceptions" (1983)
      The Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong (1984)
      National Security Law During the Period of National Mobilization for Suppression of the Communist Rebellion (1987)
      Guidelines for National Unification (1991)
      February 28 Incident Research Report (1992)
      The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China (1993)
      Bill Clinton's "Three No's" (1998)
      US Senate Resolution 107 (1998)
      US House of Representatives Resolution 301 (1998)
      ROC President Lee Teng-hui's remarks about the "state-to-state relationship" extant between the ROC and the PRC (1999)
      The One China Principle and Taiwan Question (2000)
      Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (2002)
      Colin Powell's statement on "one China" and Taiwan (2004)
      The "Anti-Secession Law" of the PRC (2005)
      South China Sea Arbitration—PCA Press Release (2016)
      Taiwan Travel Act (2018)
      Commitment to Taiwan (2018)
      Xi Jinping’s “Five Points” (2019)
      TAIPEI Act of 2019 (2019)
      Hong Kong National Security Law (2020)
      Implementation Rules for Article 43 of the HKSAR National Security Law (2020)
      Taiwan Assurance Act of 2020 (2020)
      The Taiwan Question and China’s Reunification in the New Era (2022)
    3. Inaugural addresses by ROC presidents since 1996
    4. Overview
      Speech statistics
      1996—Lee Teng-hui
      2000—Chen Shui-bian
      2004—Chen Shui-bian
      2008—Ma Ying-jeou
      2012—Ma Ying-jeou
      2016—Tsai Ing-wen
      2020—Tsai Ing-wen
    5. Facts about the "1992 Consensus"
    6. Background
      The term "1992 Consensus"
      FCJ coverage
      Full texts of relevant articles (1992 and 2006)

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  20. News headlines
    1. 2023 (民國 112 年)
    2. December
    3. 2022 (民國 111 年)
    4. December
    5. 2021 (民國 110 年)
    6. December
    7. 2020 (民國 109 年)
    8. December

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      Other selected files

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      Geology: Faults, earthquakes, volcanism and more
    3. Selected statistics Taiwan/ROC
    4. Preliminary notes
      Population statistics
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    5. The ROC postal codes (with numerical index)
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