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◆ Remarks about Romanization and politics

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Users of this database will notice sooner or later that although names of institutions and other terms are introduced with Hanyu Pinyin 漢語拼音 and Chinese characters, the majority of Taiwan's personal and geographical names is not romanized according to that system. While the proper Romanization of Chinese sounds is—and should be—primarily a linguistic issue, in Taiwan it is a highly politicized topic.

Hanyu Pinyin was developed in the PRC in 1958 and was introduced by the PRC government as the official Romanization for Mandarin Chinese in 1979. In the same year it was also adopted as the standard Romanization for modern Chinese by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Today Hanyu Pinyin is the most popular Romanization system for Mandarin in the world and has become the international standard since it is also used by the UN. A separate file (29 pages, A4) introducing Hanyu Pinyin with detailed explanations can be found here.

At the time Hanyu Pinyin became common globally the relations between Taiwan/the ROC and the PRC were still decidedly hostile. Until the 1990s the use of Hanyu Pinyin in Taiwan was ruled out in general by the relevant authorities. It has remained a controversial issue even to this day, and no broad consensus was reached about which Romanization system should be used. Some local governments in Taiwan have adopted Hanyu Pinyin, others have not, resulting in several different systems co-existing, including Wade Giles and Tongyong, vexing foreign visitors and residents.

The main argument against using Hanyu Pinyin for Taiwanese geographical and personal names is that doing so might lead persons abroad who are not familiar with the political situation between Taiwan/the ROC and China/the PRC into believing that Taiwanese names romanized in Hanyu Pinyin were from a place under the jurisdiction of the PRC. Opting for an alternative Romanization system is consequently a method to set Taiwan apart from China and avoid confusion between the two sides.

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◆ Personal names index

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Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation guide to names with non-standard spelling

The list below shows the names of ROC politicians, leaders and other personalities mentioned in this website (except members of the ROC Legislative Yuan, the National Assembly and the Council of Grand Justices) in alphabetical order, their Chinese characters, and the pronunciation of the name in Hanyu Pinyin in square brackets and italics. In case of names where the official English spelling and the pronunciation in Hanyu Pinyin are identical, nothing is added behind the Chinese characters.

For more information about Hanyu Pinyin click here.

In order to make getting to the name you’re looking for easier, click on the initial letter of the family name as shown in the table directly below.

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K L M, N, O P, R S
T U, V W Y Z

——— A, B ———

Ai Ai 艾靉
An Kui 安奎
Bi Hsueh-wen 畢學文 [Bi Xuewen]

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Cao Ai-lan 曹愛蘭
Cha Liang-chien 查良鑑 [Cha Liangjian]
Chai Song-lin 柴松林
Chai Trong-rong 蔡同榮 [Cai Tongrong]
Austin Chan 詹庭禎 [Zhan Tingzhen]
Chan Chun-po 詹春柏 [Zhan Chunbo]
Chan Hou-sheng 詹火生 [Zhan Huosheng]
Chan Hsien-ching 詹憲卿 [Zhan Xianqing]
Steve Chan 詹啟賢 [Zhan Qixian]
Thomas Chan Shun-kuei 詹順貴 [Zhan Shungui]
Chan Ting-i 詹婷怡 [Zhan Tingyi]
Anchor Chang Cheng-yung 張正鏞 [Zhang Zhengyong]
Billy Chang 張國政 [Zhang Guozheng]
Chang Chao-hsiung 張昭雄 [Zhang Zhaoxiong]
Chang Chao-yuan 張肇元 [Zhang Zhaoyuan]
Chang Che-ping 張哲平 [Zhang Zheping]
Chang Che-shen 張哲琛 [Zhang Zheshen]
Chang Chen 張鎮 [Zhang Zhen]
Chang Chen-yu 張承槱 [Zhang Chengyou]
Chang Chen-yuan 張政源 [Zhang Zhengyuan]
Chang Cheng-chung 張正中 [Zhang Zhengzhong]
Chang Chi 張繼 [Zhang Ji]
Chang Chi-cheng 張繼正 [Zhang Jizheng]
Chang Chi-min 章啟民 [Zhang Qimin]
Chang Chi-yun 張其昀 [Zhang Qiyun]
Chang Chia-juch 張家祝 [Zhang Jiazhu]
Chang Chieh 張捷 [Zhang Jie]
Chang Chien 張謇 [Zhang Qian]
Chang Chien-han 張劍寒 [Zhang Jianhan]
Chang Chih-ching 張志清 [Zhang Zhiqing]
Chang Chih-pen 張知本 [Zhang Zhiben]
Chang Chih-shan 張植珊 [Zhang Zhishan]
Chang Chih-sheng 張致盛 [Zhang Zhisheng]
Chang Chin-chiang 張金鏘 [Zhang Jinqiang]
Chang Chin-eng 張慶恩 [Zhang Qing'en]
Chang Chin-tu 張金土 [Zhang Jintu]
Chang Ching 張靜 [Zhang Jing]
Chang Ching-hsiang 張慶翔 [Zhang Qingxiang]
Chang Ching-kiang 張靜江 [Zhang Jingjiang]
Chang Ching-ray 張慶瑞 [Zhang Qingrui]
Chang Ching-sen 張景森 [Zhang Jingsen]
Chang Ching-wen 張靜文 [Zhang Jingwen]
Chang Ching-yun 張清雲 [Zhang Qingyun]
Chang Chiu-hua 張秋華 [Zhang Qiuhua]
Chang Chuan-fen 張娟芬 [Zhang Juanfen]
Chang Chun 張群 [Zhang Qun]
Chang Chun-chieh 張俊傑 [Zhang Junjie]
Chang Chun-fu 張俊福 [Zhang Junfu]
Chang Chun-hsiung 張俊雄 [Zhang Junxiong]
Chang Chun-hung 張俊宏 [Zhang Junhong]
Chang Chun-yen 張俊彥 [Zhang Junyan]
Chang Chung-cheng 張忠誠 [Zhang Zhongcheng]
Chang Chung-cheng 張宗仁 [Zhang Zongren]
Chang Chung-chien 張鍾潛 [Zhang Zhongqian]
Chang Chung-jen 張崇仁 [Zhang Chongren]
Chang Chung-liang 張宗良 [Zhang Zongliang]
Chang Chung-yu 張重羽 [Zhang Zhongyu]
Clement C. P. Chang 張建邦 [Zhang Jianbang]
Connie Chang 張惠娟 [Zhang Huijuan]
David Chang 張鴻基 [Zhang Hongji]
Chang Deh-ming 張德明 [Zhang Deming]
Chang Ding-lin 張定霖 [Zhang Dinglin]
Chang Fa-kui 張發奎 [Zhang Fakui]
Chang Fang-hsieh 張芳夑 [Zhang Fangxie]
Chang Feng 張豐 [Zhang Feng]
Chang Feng-shu 張豐緒 [Zhang Fengxu]
Chang Feng-yee 張峰義 [Zhang Fengyi]
Frank Mau-chung Chang 張懋中 [Zhang Maozhong]
Chang Fu-hsin 張福興 [Zhang Fuxing]
Chang Fu-mei 張富美 [Zhang Fumei]
George Chang 張燦鍙 [Zhang Canhong]
Chang Guan-chung 張冠群 [Zhang Guanqun]
Chang Guey-shin 張桂祥 [Zhang Guixiang]
Helen Chang Hwa-kuan 張花冠 [Zhang Huaguan]
Chang Hong-jen 張鴻仁 [Zhang Hongren]
Chang Hsi-cheh 張希哲 [Zhang Xizhe]
Chang Hsiao-tung 張曉東 [Zhang Xiaodong]
Chang Hsien-tsiu 張憲秋 [Zhang Xianqiu]
Chang Hsin-wu 張新吾 [Zhang Xinwu]
Chang Hsing-young 張新永 [Zhang Xinyong]
Chang Hsu-yung 張旭勇 [Zhang Xuyong]
Chang Hsueh-shun 張學舜 [Zhang Xueshun]
Chang Huey-por 張惠博 [Zhang Huibo]
Chang Hung-ming 張鴻銘 [Zhang Hongming]
Chang I-lin 張一麐 [Zhang Yilin]
Jacob Ta-tung Chang 張大同 [Zhang Datong]
James Chang Wen-chung 張文中 [Zhang Wenzhong]
Jason C. S. Chang 張虔生 [Zhang Qiansheng]
Chang Jen-chi 張仁吉 [Zhang Renji]
Chang Jen-hsiang 章仁香 [Zhang Renxiang]
Chang Ji-ping 張濟平 [Zhang Jiping]
Chang Jin-fu 張進福 [Zhang Jinfu]
Chang Jinn-pei 張靚蓓 [Zhang Jingbei]
Chang Jiunn-yih 張駿逸 [Zhang Junyi]
John Chang 章孝嚴 [Zhang Xiaoyan]
Chang Jui-chang 張瑞昌 [Zhang Ruichang]
Chang Jui-pin 張瑞濱 [Zhang Ruibin]
Chang Jung-feng 張榮豐 [Zhang Rongfeng]
Chang Jung-kung 張榮恭 [Zhang Ronggong]
Chang Jung-wei 張榮味 [Zhang Rongwei]
Chang Juu-en 張祖恩 [Zhang Zu'en]
Chang Kia-ngau 張嘉璈 [Zhang Jia'ao]
Chang King-yuh 張京育 [Zhang Jingyu]
Chang Kan-ping 張戡平 [Zhang KAnping]
Katherine Chang 張小月 [Zhang Xiaoyue]
Chang Kuang-cheng 張光正 [Zhang Guangzheng]
Chang Kuang-chin 張光錦 [Zhang Guangjin]
Chang Kuo-en 張國恩 [Zhang Guo'en]
Chang Kuo-hua 張國華 [Zhang Guohua]
Chang Kuo-kan 張國淦 [Zhang Guogan]
Chang Kuo-kan 張國幹 [Zhang Guogan]
Chang Kuo-wei 張國煒 [Zhang Guowei]
Chang Kuo-ying 張國英 [Zhang Guoying]
Chang Kwang-shih 張光世 [Zhang Guangshi]
Chang Kwo-lung 張國龍 [Zhang Guolong]
Chang Li-fu 張立夫 [Zhang Lifu]
Chang Li-shan 張麗善 [Zhang Lishan]
Chang Li-sheng 張厲生 [Zhang Lisheng]
Chang Liang-jen 張良任 [Zhang Liangren]
Chang Lin-tech 張麟德 [Zhang Linde]
Luke S. Chang 張心湜 [Zhang Xinshi]
Chang Lung-sheng 張隆盛 [Zhang Longsheng]
Chang Man-cheng 張曼成 [Zhang Mancheng]
Masa Chang 張政雄 [Zhang Zhengxiong]
Michael Chang 張念慈 [Zhang Nianci]
Michael Chang 張兆順 [Zhang Zhaoshun]
Chang Ming-che 張明哲 [Zhang Mingzhe]
Chang Ming-daw 張明道 [Zhang Mingdao]
Chang Ming-jue 張明珠 [Zhang Mingzhu]
Morris Chang 張忠謀 [Zhang Zhongmou]
Chang Mu-han 張目寒 [Zheng Muhan]
Chang Nan-hsien 張難先 [Zhang Nanxian]
Chang Pao-shu 張寶樹 [Zhang Baoshu]
Paul K. Chang 張國葆 [Zhang Guobao]
Paul Wen-liang Chang 章文樑 [Zhang Wenliang]
Chang Pei-hua 張沛華 [Zhang Peihua]
Chang Pei-zhi 張佩智 [Zhang Peizhi]
Peter B. T. Chang 張彼德 [Zhang Bide]
Peter Chang 張信堂 [Zhang Xintang]
Chang Po-ling 張伯苓 [Zhang Boling]
Chang Po-ya 張博雅 [Zhang Boya]
R. J. Chang 張瑞璋 [Zhang Ruizhang]
S. D. Chang 張世典 [Zhang Shidian]
Chang Shan-nan 張善楠 [Zhang Shannan]
Chang Shao-hsi 張少熙 [Zhang Shaoxi]
Chang Shao-ts'eng 張紹曾 [Zhang Shaoceng]
Chang Sheng-ford 張盛和 [Zhang Shenghe]
Chang Sheng-yuan 張聖原 [Zhang Shengyuan]
Chang Shi-chung 張錫聰 [Zhang Xicong]
Chang Shih-chi 張式琦 [Zhang Shiqi]
Chang Shih-lin 張石麟 [Zhang Shilin]
Chang Shou-tsen 張壽岑 [Zhang Shoucen]
Chang Shuenn-chin 張順欽 [Zhang Shunqin]
Chang Shuo-lao 張學勞 [Zhang Xuelao]
Chang Si-liang 張四良 [Zhang Siliang]
Chang Si-min 張斯敏 [Zhang Simin]
Simon Chang San-cheng 張善政 [Zhang Shanzheng]
Steve Chang 張明正 [Zhang Mingzheng]
Chang Su-pao 張書豹 [Zhang Shubao]
Chang Su-san 張淑賢 [Zhang Shuxian]
Susan Chang 張秀蓮 [Zhang Xiulian]
Chang Sze-wei 常四偉 [Chang Siwei]
T. K. Chang 張茲闓 [Zhang Zikai]
Chang Tao-fen 張道藩 [Zhang Daofan]
Chang Tao-ming 張導民 [Zhang Daomin]
Chang Te-tsung 張德聰 [Zhang Decong]
Chang Tien-chin 張天津 [Zhang Tianjin]
Chang Tien-chin 張天欽 [Zhang Tianqin]
Chang Tien-jye 張天傑 [Zhang Tianjie]
Chang Tong-rong 張通榮 [Zhang Tongrong]
Chang Tso-lin 張作霖 [Zhang Zuolin]
Chang Tsung-hsiang 章宗祥 [Zhang Zongxiang]
Chang Tun-yung 張敦鏞 [Zhang Dunyong]
Chang Tzi-chin 張子敬 [Zhang Zijing]
Chang Tzu-chyang 張自強 [Zhang Ziqiang]
Chang Tzu-yuan 張子源 [Zhang Ziyuan]
Vincent Chang Hsien-yao 張顯耀 [Zhang Xianyao]
Chang Wei-han 張維翰 [Zhang Weihan]
Chang Wei-I 張維一 [Zhang Weiyi]
Chang Wen-chang 張文昌 [Zhang Wenchang]
Chang Wen-ying 張文英 [Zhang Wenying]
Chang Wen-ying 張溫鷹 [Zhang Wenying]
Chang Wo-hua 張我華 [Zhang Wohua]
Chang Wu-ueh 張五岳 [Zhang Wuyue]
Chang Yao-ming 張耀明 [Zhang Yaoming]
Chang Yao-tung 張耀東 [Zhang Yaodong]
Chang Yeh-shen 張葉森 [Zhang Yesen]
Chang Yen-hsien 張炎憲 [Zhang Yanxian]
Chang Yen-tien 張研田 [Zhang Yantian]
Chang Yen-yuan 張炎元 [Zhang Yanyuan]
Chang Yi-tao 張沂滔 [Zhang Yitao]
Chang Yi-ting 章以鼎 [Zhang Yiding]
Chang Yi-ting 張彝鼎 [Zhang Yiding]
Chang Yu 張煜 [Zhang Yu]
Chang Yu-hern 張有恆 [Zhang Youheng]
Chang Yu-huei 張有惠 [Zhang Youhui]
Chang Yu-lin 張毓麟 [Zhang Yulin]
Chang Yu-yin 張譽尹 [Zhang Yuyin]
Chang Yuan-pin 張元彬 [Zhang Yuanbin]
Chang Yueh-heng 張岳衡 [Zhang Yueheng]
Chang Yui-tan 張譽騰 [Zhang Yuteng]
Chang Yung-fa 張榮發 [Zhang Rongfa]
Chao Chen 趙琛 [Zhao Chen]
Chao Chin-chi 趙金祁 [Zhao Jinqi]
Chao Ching-chang 趙慶璋 [Zhao Qingzhang]
Chao Hsin-hua 趙興華 [Zhao Xinghua]
Chao Jung-fang 趙榮芳 [Zhao Rongfang]
Chao Kang 趙鋼 [Zhao Gang]
Chao Kuan-pai 趙觀白 [Zhao Guanbai]
Chao Kuo-an 趙國安 [Zhao Guoan]
Chao Lien-fang 趙連芳 [Zhao Lianfang]
Chao Long-wen 趙龍文 [Zhao Longwen]
Nancy Chao 趙麗雲 [Zhao Liyun]
Chao Parn-hwa 趙磐華 [Zhao Panhua]
Chao Ping-chun 趙秉鈞 [Zhao Bingjun]
Ringo Chao 趙國帥 [Zhao Guoshuai]
Chao Shou-po 趙守博 [Zhao Shoubo]
Chao Tai-wen 趙戴文 [Zhao Daiwen]
Chao Teng-hsiung 趙藤雄 [Zhao Tengxiong]
Chao Tsu-yu 趙聚鈺 [Zhao Juyu]
Chao Tze-chi 趙自齊 [Zhao Ziqi]
Yaly Chao 趙雅麗 [Zhao Yali]
Chao Yang-ching 趙揚清 [Zhao Yangqing]
Chao Yao-tung 趙耀東 [Zhao Yaodong]
Chao Yen-ching 趙衍慶 [Zhao Yanqing]
Chao Yi 趙怡 [Zhao Yi]
Chao Yuan-chi 趙元旗 [Zhao Yuanqi]
Chao Yuen-chuan 趙永全 [Zhao Yongquan]
Chaou Shih-chang 趙世璋 [Zhao Shizhang]
Agnes Chen 陳華玉 [Chen Huayu]
Chen An-chyr 陳安治 [Chen Anzhi]
Antonio C. S. Chen 陳俊賢 [Chen Junxian]
Arthur Chen 陳豫 [Chen Yu]
Chen Bao-ji 陳保基
Chen Bi 陳璧
Chen Chang-hsien 陳章賢 [Chen Zhangxian]
Chen Chao-chien 陳朝建 [Chen Chaojian]
Chen Chao-hsia 陳肇夏 [Chen Zhaoxia]
Chen Chao-hu 陳兆虎 [Chen Zhaohu]
Chen Chao-ju 陳昭如 [Chen Zhaoru]
Chen Chao-jung 陳昭榮 [Chen Zhaorong]
Chen Chao-min 陳肇敏 [Chen Zhaomin]
Chen Chao-yih 陳昭義 [Chen Zhaoyi]
Chen Charng-ven 陳長文 [Chen Changwen]
Chen Che-hsiung 陳哲雄 [Chen Zhexiong]
Chen Che-wen 陳檡文 [Chen Zhewen]
Chen Chen-fen 陳正芬 [Chen Zhengfen]
Chen Chen-hsien 陳振先 [Chen Zhenxian]
Chen Chen-hua 陳振華 [Chen Zhenhua]
Chen Cheng 陳誠
Chen Cheng-cheng 陳丞城
Chen Cheng-chia 陳成家 [Chen Chengjia]
Chen Cheng-chung 陳正忠 [Chen Zhengzhong]
Chen Cheng-hsiung 陳正雄 [Chen Zhengxiong]
Chen Chern-chyi 陳正祺 [Chen Zhengqi]
Chen Chi-ching 陳啟清 [Chen Qiqing]
Chen Chi-chuan 陳啟川 [Chen Qichuan]
Chen Chi-chung 陳吉仲 [Chen Jihong]
Chen Chi-hsiung 陳吉雄 [Chen Jixiong]
Chen Chi-lu 陳奇祿 [Chen Qilu]
Chen Chi-mai 陳其邁 [Chen Qimai]
Chen Chi-min 陳濟民 [Chen Jimin]
Chen Chi-nan 陳其南 [Chen Qinan]
Chen Chi-tien 陳啟天 [Chen Qitian]
Chen Chi-tsai 陳其采 [Chen Qicai]
Chen Chi-yu 陳啟昱 [Chen Qiyu]
Chen Chia-ju 陳家儒 [Chen Jiaru]
Chen Chia-shang 陳嘉尚 [Chen Jiashang]
Chen Chieh-fu 陳介甫 [Chen Jiefu]
Chen Chieh-ju 陳節如 [Chen Jieru]
Chen Chien-chung 陳建中 [Chen Jianzhong]
Chen Chien-jen 陳建仁 [Chen Jianren]
Chen Chien-jen 程建人 [Cheng Jianren]
Chen Chien-min 陳健民 [Chen Jianmin]
Chen Chien-nian 陳建年 [Chen Jiannian]
Chen Chien-te 陳建德 [Chen Jiande]
Chen Chien-yi 陳建義 [Chen Jianyi]
Chen Chih-ching 陳志清 [Chen Zhiqing]
Chen Chih-chung 陳致中 [Chen Zhizhong]
Chen Chih-mai 陳之邁 [Chen Zhimai]
Chen Chih-yi 陳志奕 [Chen Zhiyi]
Chen Chii-shiarng 陳啟祥 [Chen Qixiang]
Chen Chin-chung 陳金鐘 [Chen Jinzhong]
Chen Chin-huang 陳錦煌 [Chen Jinhuang]
Chen Chin-jun 陳景峻 [Chen Jingjun]
Chen Chin-ming 陳欽銘 [Chen Qinming]
Chen Chin-tao 陳錦濤 [Chen Jintao]
Chen Chin-te 陳金德 [Chen Jinde]
Chen Ching-bin 陳清彬 [Chen Qingbin]
Chen Ching-hsiou 陳清秀 [Chen Qingxiu]
Chen Ching-jang 陳金讓 [Chen Jinrang]
Chen Ching-men 陳清文 [Chen Qingwen]
Chen Ching-nan 陳慶男 [Chen Qingnan]
Chen Ching-piao 陳清標 [Chen Qingbiao]
Chen Ching-yih 陳清義 [Chen Qingyi]
Chen Ching-yu 陳慶瑜 [Chen Qingyu]
Chen Chiou-jong 陳秋蓉 [Chen Qiurong]
Chen Chiung-ling 陳瓊玲 [Chen Qiongling]
Chen Cho-hsun 陳卓勳 [Chen Zhuoxun]
Chen Chu 陳菊 [Chen Ju]
Chen Chuan 陳川
Chen Chuan-hsi 陳泉錫 [Chen Quanxi]
Chen Chuan-show 陳全壽 [Chen Quanshou]
Chen Chun-hung 陳俊宏 [Chen Junhong]
Chen Chun-kuan 陳重光 [Chen Chongguang]
Chen Chun-kuang 陳重光 [Chen Chongguang]
Chen Chung-ching 陳忠卿 [Chen Zhongqing]
Chen Chung-hsien 陳崇賢 [Chen Chongxian]
Chen Chung-hsin 陳忠信 [Chen zhongxin]
Chen Chung-hua 陳重華 [Chen Chonghua]
Chen Chung-sheng 陳聰勝 [Chen Congsheng]
Chen Chung-wen 陳忠文 [Chen Zhongwen]
David T. H. Chen 陳澄雄 [Chen Chengxiong]
Chen Der-hwa 陳德華 [Chen Dehua]
Diana Chen 陳敏薰 [Chen Minxun]
Chen Ding-nan 陳定南
Chen Du-cheng 陳篤正 [Chen Duzheng]
Edward K. M. Chen 陳貴明 [Chen Guiming]
Eugene Chen 陳友仁 [Chen Youren]
Chen Feng-nan 陳峰男
Chen Feng-tsun 陳豐村 [Chen Fengcun]
Chen Fong-yi 陳豐義 [Chen Fengyi]
Franz Chen 陳立恒 [Chen Liheng]
Chen Fu-hai 陳福海
Chen Fu-tien 陳福田 [Chen Futian]
George S. Y. Chen 陳世圯 [Chen Shiyi]
Gordon S. Chen 陳樹 [Chen Shu]
Chen Han 陳涵
Henry M. J. Chen 陳銘政 [Chen Mingzheng]
Chen Ho-ming 陳厚銘 [Chen Houming]
Chen Ho-sheng 陳鶴聲 [Chen Hesheng]
Chen Hongey 陳宏宇 [Chen Hongyu]
Chen Horng-chi 陳鴻基 [Chen Hongji]
Chen Hsi-huang 陳希煌 [Chen Xihuang]
Chen Hsian-chang 陳顯章 [Chen Xianzhang]
Chen Hsiao-ao 陳曉鰲 [Chen Xiaoao]
Chen Hsin-hsiung 陳信雄 [Chen Xinxiong]
Chen Hsin-min 陳新民 [Chen Xinmin]
Chen Hsing-ling 陳燊齡 [Chen Shenling]
Chen Hsiung-wen 陳雄文 [Chen Xiongwen]
Chen Hsu-lin 陳旭琳 [Chen Xulin]
Chen Hsuch-yu 陳雪玉 [Chen Xueyu]
Chen Hsueh-ping 陳雪屏 [Chen Xueping]
Chen Hsueh-sheng 陳雪生 [Chen Xuesheng]
Chen Hui-wen 陳慧文
Chen Hung-ta 陳宏達 [Chen Hongda]
Chen Hung-yi 陳弘毅 [Chen Hongyi]
Chen Hung-yi 陳宏一 [Chen Hongyi]
Chen I-fan 陳衣凡 [Chen Yifan]
Chen I-min 陳益民 [Chen Yimin]
Chen In-chin 陳英鈐 [Chen Yingqian]
Chen Iou-zen 陳右人 [Chen Youren]
Jason Chen 陳善報 [Chen Shanbao]
Chen Jay-san 陳介山 [Chen Jieshan]
Chen Jen-hsiang 陳鎮湘 [Chen Zhenxiang]
Chen Jen-pin 陳建斌 [Chen Jianbin]
Jerome Chen 陳建隆 [Chen Jianlong]
Chen Jian-yu 陳建宇
Chen Jiann-torng 陳建同 [Chen Jiantong]
Chen Jiau-hua 陳椒華 [Chen Jiaohua]
Chen Jin-ling 陳金玲
Chen Jin-yuan 陳晉源
Chen Jitang 陳濟棠
John Chen 陳傳岳 [Chen Chuanyue]
John Chen 陳榮儒 [Chen Rongru]
Jonathan Chen 陳純敬 [Chen Chunjing]
Chen Ju-pin 陳汝斌 [Chen Rubin]
Chen Jui-ling 陳瑞鈴 [Chen Ruiling]
Chen Jui-min 陳瑞敏 [Chen Ruimin]
Chen June-ru 陳君如 [Chen Junru]
Chen Jung-chieh 陳榮傑 [Chen Rongjie]
Chen Jung-tsang 陳榮藏 [Chen Rongzang]
Chen Junne-jih 陳駿季 [Chen Junji]
K. C. Chen 陳國慈 [Chen Guoci]
K. Y. Chen 陳國勇 [Chen Guoyong]
Cheng Kai-ssu 陳開泗 [Chen Kaisi]
Chen Kang-chin 陳庚金 [Chen Gengjin]
Chen Kang-shun 陳康順
Chen Ko-chung 陳可忠 [Chen Kezhong]
Chen Ko-wen 陳克文 [Chen Kewen]
Chen Kuang-fu 陳光復 [Chen Guangfu]
Chen Kuang-hsiung 陳光雄 [Chen Guangxiong]
Chen Kuei-hua 陳桂華 [Chen Guihua]
Chen Kuei-miao 陳癸淼 [Chen Kuimiao]
Chen Kung-po 陳公博 [Chen Gongbo]
Chen Kuo-en 陳國恩 [Chen Guoen]
Chen Kuo-fu 陳果夫 [Chen Guofu]
Chen Kuo-hsiang 陳國祥 [Chen Guoxiang]
Chen Kuo-hsiung 陳國雄 [Chen Guoxiong]
Chen Kuo-renn 陳國任 [Chen Guoren]
Larry L. G. Chen 陳龍吉 [Chen Longji]
L. K. Chen 陳蘭皋 [Chen Lan'gao]
Chen Li-an 陳履安 [Chen Lü'an]
Chen Li-chen 陳麗貞 [Chen Lizhen]
Chen Li-chia 陳立嘉 [Chen Lijia]
Chen Li-fu 陳立夫
Chen Liang 陳良
Chen Liang-chun 陳亮全 [Chen Liangquan]
Chen Liang-gee 陳良基 [Chen Liangji]
Chen Liang-jun 陳良濬
Chen Liang-pei 陳良沛
Chen Lie-lin 陳豊霖 [Chen Lilin]
Chen Lien-chuan 陳廉泉 [Chen Lianquan]
Chen Lien-gen 陳連軍 [Chen Lianjun]
Lih J. Chen 陳力俊 [Chen Lijun]
Chen Lih-kuei 陳麗貴 [Chen Ligui]
Lilian Chen 嚴陳莉蓮 [Yan Chen Lilian]
Louis Chen 陳春山 [Chen Chunshan]
Chen Lu 陳籙
Chen Lung-chu 陳隆志 [Chen Longzhi]
Chen Mai-sheng 陳霢生
Chen Man-li 陳曼麗
Chen Man-pan 陳茂榜 [Chen Maobang]
Mark Chen Tan-sun 陳唐山 [Chen Tangshan]
Mason Chen Mei-sheng 陳梅生 [Chen Meisheng]
Chen Mei-ling 陳美伶
Chen Meng-ling 陳孟鈴
Chen Miao-sheng 陳淼勝
Michael Chen 陳天爵 [Chen Tianjue]
Chen Mien-hsiu 陳勉修 [Chen Mianxiu]
Chen Ming-bang 陳明邦
Chen Ming-jen 陳明仁 [Chen Mingren]
Chen Ming-shu 陳銘樞
Chen Ming-syan 陳銘憲 [Chen Mingxian]
Chen Ming-tang 陳明堂
Chen Ming-tong 陳明通
Chen Ming-wen 陳明文
Chen Mu-tsai 陳木在 [Chen Muzai]
Chen Nan-tien 陳南天 [Chen Nantian]
Chen Pan-yun 陳攀雲
Chen Pang-chih 陳邦治 [Chen Bangzhi]
Chen Pao-chuan 陳寶川 [Chen Baochuan]
Chen Pao-lang 陳寶郎 [Chen Baolang]
Chen Pao-lin 陳寶麟 [Chen Baolin]
Chen Pao-yu 陳寶餘 [Chen Baoyu]
Chen Pau-tai 陳保泰 [Chen Baotai]
Paul Chen 陳綠蔚 [Chen Lüwei]
Peter Chen 陳正義 [Chen Zhengyi]
Pierre Chen 陳泰銘 [Chen Taiming]
Philip Chen 陳永誠 [Chen Yongcheng]
Chen Pi-chi 陳丕勣 [Chen Piji]
Chen Pin-chuan 陳斌全 [Chen Binquan]
Chen Ping-hui 陳炳輝 [Chen Binghui]
Chen Po-chih 陳博志 [Chen Bozhi]
Chen Pu-sheng 陳樸生
Chen Ran-chou 陳潤秋 [Chen Runqiu]
Regis C. W. Chen 陳朝威 [Chen Chaowei]
Remus Li-kuo Chen 陳立國 [Chen Liguo]
Chen Rong-yuan 陳榮元
S. G. Chen 陳舜耕 [Chen Shungeng]
Sean C. Chen 陳冲 [Chen Chong]
Chen Shao-kuan 陳紹寬 [Chen Shaokuan]
Chen Shao-liang 陳劭良
Chen Shao-shu 陳少書
Chen Shei-saint 陳學聖 [Chen Xuesheng]
Chen Shen-ching 陳申青 [Chen Shenqing]
Chen Shen-hsien 陳伸賢 [Chen Shenxian]
Chen Sheng-fu 陳勝福
Chen Sheng-hung 陳勝宏 [Chen Shenghong]
Chen Shi-shuenn 陳希舜 [Chen Xishun]
Chen Shian-juh 陳憲着 [Chen Xianzhuo]
Chen Chih-shih 陳治世 [Chen Shizhi]
Chen Shih-chung 陳時中 [Chen Shizhong]
Chen Shih-fang 陳世芳 [Chen Shifang]
Chen Shih-meng 陳師孟 [Chen Shimeng]
Chen Shih-pei 陳石貝 [Chen Shibei]
Chen Shih-yung 陳適庸 [Chen Shiyong]
Chen Shiunn-shyang 陳訓祥 [Chen Xunxiang]
Chen Shou-huang 陳守煌
Chen Shou-shan 陳守山
Chen Shou-shih 陳守仕 [Chen Shoushi]
Chen Show-feng 陳秀峯 [Chen Xiufeng]
Chen Shu-hsi 陳樹曦 [Chen Shuxi]
Chen Shu-hsun 陳樹勛 [Chen Shuxun]
Chen Shu-jen 陳樹人 [Chen Shuren]
Chen Shui-bian 陳水扁
Chen Shui-hui 陳秀惠 [Chen Xiuhui]
Chen Shui-tsai 陳水在 [Chen Shuizai]
Chen Shun-tyan 陳舜田 [Chen Shuntian]
Chen Sin-horng 陳信宏 [Chen Xinhong]
Chen Ssu-ming 陳思明 [Chen Siming]
Stephen S. F. Chen 陳錫蕃 [Chen Xifan]
Steve Chen 陳瑞隆 [Chen Ruilong]
Steve S. K. Chen 陳士魁 [Chen Shikui]
Steven Y. Chen 陳堯 [Chen Yao]
Chen Su-po 陳士伯 [Chen Shibo]
Chen Sung-chu 陳松柱 [Chen Songzhu]
Chen Sung-shan 陳淞山 [Chen Songshan]
Susan Chen 陳素香 [Chen Suxiang]
Chen Ta-ching 陳大慶 [Chen Daqing]
Chen Tai-chi 陳大齊 [Chen Daqi]
Chen Tain-jy 陳添枝 [Chen Tianzhi]
Chen Te-pei 陳德沛 [Chen Depei]
Chen Teh-nien 陳德年 [Chen Denian]
Chen Teng-chin 陳登欽 [Chen Dengqin]
Chen Ter-shing 陳德新 [Chen Dexin]
Thomas J. C. Chen 陳經銓 [Chen Jingquan]
Chen Ti-duan 陳體端
Chen Tian-shou 陳添壽
Chen Tien-sheng 陳添勝 [Chen Tiansheng]
Chen Ting-fei 陳亭妃
Tony Chen 陳世卿 [Chen Shiqing]
Chen Tsai-fu 陳再福 [Chen Zaifu]
Chen Tso-chen 陳佐鎮 [Chen Zuozhen]
Chen Tsung 陳琮 [Chen Cong]
Chen Tsung-hsi 陳宗熙 [Chen Zongxi]
Chen Tsung-ming 陳聰明 [Chen Congming]
Chen Tsung-tao 陳宗陶 [Chen Zongtao]
Chen Tsung-yen 陳宗彥 [Chen Zongyan]
Chen Tzay-jinn 陳再晉 [Chen Zaijin]
Chen Tzong-chyuan 陳宗權 [Chen Zongquan]
Chen Tzu-feng 陳子鳳 [Chen Zifeng]
Chen Wei-jao 陳維昭 [Chen Weizhao]
Chen Wei-te 陳偉德 [Chen Weide]
Chen Wei-zen 陳威仁 [Chen Weiren]
Chen Wen-chang 陳文章 [Chen Wenzhang]
Chen Wen-deh 陳文德 [Chen Wende]
Chen Wen-hwa 陳文華 [Chen Wenhua]
Chen Wen-kui 陳文魁
Chen Wen-lung 陳文龍 [Chen Wenlong]
Chen Wen-tsuen 陳文村 [Chen Wencun]
Chen Wen-yen 陳文彥 [Chen Wenyan]
Chen Wu-chang 陳武璋 [Chen Wuzhang]
Chen Wu-hsiung 陳武雄 [Chen Wuxiong]
Chen Yao-kung 陳耀錕 [Chen Yaokun]
Chen Yao-sheng 陳耀生
Chen Yaw-shyang 陳耀祥 [Chen Yaoxiang]
Chen Yen-po 陳彥伯 [Chen Yanbo]
Chen Yeong-kang 陳永康 [Chen Yongkang]
Chen Yi 陳儀
Chen Yi-chen 陳怡真 [Chen Yizhen]
Chen Yi-chen 陳以真 [Chen Yizhen]
Chen Yi-chien 陳宜倩 [Chen Yiqian]
Chen Yi-hsing 陳益興 [Chen Yixing]
Chen Yi-shen 陳儀深
Chen Yi-yi 陳義一
Chen Yi-yuan 陳益源
Chen Ying-chen 陳映真 [Chen Yingzhen]
Chen Ying-chin 陳盈錦 [Chen Yingjin]
Chen Ying-lin 陳瑩霖
Chen Yong-hsin 陳永興 [Chen Yongxing]
Chen Yu-chia 陳宇嘉 [Chen Yujia]
Chen Yu-chu 陳毓駒 [Chen Yuju]
Chen Yu-huei 陳玉輝 [Chen Yuhui]
Chen Yu-kai 陳玉開
Chen Yu-lin 陳育琳
Chen Yu-wu 陳友武 [Chen Youwu]
Chen Yuh-chang 陳裕璋 [Chen Yuzhang]
Chen Yun-nan 陳雲南
Chen Yung-chang 陳永昌 [Chen Yongchang]
Chen Yung-ho 陳永和 [Chen Yonghe]
Chen Zhuo-min 陳倬民
Cheng An-kuo 鄭安國 [Zheng Anguo]
C. N. Cheng 鄭松年 [Zheng Songnian]
Cheng Chao-cheng 鄭肇城 [Zheng Zhaocheng]
Cheng Chen-hua 鄭振華 [Zheng Zhenhua]
Cheng Chen-wen 鄭振文 [Zheng Zhenwen]
Cheng Chi-nan 鄭吉男 [Zheng Jinan]
Cheng Chia-ping 程家平 [Cheng Jiaping]
Cheng Chien 程潛 [Cheng Qian]
Cheng Ching-jen 鄭欽仁 [Zheng Qinren]
Cheng Chung-chih 城忠志 [Cheng zhongzhi]
Cheng Chung-mo 城仲模 [Cheng Zhongmo]
Cheng De-mei 鄭德美 [Zheng Demei]
Cheng Hsiao-chao 鄭孝釗 [Zheng Xiaozhao]
Cheng Hung-nien 鄭洪年 [Zheng Hongnian]
Cheng Hung-tsai 鄭鴻財 [Zheng Hongcai]
Jerry Cheng 鄭文龍 [Zheng Wenlong]
Cheng Jei-cheng 鄭瑞城 [Zheng Ruicheng]
Cheng Jie-min 鄭介民 [Zheng Jiemin]
John Lieh Cheng 鄭烈 [Zheng Lie]
Joseph Cheng Tsai-fa 鄭再發 [Zheng Zaifa]
Cheng Jui-chien 鄭瑞堅 [Zheng Ruijian]
Kenneth T. C. Cheng 鄭子政 [Zheng zizheng]
Cheng Kuo-nan 鄭國南 [Zheng Guonan]
Cheng Kuo-shung 鄭國順 [Zheng Guoshun]
Cheng Lai-chang 鄭來長 [Zheng Laichang]
Cheng Li-chiun 鄭麗君 [Zheng Lijun]
Cheng Li-wun 鄭麗文 [Zheng Liwen]
Cheng Liang-hsiung 程良雄 [Cheng Liangxiong]
Cheng Lieh 鄭烈 [Zheng Lie]
Cheng Ming-chian 鄭銘謙 [Zheng Mingqian]
Cheng Ming-dean 鄭明典 [Zheng Mingdian]
Cheng Ming-hua 鄭明華 [Zheng Minghua]
Cheng Nai-wen 鄭乃文 [Zheng Naiwen]
Cheng Pang-chen 鄭邦鎮 [Zheng Bangzhen]
Cheng Pang-chih 程邦治 [Cheng Bangzhi]
Cheng Pao-ching 鄭寶清 [Zheng Baoqing]
Robin Cheng 鄭榮俊 [Zheng Rongjun]
Cheng Sen-yuan 鄭森淵 [Zheng Senyuan]
Cheng Shen-chih 鄭深池 [Zheng Shenchi]
Cheng Sheng-lung 鄭勝龍 [Zheng Shenglong]
Cheng Shih-chin 鄭世津 [Zheng Shijin]
Cheng Shih-chung 鄭世忠 [Zheng Shizhong]
Cheng Shih-sung 鄭世松 [Zheng Shisong]
Cheng Shou-hsia 鄭守夏 [Zheng Shouxia]
Cheng Shui-chih 鄭水枝 [Zheng Shuizhi]
Cheng Su-ming 鄭淑敏 [Zheng Shumin]
Cheng Tao-ju 鄭道儒 [Zheng Daoru]
Cheng Te-yiao 鄭德耀 [Zheng Deyao]
Cheng Teh-shou 程德受 [Cheng Deshou]
Cheng Tien-fang 程天放 [Cheng Tianfang]
Ch'eng T'ien-ku 程天固 [Cheng Tiangu]
Cheng Ting-chong 陳廷寵 [Chen Tingchong]
Cheng Ting-wong 鄭丁旺 [Zheng Dingwang]
Cheng Tung-ho 鄭通和 [Zheng Tonghe]
Cheng Tung-liao 鄭同僚 [Zheng Tongliao]
Cheng Tzu-jung 鄭賜榮 [Zheng Sirong]
Cheng Wei-yuan 鄭為元 [Zheng Weiyuan]
Cheng Wen-ching 鄭溫清 [Zheng Wenqing]
Cheng Wen-jan 鄭文政 [Zheng Wenzheng]
Cheng Wen-lon 鄭文隆 [Zheng Wenlong]
Cheng Wen-tsang 鄭文燦 [Zheng Wencan]
Cheng Yen 釋證嚴 [Shi Zhengyan]
Cheng Yin-fun 鄭彥棻 [Zheng Yanfen]
Cheng Ying-yao 鄭英耀 [Zheng Yingyao]
Cheng Yu 鄭優 [Zheng You]
Cheng Yu-shan 鄭玉山 [Zheng Yushan]
Cheng Yu-shin 鄭裕信 [Zheng Yuxin]
Cheng Yung-chin 鄭永金 [Zheng Yongjin]
Chern Jenn-chuan 陳振川 [Chen Zhenchuan]
Chern Jinn-lih 陳進利 [Chen Jinli]
Chi Chia-fen 紀佳芬 [Ji Jiafen]
Chi Chia-lin 戚嘉林 [Qi Jialin]
Chi Jung-chuen 戚榮春 [Qi Rongchun]
Chi Lin-liang 季麟連 [Ji Linlian]
Rose Chi 紀欣 [Ji Xin]
Chi Teng-szu 紀登斯 [Ji Dengsi]
Chi Wen-jong 祁文中 [Qi Wenzhong]
Chi Yuan-pu 季源溥 [Ji Yuanpu]
Chia Ching-teh 賈景德 [Jia Jingde]
Chia Fu-yi 賈輔義 [Jia Fuyi]
Chia Te-yao 賈德耀 [Jia Deyao]
Antonio Chiang 江春男 [Jiang Chunnan]
Chiang Been-huang 蔣丙煌 [Jiang Binghuang]
Chiang Ch'ao-tsung 江朝宗 [Jiang Chaozong]
Chiang Chen-chung 姜振中 [Jiang Zhenzhong]
Chiang Chia-hsing 蔣家興 [Jiang Jiaxing]
Chiang Chien-jen 蔣堅忍 [Jiang Jianren]
Chiang Ching-kuo 蔣經國 [Jiang Jingguo]
Chiang Chung-jung 江崇榮 [Jiang Chongrong]
Chiang Chung-ling 蔣仲苓 [Jiang Zhongling]
Cynthia Kiang 江文若 [Jiang Wenruo]
Chiang Fu-tsung 蔣復璁 [Jiang Fucong]
Chiang Hsiao-wu 蔣孝武 [Jiang Xiaowu]
Chiang Hsin-ju 蔣鑫如 [Jiang Xinru]
Chiang Hsu 徐強 [Xu Qiang]
Chiang Hui-ming 江惠民 [Jiang Huimin]
Chiang Hung-i 蔣洪彝 [Jiang Hongyi]
Chiang Jin-der 江金德 [Jiang Jinde]
Johnny Chiang 江啟臣 [Jiang Qichen]
Chiang Jui-tang 江瑞堂 [Jiang Ruitang]
Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石 [Jiang Jieshi]
Monlin Chiang 蔣夢麟 [Jiang Menglin]
Chiang Peng-chien 江鵬堅 [Jiang Pengjian]
Chiang Pin-kung 江丙坤 [Jiang Bingkun]
Chiang Tso-pin 蔣作賓 [Jiang Zuobin]
Vincent Han-sun Chiang 江漢聲 [Jiang Hansheng]
Chiang Wan-an 蔣萬安煊 [Jiang Wan'an]
Chiang Wan-hsuan 江萬煊 [Jiang Wanxuan]
Wego Chiang 蔣緯國 [Jiang Weiguo]
Chiang Wei-ling 蔣偉寧 [Jiang Weining]
Chiang Wei-tsu 蔣慰祖 [Jiang Weizu]
Chiang Yao-chung 江耀宗 [Jiang Yaozong]
Chiang Yi-nan 江益男 [Jiang Yinan]
Chiang Ying-lung 江英隆 [Jiang Yinglong]
Chiang Yu-mei 姜郁美 [Jiang Yumei]
Chiang Yuan-chang 江元璋 [Jiang Yuanzhang]
Chiang Yun-tien 蔣勻田 [Jiang Yuntian]
Chiao I-tang 焦易堂 [Jiao Yitang]
Chiao Jen-ho 焦仁和 [Jiao Renhe]
Chiao Pei-shu 焦沛澍 [Jiao Peishu]
Chiao Yu-lon 焦佑倫 [Jiao Youlun]
Chien Chi-chong 簡志忠 [Jian Zhizhong]
Chien Chi-shen 錢其琛 [Qian Qichen]
Chien Chung-liang 錢宗良 [Qian Zongliang]
Edward Chien 簡鴻道 [Jian Hongdao]
Chien Er-kang 簡爾康 [Jian Erkang]
Eugene Y. H. Chien 簡又新 [Jian Youxin]
Chien Fang-chin 簡芳欽 [Jian Fangqin]
Fredrick F. Chien 錢復 [Qian Fu]
Chien Han-sun 簡漢生 [Jian Hansheng]
Chien Hui-jiuan 簡慧娟 [Jian Huijuan]
J. P. Chien 錢積彭 [Qian Jipeng]
Chien Kang-tan 錢剛鐔 [Qian Gangtan]
Chien Kuo-cheng 錢國成 [Qian Guocheng]
Chien Liang-chi 簡良機 [Jian Liangji]
Chien Lin Hui-chun 錢林慧君 [Qian Lin Huijun]
Chien Maw-fa 簡茂發 [Jian Maofa]
Chien Ming-jen 簡明仁 [Jian Mingren]
Chien Ming-long 簡明龍 [Jian Minglong]
Minze Chien 簡明子 [Jian Mingzi]
Chien Neng-hsun 錢能訓 [Qian Nengxun]
Chien Ping-tsai 錢秉才 [Qian Bingcai]
Robert C. Chien 錢純 [Qian Chun]
Chien Shih-liang 錢思亮 [Qian Siliang]
Chien Shih-wei 簡士偉 [Jian Shiwei]
Chien Ta-chun 錢大鈞 [Qian Dajun]
Chien Tai-lang 簡太郎 [Jian Tailang]
Chien Yu-yen 簡余晏 [Jian Yuyan]
Chin En-ching 金恩慶 [Jin Enqing]
Chin Hsiao-yi 秦孝儀 [Qin Xiaoyi]
Chin Kuang-lien 靳廣濂 [Jin Guanglian]
Chin Nai-chieh 金乃傑 [Jin Naijie]
Chin Pang-p'ing 金邦平 [Jin Bangping]
Chin Shou-feng 金壽豐 [Jin Shoufeng]
Chin Ta-chun 秦大鈞 [Qin Dajun]
Chin Tsu-hsi 秦祖熙 [Qin Zuxi]
Chin Wei-hsin 金唯信 [Jin Weixin]
Chin Yun-peng 靳雲鵬 [Jin Yunpeng]
Ching Mao-hui 金懋暉 [Jin Maohui]
Ching Tso-kang 景佐綱 [Jing Zuogang]
Chiou I-jen 邱義仁 [Qiu Yiren]
James Hwa-jiun Chiou 邱華君 [Qiu Huajun]
Chiou Shu-ti 邱淑媞 [Qiu Shuti]
Chiou Wen-tsong 邱文聰 [Qiu Wencong]
Chiu Chang-wei 邱昌渭 [Qiu Changwei]
Cheyne J. Y. Chiu 邱進益 [Qiu Jinyi]
Chiu Chien-kuo 邱乾國 [Qiu Qianguo]
Chiu Ching-chun 邱鏡淳 [Qiu Jingchun]
Chiu Chuang-huan 邱創煥 [Qiu Chuanghuan]
Chiu Chui-chang 邱垂章 [Qiu Chuizhang]
Chiu Chung-nan 邱忠男 [Qiu Zhongnan]
Chiu Feng-kuang 邱豐光 [Qiu Fengguang]
Handy Chiu 邱顯智 [Qiu Xianzhi]
Chiu Hei-yuan 瞿海源 [Qu Haiyuan]
Chiu Hsien-tien 邱賢添 [Qiu Xiantian]
Chiu Hungdah 丘宏達 [Qiu Hongda]
Kenneth Chiu 邱晃泉 [Qiu Huangquan]
Chiu Kun-liang 邱坤良 [Qiu Kunliang]
Chiu Kuo-cheng 邱國正 [Qiu Guozheng]
Paul Chiu 邱正雄 [Qiu Zhengxiong]
Chiu Ren-jong 邱人璋 [Qiu Renzhang]
Chiu Shi-yan 邱仕炎 [Qiu Shiyan]
Chiu Tai-san 邱太三 [Qiu Taisan]
Chiu Tsai-fa 邱再發 [Chen Zaifa]
Chiu Wen-an 邱文安 [Qiu Wen’an]
Chiu Wen-ta 邱文達 [Qiu Wenda]
Chiu Yi-ying 邱議瑩 [Qiu Yiying]
Chiu Yu-bin 邱毓斌 [Qiu Yubin]
Chiu Yue 邱岳 [Qiu Yue]
Chiu Yueh 丘岳 [Qiu Yue]
Chiu Yung-fang 邱永芳 [Qiu Yongfang]
Cho Jung-tai 卓榮泰 [Zhuo Rongtai]
Cho Po-yuan 卓伯源 [Zhuo Boyuan]
Cho Shih-chao 卓士昭 [Zhuo Shizhao]
Choong Kow-kwong 鍾皎光 [Zhong jiaoguang]
Chou Cheng-kwei 周誠寬 [Zhou Chengkuan]
Chou Chi-chin 周啟錦 [Zhou Qijin]
Chou Chi-hsiang 周啟祥 [Zhou Qixiang]
Chou Chih-hung 周志宏 [Zhou Zhihong]
Chou Chih-jung 周志榮 [Zhou Zhirong]
Chou Chin-chun 周慶峻 [Zhou Qingjun]
Chou Ching-shyong 周慶雄 [Zhou Qingxiong]
Chou Ching-yu 周清玉 [Zhou Qingyu]
Chou Chu-kun 周筑昆 [Zhou Zhukun]
Chou Chun-mi 周春米 [Zhou Chunmi]
Chou Chung-chin 周章欽 [Zhou Zhangqin]
Chou Chung-feng 周中峰 [Zhou Zhongfeng]
Chou Chung-nan 周仲南 [Zhou Zhongnan]
Chou Chung-yo 周鍾岳 [Zhou Zhongyue]
Clara Chou 周玉蔻 [Zhou Yukou]
Clarence Chou 周宇修 [Zhou Yuxiu]
Diego L. Chou 周麟 [Zhou Lin]
Chou Fo-hai 周佛海 [Zhou Fohai]
Chou Hau-yu 周皓瑜 [Zhou Haoyu]
Chou Hou-chieh 周後傑 [Zhou Houjie]
Chou Hsi-wei 周錫瑋 [Zhou Xiwei]
Chou Hsuan-kuan 周旋冠 [Zhou Xuankuan]
Chou Hsüeh-hsi 周學熙 [Zhou Xuexi]
Chou Hung-hsien 周弘憲 [Zhou Hongxian]
Chou Jen-chang 周仁章 [Zhou Renzhang]
Chou Jih-haw 周志浩 [Zhou Zhihao]
John Chou 周叔璋 [Zhou Shuzhang]
Chou Ju-cun 周菊村 [Zhou Jucun]
Chou Kan 周敢 [Zhou Gan]
Chou Ke-sheng 周可盛 [Zhou Kesheng]
Chou Kuang-chi 周廣齊 [Zhou Guangqi]
Chou Kun-tien 周昆田 [Zhou Kuntian]
Chou Kung-hsin 周功鑫 [Zhou Gongxin]
Chou Mei-wu 周美伍 [Zhou Meiwu]
Chou Pai-lien 周百鍊 [Zhou Bailian]
Chou Po-chiao 周伯蕉 [Zhou Bojiao]
Chou Pu-ti 周菩提 [Zhou Buti]
Roey Chou 周維毅 [Zhou Weiyi]
Chou Shih-pin 周世斌 [Zhou Shibin]
Chou Te-yu 周德宇 [Zhou Deyu]
Chou Tien-jui 周天瑞 [Zhou Tianrui]
Chou Ting-chang 周廷彰 [Zhou Tingzhang]
Chou Tsai-yi 周才藝 [Zhou Caiyi]
Chou Tzu-tu 周咨度 [Zhou Zidu]
Chou Wen-hao 周文豪 [Zhou Wenhao]
Chou Ya-chin 周亞青 [Zhou Yaqing]
Chou Yan 周嚴 [Zhou Yan]
Chou Yang-shan 周陽山 [Zhou Yangshan]
Chou Yen 周喦 [Zhou Yan]
Chou Yih-heng 周逸衡 [Zhou Yiheng]
Chou Yu-huan 周雨寰 [Zhou Yuhuan]
Chou Yung-hui 周永暉 [Zhou Yonghui]
Ben Chow 周一塵 [Zhou Yichen]
Chow Chih-jou 周至柔 [Zhou Zhirou]
Edward H. Chow 周行一 [Zhou Xingyi]
Chow Hong-tao 周宏濤 [Zhou Hongtao]
Chow Mei-ching 周美青 [Zhou Meiqing]
Chow Pan-tae 周邦道 [Zhou Bangdao]
Chow Shu-kai 周書楷 [Zhou Shukai]
Chow Ting-yu 周定宇 [Zhou Dingyu]
Chow Tzu-ch'i 周自齊 [Zhou Ziqi]
Chow Yien-shing 周延鑫 [Zhou Yanxin]
Abraham Wen-shang Chu 朱文祥 [Zhu wenxiang]
Chu Chen 居正 [Ju Zheng]
Chu Cheng-hsiung 朱正雄 [Zhu Zhengxiong]
Chu Cheng-ming 朱拯民 [Zhu Zhengmin]
Chu Ch'i-ch'ien 朱啟鈐 [Zhu Qiqian]
Chu Chia-chi 朱家崎 [Zhu Jiaqi]
Chu Chia-hwa 朱家驊 [Zhu Jiahua]
Chu Chien 朱謙 [Zhu Qian]
Chu Chien-hung 褚劍鴻 [Chu Jianhong]
Chu Chien-wei 朱建偉 [Zhu Jianwei]
Chu Chien-yi 朱建一 [Zhu Jianyi]
Chu Chih-yuan 朱致遠 [Zhu Zhiyuan]
Chu Chin-peng 朱景鵬 [Zhu Jingpeng]
Cyrus C. Y. Chu 朱敬一 [Zhu Jingyi]
David S. L. Chu 朱書麟 [Zhu Shulin]
Eric Chu 朱立倫 [Zhu Lilun]
Chu Fu-sung 朱撫松 [Zhu Fusong]
Gloria Chu 朱婉清 [Zhu Wanqing]
Chu Hwang-ping 朱煥虨 [Zhu Huanbin]
Chu Hwei-sen 朱匯森 [Zhu Huisen]
James Chu 朱曦 [Zhu Xi]
James C. Y. Chu 祝基瀅 [Zhu Jiying]
Chu Jia-chi 朱家崎 [Zhu Jiaqi]
Josephine Chu 朱惠良 [Zhu Huiliang]
Chu Kai-sheng 朱凱生 [Zhu Kaisheng]
Chu Kun-mao 朱坤茂 [Zhu Kunmao]
Chu Kuo-hsun 朱國勳 [Zhu Guoxun]
Chu Lu-ho 朱履龢 [Zhu Lühe]
Chu Mei-feng 璩美鳳 [Qu Meifeng]
Chu Mei-hsueh 朱梅雪 [Zhu Meixue]
Chu Min-yi 褚民誼
Chu Ming-chau 朱明昭 [Zhu Mingzhao]
Chu Nan-hsien 朱楠賢 [Zhu Nanxian]
Paul C. W. Chu 朱經武 [Zhu Jingwu]
Chu Pei-teh 朱培德 [Zhu Peide]
Chu Ping-lin 朱炳麟 [Zhu Binglin]
Chu Ping-yi 朱炳圻 [Zhu Bingyi]
Chu Shao-hua 朱少華 [Zhu Shaohua]
Chu Shao-hwa 瞿韶華 [Qu Shaohua]
Chu Shao-liang 朱紹良 [Zhu Shaoliang]
Chu Shao-tsung 朱紹宗 [Zhu Shaozong]
Chu Shih-lieh 朱士烈 [Zhu Shilie]
Chu Shih-yen 朱石炎 [Zhu Shiyan]
Chu Shou-kuang 朱綬光 [Zhu Shouguang]
Chu Ta-sung 朱大松 [Zhu Dasong]
Chu Tseng-yu 朱增郁 [Zhu Zengyu]
Chu Tzer-ming 朱澤民 [Zhu Zemin]
Chu Wan-li 屈萬里 [Qu Wanli]
Chu Wen-chen 朱文成 [Zhu Wencheng]
Chu Wen-ching 朱文清 [Zhu Wenqing]
Chu Wu-hsian 朱武獻 [Zhu Wuxian]
Chu Yi-cheng 朱一成 [Zhu Yicheng]
Chu Ying 朱英 [Zhu Ying]
Chu Yun-peng 朱雲鵬 [Zhu Yunpeng]
Chuan Tzu-jui 全子瑞 [Quan Zirui]
Chuang Chang-kung 莊長恭 [Zhuang Changgong]
Chuang Che-nan 莊哲男 [Zhuang Zhenan]
Chuang Ching-ta 莊慶達 [Zhuang Qingda]
Chuang Jen-hsiang 莊人祥 [Zhuang Renxiang]
Chuang Heng-dai 莊亨岱 [Zhuang Hengdai]
Chuang Kuo-ming 莊國明 [Zhuang Guoming]
Chuang Ming-yao 莊銘耀 [Zhuang Mingyao]
Chuang Shu 莊紓 [Zhuang Shu]
Chuang Shui-chi 莊水吉 [Zhuang Shuiji]
Chuang Tsui-yun 莊翠雲 [Zhuang Cuiyun]
Chuang Wan-shou 莊萬壽 [Zhuang Wanshou]
Chuang Wei-cheng 莊維成 [Zhuang Weicheng]
Bill Chung 鐘景琨 [Zhong Jingkun]
Chung Char-dir 鐘嘉德 [Zhong Jiade]
Chung Chen-fang 鍾振芳 [Zhong Zhenfang]
Chung Chin 鍾琴 [Zhong Qin]
David J. C. Chung—see Chung Jung-chi
Chung Huo-cheng 鍾火成 [Zhong Huocheng]
Chung Jung-chi 鍾榮吉 [Zhong Rongji]
Chung Lin-hui 鐘琳惠 [Zhong Linhui]
Chung Ping-li 鍾炳利 [Zhong Bingli]
Chung Shih-yi 鍾時益 [Zhong Shiyi]
Chung Shu-ming 鍾樹明 [Zhong Shuming]
Chung Tai-li 鍾台利 [Zhong Taili]
Thomas Chung An-zu 鍾安住 [Zhong Anzhu]
Chung Tien-hsin 鍾天心 [Zhong Tianxin]
Chung Tung-chin 鍾東錦 [Zhong Dongjin]
Chyr Shuang-ching 池雙慶 [Chi Shuangqing]

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——— D, F, G ———

Peter Dai 戴廣勳 [Dai Guangxun]
Winston Dang 陳重信 [Chen Chongxin]
Dao Quer-ling 陶桂林 [Tao Guilin]
Ray Dawn 董瑞斌 [Dong Ruibin]
Day Guey-ing 戴桂英 [Dai Guiying]
Den Chi-fu 鄧啟福 [Deng Qifu]
John C. C. Deng 鄧振中 [Deng Zhenzhong]
Deng Ming-chung 鄧明中 [Deng Mingzhong]
Ding Kung-wha 丁克華 [Ding Kehua]
Ding Mou-shih 丁懋時 [Ding Maoshi]
Ding Yuh-chyurn 丁育群 [Ding Yuqun]
Ding Yung-chin 丁原進 [Ding Yuanjin]
Duan Mujie 端木傑
Duh Tyzz-jiun 杜紫軍 [Du Zijun]
Fan Bao-lo 范保羅 [Fan Baoluo]
Fan Chen-tzung 范振宗 [Fan Zhenzong]
Foun-chung Fan 樊豐忠 [Fan Fengzhong]
Frank C. K. Fan 范植谷 [Fan Zhigu]
Fan Hsiang-lin 樊祥麟 [Fan Xianglin]
Fan Jui 范銳 [Fan Rui]
K. C. Fan 范光群 [Fan Guangqun]
Fan Kuang-nan 范光男 [Fan Guangnan]
Fan Kuei-shu 范魁書 [Fan Kuishu]
Fan Liang-shiow 范良銹 [Fan Liangxiu]
Fan Shou-kang 范壽康
Tony Fan 范志強 [Fan Zhiqiang]
Fan Tse-shan 范澤山 [Fan Zeshan]
Fan Yüan-lien 範源濂 [Fan Yuanlian]
Fan Yun 范雲
Fang En-hsu 方恩緒 [Fang Enxu]
Fang Hien-chee 方賢齊 [Fang Xianqi]
Fang Jy-shiuh 方芷絮 [Fang Zhixu]
Fang Kuo-yun 方國運 [Fang Guoyun]
Fang Lee-shing 方力行 [Fang Lixing]
Fang Mao-hung 房茂宏 [Fang Maohong]
David Fei 費鴻鈞 [Fei Hongjun]
Fei Hung-po 費鴻波 [Fei Hongbo]
Fei Hwa 費驊 [Fei Hua]
John C. H. Fei 費景漢 [Fei Jinghan]
Fei Wen-chi 費雯綺 [Fei Wenqi]
Feng Cheng-min 馮正民 [Feng Zhengmin]
Feng Chi-tsung 馮啟聰 [Feng Qicong]
Feng Chia-chen 馮家溱 [Feng Jiazhen]
Feng Hai-tung 馮海東 [Feng Haidong]
John Feng 馮寄台 [Feng Jitai]
Joyce Feng 馮燕 [Feng Yan]
Kent Feng 馮世寬 [Feng Shikuan]
Feng Kuo-chang 馮國璋 [Feng Guozhang]
Feng Kuo-kuang 馮國光 [Feng Guoguang]
Sylvia Feng 馮賢賢 [Feng Xianxian]
Feng Ting-kuo 馮定國 [Feng Dingguo]
Feng Yi 馮毅
Feng Yu-hsiang 馮玉祥 [Feng Yuxiang]
John-ming Fong 方中民 [Fang Zhongmin]
Fong Zhang-hua 馮展華 [Feng Zhanhua]
Foo Ping-sheung 傅秉常 [Fu Bingchang]
Fu Cheng-cheng 傅正誠 [Fu Zhengcheng]
Fu Chun-fan 傅俊番 [Fu Junfan]
Fu Don-cheng 傅棟成 [Fu Dongcheng]
Fu Huan-jan 傅還然 [Fu Huanran]
Fu Kun-chi 傅崐萁 [Fu Kunqi]
Fu Li-yeh 傅立葉 [Fu Liye]
Fu Meng-jung 傅孟融 [Fu Mengrong]
Fu Ren-hsiung 傅仁雄 [Fu Renxiong]
Fu Shiue-peng 傅學鵬 [Fu Xuepeng]
Fu Shu-te 符樹德 [Fu Shude]
Fu Ssu-nien 傅斯年 [Fu Sinian]
Fu Tze-han 傅次韓 [Fu Cihan]
Fu Tzu-hui 傅祖慧 [Fu Zuhui]
Elmer Fung 馮滬祥 [Feng Huxiang]
Fung Ming-chu 馮明珠 [Feng Mingzhu]
Masegseg Z. Gadu 童春發 [Tong Chunfa]
Gao Jyh-peng 高志鵬 [Gao Zhipeng]
Ger Yeong-kuang 葛永光 [Ge Yongguang]
Terry Gou 郭台銘 [Guo Taiming]
Guh Jih-hwa 顧記華 [Gu Jihua]
Guo Dejie 郭德潔
Guo Yih-shun 郭義雄 [Guo Yishun]
Gwo Shangjr 果尚志 [Guo Shangzhi]

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——— H ———

Charlotte Han 韓宜靜 [Han Yijing]
Han Chung-mo 韓忠謨 [Han Zhongmo]
Daniel Han Kuo-yu 韓國瑜 [Han Guoyu]
Han Pao-chien 韓寶鑑 [Han Baojian]
Han Pao-teh 漢寶德 [Han Baode]
Han Pi-hsiang 韓碧祥 [Han Bixiang]
Han Shou-hwa 韓韶華 [Han Shaohua]
Han Wei 韓偉
Hang Li-wu 杭立武
Hao Feng-ming 郝鳳鳴
Hao Pei-chih 郝培芝 [Hao Peizhi]
Hao Pei-tsun 郝柏村 [Hao Bocun]
Hau Lung-bin 郝龍斌 [Hao Longbin]
He Zhi-lin 何智霖
Her Jyh-huei 何智輝 [He Zhihui]
Ho An-chi 何安繼 [He Anji]
Ho Chi-kung 何啟功 [He Qigong]
Ho Chia-jong 何嘉榮 [He Jiarong]
Ho Chien 何鍵 [He Jian]
Ho Chih-chin 何志欽 [He Zhiqin]
Ho Chin-tsang 何晉滄 [He Jincang]
Ho Chuan-te 何全德 [He Quande]
Ho Chung-han 賀衷寒 [He Zhonghan]
Ho En-ting 何恩廷 [He Enting]
Ho Hao-jo 何浩若 [He Haoruo]
Ho Hao-tien 何浩天 [He Haotian]
Ho Hsien-lin 何獻霖 [He Xianlin]
Irving T. Ho 何宜慈 [He Yici]
Irwine W. Ho 何宜武 [He Yiwu]
James Ho 何俊輝 [He Junhui]
Ho Jow-fei 何卓飛 [He Zhuofei]
Ho Jui-fang 何瑞芳 [He Ruifang]
Ho Jung-chun 何榮村 [He Rongcun]
Ho Kuo-kuang 賀國光 [He Guoguang]
Ho Lien-kwei 何聯奎 [He Liankui]
Ho Mei-yueh 何美玥 [He Meiyue]
Ho Ming-chin 何明錦 [He Mingjin]
Ho Nuan-hsuen 何煖軒 [He Nuanxuan]
Ho Po-wen 何博文 [He Bowen]
S. C. Ho 何壽川 [He Shouchuan]
Ho Teh-hung 何德宏 [He Dehong]
Ho Tsing-jen 何清人 [He Qingren]
Ho Tsung-yen 何縱炎 [He Zongyan]
Ho Wai-jane 何偉真 [He Weizhen]
Ho Yao-tsu 賀耀組 [He Yaozu]
Ho Ying-chin 何應欽 [He Yingqin]
Ho Yuan-san 何源三 [He Yuansan]
Ho Yung-chien 何雍堅 [He Yongjian]
Hoang Sieou-je 黃秀日 [Huang Xiuri]
Hochen Tan 賀陳旦 [Hechen Dan]
Hoh Gunsun 郝更生 [Hao Gengsheng]
Hong Chi-chang 洪奇昌 [Hong Qichang]
David Hong 洪健雄 [Hong Jianxiong]
David S. Hong 洪德生 [Hong Desheng]
Hocheng Hong 賀陳弘 [Hechen Hong]
Hong Ping-kun 洪秉琨 [Hong Bingkun]
Richard Hong 洪敏弘 [Hong Minhong]
Hong Shu-min 洪淑敏
Raymond S. H. Hoo 胡世勳 [Hu Shixun]
Hou Chen-hsiung 侯貞雄 [Hou Zhenxiong]
Hou Jia-lun 侯嘉倫
Hou Kuan-jen 侯寬仁 [Hou Kuanren]
Hou Ping-fu 侯平福
Hou Po-lieh 侯伯烈 [Hou Bolie]
Hou Sheng-mou 侯勝茂 [Hou Shengmao]
Hou Yu-ih 侯友宜 [Hou Youyi]
Hsi Shih-chi 席時濟 [Xi Shiji]
Andrew Hsia 夏立言 [Xia Liyan]
Hsia Chi-ping 夏季屏 [Xia Jiping]
Hsia Chin 夏勤 [Xia Qin]
Hsia Der-yu 夏德鈺 [Xia Deyu]
Hsia Fu-hua 夏復華 [Xia Fuhua]
Hsia Han-min 夏漢民 [Xia Hanmin]
Hsia Ho-sheng 夏荷生 [Xia Hesheng]
Hsia Kung-chuan 夏功權 [Xia Gongquan]
Hsia Wei-shang 夏惟上 [Xia Weishang]
Hsia Yi-ting 夏詒霆 [Xia Yiting]
Hsia Ying-chou 夏瀛洲 [Xia Yingzhou]
Hsiang Chang-chüan 項昌權 [Xiang Changquan]
Hsiang Chuan-chi 向傳琦 [Xiang Chuanqi]
Hsiang Hsien-teh 向賢德 [Xiang Xiande]
Hsiang Jui-k'un 向瑞琨 [Xiang Ruikun]
Timothy T. Y. Hsiang 項恬毅 [Xiang Tianyi]
Hsiao Chang-jui 蕭長瑞 [Xiao Changrui]
Hsiao Chi-hsiung 蕭吉雄 [Xiao Jixiong]
Hsiao Chia-chi 蕭家淇 [Xiao Jiaqi]
Hsiao Chiang-pi 蕭江碧 [Xiao Jiangbi]
Hsiao Ding-hsun 蕭丁訓 [Xiao Dingxun]
Hsiao Fu-tao 蕭輔導 [Xiao Fudao]
Hsiao Hsien-ying 蕭先蔭 [Xiao Xianyin]
James Hsiao 蕭敬嚴 [Xiao Jingyan]
Hsiao Jung-fu 蕭榮福 [Xiao Rongfu]
Hsiao Kuan-en 蕭灌恩 [Xiao Guan'en]
Hsiao Mei-ling 蕭美玲 [Xiao Meiling]
Michael Hsiao 蕭新煌 [Xiao Xinhuang]
Hsiao Ming-hsiang 蕭銘祥 [Xiao Mingxiang]
Hsiao Po-chang 蕭伯川 [Xiao Bochuan]
Russell Hsiao 蕭良其 [Xiao Liangqi]
Hsiao Shu-hua 蕭淑華 [Xiao Shuhua]
Hsiao Shu-jen 蕭淑貞 [Xiao Shuzhen]
Hsiao Tien-tzang 蕭天讚 [Xiao Tianzan]
Hsiao Ting-ko 蕭登科 [Xiao Dengke]
Hsiao Tsung-huang 蕭宗煌 [Xiao Zonghuang]
Hsiao Tung-tze 蕭同茲 [Xiao Tongzi]
Hsieh Chao-chi 謝肇齊 [Xie Zhaoqi]
Hsieh Chao-yi 謝潮儀 [Xie Chaoyi]
Hsieh Cheng-chiang 謝掙強 [Xie Zhengqiang]
Hsieh Chi-mao 謝繼茂 [Xie Jimao]
Hsieh Chi-nan 謝啟男 [Xie Qinan]
Hsieh Chi-ta 謝啟大 [Xie Qida]
Hsieh Chia-liang 謝嘉梁 [Xie Jialiang]
Hsieh Chung-wu 謝忠武 [Xie Zhongwu]
David W. J. Hsieh 謝謂君 [Xie Weijun]
F. K. Hsieh 謝豐國 [Xie Fengguo]
Hsieh Fa-da 謝發達 [Xie Fada]
Frank Hsieh 謝長廷 [Xie Changting]
Hsieh Fu-mei 謝芙美 [Xie Fumei]
Hsieh Han-chang 謝翰璋 [Xie Hanzhang]
Hsieh Hsiao-hsing 謝曉星 [Xie Xiaoxing]
Hsieh Hsien-chen 謝獻臣 [Xie Xianchen]
Hsieh Hsiu-neng 謝秀能 [Xie Xiuneng]
Hsieh Hsueh-hsien 謝學賢 [Xie Xuexian]
Hsieh Jainn-dong 謝建東 [Xie Jiandong]
Kelly W. Hsieh 謝武樵 [Xie Wuqiao]
Hsieh Keng-min 謝耿民 [Xie Gengmin]
Hsieh Kuan-sheng 謝冠生 [Xie Guansheng]
Hsieh Kuan-yi 謝貫一 [Xie Guanyi]
Hsieh Kuo-liang 謝國樑 [Xie Guoliang]
Hsieh Li-kung 謝立功 [Xie Ligong]
Hsieh Lung-fa 謝龍發 [Xie Longfa]
Hsieh Ming-tsuen 謝明村 [Xie Mingcun]
Hsieh Shen-san 謝深山 [Xie Shenshan]
Hsieh Sheng-fu 謝生富 [Xie Shengfu]
Hsieh Shih-chien 謝世謙 [Xie Shiqian]
Hsieh Shih-sheng 謝實生 [Xie Shisheng]
Hsieh Shou-kang 謝壽康 [Xie Shoukang]
Hsieh Ta-wen 謝大文 [Xie Dawen]
Hsieh Tsay-chuan 謝在全 [Xie Zaiquan]
Hsieh Tsui-chuan 謝翠娟 [Xie Cuijuan]
Hsieh Wen-ting 謝文定 [Xie Wending]
Hsieh Yein-jui 謝燕儒 [Xie Yanru]
Hsieh Yi 謝毅 [Xie Yi]
Hsieh Yih-yong 謝義勇 [Xie Yiyong]
Hsieh Ying-chou 謝瀛洲 [Xie Yingzhou]
Hsieh You-hua 謝又華 [Xie Youhua]
Hsieh Yuan 謝園 [Xie Yuan]
Hsieh Zui-chi 謝瑞智 [Xie Ruizhi]
Hsin Chiang-lin 辛江霖 [Xin Jianglin]
Hsin Ting 釋心定 [Shi Xinding]
Hsing Tai-chao 邢泰釗 [Xing Taizhao]
Hsing Yu-kuang 邢有光 [Xing Youguang]
Hsing Yun 釋星雲 [Shi Xingyun]
Hsiue Ging-ho 薛敬和 [Xue Jinghe]
Hsiung Hou-chi 熊厚基 [Xiong Houji]
Hsiung Hsi-ling 熊希齡 [Xiong Xiling]
Hsiung Wan 熊丸 [Xiong Wan]
Hsu An-hsuan 徐安旋 [Xu Anxuan]
Butch Hsu 徐延年 [Xu Yannian]
C. J. Hsu 許志仁 [Xu Zhiren]
Hsu Chang 許昌 [Xu Chang]
Hsu Chang-hsien 許章賢 [Xu Zhangxian]
Hsu Chen-wei 徐榛蔚 [Xu Zhenwei]
Hsu Cheng-kuang 徐正光 [Xu Zhengguang]
Hsu Chi-chuang 徐繼莊 [Xu Jizhuang]
Hsu Chi-you 許啟祐 [Xu Qiyou]
Hsu Chia-ching 徐佳青 [Xu Jiaqing]
Hsu Chiao-hsin 徐巧芯 [Xu Qiaoxin]
Hsu Chieh-kwei 許介圭 [Xu Jiegui]
Hsu Chien 徐謙 [Xu Qian]
Hsu Chien-tien 徐千田 [Xu Qiantian]
Hsu Chih-hsiung 許志雄 [Xu Zhixiong]
Hsu Chin-to 徐金鐸 [Xu Jinduo]
Hsu Ching-chih 許靜芝 [Xu Jingzhi]
Hsu Ching-chung 徐慶鐘 [Xu Qingzhong]
Hsu Ching-fu 許慶復 [Xu Qingfu]
Hsu Ching-ho 許景河 [Xu Jinghe]
Hsu Ching-lan 徐晴嵐 [Xu Qinglan]
Hsu Ching-wen 徐景文 [Xu Jingwen]
Hsu Ching-yuan 徐慶元 [Xu Qingyuan]
Hsu Chiu-hua 徐秋華 [Xu Qiuhua]
Hsu Chu-sheng 徐筑生 [Xu Zhusheng]
Hsu Chun-hsin 許忠信 [Xu Zhongxin]
Hsu Chun-hwa 許春華 [Xu Chunhua]
Hsu Chun-yat 許俊逸 [Xu Junyi]
Chung Y. Hsu 許重義 [Xu Zhongyi]
Hsu Chung-chih 許崇智 [Xu Chongzhi]
Hsu Chung-jen 徐重仁 [Xu Chongren]
Douglas Hsu 徐旭東 [Xu Xudong]
Hsu En-tseng 徐恩曾 [Xu Enceng]
Hsu Fu-lin 徐傅霖 [Xu Fulin]
Henry Hsu 徐亨 [Xu Heng]
Hsu Hsin-liang 許信良 [Xu Xinliang]
Hsu Hsin-ying 徐欣瑩 [Xu Xinying]
Hsu Hsueh-hsun 徐學訓 [Xu Xuexun]
Hsu Hsueh-tao 徐學陶 [Xu Xuetao]
Hsu Huan-sheng 徐煥昇 [Xu Huansheng]
Hsu Hung-chih 徐鴻志 [Xu Hongzhi]
Hsu I-hsiung 許義雄 [Xu Yixiong]
Iris Yueh-ling Hsu 許悅玲 [Xu Yueling]
Hsu Jan-yau 許璋瑤 [Xu Zhangyao]
Hsu Jen-shou 徐人壽 [Xu Renshou]
Hsu Ju-cheng 徐汝誠 [Xu Rucheng]
Hsu Jui-chih 許睿智 [Xu Ruizhi]
Hsu Kan 徐堪 [Xu Kan]
Hsu Keng-hsiu 許耿修 [Xu Gengxiu]
Hsu Kuei-hsiang 徐桂香 [Xu Guixiang]
Hsu Kuo-an 徐國安 [Xu Guoan]
Hsu Kuo-shih 徐國士 [Xu Guoshi]
Hsu Kuo-yung 徐國勇 [Xu Guoyong]
Hsu Li-kung 徐立功 [Xu Ligong]
Hsu Li-ming 許立明 [Xu Liming]
Hsu Li-nung 許歷農 [Xu Linong]
Hsu Li-teh 徐立德 [Xu Lide]
Hsu Ling-yun 許凌雲 [Xu Lingyun]
Hsu Mao-chang 徐茂樟 [Xu Maozhang]
Hsu Mien-sheng 徐勉生 [Xu Miansheng]
Hsu Ming-chun 許銘春 [Xu Mingchun]
Hsu Ming-hung 徐銘宏 [Xu Minghong]
Hsu Ming-neng 許銘能 [Xu Mingneng]
Hsu Ming-tsai 許明財 [Xu Mingcai]
Rock Hsu 許勝雄 [Xu Shengxiong]
S. C. Hsu 徐水泉 [Xu Shuiquan]
Samuel J. S. Hsu 許仁壽 [Xu Renshou]
Hsu Shang-wen 徐尚文 [Xu Shangwen]
Hsu Shiang-kueen 徐享崑 [Xu Xiangkun]
Hsu Shih-chang 徐世昌 [Xu Shichang]
Hsu Shih-ying 許世英 [Xu Shiying]
Hsu Shu-hsiang 許舒翔 [Xu Shuxiang]
Hsu Shu-hua 許淑華 [Xu Shuhua]
Hsu Shui-hsian 徐水仙 [Xu Shuixian]
Hsu Shui-teh 許水德 [Xu Shuide]
Stephan Hsu 許智偉 [Xu Zhiwei]
Hsu Ta-wen 徐達文 [Xu Dawen]
Hsu Tai-sheng 徐台生 [Xu Taisheng]
Hsu Tain-tsair 許添財 [Xu Tiancai]
Hsu Teh-nan 許德南 [Xu Denan]
Hsu Tieh-liang 徐鐵良 [Xu Tieliang]
Hsu Tien-lai 許天來 [Xu Tianlai]
Hsu Tsai-li 許財利 [Xu Caili]
Hsu Tsang-houei 許常惠 [Hsu Changhui]
Hsu Tse-chiu 許子秋 [Xu Ziqiu]
Hsu Tso-chou 徐佐周 [Xu Zuozhou]
Hsu Tzong-li 許宗力 [Xu Zongli]
Victoria Hsu 許秀雯 [Xu Xiuwen]
Hsu Wei-chun 徐偉群 [Xu Weiqun]
Hsu Wei-wen 許維文 [Xu Weiwen]
Hsu Wen-long 許文龍 [Xu Wenlong]
Hsu Wun-pin 許文彬 [Xu Wenbin]
Hsu Yao-chang 徐耀昌 [Xu Yaochang]
Hsu Yen-pu 徐衍璞 [Xu Yanpu]
Hsu Yi-chun 徐宜君 [Xu Yijun]
Hsu Yih-yun 許翼雲 [Xu Yiyun]
Hsu Yin-chieh 許英傑 [Xu Yingjie]
Hsu Ying-shen 許應深 [Xu Yingshen]
Hsu Yong-nian 徐永年 [Xu Yongnian]
Hsu Yuan-kao 徐元浩 [Xu Yuanhao]
Hsu Yung-ch'ang 徐永昌 [Xu Yongchang]
Hsu Yung-mei 徐詠梅 [Xu Yongmei]
Hsu Yung-ming 徐永明 [Xu Yongming]
Y. Z. Hsu 徐有庠 [Xu Youxiang]
Hsueh Cheng-pi 薛承弼 [Xue Chengbi]
Hsueh Chia-chuan 薛家椽 [Xue Jiachuan]
Hsueh Chung-yi 薛鐘彝 [Xue Zhongyi]
Hsueh Hsiang-chuan 薛香川 [Xue Xiangchuan]
Hsueh Hua-yuen 薛化元 [Xue Huayuan]
James Cherng-tay Hsueh 薛承泰 [Xue Chengtai]
Hsueh Jen-yang 薛人仰 [Xue Renyang]
Hsueh Jui-yuan 薛瑞元 [Xue Ruiyuan]
Hsueh Mao-sung 薛茂松 [Xue Maosong]
Hsueh Pai-chin 薛派欽 [Xue Paiqin]
Hsueh Pao-hsia 薛保瑕 [Xue Baoxia]
Hsueh Shih-ming 薛石民 [Xue Shimin]
Hsueh Tu-pi 薛篤弼 [Xue Dubi]
Hsueh Yueh 薛岳 [Xue Yue]
Hsui Sheng-fa 許勝發 [Xu Shengfa]
Allen Hu 胡湘麟 [Hu Xianglin]
Hu An-yi 胡安彝
Benny Hu 胡定吾 [Hu Dingwu]
C. C. Hu 胡家爵 [Hu Jiajue]
Hu Chen-pu 胡鎮埔 [Hu Zhenbu]
Hu Chia-chi 胡家麒 [Hu Jiaqi]
Hu Chin 胡謹 [Hu Jin]
Hu Ching-fang 胡晴舫 [Hu Qingfang]
Hu Ching-piao 胡錦標 [Hu Jinbiao]
Hu Chung-hong 胡俊弘 [Hu Junhong]
David C. Y. Hu 胡正堯 [Hu Zhengyao]
Hu Han-min 胡漢民
Hu Hsin-nan 胡新南 [Hu Xinnan]
Jason Hu 胡志強 [Hu Zhiqiang]
Jennifer Hu 胡兌昀 [Hu Duiyun]
Hu Jong-i 胡忠一 [Hu Zhongyi]
Hu Kai-hung 胡開宏 [Hu Kaihong]
Hu Lien 胡璉 [Hu Lian]
Hu Mao-lin 胡懋麟
Hu Mei-huang 胡美璜
Hu Nan-tzer 胡南澤 [Hu Nanze]
Hu Sheng-cheng 胡勝正 [Hu Shengzheng]
Hu Sheue-yun 胡雪雲 [Hu Xueyun]
Hu Shih 胡適 [Hu Shi]
Hu Shing 胡炘 [Hu Xin]
Hu Shui-wang 胡水旺
Hu Sing-hwa 胡興華 [Hu Xinghua]
Hu Tao 胡濤
Hu Tsung-nan 胡宗南 [Hu Zongnan]
Hu Wei-jen 胡為真 [Hu Weizhen]
Hu Wei-te 胡惟德 [Hu Weide]
Hu Yu-wei 胡幼偉 [Hu Youwei]
Hu Yuan-hui 胡元輝
Hua Chia-chih 華加志 [Hua Jiazhi] = Tjaravak
Hua Ching-chun 花敬群 [Hua Jingqun]
Hua Hsi-chun 華錫鈞 [Hua Xijun]
Huang Chao-chin 黃朝琴 [Huang Chaoqin]
Huang Chao-hsi 黃肇熙 [Huang Zhaoxi]
Huang Chao-shun 黃昭順 [Huang Zhaoshun]
Huang Chao-sung 黃肇松 [Huang Zhaosong]
Huang Chao-yuan 黃昭淵 [Huang Zhaoyuan]
Charles Huang 黃育徵 [Huang Yuzheng]
Huang Chen-chiu 黃鎮球 [Huang Zhenqiu]
Huang Chen-wu 黃珍吾 [Huang Zhenwu]
Huang Chi-jui 黃啟瑞 [Huang Qirui]
Huang Chi-lu 黃季陸 [Huang Jilu]
Huang Chi-ming 黃季敏 [Huang Jimin]
Huang Chia-teh 黃家德 [Huang Jiade]
Huang Chiang 黃強 [Huang Qiang]
Huang Chieh 黃杰 [Huang Jie]
Huang Chih-chong 黃執中 [Huang Zhizhong]
Huang Chih-peng 黃志鵬 [Huang Zhipeng]
Huang Chih-ta 黃致達 [Huang Zhida]
Huang Chin-cheng 黃金城 [Huang Jincheng]
Huang Chin-chiang 黃金江 [Huang Jinjiang]
Huang Chin-tao 黃金濤 [Huang Jintao]
Huang Ching-chuan 黃慶銓 [Huang Qingquan]
Huang Ching-lin 黃慶林 [Huang Qinglin]
Huang Ching-ssu 黃慶四 [Huang Qingsi]
Huang Ching-tsai 黃金財 [Huang Jincai]
Huang Chiu-kuei 黃秋桂 [Huang Qiugui]
Huang Chu-wen 黃主文 [Huang Zhuwen]
Huang Chun-tang 黃俊棠 [Huang Juntang]
Huang Chun-ying 黃俊英 [Huang Junying]
Huang Chung-sheng 黃仲生 [Huang Zhongsheng]
Huang Chung-tu 黃仲圖 [Huang Zhongtu]
Huang Chung-yuan 黃宗源 [Huang Zongyuan]
David H. Huang 黃孝宗 [Huang Xiaozong]
Huang Der-chyr 黃德治 [Huang Dezhi]
Huang Der-ray 黃得瑞 [Huang Derui]
Huang Erh-hsuan 黃爾璇 [Huang Erxuan]
Huang Fu 黃郛
Huang Fu-yuan 黃富源
George Huang 黃少華 [Huang Shaohua]
Huang Ho-ming 黃河明 [Huang Heming]
Huang Hsia-chien 黃廈千 [Huang Xiaqian]
Huang Hsien-jung 黃顯榮 [Huang Xianrong]
Huang Hsin-chieh 黃信介 [Huang Xinjie]
Huang Hsing-chiang 黃幸強 [Huang Xingqiang]
Huang Hsing-kuo 黃興國 [Huang Xingguo]
Huang Hsiu-shuang 黃秀霜 [Huang Xiushuang]
Huang Huang-hsiung 黃煌雄 [Huang Huangxiong]
Huang Hui 黃煇
Huang Hung-yen 黃鴻燕 [Huang Hongyan]
Huang Hwei-chen 黃輝珍 [Huang Huizhen]
Huang I-kuei 黃以珪 [Huang Yigui]
Huang Ing-haur 黃英豪 [Huang Yinghao]
Huang Ing-san 黃營杉 [Huang Yingshan]
James Huang 黃志芳 [Huang Zhifang]
Huang Jen-lin 黃仁霖 [Huang Renlin]
Huang Jia-he 黃嘉禾
Huang Jianhao 黃健豪
John C. T. Huang 黃呈琮 [Huang Chengcong]
Huang Jong-chyi 黃仲奇 [Huang Zhongqi]
Huang Jong-tsun 黃榮村 [Huang Rongcun]
Julia Hsiang-wen Huang 黃向文 [Huang Xiangwen]
Huang Jung-feng 黃榮峰 [Huang Rongfeng]
Huang Jung-teh 黃榮德 [Huang Rongde]
Justin Huang 黃健庭 [Huang Jianting]
Huang Kai-sen 黃開森
Huang Kuan-chung 黃寬重 [Huang Kuanzhong]
Huang Kuan-tsae 黃光彩 [Huang Guangcai]
Huang Kuang-lo 黃光洛 [Huang Guangluo]
Huang Kuang-nan 黃光男 [Huang Guangnan]
Huang Kuei-nan 黃癸楠 [Huang Kuinan]
Huang Kun-hu 黃崑虎
Huang Kun-huei 黃昆輝 [Huang Kunhui]
Huang Kuo-chang 黃國昌 [Huang Guochang]
Huang Kuo-han 黃國漢 [Huang Guohan]
Huang Kuo-shu 黃國書 [Huang Guoshu]
Huang Mei-ying 黃美瑛
Huang Min-kon 黃敏恭 [Huang Mingong]
Huang Min-hui 黃敏惠
Huang Ming-chao 黃明昭 [Huang Mingzhao]
Huang Ming-chuan 黃明川
Huang Ming-yao 黃明耀
Huang Mu-sung 黃慕松 [Huang Musong]
Huang Nai-shu 黃乃樞
Huang Nan-yuen 黃南淵 [Huang Nanyuan]
Peter Huang 黃文雄 [Huang Wenxiong]
Peter W. J. Huang 黃文榮 [Huang Wenrong]
Huang Pi-twan 黃碧端 [Huang Biduan]
Remington Huang 黃瑞明 [Huang Ruiming]
Huang San-kuei 黃三桂 [Huang Sangui]
Huang Shao-hung 黃紹竑 [Huang Shaohong]
Huang Shao-ku 黃少谷 [Huang Shaogu]
Huang Shih-cheng 黃石城 [Huang shicheng]
Huang Shih-chung 黃世忠 [Huang Shizhong]
Huang Shih-ming 黃世銘 [Huang Shiming]
Huang Shong 黃生 [Huang Sheng]
Huang Shou-zuo 黃壽佐
Huang Shu-kuang 黃曙光 [Huang Shuguang]
Huang Shu-ling 黃淑玲
Huang Shui-cheng 黃水成
Huang Shun-chang 黃順章 [Huang Shunzhang]
Huang Shung-lin 黃松齡 [Huang Songling]
Huang Si-chuan 黃四川
Huang Song-lih 黃嵩立 [Huang Songli]
Huang Su-jen 黃素貞 [Huang Suzhen]
Huang Ta-chou 黃大洲 [Huang Dazhou]
Huang Teh-fu 黃德福 [Huang Defu]
Huang Teng-yao 黃騰耀
Huang Tien-lin 黃天麟 [Huang Tianlin]
Huang Tien-mu 黃天牧 [Huang Tianmu]
Huang Tien-sheng 黃天生 [Huang Tiansheng]
Huang Ting-chia 黃定加 [Huang Dingjia]
Huang Tong-shong 黃東熊 [Huang Dongxiong]
Huang Tsai-lang 黃才郎 [Huang Cailang]
Huang Tsang-ling 黃長玲 [Huang Changling]
Huang Tuan-hsien 黃端先 [Huang Duanxian]
Huang Tunyow 黃敦友 [Huang Dunyou]
Huang Tze-chung 黃昌 [Huang Dechang]
Huang Tzu-teng 黃子騰 [Huang Ziteng]
Huang Wan-chu 黃萬居 [Huang Wanju]
Huang Wei-che 黃偉哲 [Huang Weizhe]
Huang Wei-tung 黃維東 [Huang Weidong]
Huang Wen-cheng 黃文成
Huang Wen-chih 黃文池 [Huang Wenchi]
Huang Wen-hsiung 黃文雄 [Huang Wenxiong]
Huang Wen-guu 黃文谷 [Huang Wengu]
Huang Wen-ling 黃雯玲
Huang Wu-chung 黃武忠 [Huang Wuzhong]
Huang Wu-lin 黃武林
Huang Yao-yu 黃耀羽
Huang Yen-chao 黃演鈔 [Huang Yanchao]
Huang Yi-tsau 黃怡超 [Huang Yichao]
Huang You-tsai 黃有才 [Huang Youcai]
Huang Yu-cheng 黃玉振 [Huang Yuzhen]
Huang Yu-lin 黃玉霖
Huang Yue-hsing 黃裕星 [Huang Yuxing]
Huang Yung-chieh 黃永桀 [Huang Yongjie]
Huang Yung-chuan 黃永川 [Huang Yongchuan]
Anne Hung 洪慧珠 [Hong Huizhu]
Hung Bao-chuan 洪寶川 [Hong Baochuan]
Hung Chien-chao 洪健昭 [Hong Jianzhao]
Hung Ching-feng 洪慶峰 [Hong Qingfeng]
Hung Ching-lin 洪慶麟 [Hong Qinglin]
Hung Chun-pei 洪鈞培 [Hong Junpei]
Hung Hsi-yao 洪璽曜 [Hong Xiyao]
Hung Hsiu-chu 洪秀柱 [Hong Xiuzhu]
John Hung Shan-chuan 洪山川 [Hong Shanchuan]
Hung Lan-yu 洪蘭友 [Hong Lanyou]
Hung Meng-chi 洪孟啟 [Hong Mengqi]
Hung Mien-chie 洪明奇 [Hong Mingqi]
Hung San-hsiung 洪三雄 [Hong Sanxiong]
Hung Shih-yu 洪世佑 [Hong Shiyou]
Hung Shou-nan 洪壽南 [Hong Shounan]
Hung Yao-fu 洪耀福 [Hong Yaofu]
Huo Hsi-hsiang 霍錫祥 [Huo Xixiang]
Huo Li-ching 霍立青 [Huo Liqing]
Huo Shou-yeh 霍守業 [Huo Shouye]
Hwang Ching-fong 黃鏡峰 [Huang Jingfeng]
Hwang Ding-fang 黃定方 [Huang Dingfang]
Hwang Jenn-tai 黃鎮台 [Huang Zhentai]
Hwang Jing-san 黃金山 [Huang Jinshan]
Hwang Jung-chiou 黃重球 [Huang Zhongqiu]
Hwang Tzong-leh 黃宗樂 [Huang Zongle]
Hwang Tzuen-chiou 黃尊秋 [Huang Zunqiu]
Hwang Wei 黃威 [Huang Wei]
Hwang Wei-yen 黃維炎 [Huang Weiyan]
Willie Hwang Tien-tsai 黃天才 [Huang Tiancai]
Hwang Yea-baang 黃雅榜 [Huang Yabang]
Hwung Hwung-hweng 黃煌煇 [Huang Huanghui]

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Arthur Iap 葉國興 [Ye Guoxing]
Icyang Parod 夷將 • 拔路兒 [Yijiang Baluer]
Nita Ing 殷琪 [Yin Qi]
Ip Wing-huen 葉永烜 [Ye Yongxuan]
Jan De-ho 詹德和 [Zhan Dehe]
Jan Jyh-horng 詹志宏 [Zhan Zhihong]
Jao Ping 饒平 [Rao Ping]
Jaw Shau-kong 趙少康 [Zhao Shaokang]
Jaw Shing-hau 趙興華 [Zhao Xinghua]
Jen Hsien-chun 任顯群 [Ren Xianqun]
Jen Wei-chun 任維鈞 [Ren Weijun]
Grace M. L. Jeng 鄭美玲 [Zheng Meiling]
James Jeng 鄭光遠 [Zheng Guangyuan]
Jeng Peir-fuh 鄭培富 [Zheng Peifu]
Jiang Yi-huah 江宜樺 [Jiang Yihua]
Jih Rong-ze 紀榮治 [Ji Rongzhi]
Ray Jiing 井迎瑞 [Jing Yingrui]
Jing Deh-pu 金德溥 [Jin Depu]
Jou Jing-yang 周景揚 [Zhou Jingyang]
Daniel H. Ju 朱旭 [Zhu Xu]
Fortune Ju 朱富春 [Zhu Fuchun]
Ju Gau-jeng 朱高正 [Zhu Gaozheng]
Ju Tzong-ching 朱宗慶 [Zhu Zongqing]
William C. Ju 諸家駿 [Zhu Jiajun]
Ju Yu-li 茹欲立 [Ru Yuli]
Juan Cheng-chang 阮成章 [Ruan Chengzhang]
Juan Ching-hwa 阮清華 [Ruan Qinghua]
Juan I-ming 阮逸明 [Ruan Yiming]
Juan Kang-meng 阮剛猛 [Ruan Gangmeng]
Juan Lu-tai 阮履泰 [Ruan Lütai]
Juang Fang-rung 莊芳榮 [Zhuang Fangrong]
Jywe Wen-yuh 覺文郁 [Jue Wenyu]

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——— K ———

Kan Nai-kuang 甘乃光 [Gan Naiguang]
Kang Jaw-jou 康照洲 [Kang Zhaozhou]
Kang Kuo-jui 康國瑞 [Kang Guorui]
Kang Ning-hsiang 康寧祥 [Kang Ningxiang]
Kang Tze-li 康自立 [Kang Zili]
Alice H. E. Kao 高惠宇 [Gao Huiyu]
Ann Kao 高虹安 [Gao Hongan]
Anna A. Kao 高安 [Gao An]
C. O. Kao 葛震歐 [Ge Zhenou]
Kao Chiang 高強 [Gao Qiang]
Kao Chih-peng 高植澎 [Gao Zhipeng]
Kao Chin-hsiung 高俊雄 [Gao Junxiong]
Kao Ching-yuen 高清愿 [Gao Qingyuan]
Kao Chung-hsing 杲中興 [Gao zhongxing]
Edwin Ching-wen Kao 高清文 [Gao Qingwen]
Kao Fan-wang 高番王 [Gao Fanwang]
Henry Kao 高志尚 [Gao Zhishang]
Henry Kao Yu-shu 高玉樹 [Gao Yushu]
Kao Hsin 高信 [Gao Xin]
Kao Hua-chu 高華柱 [Gao Huazhu]
Kao Jin-fu 高金福 [Gao Jinfu]
Kao Jui-cheng 高瑞錚 [Gao Ruizheng]
Kao Koong-lian 高孔廉 [Gao Konglian]
Kao Kuang-chi 高廣圻 [Gao Guangqi]
Kao Kuei-yuan 高魁元 [Gao Kuiyuan]
Kao Ling-wei 高凌霨 [Gao Lingwei]
Kao Lou 高魯 [Gao Lu]
Kao Lung-sen 高閬仙 [Gao Langxian]
Mark L. Kao 高龍榮 [Gao Longrong]
Kao Meng-hsun 高孟焄 [Gao Mengxun]
Kao Ming-huey 高銘輝 [Gao Minghui]
Ricky Y. S. Kao 高一心 [Gao Yixin]
Stanley Kao 高碩泰 [Gao Shuotai]
Kao Su-po 高思博 [Gao Sibo]
Kao Tang-pan 高湯盤 [Gao Tangpan]
Kao Teng-chiao 高騰蛟 [Gao Tengjiao]
Kao Thun-yun 高崇雲 [Gao Chongyun]
Kao Wang-chueh 高王珏 [Gao Wangjue]
Kao Yang-chih 高仰止 [Gao Yangzhi]
Kao Yao-pin 高耀斌 [Gao Yaobin]
Kao Yu-ting 高鈺婷 [Gao Yuting]
Kao Yuang-kuang 高永光 [Gao Yongguang]
Kao Yung-cheng 高涌誠 [Gao Yongcheng]
Michael Kau 高英茂 [Gao Yingmao]
Ke Jyh-sheng 柯志昇 [Ke Zhisheng]
Ke Tsi-hai 柯賜海 [Ke Sihai]
Keng Chung-yung 耿中庸 [Geng Zhongyong]
Ker Chien-ming 柯建銘 [Ke Jianming]
Ker Kuang-ming 葛廣明 [Ge Guangming]
Ker Li-ling 柯麗鈴 [Ge Liling]
Matthew Kia Yen-wen 賈彥文 [Jia Yanwen]
Kiang Piao 江杓 [Jiang Biao]
Charles King Shu-chi 金樹基 [Jin Shuji]
King Hen-biau 金恆鑣 [Jin Hengbiao]
King Kai-ying 金開英 [Jin Kaiying]
King Pu-tsung 金溥聰 [Jin Pucong]
Ko Chen-en 柯承恩 [Ke Cheng'en]
Ko Chen-ou 葛震歐 [Ge Zhen'ou]
Ko Cheng-feng 柯正峰 [Ke Zhengfeng]
Ko Cheng-heng 柯承亨 [Ke Chengheng]
Ko Chi-liang 柯基良 [Ke Jiliang]
Ko Fu-chiang 戈褔江 [Ge Fujiang]
Ko Hwa-wei 柯華葳 [Ke Huawei]
Ko Lee-ching 柯麗卿 [Ke Liqing]
Luis Ko Chi-beng 高志明 [Gao Zhiming]
Simon Ko Shen-yeaw 柯森耀 [Ke Senyao]
Ko Wen-je 柯文哲 [Ke Wenzhe]
Ko Yih-tsair 葛義才 [Ge Yicai]
Ko Yu-chin 葛雨琴 [Ge Yuqin]
Koh Chih-tan 葛之覃 [Ge Zhitan]
Koh Chin-chao 葛錦昭 [Ge Jinzhao]
Koh Se-kai 許世楷 [Xu Shikai]
Kolas Yotaka 谷辣斯 • 尤達卡 [Gulasi Youdaka]
Kong Jaw-sheng 龔照勝 [Gong Zhaosheng]
Kong Ling-cheng 孔令晟
Koo Chen-fu 辜振甫 [Gu Zhenfu]
Jeffrey Koo Sr. 辜濂松 [Gu Liansong]
Koo Kwang-ming 辜寬敏 [Gu Kuanmin]
Wellington Koo 顧立雄 [Gu Lixiong]
Wellington Koo 顧維鈞 [Gu Weijun]
Koo Yen Cho-yun 辜嚴倬雲 [Gu Yan Zhuoyun]
Kou Guang-hsiung 郭光雄 [Guo Guangxiong]
Ku Cheng-kang 谷正綱 [Gu Zhenggang]
Ku Cheng-lun 谷正倫 [Gu Zhenglun]
Ku Chu-tong 顧祝同 [Gu Zhutong]
Ku Feng-hsiang 谷鳳翔 [Gu Fengxiang]
Ku Fu-chang 顧富章 [Gu Fuzhang]
Ku Kuang-fu 顧光復 [Gu Guangfu]
Karl Min Ku 顧敏 [Gu Min]
Ku Meng-yu 顧孟餘 [Gu Mengyu]
Nelson Ku Chung-lien 顧崇廉 [Gu Chonglian]
Ku Teng-mei 古登美 [Gu Dengmei]
Ku Yen-lin 顧燕翎 [Gu Yanling]
Ku Yu-hsiu 顧毓琇 [Gu Yuxiu]
Ku Yu-ling 顧玉玲 [Gu Yuling]
Kuan Bi-ling 管碧玲 [Guan Biling]
Kuan Chi-yu 關吉玉 [Guan Jiyu]
Kuan Chung-ming 管中閔 [Guan Zhongmin]
Edward Y. Kuan 關鏞 [Guan Yong]
John C. Kuan 關中 [Guan Zhong]
Kuan Lin-cheng 關麟徵 [Guan Linzheng]
Kuan Tao-yi 管道一 [Guan Daoyi]
Kuan Yung-shih 關永實 [Guan Yongshi]
Kuang Jung-lu 鄺榮祿 [Kuang Ronglu]
Kuang Li-chen 鄺麗貞 [Kuang Lizhen]
Sunshine Kuang 曠湘霞 [Kuang Xiangxia]
Kuang Wen-ping 匡文炳 [Kuang Wenbing]
Kuei Yung-ching 桂永清 [Gui Yongqing]
Arthur Kung 孔祥雲 [Kong Xiangyun]
Kung Chang-jen 龔昶仁 [Gong Changren]
Kung Chia-cheng 龔家政 [Gong Jiazheng]
Kung Chung-chen 龔中誠 [Gong Zhongcheng]
H. H. Kung 孔祥熙 [Kong Xiangxi]
Kung Hsin-chan 龔心湛 [Gong Xinzhan]
Kung Hsing-jien 龔行健 [Gong Xingjian]
Kung Ku-shen 貢穀紳 [Gong Gushen]
Kung Ming-hsin 龔明鑫 [Gong Mingxin]
Kung Teh-cheng 孔德成 [Kong Decheng]
Kuo Che 郭哲 [Guo Zhe]
Kuo Cheng 郭澄 [Guo Cheng]
Kuo Chi-chiao 郭寄嶠 [Guo Jijiao]
Kuo Chien-ying 郭建英 [Guo Jiangying]
Kuo Chin-lau 郭慶老 [Guo Qinglao]
Kuo Chin-tsai 郭進財 [Guo Jincai]
Kuo Ching-chuan 郭清泉 [Guo Qingquan]
Kuo Chun-hui 郭俊惠 [Guo Junhui]
Kuo Chun-ming 郭俊銘 [Guo Junming]
Kuo Chun-tzu 郭俊次 [Guo Junci]
Kuo Chung-huan 郭宗煥 [Guo Zonghuan]
Clayton T. Kuo 郭宗太 [Guo Zongtai]
Kuo Fong-yu 郭芳煜 [Guo Fangyu]
George P. Kuo 郭倍宏 [Guo Beihong]
Harrison Kuo 郭水義 [Guo Shuiyi]
Kuo Hsiang-tang 柯鄉黨 [Ke Xiangdang]
Kuo Hsin-sung 郭心崧 [Guo Xinsong]
Joseph Kuo Jo-shih 郭若石 [Guo Ruoshi]
Kuo Ju-lin 郭汝霖 [Guo Rulin]
Kuo Jung-chao 郭榮趙 [Guo Rongzhao]
Kuo Kung-pin 郭工賓 [Guo Gongbin]
Mike Kuo 郭正光 [Guo Zhengguang]
Kuo Min-hsing 郭敏行 [Guo Minxing]
Kuo Ming-cheng 郭明政 [Guo Mingzheng]
Kuo Nan-hung 郭南宏 [Guo Nanhong]
Kuo Pi-o 郭碧娥 [Guo Bi'e]
Kuo Sheng-chu 郭盛助 [Guo Shengzhu]
Kuo Shih-nan 郭時南 [Guo Shinan]
Shirley W. Y. Kuo 郭婉容 [Guo Wanrong]
Steve Hsu-sung Kuo 郭旭崧 [Guo Xusong]
Kuo T'ai-ch'i 郭泰祺 [Guo Taiqi]
Kuo Tei-wei 郭大維 [Guo Dawei]
Kuo Tien-kuei 郭添貴 [Guo Tiangui]
Kuo Tien-tsai 郭添財 [Guo Tiancai]
Kuo Tsai-wen 郭蔡文 [Guo Caiwen]
Kuo Tsu-ann 郭慈安 [Guo Ci'an]
Kuo Wei-fan 郭為藩 [Guo Weifan]
Kuo Wen-jin 郭文進 [Guo Wenjin]
Kuo Wen-tung 郭文東 [Guo Wendong]
Kuo Wu-po 郭武博 [Guo Wubo]
Kuo Yao-chi 郭瑤琪 [Guo Yaoqi]
Kuo Yau-hwang 郭耀煌 [Guo Yaohuang]
Kuo Yen-kuang 郭艶光 [Guo Yanguang]
Kuo Yen-tu 郭炎土 [Guo Yantu]
Kuo Yu-shu 郭玉樞 [Guo Yushu]
Kuo Yun 果芸 [Guo Yun]

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——— L ———

Lai Che-hsiung 賴哲雄 [Lai Zhexiong]
Lai Chen-chang 賴振昌 [Lai Zhenchang]
Cheryl Lai 賴秀如 [Lai Xiuru]
Lai Chien-hsin 賴建信 [Lai Jianxin]
Lai Chin-chyi 賴清祺 [Lai Qingqi]
Lai Chung-chiang 賴中強 [Lai Zhongqiang]
Lai Feng-wei 賴峰偉
Lai In-jaw 賴英照 [Lai Yingzhao]
Lai Hsun-yen 賴遜岩 [Lai Xunyan]
Janice Lai 賴瑟珍 [Lai Sezhen]
Lai Kan 樂幹 [Lai Gan]
Lai Mei-shu 賴美淑
Michael M. C. Lai 賴明詔 [Lai Mingzhao]
Lai Ming-tang 賴名湯
Robert Lai 賴杉桂 [Lai Shangui]
Robert Y. Lai 賴義雄 [Lai Yixiong]
Lai Shin-yuan 賴幸媛 [Lai Xingyuan]
Lai Shun-hsien 賴順賢 [Lai Shunxian]
William Lai Ching-te 賴清德 [Lai Qingde]
Lai Wu-chi 賴武吉 [Lai Wuji]
Lai Ying-fang 賴英芳
Lai Ying-ying 賴瑩瑩
Barry Lam 林百里 [Lin Baili]
Lan Chih-min 藍智民 [Lan Zhimin]
Lan Tien-chiang 藍天鏘 [Lan Tianjiang]
Lan Tsu-tang 藍祖堂 [Lan Zutang]
Lan Tsu-wei 藍祖蔚 [Lan Zuwei]
Lang Chung-lai 郎鍾騋 [Lang Zhonglai]
Henry C. H. Lau 劉中行 [Liu Zhongxing]
Law I-tieg 劉一德 [Liu Yide]
Powers A. Lay 雷寶華 [Lei Baohua]
C. K. Lee 李世光 [Li Shiguang]
C. T. Lee 李青泰 [Li Qingtai]
Lee Chao-ching 李朝卿 [Li Chaoqing]
Lee Chen-yang 李鎮洋 [Li Zhenyang]
Lee Cheng-hua 李丞華 [Li Chenghua]
Lee Cheng-hung 李政宏 [Li Zhenghong]
Lee Cheng-lin 李楨林 [Li Zhenlin]
Lee Cheng-shang 李成章 [Li Chengzhang]
Lee Chi-hsien 李啟賢 [Li Qixian]
Lee Chi-ku 李季谷 [Li Jigu]
Lee Chia-chin 李嘉進 [Li Jiajin]
Lee Chian 李騫 [Li Qian]
Lee Chien-jung 李建榮 [Li Jianrong]
Lee Chien-lung 李乾龍 [Li Qianlong]
Lee Chin-lung 李金龍 [Li Jinlong]
Lee Chin-shun 李進順 [Li Jinshun]
Lee Chin-ti 李錦地 [Li Jindi]
Lee Ching-hsi 李經羲 [Li Jingxi]
Lee Ching-hua 李慶華 [Li Qinghua]
Lee Ching-hwi 李靜慧 [Li Jinghui]
Lee Ching-jan 李慶然 [Li Qingran]
Lee Chuen-ming 李舜民 [Li Shunmin]
Lee Chun-li 李君禮 [Li Junli]
Lee Chung-shih 李崇實 [Li Chongshi]
Lee Chung-wei 李仲威 [Li Zhongwei]
Lee Chung-ying 李仲英 [Li Zhongying]
Lee Chuo-hsien 李卓顯 [Li Zhuoxian]
David Lee Ta-wei 李大維 [Li Dawei]
Lee Der-tsai 李德財 [Li Decai]
Diane Lee Ching-an 李慶安 [Li Qing'an]
Lee Feng-chih 李豐之 [Li Fengzhi]
Lee Han-shen 李漢申 [Li Hanshen]
Harry H. K. Lee 李厚高 [Li Hougao]
Lee Hong-yuan 李鴻源 [Li Hongyuan]
Lee Hsi-min 李喜明 [Li Ximing]
Lee Hsian-kai 李賢鎧 [Li Xiankai]
Lee Hsiang-chou 李翔宙 [Li Xiangzhou]
Lee Hsiao-sheng 李曉生 [Li Xiaosheng]
Lee Hsiao-yao 李筱堯 [Li Xiaoyao]
Lee Hsien-feng 李顯峰 [Li Xianfeng]
Lee Hsien-yi 李賢義 [Li Xianyi]
Lee Hsin-min 李新民 [Li Xinmin]
Lee Hsing-tang 李興唐 [Li Xingtang]
Lee Huan 李煥 [Li Huan]
Lee Hui-cheng 李懷程 [Li Huaicheng]
Lee Hung-ao 李洪鰲 [Li Hongao]
Lee Hung-chun 李鴻鈞 [Li Hongjun]
Lee Hung-hsi 李紅曦 [Li Hongxi]
Lee Hung-hsin 李宏信 [Li Hongxin]
Izero Lee 李明哲 [Li Mingzhe]
Jack Yun-jie Lee 李允傑 [Li Yunjie]
James Lee 李界木 [Li Jiemu]
James Chun-i Lee 李俊億 [Li Junyi]
Jeanne Lee 李鍾桂 [Li Zhonggui]
Lee Jen-chyuan 李健全 [Li Jianquan]
Lee Jen-fang 李仁芳 [Li Renfang]
Lee Jih-chu 李紀珠 [Li Jizhu]
Lee Jih-shyuan 李繼玄 [Li Jixuan]
Lee Jo-i 李若一 [Li Ruoyi]
John C. Y. Lee 李進勇 [Li Jinyong]
John Ning-yuean Lee 李寧遠 [Li Ningyuan]
Johnsee Lee 李鍾熙 [Li Zhongxi]
Joseph S. Lee 李誠 [Li Cheng]
Lee Juh-feng 李炷烽 [Li Zhufeng]
Lee Jui-teng 李瑞騰 [Li Ruiteng]
Lee Jye 李傑 [Li Jie]
Lee Ken-yuan 李根源 [Li Genyuan]
Lee Kuei-shien 李魁賢 [Li Kuixian]
Leo Chen-jan Lee 李澄然 [Li Chengran]
Lee Li-pai 李立柏 [Li Libo]
Lee Long-wen 李龍文 [Li Longwen]
Louis Lee 李羅權 [Li Luoquan]
Lee Mao 李茂 [Li Mao]
Lee Mau-sheng 李茂生 [Li Maosheng]
Matthew S. M. Lee 李世明 [Li Shiming]
Lee May 李鎂 [Li Mei]
Lee Meng-yen 李孟諺 [Li Mengyan]
Lee Min 李敏 [Li Min]
Lee Ming-liang 李明亮 [Li Mingliang]
Lee Ming-teng 李銘藤 [Li Mingteng]
Lee Pei-chi 李培基 [Li Peiji]
Lee Ping-yao 李炳耀 [Li Bingyao]
Lee Po-chang 李伯璋 [Li Bozhang]
R. C. T. Lee 李家同 [Li Jiatong]
Raymond Lee 李成蔭 [Le Chengyin]
Richard Lee Ruey-tsang 李瑞倉 [Li Ruicang]
Roy Chun Lee 李淳 [Li Chun]
Lee Shao-chang 李紹章 [Li Shaozhang]
Lee Shen-hsiung 李勝雄 [Li Shengxiong]
Lee Shih-feng 黎世芬 [Li Shifen]
Lee Shih-tsen 李士珍 [Li Shizhen]
Lee Shih-tseng 李石曾 [Li Shizeng]
Lee Shih-ying 李士英 [Li Shiying]
Lee Shu-chiu 李樹久 [Li Shujiu]
Lee Shu-chuan 李四川 [Li Sichuan]
Lee Shun-chin 李順欽 [Li Shunqin]
Lee Si-chen 李嗣涔 [Li Sicen]
Lee Sush-der 李述德 [Li Shude]
Lee Ta-hai 李達海 [Li Dahai]
Lee Tai-hsin 李泰興 [Li Taixing]
Lee Tao-sheng 李桃生 [Li Taosheng]
Lee Te-chang 李德章 [Li Dezhang]
Lee Teng-hui 李登輝 [Li Denghui]
Lee Thay-ming 李泰明 [Li Taiming]
Thomas Lee Tung-hao 李桐豪 [Li Tonghao]
Lee Tien-yu 李天羽 [Li Tianyu]
Lee Ting-yuan 李鼎元 [Li Dingyuan]
Lee Tsu-der 李祖德 [Li Zude]
Lee Tsung-yung 李聰勇 [Li Congyong]
Lee Tuan 李端 [Li Duan]
Lee Tung-liang 李棟樑 [Li Dongliang]
Lee Tzu-chun 李子春 [Li Zichun]
Lee Wan-lai 李萬來 [Li Wanlai]
Lee Wei-xiong 李威熊 [Li Weixiong]
Lee Wen-chuan 李文權 [Li Wenquan]
Lee Wen-chung 李文忠 [Li Wenzhong]
Lee Wen-hwa 李文華 [Li Wenhua]
Lee Wen-liang 李文良 [Li Wenliang]
Winston Lee 李天礢 [Li Tianyang]
Lee Wo-shi 李沃士 [Li Woshi]
Lee Wu-hsiung 李武雄 [Li Wuxiong]
Lee Wu-kuen 李戊崑 [Li Wukun]
Lee Ya-chiao 李雅樵 [Li Yaqiao]
Lee Ya-ching 李雅景 [Li Yajing]
Y. C. Lee 李永炤 [Li Yongzhao]
Lee Yen-sung 李炎松 [Li Yansong]
Lee Yi-yang 李逸洋 [Li Yiyang]
Lee Yin-kui 李銀櫃 [Li Yingui]
Lee Ying-ming 李英明 [Li Yingming]
Lee Ying-yuan 李應元 [Li Yingyuan]
Lee Yu-fen 李玉芬 [Li Yufen]
Lee Yu-hao 李育浩 [Li Yuhao]
Lee Yuan-chen 李元貞 [Li Yuanzhen]
Lee Yuan-chuan 李源泉 [Li Yuanquan]
Lee Yuan-ting 李元鼎 [Li Yuanding]
Lee Yuan-tseh 李遠哲 [Li Yuanzhe]
Lee Yun-cheng 李運成 [Li Yuncheng]
Lee Yun-ling 李雲寧 [Li Yunning]
Lee Yung-chi 李永基 [Li Yongji]
Lee Yung-jan 李永然 [Li Yongran]
Lee Yung-san 李庸三 [Li Yongsan]
Lee Yung-te 李永得 [Li Yongde]
Lei Chen 雷震 [Lei Zhen]
Lei Fa-chang 雷法章 [Lei Fazhang]
C. Joanna Lei 雷倩 [Lei Qian]
Lei Yu-chi 雷玉其 [Lei Yuqi]
Leu Hsi-muh 呂溪木 [Lü Ximu]
Leu Jang-hwa 呂正華 [Lü Zhenghua]
Leu Wen-jong 呂文忠 [Lü Wenzhong]
Li Ao 李敖
Bernard Li 黎建球 [Li Jianqiu]
Li Chia-wei 李家維 [Li Jiawei]
Li Chih-cheng 李志城 [Li Zhicheng]
Li Chung-hsiang 李中襄 [Li Zhongxiang]
Li Chung-tao 李崇道 [Li Chongdao]
Li Gwo-chen 李國欽 [Li Guoqin]
Li Han-hun 李漢魂
Li Hsi-kun 李錫錕 [Li Xikun]
Li Hsi-mou 李熙謀 [Li Ximou]
Li Hsueh-tsung 李學聰 [Li Xuecong]
Li Huan-hsin 李煥燊 [Li Huanshen]
Li Jishen 李濟深
John Li Chien-chung 李建中 [Li Jianzhong]
Li Juel-der 黎瑞德 [Li Ruide]
Li Kwoh-ting 李國鼎 [Li Guoding]
Li Liang-jung 李良榮 [Li Liangrong]
Li Mei-jhen 李眉蓁 [Li Meizhen]
Li Min-yung 李敏勇 [Li Minyong]
Li Mo 李模
Li Pai-hung 李白虹 [Li Baihong]
Li Pei 李茇 [Li Bei]
Li Shih-tsung 李嗣璁 [Li Sicong]
Li Shou-yung 李壽雍 [Li Shouyong]
Li Shu-hua 李書華
Li Shun-ching 李順卿 [Li Shunqing]
Li Tang 李儻
Li Tsang-lang 李蒼郎 [Li Canglang]
Li Tsung-jen 李宗仁 [Li Zongren]
Li Tze-chung 李志鍾 [Li Zhizhong]
Li Wei-ku 李惟果 [Li Weiguo]
Li Wen-fan 李文範
Li Wen-hsiung 李文雄 [Li Wenxiong]
Li Wen-ming 黎文明
Li Yih-yuan 李亦園 [Li Yiyuan]
Li Yu-ying 李煜瀛
Li Yuan-hung 黎元洪 [Li Yuanhong]
Li Yuan-zu 李元簇 [Li Yuancu]
Li Yung-hsin 李永新 [Li Yongxin]
Benjamin Liang 梁英斌 [Liang Yingbin]
Liang Chi-yuan 梁啟源 [Liang Qiyuan]
Liang Chieh-cheng 梁劼誠 [Liang Jiecheng]
Francis Liang 梁國新 [Liang Guoxin]
Liang Han-tsao 梁寒操 [Liang Hancao]
Liang Hsu-chao 梁序昭 [Liang Xuzhao]
Liang Hui 梁靧
Liang Hung-chih 梁鴻志 [Liang Hongzhi]
Jeremy Liang Horng-sheng 梁洪昇 [Liang Hongsheng]
Liang Ju-hao 梁如浩 [Liang Ruhao]
Liang Keng-ping 梁賡平 [Liang Gengping]
Keng S. Liang 梁耕三 [Liang Gengsan]
Liang Kung-yee 梁賡義 [Liang Gengyi]
Liang Kuo-shu 梁國樹 [Liang Guoshu]
Paul Liang 梁電敏 [Liang Dianming]
Liang Shang-tung 梁上棟 [Liang Shangdong]
Liang Shang-yung 梁尚勇 [Liang Shangyong]
Liang Shih-i 梁士詒 [Liang Shiyi]
Liang Su-yung 梁肅戎 [Liang Surong]
Liang Tun-yen 梁敦彥 [Liang Dunyan]
Liang Yueh 梁樾 [Liang Yue]
Liang Yung-chang 梁永章 [Liang Yongzhang]
Liang Yung-fei 梁永斐 [Liang Yongfei]
Anson Liao 廖榮鑫 [Liao Rongxin]
Liao Chang-sung 廖蒼松 [Liao Cangsong]
Liao Chao-hsiang 廖超祥 [Liao Zhaoxiang]
Liao Chen-fu 廖振富 [Liao Zhenfu]
Liao Cheng-hao 廖正豪 [Liao Zhenghao]
Liao Ching-jong 廖慶榮 [Liao Qingrong]
Liao Ching-liang 廖慶樑 [Liao Qingliang]
Liao Ching-lung 廖慶隆 [Liao Qinglong]
Liao Chuan-yu 廖泉裕 [Liao Quanyu]
Liao Chun-sung 廖俊松 [Liao Junsong]
Liao Chung-kai 廖仲愷 [Liao Zhongkai]
Frank Liao 廖錦祥 [Liao Jinxiang]
Liao Hsin-tien 廖新田 [Liao Xintian]
Liao I-chiu 廖一久 [Liao Yijiu]
Ingrid Liao 廖碧英 [Liao Biying]
James Liao 廖俊智 [Liao Junzhi]
Liao Lin Li-ling 廖林麗玲
Liao Liou-yi 廖了以 [Liao Liaoyi]
Liao Long-i 廖龍一 [Liao Longyi]
Liao Long-shing 廖龍星 [Liao Longxing]
Liao Pen-yang 廖本洋 [Liao Benyang]
Liao Shu-pei 廖述培
Liao Ta-niu 廖大牛 [Liao Daniu]
Liao Tzung-sheng 廖宗盛 [Liao Zongsheng]
Liao Wei-jen 廖為仁 [Liao Weiren]
Liao Ying-chih 廖英智 [Liao Yingzhi]
Liao Ying-wen 廖英文
Liao Yu-sheng 廖又生 [Liao Yousheng]
Liao Yung-lai 廖永來 [Liao Yonglai]
Lien Chan 連戰 [Lian Zhan]
Lien Chen-tung 連震東 [Lian Zhendong]
Lien Ching-chang 連錦漳 [Lian Jinzhang]
Lien Mou 連謀 [Lian Mou]
Sean Lien 連勝文 [Lian Shengwen]
Lien Sheng-hai 連聲海 [Lian Shenghai]
Lien Yu-ping 連玉蘋 [Lian Yupin]
Freddy Lim 林昶佐 [Lin Changzuo]
Alan Lin 林子倫 [Lin Zilun]
Alfred W. Lin 林家興 [Lin Jiaxing]
Lin Bih-jaw 林碧炤 [Lin Bizhao]
Lin Chao-chung 林朝宗 [Lin Chaozong]
Lin Chao-hao 林朝號
Lin Chao-song 林朝松
Charles Lin 林欽榮 [Lin Qinrong]
Lin Chen-kuo 林振國 [Lin Zhenguo]
Lin Chi-chang 林吉昌 [Lin Jichang]
Lin Chi-hung 林奇宏 [Lin Jihong]
Lin Chi-ming 林志明 [Lin Zhiming]
Lin Chi-yuan 林基源 [Lin Jiyuan]
Lin Chia-cheng 林嘉誠 [Lin Jiacheng]
Lin Chia-fan 林佳範 [Lin Jiafan]
Lin Chia-lung 林佳龍 [Lin Jialong]
Lin Chiang-fong 林江風 [Lin Jiangfeng]
Lin Chiang-yi 林江義 [Lin Jiangyi] = Mayaw Dongi
Lin Chien-chang 林見昌 [Lin Jianchang]
Lin Chien-hsiung 林劍雄 [Lin Jianxiong]
Lin Chien-huang 林建煌 [Lin Jianhuang]
Lin Chih-chien 林智堅 [Lin Zhijian]
Lin Chih-hsien 林志憲 [Lin Zhixian]
Lin Chih-ping 林致平 [Lin Zhiping]
Lin Chin-chi 林進基 [Lin Jinji]
Lin Chin-ching 林金莖 [Lin Jinjing]
Lin Chin-fang 林錦芳 [Lin Jinfang]
Lin Chin-sheng 林金生 [Lin Jinsheng]
Lin Chin-sheng 林進盛 [Lin Jinsheng]
Lin Chin-tien 林金田 [Lin Jintian]
Lin Ching 林靖 [Lin Jing]
Lin Ching-chi 林清吉 [Lin Qingji]
Lin Ching-hui 林清輝 [Lin Qinghui]
Lin Ching-jiang 林清江 [Lin Qingjiang]
Lin Ching-lung 林慶隆 [Lin Qinglong]
Lin Ching-tsung 林慶宗 [Lin Qingzong]
Lin Ching-wen 林靜文 [Lin Jingwen]
Lin Ching-yi 林敬義 [Lin Jingyi]
Lin Ching-yuan 林景元 [Lin Jingyuan]
Lin Chiu-yen 林秋燕 [Lin Qiuyan]
Lin Cho-shui 林濁水 [Lin Zhuoshui]
Lin Chu-chia 林祖嘉 [Lin Zujia]
Lin Chu-yao 林初耀
Lin Chuan 林全 [Lin Quan]
Lin Chuan-neng 林全能 [Lin Quanneng]
Lin Chun-jung 林春榮 [Lin Chunrong]
Lin Chun-liang 林俊良 [Lin Junliang]
Lin Chung-biao 林崇標 [Lin Chongbiao]
Lin Chung-hung 林重宏 [Lin Chonghong]
Lin Chung-yih 林崇一 [Lin Chongyi]
Lin Dah-yuh 林大煜 [Lin Dayu]
David Y. L. Lin 林永樂 [Lin Yongle]
Lin Ding-tzann 林登讚 [Lin Dengzan]
Edgar Lin Chun-yi 林俊義 [Lin Junyi]
Lin En-chou 林恩舟 [Lin Enzhou]
Lin Fang-hao 林方晧
Lin Fang-mei 林芳玫
Lin Fang-yue 林芳郁 [Lin Fangyu]
Lin Feng-cheng 林峯正 [Lin Fengzheng]
Lin Ferng-ching 林逢慶 [Lin Fengqing]
Frank Lin Chen-chi 林徵祁 [Lin Zhengqi]
Lin Fong-cheng 林豐正 [Lin Fengzheng]
George T. Y. Lin 林佐堯 [Lin Zuoyao]
Harace Lin 林鴻明 [Lin Hongming]
Helen Lin 林澄枝 [Lin Chengzhi]
Lin Heng-shen 林恆生 [Lin Hengsheng]
Lin Hong-dow 林鴻道 [Lin Hongdao]
Lin Hsi-shan 林錫山 [Lin Xishan]
Lin Hsiang 林翔 [Lin Xiang]
Lin Hsin-yi 林信義 [Lin Xinyi]
Lin Hsiu-hsin 林秀幸 [Lin Xiuxing]
Lin Hsueh-cheng 林學正 [Lin Xuezheng]
Lin Huei-huang 林輝煌 [Lin Huihuang]
Lin Hui-fen 林慧芬
Lin Hwa-ching 林華慶 [Lin Huaqing]
Lin I-hsiung 林義雄 [Lin Yixiong]
Lin Jan-yi 林鎮夷 [Lin Zhanyi]
Jason Lin Yi-bing 林一平 [Lin Yiping]
Jeff Chien-fu Lin 林建甫 [Lin Jianfu]
Lin Jeng-yi 林正儀 [Lin Zhengyi]
Lin Jenn-der 林振德 [Lin Zhende]
Lin Jie-der 林偕得 [Lin Jiede]
Lin Jih-jia 林志嘉 [Lin Zhijia]
Lin Jin-chang 林錦昌 [Lin Jinchang]
Lin Jiunn-horng 林俊宏 [Lin Junhong]
Lin Join-sane 林中森 [Lin Zhongsen]
Lin Jong-shong 林鐘雄 [Lin Zhongxiong]
Lin Jong-yao 林榮耀 [Lin Rongyao]
Joseph Lin 林永頌 [Lin Yongsong]
Lin Joung-yol 林烱垚 [Lin Jiongyao]
Lin Jui-ming 林瑞明 [Lin Ruiming]
Lin Jung-te 林榮德 [Lin Rongde]
Lin Junq-tzer 林政則 [Lin Zhengze]
Lin Kou-enn 林國演 [Lin Guoyan]
Lin Kun-chung 林坤鐘 [Lin Kunzhong]
Lin Kun-mao 林坤茂
Lin Kuo-chang 林國章 [Lin Guozhang]
Lin Kuo-ching 林國慶 [Lin Guoqing]
Lin Kuo-hsien 林國賢 [Lin Guoxian]
Lin Kuo-shian 林國顯 [Lin Guoxian]
Lin Kwang-hua 林光華 [Lin Guanghua]
Lin Li-fu 林立夫 [Lin Lifu]
Lin Liang-jung 林良蓉 [Lin Liangrong]
Lily Lin 林理俐 [Lin Lili]
Lin Ling-lan 林玲蘭
Lin Ling-san 林陵三
Lin Man-houng 林滿紅 [Lin Manhong]
Mark Lin 林義豐 [Lin Yifeng]
Lin Maw-wen 林茂文 [Lin Maowen]
Lin Mei-chu 林美珠 [Lin Meizhu]
Lin Min-sheng 林敏生
Lin Ming-chen 林明溱 [Lin Mingzhen]
Lin Ming-teh 林明德 [Lin Mingde]
Lin Minn-tsong 林敏聰 [Lin Mincong]
Lin Mu-lien 林木連 [Lin Mulian]
Lin Mun-lee 林曼麗 [Lin Manli]
Lin Nan-chu 林南助 [Lin Nanzhu]
Lin Neng-jong 林能中 [Lin Nengzhong]
Lin Neng-pai 林能白 [Lin Nengbai]
Otto C. C. Lin 林垂宙 [Lin Chuizhou]
Lin Pin 林彬 [Lin Bin]
Lin Pin-kuan 林炳坤 [Lin Bingkun]
Lin Po-jung 林柏榕 [Lin Borong]
Roger Lin 林志昇 [Lin Zhisheng]
Lin Ruey-shiung 林瑞雄 [Lin Ruixiong]
S. M. Lin 林盛茂 [Lin Shengmao]
Samuel Lin Perng-liang 林鵬良 [Lin Pengliang]
Lin San-quei 林三貴 [Lin Sangui]
Scott Lin 林耀英 [Lin Yaoying]
Lin Sen 林森
Lin Shan-chung 林山鐘 [Lin Shanzhong]
Lin Shan-tien 林山田 [Lin Shantian]
Lin Shang-zhi 林尚志
Lin Sheng-chung 林聖忠 [Lin Shengzhong]
Lin Sheng-fong 林盛豐 [Lin Shengfeng]
Sherman Lin 林修銘 [Lin Xiuming]
Lin Shiang-nung 林享能 [Lin Xiangneng]
Lin Shih-yu 林士鈺 [Lin Shiyu]
Lin Shinn-der 林信得 [Lin Xinde]
Lin Shio-jean 林秀娟 [Lin Xiujuan]
Lin Shu-yang 林書揚
Lin Shui-chi 林水吉 [Lin Shuiji]
Lin Shui-mu 林水木
Lin Si-yao 林錫耀 [Lin Xiyao]
Sidney Lin 林鶴明 [Lin Heming]
Steve Lin 林寶水 [Lin Baoshui]
Suhon Lin 林書鴻 [Lin Shuhong]
Lin Tai-hua 林岱樺 [Lin Daihua]
Lin Te-fu 林德福 [Lin Defu]
Lin Te-sheng 林德生 [Lin Desheng]
Lin Teng-chiao 林騰蛟 [Lin Tengjiao]
Lin Ting-sheng 林挺生
Lin Tseng-chi 林增吉 [Lin Zengji]
Lin Tseng-nan 林宗男 [Lin Zongnan]
Lin Tsong-ming 林聰明 [Lin Congming]
Lin Tsong-shyan 林聰賢 [Lin Congxian]
Lin Tsu-han 林祖涵 [Lin Zuhan]
Lin Tsyr-ling 林慈玲 [Lin Ciling]
Lin Tyh-ming 林志明 [Lin Zhiming]
Lin Tzong-shian 林宗賢 [Lin Zongxian]
Lin Tzou-yien 林奏延 [Lin Zouyan]
Lin Tzu-miao 林姿妙 [Lin Zimiao]
W. S. Lin 林蔚山 [Lin Weishan]
W. Y. Lin 林郭文艷 [Lin Guo Wenyan]
Lin Wan-i 林萬億 [Lin Wanyi]
Lin Wei-fang 林渭訪
Lin Wen-chi 林文淇 [Lin Wenqi]
Lin Wen-hsiang 林文祥 [Lin Wenxiang]
Lin Wen-hsun 林文雄 [Lin Wenxiong]
Lin Wen-jui 林文睿 [Lin Wenrui]
Lin Wen-li 林文禮
Lin Wen-tsann 林文燦 [Lin Wencan]
Lin Wen-yuan 林文淵
Lin Yang-kang 林洋港 [Lin Yanggang]
Lin Yen-shan 林燕山 [Lin Yanshan]
Lin Yi-fu 林義夫
Lin Yi-hou 林益厚
Lin Yi-shih 林益世 [Lin Yishi]
Lin Ying 林英
Lin Ying-hsiung 林英雄 [Lin Yingxiong]
Lin Yu-chang 林右昌 [Lin Youchang]
Lin Yu-sheng 林育生
Lin Yu-tee 林玉体 [Lin Yuti]
Lin Yuen-lang 林源朗 [Lin Yuanlang]
Lin Yun-hu 林雲虎
Lin Yun-kai 林雲陔 [Lin Yungai]
Ling Hung-hsün 凌鴻勛 [Ling Hongxun]
Joanne Ling 凌忠嫄 [Ling Zhongyuan]
Ling Keo-chi 林可璣 [Lin Keji]
Ling Li 淩立
Ling Rong-san 林榮三 [Lin Rongsan]
Ling Tao 凌濤
Ling Tian-cia 林天財 [Lin Tiancai]
Ling Tse-ping 林則彬 [Lin Zebin]
Liou Ching-tien 劉清田 [Liu Qingtian]
Liou Hsiang 劉翔 [Liu Xiang]
Liou Jiing-yih 劉景義 [Liu Jingyi]
Liou Ming-jong 劉明忠 [Lin Mingzhong]
Liou Tsyr 劉慈 [Liu Ci]
Liu An-chi 劉安祺 [Liu Anqi]
C. S. Liu 劉期純 [Liu Qichun]
Carl Liu 劉侃如 [Liu Kanru]
Liu Chang-po 劉昌博 [Liu Changbo]
Liu Chao-han 劉兆漢 [Liu Zhaohan]
Liu Chao-shiuan 劉兆玄 [Liu Zhaoxuan]
Liu Che 劉哲 [Liu Zhe]
Liu Chen 劉真 [Liu Zhen]
Liu Chen-wu 劉震武 [Liu Zhenwu]
Liu Cheng-hong 劉政鴻 [Liu Zhenghong]
Liu Cheng-hsie 劉晟熙 [Liu Chengxi]
Liu Cheng-ying 劉增應 [Liu Zengying]
Liu Chi-hung 劉季洪 [Liu Jihong]
Liu Chieh 劉鍇 [Liu Kai]
Liu Chien-chun 劉健群 [Liu Jianqun]
Liu Chien-hsiang 劉見祥 [Liu Jianxiang]
Liu Chien-hsü 劉建緒 [Liu Jianxu]
Liu Chien-kuo 劉建國 [Liu Jianguo]
Liu Chih-hung 劉志鴻 [Liu Zhihong]
Liu Chih-pin 劉志斌 [Liu Zhibin]
Liu Chih-tsung 劉志聰 [Liu Zhicong]
Liu Chin-ling 劉金陵 [Liu Jinling]
Liu Chin-yu 劉晉鈺 [Liu Jinyu]
Liu Ching-chang 劉青彰 [Liu Qingzhang]
Liu Ching-chung 劉慶中 [Liu Qingzhong]
Liu Ching-ti 劉罄敵 [Liu Qingdi]
Liu Ching-yi 劉靜怡 [Liu Jingyi]
Liu Ching-yuan 劉靜遠 [Liu Jingyuan]
Christina Liu 劉憶如 [Liu Yiru]
Liu Chu-chi 劉初枝 [Liu Chuzhi]
Liu Chuan-chih 劉傳枝 [Liu Chuanzhi]
Liu Chuan-ming 劉傳名
Liu Chuan-sheng 劉全生 [Liu Quansheng]
Liu Chug-chun 劉佳鈞 [Liu Jiajun]
Liu Chung-cheng 劉仲成 [Liu Zhongcheng]
Liu Chung-jang 劉忠讓 [Lin Zhongrang]
Liu Chung-laung 劉炯朗 [Liu Jionglang]
D. J. Liu 劉大江 [Liu Dajiang]
Liu Dang-ho 劉欓河 [Liu Danghe]
Liu Der-li 劉德立 [Liu Deli]
Edwin Liu 劉文雄 [Liu Wenxiong]
Liu Feng-song 劉峰松
Liu Fong-wen 劉鳳文 [Liu Fengwen]
Frank R. H. Liu 劉融和 [Liu Ronghe]
Liu Fu-long 劉復龍
Liu Gin-rong 劉振榮 [Liu Zhenrong]
Hale S. C. Liu 劉三錡 [Liu Sanqi]
Liu Hang-chen 劉航琛
Liu Hao-chun 劉浩春
Liu Ho-chien 劉和謙 [Liu Heqian]
Liu Hsiao-chien 劉效騫 [Liu Xiaoqian]
Liu Hsieh-ching 劉協慶 [Liu Xieqing]
Liu Hsien-yun 劉先雲 [Liu Xianyun]
Liu Hsing-tai 劉興臺 [Liu Xingtai]
Liu Hsuan-cheng 劉宣誠 [Liu Xuancheng]
Liu Hui-chien 柳惠千 [Liu Huiqian]
Liu I-chou 劉義周 [Liu Yizhou]
Jason Liu 劉建忻 [Liu Jianxin]
Jason Liu 劉介岑 [Liu Jiecen]
Liu Jen-yuan 劉任遠 [Liu Renyuan]
Liu Jeng-lun 劉正倫 [Liu Zhenglun]
Liu Jonq-min 劉仲明 [Liu Zhongming]
Jose Liu Shih-hua 劉詩華 [Liu Shihua]
Liu Juan-huang 劉瑞煌 [Liu Ruanhuang]
Liu Ka-shiang 劉克襄 [Liu Kexiang]
Liu Kai-chung 劉愷鍾 [Liu Kaizhong]
Liu Keh-shu 柳克述 [Liu Keshu]
King Liu 劉金標 [Liu Jinbiao]
Liu Kuang-chi 劉光霽 [Liu Guangji]
Liu Kuei-li 劉貴立 [Liu Guilin]
Liu K'ui-i 劉揆一 [Liu Kuiyi]
Liu Kung-yun 劉攻芸 [Liu Gongyun]
Liu Kuo-chu 劉國柱 [Liu Guozhu]
Liu Kuo-tsai 劉闊才 [Liu Kuocai]
Liu Kwang-kai 劉廣凱 [Liu Guangkai]
L. C. Liu 劉立群 [Liu Liqun]
Liu Lien-ke 劉廉克 [Liu Lianke]
Liu Lu-yin 劉蘆隱
Liu Mu-chun 劉牧群 [Liu Muqun]
Oliver Liu 劉昱佑 [Liu Yuyou]
Liu Pang-you 劉邦友 [Liu Bangyou]
Liu Pao-kuei 劉寶貴 [Liu Baogui]
Liu Pei-po 劉培柏 [Liu Peibo]
Peter Liu Cheng-chung 劉振忠 [Liu Zhenzhong]
Liu Pi-liang 劉碧良 [Liu Biliang]
Sandy K. Y. Liu 劉國竽 [Liu Guoyu]
Liu Shang-ching 劉尚清 [Liu Shangqing]
Liu Shih-cheng 劉師誠 [Liu Shicheng]
Liu Shou-cheng 劉守成
Liu Shu-hsi 劉曙晞 [Liu Shuxi]
Liu Shyh-fang 劉世芳 [Liu Shifang]
Liu Suan-yung 劉玄詠 [Liu Xuanyong]
Liu Sung-pan 劉松藩 [Liu Songfan]
T. K. Liu 劉曾适 [Liu Cenggua]
Liu Ta-jen 劉達人 [Liu Daren]
Liu Ta-nien 劉大年 [Liu Danian]
Liu Ta-po 劉大柏 [Liu Dabo]
Liu Tai-ying 劉泰英
Liu Tao-yuan 劉道元 [Liu Daoyuan]
Liu Te-chin 劉得金 [Liu Dejin]
Liu Te-hsun 劉德勳 [Liu Dexun]
Liu Te-liang 劉德良 [Liu Deliang]
Liu Teh-ming 劉德敏 [Liu Demin]
Liu Teng-cheng 劉燈城 [Liu Dengcheng]
Liu Ting-tsu 劉廷祖 [Lui Tingzu]
Liu Tung-ju 劉東如 [Liu Dongru]
Victor W. Liu 劉維琪 [Liu Weiqi]
Liu Wei 劉煒
Liu Wei-chi 劉維熾
Liu Wen-hsiung 劉文雄 [Liu Wenxiong] = Icyang Parod
Liu Wen-shih 劉文仕 [Liu Wenshi]
Liu Young-way 劉揚偉 [Liu Yangwei]
Liu Yu-chang 劉玉章 [Liu Yuzhang]
Liu Yuen-chung 劉遠中 [Liu Yuanzhong]
Liu Yuh-san 劉玉山 [Liu Yushan]
Alex C. Lo 羅智先 [Luo Zhixian]
Lo Chang-fa 羅昌發 [Luo Changfa]
Lo Cheng-fang 羅正方 [Luo Zhengfang]
Lo Chi-shuan 羅吉煊 [Luo Jixuan]
Lo Chia-lun 羅家倫 [Luo Jialun]
Lo Chih-cheng 羅智成 [Luo Zhicheng]
Lo Chih-cheng 羅致政 [Luo Zhizheng]
Lo Chih-ming 羅志明 [Luo Zhiming]
Lo Chih-ta 羅致達 [Luo Zhida]
Lo Ching-hua 羅清華 [Luo Qinghua]
Lo Ching-jung 羅清榮 [Luo Qingrong]
Lo Ching-shui 羅清水 [Luo Qingshui]
Lo Fu-chen 羅福全 [Luo Fuquan]
James C. T. Lo 羅際棠 [Luo Jitang]
Lo Liang-chien 羅良鑒 [Luo Liangjian]
Lo Lieh 羅列 [Luo Lie]
Lo Loon 羅龍 [Luo Long]
Louis C. Lo 羅錡 [Luo Qi]
Lo Pen-li 羅本立 [Luo Benli]
Lo Peng 駱鵬 [Luo Peng]
Peter T. C. Lo 羅澤成 [Luo Zecheng]
Lo Ping-cheng 羅秉成 [Luo Bingcheng]
Stanislaus Lo Kuang 羅光 [Luo Guang]
Lo Ta-sheng 羅達生 [Luo Dasheng]
Lo Tsung-lo 羅宗洛 [Luo Zongluo]
Lo Wen-kan 羅文幹 [Luo Wengan]
William Lo 羅榮光 [Luo Rongguang]
Lo Yang-pien 羅揚鞭 [Luo Yangbian]
Lo Yu-chung 羅由中 [Luo Youzhong]
Lo Yu-lun 羅友倫 [Luo Youlun]
Lo Yun-pin 羅雲平 [Luo Yunping]
Loh Chin-hsiung 羅俊雄 [Luo Junxiong]
Loh Ping-cheung 羅平章 [Luo Pingzhang]
Loh Tse-hong 陸志鴻 [Lu Zhihong]
Lou Ping-kuo 樓秉國 [Lou Bingguo]
Lou Tseng-tsiang 陸徵祥 [Lu Zhengxiang]
Lou Ying 樓英
Clifford Louie Yim-qun 雷炎均 [Lei Yanjun]
Annette Lu 呂秀蓮 [Lü Xiulian]
Lu Bao-jing 呂寶靜 [Lü Baojing]
Benjamin C. Lu 魯肇忠 [Lu Zhaozhong]
Lu Cheng-hui 呂正惠 [Lü Zhenghui]
Lu Chieh-shen 鹿潔身 [Lu Jieshen]
Lu Ching-hsiung 盧清雄 [Lu Qingxiong]
Lu Ching-wei 呂謦煒 [Lü Jingwei]
Lu Chun-chiao 呂春嬌 [Lü Chunjiao]
Lu Chung-chin 呂忠津 [Lü Zhongjin]
Lu Chung-lin 鹿鍾麟 [Lu Zhonglin]
Lu Daung-yen 呂東英 [Lü Dongying]
Lu Fang-shang 呂芳上 [Lü Fangshang]
Frank F. H. Lu 盧峰海 [Lu Fenghai]
Lu Jen-fa 盧仁發 [Lu Renfa]
Lü Jiong 呂炯
Lu Kuang-yi 盧光義 [Lu Guangyi]
Lu Kun-hsiu 呂坤修 [Lü Kunxiu]
Lu Kuo-hua 呂國華 [Lü Guohua]
Lu Li-cheng 呂理政 [Lü Lizheng]
Lu Lin-tsu 盧林賜 [Lu Linsi]
Lu Ming-kuang 盧明光 [Lu Mingguang]
Lu Pei-chang 魯佩璋 [Lu Peizhang]
Lu Pi-chou 呂苾籌 [Lü Bichou]
Lu Ping 路平
Lu Reng-kong 陸潤康 [Lu Runkang]
Lu Shiow-yen 盧秀燕 [Lu Xiuyan]
Lu Shu-ching 盧孰競 [Lu Shujing]
Lu Shyue-ching 呂學錦 [Lü Xuejin]
Lu Tai-lang 呂太郎 [Lü Tailang]
Lu Tai-sheng 盧台生
Lu Tien-lin 盧天麟 [Lu Tianlin]
Lu Wei-ching 呂衛青 [Lü Weiqing]
Lu Yu-jun 盧毓鈞
Lu Yu-wen 呂有文 [Lü Youwen]
Lung Ying-tai 龍應台 [Long Yingtai]
Luo Chang 羅張 [Luo Zhang]
Luo Der-min 羅德民 [Luo Demin]
Luo Gwo-huei 羅國輝 [Luo Guohui]
Luo Jung-an 羅榮安 [Luo Rongan]
Ren C. Luo 羅仁權 [Luo Renquan]
Luo Wen-jia 羅文嘉
Luo Wuu-hu 羅五湖 [Luo Wuhu]
Luo Ying-shay 羅瑩雪 [Luo Yingxue]
Gabriel Chen-ying Ly 李振英 [Li Zhenying]
Joseph C. Lyu 呂桔誠 [Lü Jiecheng]

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——— M, N, O ———

Ma An-lan 馬安瀾
Ma Chao-kui 馬兆奎 [Ma Zhaokui]
Ma Che-ju 馬哲儒 [Ma Zheru]
Ma Chen-fang 馬鎮方 [Ma Zhenfang]
Ma Cheng-ping 馬正平 [Ma Zhengping]
Ma Chi-chuang 馬紀壯 [Ma Jizhuang]
Ma Fu-hsiang 馬福祥 [Ma Fuxiang]
Ma Heng 馬衡
Ma Hsin-yeh 馬星野 [Ma Xingye]
Ma Kung-chun 馬空群 [Ma Kongqun]
Ma Kuo-lin 馬國琳 [Ma Guolin]
Ma Lu-sui 馬履綏 [Ma Lüsui]
Matt Ma 馬群超 [Ma Qunchao]
Ma Shou-hwa 馬壽華 [Ma Shouhua]
Ma Teng-ho 馬登鶴 [Ma Denghe]
Ma Wan-june 馬萬鈞 [Ma Wanjun]
Ma Yin-pang 馬殷邦 [Ma Yinbang]
Ma Ying-jeou 馬英九 [Ma Yingjiu]
Ma Yung-cheng 馬永成 [Ma Yongcheng]
Mah Soo-lay 馬樹禮 [Ma Shuli]
Mai Chao-cheng 麥朝成
Mao Chi-kuo 毛治國 [Mao Zhiguo]
Mao Chu-lun 毛鑄倫 [Mao Zhulun]
Mao Jen-feng 毛人鳳 [Mao Renfeng]
Mao Kao-wen 毛高文 [Mao Gaowen]
Mao Yin-chu 毛瀛初 [Mao Yingchu]
Mei Chia-shu 梅家樹 [Mei Jiashu]
Mei I-chi 梅貽琦 [Mei Yiqi]
Mei Ju-ao 梅汝璈 [Mei Ru'ao]
Mei Ko-wan 梅可望 [Mei Kewang]
Meng Chao-tsan 孟昭瓚 [Meng Zhaozan]
Meng Ching-li 孟慶蒞 [Meng Qingli]
Meng Shu-mei 孟述美
Miao Yung-ching 苗永慶 [Miao Yongqing]
Miau Jiun-jih 苗君易 [Miao Junyi]
Mo Sung-nien 毛松年 [Mao Songnian]
Mo Teh-hui 莫德惠 [Mo Dehui]
Mo Tien-fu 莫天虎 [Mo Tianhu]
Mo You-ming 莫又銘
Moh Heng 莫衡 [Mo Heng]
Ng Achoy 伍廷芳 [Wu Tingfang]
Ng Chiau-tong 黃昭堂 [Huang Zhaotang]
Ng Yuzin 黃有仁 [Huang Youren]
Ni Chao 倪超
John C. I. Ni 黎昌意 [Li Changyi]
Ni Tsai-chin 倪再沁 [Ni Zaiqin]
Ni Yue-si 黎玉璽 [Li Yuxi]
Nieh Wen-ya 倪文亞 [Ni Wenya]
Werner Y. F. Ning 甯育豐 [Ning Yufeng]
Niu Yung-chien 鈕永建 [Niu Yongjian]
Nyi Chun-sheng 倪炯聲 [Ni Jiongsheng]
Philip Wen-chyi Ong 翁文祺 [Weng Wenqi]
Ou Chin-der 歐晉德 [Ou Jinde]
Francisco Ou 歐鴻鍊 [Ou Honglian]
Ou Hui-cheng 歐輝政 [Ou Huizheng]
Jerry J. R. Ou 歐嘉瑞 [Ou Jiarui]
Ou-yang Hsun 歐陽勛 [Ouyang Xun]
Ou-yang Jui-hsiung 歐陽瑞雄 [Ouyang Ruixiong]
Ouyang Min-shen 歐陽敏盛 [Ouyang Minsheng]

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——— P, R ———

Paelabang Danapan 巴厄拉邦 [Ba'elabang]
Pai Chung-hsi 白崇禧 [Bai Chongxi]
Pai Hsiu-hsiung 白秀雄 [Bai Xiuxiong]
Pai Lung-kuei 柏隆鑎 [Bai Longkui]
Pai Pei-ying 白培英 [Bai Peiying]
Pai Wan-hsiang 白萬祥 [Bai Wanxiang]
Pai Yun-ti 白雲梯 [Bai Yunti]
Pan Chen-chew 潘振球 [Pan Zhenqiu]
Pan Chin 潘欽 [Pan Qin]
Pan Chin-lung 潘進隆 [Pan Jinlong]
Pan Fu 潘復
Pan Huan-kun 潘煥昆
Pan Lii-man 潘禮門 [Pan Limen]
Pan Meng-an 潘孟安
Pan Shih-wei 潘世偉 [Pan Shiwei]
Pan Shu-jen 潘樹人 [Pan Shuren]
Pan Tin-bai 潘丁白 [Pan Dingbai]
Pan Wen-chung 潘文忠 [Pen Wenzhong]
Wenent P. Pan 潘文炎 [Pan Wenyan]
Pan Yang-shang 潘仰山 [Pan Yangshan]
Pang Chien-kuo 龐建國 [Pang Jianguo]
Pang Jia-hua 龎家驊
Pang Pai-hsien 彭百顯 [Peng Baixian]
Pang Sung-chou 龐松舟 [Pang Songzhou]
Pang Yu-tung 龐豫銅 [Pang Yutong]
Pao Cheng-kang 鮑正鋼 [Bao Zhenggang]
Pao Chia-chu 包家駒 [Bao Jiaju]
Ignatius Pao Tsen-peng 包遵彭 [Bao Zunpeng]
Pao You-yu 鮑幼玉 [Bao Youyu]
Pei Tsu-yee 貝祖詒 [Bei Zuyi]
Bonnie Peng 彭芸 [Peng Yun]
Peng Chao-hsien 彭昭賢 [Peng Zhaoxian]
Peng Ching-i 彭鏡毅 [Peng Jingyi]
Peng Chuan-liang 彭傳樑
Peng Hsueh-pei 彭學沛 [Peng Xuepei]
Kevin Peng 彭俊亨 [Peng Junheng]
Manfred Peng 彭滂沱 [Peng Pangtuo]
Peng Meng-chi 彭孟緝 [Peng Mengqi]
Peng Ming-min 彭明敏
Neil Peng 馮光遠 [Feng Guangyuan]
Peng Run-tsu 彭榮次 [Peng Rongci]
Peng Sheng-chu 彭勝竹 [Peng Shengzhu]
Thomas Peng 彭錦鵬 [Peng Jinpeng]
Peng Tien-fu 彭添富 [Peng Tianfu]
Peng Tso-kwei 彭作奎 [Peng Zuokui]
Willy Peng 彭元熙 [Peng Yuanxi]
Perng Fai-nan 彭淮南 [Peng Huainan]
Phan Tin-yi 方定一 [Fang Dingyi]
Pi Tso-chiung 皮作瓊 [Pi Zuoqiong]
Pi Tsung-kan 皮宗敢 [Pi Zonggan]
Pien Shih-nien 卞奭年 [Bian Shinian]
Po Ching-jung 薄慶容 [Bo Qingrong]
Pu Chung-cheng 浦忠成 [Pu Zhongcheng]
Pu Meng-chiu 濮孟九 [Pu Mengjiu]
Pu Ta-hai 卜達海 [Bu Dahai]
Pu Yuan-li 卜元禮 [Bu Yuanli]
Rai Hau-min 賴浩敏 [Lai Haomin]
Roam Guo-dong 阮國棟 [Ruan Guodong]

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——— S ———

Sah Chen-ping 薩鎮冰 [Sa Zhenbing]
Schive Chi 薛琦 [Xue Qi]
Seetoo Da-hsian 司徒達賢 [Situ Daxian]
James Sha 沙志一 [Sha Zhiyi]
Sha Te-chien 沙德堅 [Sha Dejian]
Paul Shan Kuo-hsi 單國璽 [Shan Guoxi]
Shang Cheng-chung 商正宗 [Shang Zhengzong]
Shang Kuan Yeh-yiu 上官業佑 [Shangguan Yeyou]
Shao En-hsin 邵恩新 [Shao Enxin]
Shao Shioh-kwen 邵學錕 [Shao Xuekun]
Shao Yuän-ch'ung 邵元沖 [Shao Yuanchong]
Shaw Dai-gee 蕭代基 [Xiao Daiji]
Shaw Jei-fu 蕭介夫 [Xiao Jiefu]
Shaw Yu-ming 邵玉銘 [Shao Yuming]
Shea Jia-dong 許嘉棟 [Xu Jiadong]
Sheen Tzay-fa 沈再發 [Shen Zaifa]
Shen Chang-huan 沈昌煥
Shen Chang-keng 沈長庚 [Shen Changgeng]
Shen Chen-nan 沈鎮南 [Shen Zhennan]
Shen Chia-minh 沈家銘 [Shen Jiaming]
Shen Chih-yueh 沈之岳 [Shen Zhiyue]
Shen Chun-shan 沈君山 [Shen Junshan]
Shen Fang-ping 沈方枰
Shen Hsiu-hua 沈秀華 [Shen Xiuhua]
Shen Hsueh-yung 申學庸 [Shen Xueyong]
Shen Hung-lieh 沈鴻烈 [Shen Honglie]
James Shen 沈劍虹 [Shen Jianhong]
Jean Shen 沈啟 [Shen Qi]
Shen Jong-chin 沈榮津 [Shen Rongjin]
Shen Jui-lin 沈瑞麟 [Shen Ruilin]
Shen Kang-po 沈剛伯 [Shen Gangbo]
Shen Kuo-chen 沈國禎 [Shen Guozhen]
Shen Kuo-liang 沈國樑 [Shen Guoliang]
Leon Shen 沈臨龍 [Shen Linlong]
Shen Lyu-shun 沈呂巡 [Shen Lüxun]
Shen Mei-chen 沈美真 [Shen Meizhen]
Shen Pe-ling 沈柏齡 [Shen Boling]
Shen Po-chih 申伯之 [Shen Bozhi]
Sampson C. Shen 沈錡 [Shen Qi]
Shen Shih-chi 沈世籍 [Shen Shiji]
Shen Shih-hsiung 沈世雄 [Shen Shixiong]
Shen Shou-ching 沈守敬 [Shen Shoujing]
Shen Ssu-tsun 沈斯淳 [Shen Sichun]
Stephen Shen Shu-hung 沈世宏 [Shen Shihong]
Shen Tsung-han 沈宗瀚 [Shen Zonghan]
Shen Wen-hou 沈文侯
Shen Yi 沈怡
Shen Yi-ming 沈一鳴
Yorkson C. T. Shen 沈覲鼎 [Shen Jinding]
Sheng Ching-lai 盛慶琜 [Sheng Qinglai]
Emile Sheng 盛治仁 [Sheng Zhiren]
Sheng Shih-tsai 盛世才 [Sheng Shicai]
Sheu Ke-sheng 許柯生 [Xu Kesheng]
Sheu Tien-ming 許添明 [Xu Tianming]
Sheu Yu-jer 許虞哲 [Xu Yuzhe]
Sheu Yuan-dong 許遠東 [Xu Yuandong]
Shi Hwei-yow 許惠祐 [Xu Huiyou]
Shi Jian-chu 施建矗
Shi Ming-nang 施名南 [Shi Mingnan]
Shi Wen-long 許文龍 [Xu Wenlong]
Kang Shiah 夏康 [Xia Kang]
Shiah Yeau-yi 夏友夷 [Xia Youyi]
Shieh Dar-bin 謝達斌 [Xie Dabin]
Shieh Ing-dan 謝銀黨 [Xie Yindang]
Shieh Jhy-wey 謝志偉 [Xie Zhiwei]
Shieh Mung-shiung 謝孟雄 [Xie Mengxiong]
Samuel C. Shieh 謝森中 [Xie Senzhong]
Shieh Shinn-liang 謝信良 [Xie Xinliang]
Steve Shieh 謝壽夫 [Xie Shoufu]
Shieh Tung-min 謝東閔 [Xie Dongmin]
Shieu Fuh-sheng 薛富盛 [Xue Fusheng]
Shih Cheh 史哲 [Shi Zhe]
Shih Chi-yang 施啟揚 [Shi Qiyang]
Shih Chih-chuan 石志泉 [Shi Zhiquan]
Shih Chih-ming 施治明 [Shi Zhiming]
Shih Chin-tay 史欽泰 [Shi Qintai]
Shih Ching-yang 石青陽 [Shi Qingyang]
Shih Chueh 石覺 [Shi Jue]
Shih Chun-jen 施純仁 [Shi Chunren]
Shih Chun-wen 施俊文 [Shi Junwen]
Shih Chung-hsiang 施鐘響 [Shi Zhongxiang]
Shih Chung-kuang 石中光 [Shi Zhongguang]
Shih Chung-liang 石崇良 [Shi Chongliang]
Comet Shih 施克敏 [Shi Kemin]
Shih Hui-fen 施惠芬 [Shi Huifen]
Shih Hung-chih 施鴻志 [Shi Hongzhi]
Jay N. Shih 施能傑 [Shi Nengjie]
Jonney Shih 施崇棠 [Shi Chongtang]
Shih Jun-ji 施俊吉 [Shi Junji]
Shih Mao-lin 施茂林 [Shi Maolin]
Shih Ming-chiang 石明江 [Shi Mingjiang]
Shih Ming-fa 施明發 [Shi Mingfa]
Shih Ming-teh 施明德 [Shi Mingde]
Shih Mu-piao 石木標 [Shi Mubiao]
Shih Shang-kwan 史尚寬 [Shi Shangkuan]
Shih Shou-chien 石守謙 [Shi Shouqian]
Stan Shih 施振榮 [Shi Zhenrong]
Shih Su-mei 石素梅 [Shi Sumei]
Ting Joseph Shih 石定 [Shi Ding]
Shih Tsung-ying 施宗英 [Shi Zongying]
Shih Tung-sheng 石東生 [Shi Dongsheng]
Shih Tzu-teh 石祖德 [Shi Zude]
Vanessa Shih 史亞平 [Shi Yaping]
Shih Wei-liang 史惟亮 [Shi Weiliang]
Shih Wen-fan 施文藩 [Shi Wenfan]
Shih Wen-yi 施文儀 [Shi Wenyi]
Shih Yen-han 石延漢 [Shi Yanhan]
Shih Yen-ping 石延平 [Shi Yanping]
Shih Yen-shiang 施顏祥 [Shi Yanxiang]
Shih Yi-jia 施宜佳 [Shi Yijia]
Shih Ying 石瑛 [Shi Ying]
Shih Yu-chiang 施有強 [Shi Youqiang]
Shin Tzay-chyn 辛在勤 [Xin Zaiqin]
Shiu Kuang-si 徐光曦 [Xu Guangxi]
Shu Chin-chiang 蘇進強 [Su Jinqiang]
Frank Hsia-san Shu 徐遐生 [Xu Xiasheng]
P. Y. Shu 徐柏園 [Xu Boyuan]
Shu Shien-siu 徐賢修 [Xu Xianxiu]
Shy Gwo-long 施國隆 [Shi Guolong]
Howard Shyr 石世豪 [Shi Shihao]
Shyu Jia-ming 徐佳銘 [Xu Jiaming]
Shyu Jyuo-min 徐爵民 [Xu Juemin]
Shyu Tsyr-horng 徐慈鴻 [Xu Cihong]
Vincent Siew 蕭萬長 [Xiao Wanchang]
Soh Yun-chang 束雲章 [Shu Yunzhang]
Soong Chang-chih 宋長志 [Song Changzhi]
James Soong 宋楚瑜 [Song Chuyu]
Soong Hsin-lian 宋心濂 [Song Xinlian]
Soong Hua-tsung 宋華聰 [Song Huacong]
Soong May-ling 宋美齡 [Song Meiling]
T. V. Soong 宋子文 [Song Ziwen]
Su Chen-ping 蘇振平 [Su Zhenping]
Su Cherng-tyan 蘇成田 [Su Chengtian]
Su Chi 蘇起 [Su Qi]
Su Chien-ling 蘇芊玲 [Su Qianling]
Su Chih-fen 蘇治芬 [Su Zhifen]
Su Chin-chei 蘇振杰 [Su Zhenjie]
Su Ching-shen 蘇青森 [Su Qingsen]
Su Chun-jung 蘇俊榮 [Su Junrong]
Su Chung 蘇忠 [Su Zhong]
Su Fong-chin 蘇芳慶 [Su Fangqing]
Su Herng 蘇蘅 [Su Heng]
Su Hsi-wen 蘇錫文 [Su Xiwen]
Su Huan-chih 蘇煥智 [Su Huanzhi]
Su Huey-jen 蘇慧貞 [Su Huizhen]
Su Ih-jen 蘇益仁 [Su Yiren]
Su Jain-rong 蘇建榮 [Su Jianrong]
Su Jia-chyuan 蘇嘉全 [Su Jiaquan]
Su Jun-pin 蘇俊賓 [Su Junbin]
Su Le-ming 蘇樂明
Su Nan-cheng 蘇南成
Su Pingchao 蘇秉照 [Su Bingzhao]
Su Shian-jang 蘇獻章 [Su Xianzhang]
Su Shih-tsung 蘇希宗 [Su Xizong]
Su Te-hsiang 蘇德祥 [Su Dexiang]
Su Tseng-chang 蘇貞昌 [Su Zhenchang]
Su Tsung-chen 蘇宗振 [Su Zongzhen]
Su Tzen-ping 蘇正平 [Su Zhengping]
Su Wei-cheng 蘇偉成
Su Wen-hsiung 蘇文雄 [Su Wenxiong]
Su Wen-ling 蘇文玲
Su Yeong-chin 蘇永欽 [Su Yongqin]
Su Ying-kuei 蘇盈貴 [Su Yinggui]
Su Yiu-chen 蘇友辰 [Su Youchen]
Sun Chao-liang 孫兆良 [Sun Zhaoliang]
Sun Chen 孫震 [Sun Zhen]
Sun Chien-fang 孫乾方 [Sun Qianfang]
Sun Ching 孫青 [Sun Qing]
Sun Fo 孫科 [Sun Ke]
Sun Hung-hsiang 孫洪祥 [Sun Hongxiang]
Jack T. Sun 孫道存 [Sun Daocun]
Sun Kang-tseng 孫亢曾 [Sun Kangceng]
Sun Li-jen 孫立人 [Sun Liren]
Sun Lih-chyun 孫立群 [Sun Liqun]
Sun Pao-chi 孫寶琦 [Sun Baoqi]
Paul Ming-hsien Sun 孫明賢 [Sun Mingxian]
Sun Ta-chuan 孫大川 [Sun Dachuan] = Paelabang Danapan
Sun Te-hsiung 孫得雄 [Sun Dexiong]
Sun Te-piao 孫德彪 [Sun Debiao]
Tony Sun 孫韜玉 [Sun Taoyu]
Sun Wei-hsin 孫維新 [Sun Weixin]
Sun Yat-sen 孫逸仙 [Sun Yixian]
Sun Yi-hsuan 孫義宣 [Sun Yixuan]
Sun Yue-chi 孫越崎 [Sun Yueqi]
Sun Yun-pei 孫雲沛
Sun Yun-suan 孫運璿 [Sun Yunxuan]
Sung Chiao-jen 宋教仁 [Song Jiaoren]
Sung Chien-cheng 宋建成 [Song Jiancheng]
Christina Sung 宋文琪 [Song Wenqi]
Sung Kao-ye 宋國業 [Song Guoye]
Sung Kuo-hsien 松國賢 [Song Guoxian] = Yohani Isqaqavut
Sung Shih-hsuan 宋時選 [Song Shixuan]
Sung Shou-sung 宋壽松 [Song Shousong]
Sung Yu-hsieh 宋餘俠 [Song Yuxia]
Sung Yuan-tung 宋原通 [Song Yuantong]
Syu Cing-kun 許清坤 [Xu Qingkun]
Alfred Sao-ke Sze 施肇基 [Shi Zhaoji]
Szeto Fu 司徒福 [Situ Fu]

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——— T ———

Ango Tai 戴安國 [Dai Anguo]
Tai Chein 戴謙 [Dai Qian]
Tai Chi-fu 戴基福 [Dai Jifu]
Tai Chi-tao 戴季陶 [Dai Jitao]
Tai Ching-lu 戴經塵 [Dai Jinglu]
Tai Chuan-hsien 戴傳賢 [Dai Chuanxian]
Tai Chung-yu 戴仲玉 [Dai Zhongyu]
David C. L. Tai 戴粹倫 [Dai Cuilun]
Tai Hsia-ling 戴遐齡 [Dai Xialing]
Tai Kwei-sheng 戴愧生 [Dai Kuisheng]
Tai Li 戴笠 [Dai Li]
Tai Pao-tsun 戴寶村 [Dai Baocun]
Tai Po-te 戴伯特 [Dai Bote]
Raymond R. M. Tai 戴瑞明 [Dai Ruiming]
Tai Yen-hui 戴炎輝 [Dai Yanhui]
Tai Yuin-kwei 戴運軌 [Dai Yungui]
Tan Chen 覃振 [Tan Zhen]
Tan Chin 覃勤 [Tan Qin]
Tan Hsiang-sun 但香蓀 [Dan Xiangsun]
Tan Ping-shan 譚平山
Tan Wen-mao 譚文懋
Tan Yen-kai 譚延闓 [Tan Yankai]
Tang A-ken 湯阿根 [Tang Agen]
Audrey Tang 唐鳳 [Tang Feng]
Tang Chia-kun 湯家坤 [Tang Jiakun]
Tang Chun-po 唐君鉑 [Tang Junbo]
Frank Tang 唐飛 [Tang Fei]
Henry C. Tang 唐振楚 [Tang Zhenchu]
Tang Hsiao-yu 湯曉虞 [Tang Xiaoyu]
Tang Hua 唐華
Tang Hua-long 湯化龍
Tang Hui-sun 湯惠蓀
Tang Jinn-chuan 湯金全 [Tang Jinquan]
Tang Mao-sung 湯茂松 [Tang Maosong]
Tang Pan-pan 唐盼盼
Tang Pao-shu 唐寶書 [Tang Baoshu]
Paul Tang 譚泰平 [Tan Taiping]
Tang Shao-yi 唐紹儀
Tang Shou-chih 唐守治 [Tang Shouzhi]
Tang Tsung 唐縱 [Tang Zong]
Tang Wen-tong 湯文通
Tang Yiau-ming 湯曜明 [Tang Yaoming]
Tang Yuan-chi 湯元吉 [Tang Yuanji]
Tang Yuan-pu 湯元普
Tang Zhenxu 唐振緒
Tao Lü-tsien 陶履謙 [Tao Lüqian]
Tao Sheng-yang 陶聲洋 [Tao Shengyang]
Tao Wen-lung 陶文隆 [Tao Wenlong]
Tao Yi-feng 陶儀芬 [Tao Yifen]
Tao Yu-tien 陶玉田 [Tao Yutian]
Tchen Yu-chiou 陳郁秀 [Chen Yuxiu]
Cesar Teng Chang-kuo 鄧昌國 [Deng Changguo]
Teng Chuan-kai 鄧傳楷 [Deng Chuankai]
Teng Han-chin 鄧漢錦 [Deng Hanjin]
Teng Shu-wei 鄧述微 [Deng Shuwei]
Teng Tzu-lin 鄧祖琳 [Deng Zulin]
Joseph Ti Kang 狄剛 [Di Gang]
Tiao Chien-sheng 刁建生 [Diao Jiansheng]
Tien Chang-mo 田長模 [Tian Changmo]
Tien Chung-chin 田炯錦 [Tian Jiongjin]
Tien Chung-kwang 田中光 [Tian Zhongguang]
Tien Fang-luen 田方倫 [Tian Fanglun]
Tien Hung-mao 田弘茂 [Tian Hongmao]
Thomas Tien Ken-sin 田耕莘 [Tian Gengxin]
Tien Tsai-mai 田在勱 [Tian Zaimai]
Tien Tsai-ting 田再庭 [Tian Zaiting]
Tien Wei-wu 田維五 [Tian Weiwu]
Ting Gann 丁幹 [Ding Gan]
Ting Hsiao-ching 丁曉菁 [Ding Xiaojing]
Ting Shou-chung 丁守中 [Ding Shouzhong]
Ting Wei-feng 丁惟汾 [Ding Weifen]
Ting Yen-che 丁彥哲 [Ding Yanzhe]
Ting Yi-ming 丁怡銘 [Ding Yiming]
Ting Yu-chou 丁渝洲 [Ding Yuzhou]
Tjaravak 達拉瓦克 [Dalawake]
Tjiu Mau-ying 邱茂英 [Qiu Maoying]
Frank C. C. Tong 童啟祥 [Tong Qixiang]
Hollington K. Tong 董顯光 [Dong Xianguang]
Tong Shen-nan 童勝男 [Tong Shengnan]
Tou Chou-seng 杜筑生 [Du Zhusheng]
Tsai A-shih 蔡阿仕 [Cai Ashi]
Tsai Bih-hwang 蔡璧煌 [Cai Bihuang]
Tsai Chang-hai 蔡長海 [Cai Changhai]
Tsai Cheng-chih 蔡正治 [Cai Zhengzhi]
Tsai Cheng-wen 蔡政文 [Cai Zhengwen]
Tsai Chi-an 蔡吉安 [Cai Ji'an]
Tsai Chi-chang 蔡其昌 [Cai Qichang]
Tsai Chia-chun 蔡嘉駿 [Cai Jiajun]
Tsai Chien-sung 蔡建松 [Cai Jiansong]
Tsai Chih-kue 蔡繼琨 [Cai Jikun]
Tsai Ching-hsiang 蔡清祥 [Cai Qingxiang]
Tsai Ching-nain 蔡慶年 [Cai Qingnian]
Tsai Chiung-tun 蔡烱燉 [Cai Jiongdun]
Tsai Chuen-horng 蔡春鴻 [Cai Chunhong]
Tsai Chun-hui 蔡春輝 [Cai Chunhui]
Daniel M. Tsai 蔡明忠 [Cai Mingzhong]
Tsai Duei 蔡堆 [Cai Dui]
Tsai Eng-meng 蔡衍明 [Cai Yanming]
Tsai Fu-chi 蔡富吉 [Cai Fuji]
Tsai Han-ming 蔡漢明 [Cai Hanming]
Henry Tsai 蔡朝明 [Cai Chaoming]
Tsai Hong-tu 蔡宏圖 [Cai Hongtu]
Tsai Hsiang 蔡湘 [Cai Xiang]
Tsai Hsing-jung 蔡向榮 [Cai Xiangrong]
Tsai Hsuan-fu 蔡玄甫 [Cai Xuanfu]
Tsai Hsun-hsiung 蔡勳雄 [Cai Xunxiong]
Tsai Hung-teh 蔡鴻德 [Cai Hongde]
Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文 [Cai Yingwen]
Tsai Jen-chien 蔡仁堅 [Cai Renjian]
Tsai Jer-shyong 蔡哲雄 [Cai Zhexiong]
Tsai Ju-kai 蔡儒楷 [Cai Rukai]
Tsai Kuang 蔡光 [Cai Guang]
Tsai Kuiy-tsung 蔡貴聰 [Cai Guicong] = Walis Perin
Tsai Liang-wen 蔡良文 [Cai Liangwen]
Tsai Lien-sheng 蔡練生 [Cai Liansheng]
Tsai Lin-yi 蔡玲儀 [Cai Lingyi]
Tsai Mao-sheng 蔡茂盛 [Cai Maosheng]
Tsai Mao-tsun 蔡茂村 [Cai Maocun]
McKinney Tsai 蔡友才 [Cai Youcai]
Tsai Meng-chun 蔡孟君 [Cai Mengjun]
Tsai Mi-ching 蔡明祺 [Cai Mingqi]
Michael Tsai Ming-shian 蔡明憲 [Cai Mingxian]
Tsai Ming-yen 蔡明彥 [Cai Mingyan]
Tsai Mu-lin 蔡木霖 [Cai Mulin]
Tsai Pei-huo 蔡培火 [Cai Peihuo]
Tsai Pi-chung 蔡碧仲 [Cai Bizhong]
Tsai Pi-yu 蔡碧玉 [Cai Biyu]
Tsai Ping-fan 蔡屏藩 [Cai Pingfan]
Richard Tsai 蔡明興 [Cai Mingxing]
Rick Tsai 蔡力行 [Cai Lixing]
Tsai Sheng-fu 蔡昇甫 [Cai Shengfu]
Tsai Te-huei 蔡德輝 [Cai Dehui]
Tsai Teh-sheng 蔡得勝 [Cai Desheng]
Thomas W. Tsai 蔡辰威 [Cai Chenwei]
Tsai Ting-kan 蔡廷幹 [Cai Tinggan]
Tsai Tong-yu 蔡同嶼 [Cai Tongyu]
Tsai Tun-ming 蔡墩銘 [Cai Dunming]
Tsai Tzung-jen 蔡宗珍 [Cai Zongzhen]
Tsai Wei-ping 蔡維屏 [Cai Weiping]
Tsai Yu-ling 蔡玉玲 [Cai Yuling]
Tsai Yuan-pei 蔡元培 [Cai Yuanpei]
Tsan Shin-fu 詹新甫 [Zhan Xinfu]
Tsang Cheng-hwa 臧振華 [Zang Zhenhua]
Tsao Chang-shun 曹常順 [Cao Changshun]
Charles Tsao 曹啟鴻 [Cao Qihong]
Tsao I-yuan 曹翼遠 [Cao Yiyuan]
Tsao Ju-lin 曹汝霖 [Cao Rulin]
Tsao Kun 曹錕 [Cao Kun]
Miguel Tsao 曹立傑 [Cao Lijie]
Tsao Sheng-fen 曹聖芬 [Cao Shengfen]
Tsao Shu-chung 曹恕中 [Cao Shuzhong]
Tsao Te-cheng 曹德成 [Cao Decheng]
Tsao Wen-chieh 曹文傑 [Cao Wenjie]
Tsao Wen-sheng 曹文生 [Cao Wensheng]
Tsao Yueh-wei 曹嶽維 [Cao Yuewei]
Tsaur Tien-wang 曹添旺 [Cao Tianwang]
Tsay Ching-yen 蔡清彥 [Cai Qingyan]
Tsay Feng-ching 蔡豐清 [Cai Fengqing]
Tsay Jaw-yang 蔡兆陽 [Cai Zhaoyang]
Tsay Ting-kuei 蔡丁貴 [Cai Dinggui]
Tsay Tzu-yaw 蔡日耀 [Cai Riyao]
Tsay Yeong-ley 蔡永利 [Cai Yongli]
Tseng Chi-chun 曾濟群 [Zeng Jiqun]
Tseng Chiang-yuan 曾江源 [Zeng Jiangyuan]
Tseng Chien-cheng 曾建成 [Zeng Jiancheng]
Tseng Chin-ling 曾金陵 [Zeng Jinling]
Tseng Chung-ming 曾仲鳴 [Zeng Zhongming]
Tseng Dar-jen 曾大仁 [Zeng Daren]
Harry Tseng 曾厚仁 [Zeng Houren]
Tseng Hsin-tung 曾信棟 [Zeng Xindong]
Tseng Hsu-pai 曾虛白 [Zeng Xubai]
Tseng Kuang-tien 曾廣田 [Zeng Guangtian]
Tseng Kun-ti 曾坤地 [Zeng Kundi]
Tseng Kuo-chi 曾國基 [Zeng Guoji]
Tseng Kwang-shun 曾廣順 [Zeng Guangshun]
Pablo S. K. Tseng 曾憲揆 [Zeng Xiankui]
Tseng Sheng-bao 曾參寶 [Zeng Canbao]
Tseng Shu-hsien 曾淑賢 [Zeng Shuxian]
Tseng Ta-jen 曾大仁 [Zeng Daren]
Tseng Te-chin 曾德錦 [Zeng Dejin]
Tseng Teh-fu 曾德福 [Zeng Defu]
Tseng Teh-lin 曾德霖 [Zeng Delin]
Tseng Wen-chien 曾文謙 [Zeng Wenqian]
Tseng Wen-fui 曾文惠 [Zeng Wenhui]
Tseng Wen-sheng 曾文生 [Zeng Wensheng]
William Tseng Ming-chung 曾銘宗 [Zeng Mingzong]
Tseng Yang-fu 曾養甫 [Zeng Yangfu]
Tseng Yen-ching 曾嬿卿 [Zeng Yanqing]
Tseng Yu-tien 曾有田 [Zeng Youtian]
Tseng Yueh-nung 曾約農 [Zeng Yuenong]
Tseng Yung-chuan 曾永權 [Zeng Yongquan]
Tseng Yung-fu 曾勇夫 [Zeng Yongfu]
Tsiang Sho-chieh 蔣碩傑 [Jiang Shuojie]
Tsiang Ting-fu 蔣廷黻 [Jiang Tingfu]
Tsiang Yien-si 蔣彥士 [Jiang Yanshi]
Heng Tso 左珩 [Zuo Heng]
Tso Ji-chang 左紀彰 [Zuo Jizhang]
Tso Shun-sheng 左舜生 [Zuo Shunsheng]
Tsou Chien 鄒堅 [Zou Jian]
Tsou Jo-chi 鄒若齊 [Zou Ruoqi]
E. T. Tsu 朱倚天 [Zhu Yitian]
Tsui Chui-yien 崔垂言 [Cui Chuiyan]
Christine Tsung 宗才怡 [Zong Caiyi]
Y. T. Tsur 周詒春 [Zhou Yichun]
Bonnie Tu 杜綉珍 [Du Xiuzhen]
C. C. Tu 杜金池 [Du Jinchi]
Tu Cheng-sheng 杜正勝 [Du Zhengsheng]
Tu Cheng-yi 涂正義 [Tu Zhengyi]
Tu Chi-hsiang 杜啟祥 [Du Qixiang]
Tu Chi-mei 涂其梅 [Tu Qimei]
Tu Chin-jung 杜金榮 [Du Jinrong]
Tu Da-ren 涂達人
Tu Hsi-kuei 杜錫珪 [Du Xigui]
Tu Shan-liang 杜善良 [Du Shanliang]
Tu Teh-chi 涂德錡 [Tu Deqi]
Tu Tsung-ming 杜聰明 [Du Congming]
Tu Wen-jane 杜文珍 [Du Wenzhen]
Tu Yu-hsin 屠由信 [Tu Youxin]
Tu Yuan-tsai 杜元載 [Du Yuanzai]
Tuan Chi-jui 段祺瑞 [Duan Qirui]
Tuan Hsi-peng 段錫朋 [Duan Xipeng]
Tuan Mao-lan 段茂瀾 [Duan Maolan]
Tuan Mu-kai 端木愷 [Duan Mukai]
Tuan Yi-kang 段宜康 [Duan Yikang]
Tung Chao-yang 童兆陽 [Tong Zhaoyang]
Tung Chen-yuan 童振源 [Tong Zhenyuan]
Tung Chien-cheng 董劍城 [Dong Jiancheng]
Tung Hsiang-lung 董翔龍 [Dong Xianglong]
Tung Hung-wei 董鴻禕 [Dong Hongwei]
Tung Kuan-hsien 童冠賢 [Tong guanxian]
Tung Kuo-yu 董國猷 [Dong Guoyou]
Tung Pao-cheng 董保城 [Dong Baocheng]
Tung Ping 董萍 [Dong Ping]
Tung Shu-fan 董樹藩 [Dong Shufan]
Tung Ta-cheng 董大成 [Dong Dacheng]
Tung Tzu-hsien 童子賢 [Tong Zixian]
Tung Wen-ch'i 董文琦 [Dong Wenqi]
Twu Shiing-jer 涂醒哲 [Tu Xingzhe]
Ovid Tzeng 曾志朗 [Zeng Zhilang]
Tzou Tzu-lien 鄒子廉 [Zou Zilian]

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——— U, V ———

Ueng Shyu-der 翁徐得 [Weng Xude]
Faina Epatcheva Vahaleva 蔣方良 [Jiang Fangliang]

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——— W ———

Walis Perin 瓦歷斯 • 貝林 [Walisi Beilin]
Wan Chu-tsai 萬居財 [Wan Jucai]
Wan Hsiung 萬雄 [Wan Xiong]
Wan Hung-tu 萬鴻圖 [Wan Hongtu]
Wan Tung 宛同 [Wan Tong]
Wan Wei-chun 萬惟俊 [Wan Weijun]
Alex Wang 王耀德 [Wang Yaode]
Bill Wang 汪萬里 [Wang Wanli]
Wang Chang 王昌
Wang Chang-ching 王章清 [Wang Zhangqing]
Wang Chang-hua 王長華
Wang Chao-chen 王兆振 [Wang Zhaozhen]
Wang Chao-ming 汪兆銘 [Wang Zhaoming]
Wang Chao-ti王 兆杕 [Wang Zhaodi]
Wang Chen-fang 王振芳 [Wang Zhenfang]
Wang Chen-ku 王振鵠 [Wang Zhenhu]
Wang Chen-yun 汪承運 [Wang Chengyun]
Wang Cheng 王徵 [Wang Zheng]
Wang Cheng-i 王正誼 [Wang Zhengyi]
Wang Cheng-taung 王政騰 [Wang Zhengteng]
Wang Cheng-yi 王政一 [Wang Zhengyi]
Cher Wang 王雪紅 [Wang Xuehong]
Wang Chi-chu 王啟柱 [Wang Qizhu]
Wang Chia-chuan 王家銓 [Wang Jiaquan]
Wang Chia-yi 王甲乙 [Wang Jiayi]
Wang Chien-chin 王建今 [Wang Jianjin]
Wang Chien-fa 王乾發 [Wang Qianfa]
Wang Chien-shien 王建煊 [Wang Jianxuan]
Wang Chien-tung 王乾同 [Wang Qiantong]
Wang Chih-hsin 王治馨 [Wang Zhixin]
Wang Chih-kang 王志剛 [Wang Zhigang]
Wang Chin-feng 王慶豐 [Wang Qingfeng]
Wang Chin-mao 王金茂 [Wang Jinmao]
Wang Chin-ping 王津平 [Wang Jinping]
Wang Ching-feng 王清峰 [Wang Qingfeng]
Wang Ching-hsu 汪敬煦 [Wang Jingxu]
Wang Ching-po 王清波 [Wang Qingbo]
Wang Ching-wei 汪精衛 [Wang Jingwei]
Wang Cho-chiun 王卓鈞 [Wang Zhuojun]
Wang Chou-ming 王昭明 [Wang Zhaoming]
Wang Chun 王郡 [Wang Jun]
Wang Chun-chi 王君琦 [Wang Junqi]
Wang Chun-fa 王駿發 [Wang Junfa]
Wang Chun-li 王俊力 [Wang Junli]
Wang Chung-hui 王寵惠 [Wang Chonghui]
Wang Chung-lin 王聰麟 [Wang Conglin]
Wang Chung-ming王忠銘 [Wang Zhongming]
Wang Chung-yi 汪忠一 [Wang Zhongyi]
Wang Chung-yi 王崇儀 [Wang Chongyi]
Wang Chung-yu 王鍾渝 [Wang Zhongyu]
Claire Wang 王婉諭 [Wang Wanyu]
David C. Y. Wang 王建業 [Wang Jianye]
Wang Ding-yu 王定宇
Wang En-pei 汪恩沛
Wang Fan-sen 王汎森
Frank Tsen-yung Wang 王增勇 [Wang Zengyong]
Wang Fu-lin 王福林
Wang Ginn-wang 王進旺 [Wang Jinwang]
Wang Hsi-chang 王錫昌 [Wang Xichang]
Wang Hsien-teng 王先登 [Wang Xiandeng]
Wang Hsuan-chou 汪旋周 [Wang Xuanzhou]
Wang Huan 王煥
Wang Hui-mei 王惠美
J. T. Wang 王振堂 [Wang Zhentang]
Wang Jen-yuan 王任遠 [Wang Renyuan]
Jennifer Wang Li-ling 王儷玲 [Wang Liling]
Jennifer Wang Ju-hsuan 王如玄 [Wang Ruxuan]
Wang Jin-pyng 王金平 [Wang Jinping]
Wang Jo-yu 王若愚 [Wang Ruoyu]
John S. T. Wang 王述調 [Wang Shudiao]
Joseph Wang Yu-jung 王愈榮 [Wang Yurong]
Wang Jui-lin 王瑞麟 [Wang Ruilin]
K. S. Wang 汪桂生 [Wang Guisheng]
Wang Kang-pei 汪康培
Ken John Wang 王桂榮 [Wang Guirong]
Wang Ken-lin 王根林 [Wang Genlin]
Wang K'o-min 王克敏 [Wang Kemin]
Wang Kuang-yu 王光宇 [Wang Guangyu]
Wang Kun 汪錕
Wang Kung 王弓 [Wang Gong]
Wang Kuo-chun 王國鈞 [Wang Guojun]
Wang Kuo-lung 王國隆 [Wang Guolong]
Wang Kwo-tsai 王國材 [Wang Guocai]
Wang Lan-sheng 王蘭生
Larry Yu-yuan Wang 王豫元 [Wang Yuyuan]
Wang Li-shen 王立申
Wang Liang 王亮
Wang Lu-hai 王陸海
Wang Mei-hua 王美花
Wang Ming-kan 王銘堪
Wang Ming-teh 王明德 [Wang Mingde]
Wang Ming-wo 王明我
Wang Ming-yu 王明玉
Patrick C. T. Wang 王振台 [Wang Zhentai]
Wang Peng 王鵬
Peter Jen-huong Wang 王仁宏 [Wang Renhong]
Philip Wang Chieh-min 王覺民 [Wang Juemin]
Wang Pih 王碧 [Wang Bi]
Wang Po-chun 王伯群 [Wang Boqun]
Wang Rong-jou 王榮周 [Wang Rongzhou]
Wang Ruey-der 王瑞德 [Wang Ruide]
Wang Shao-ching 王紹清 [Wang Shaoqing]
Wang Shao-yu 王紹堉
Wang Sheng 王升
Wang Sheng-wu 王省吾
Wang Shi-jun 王時俊
Wang Shih-an 王石安 [Wang Shian]
Wang Shih-chen 王士珍 [Wang Shizhen]
Wang Shih-chieh 王世杰 [Wang Shijie]
Wang Shih-sheng 王石生 [Wang Shisheng]
Wang Shih-tseng 王師曾 [Wang Shiceng]
Wang Shih-tu 王世塗 [Wang Shitu]
Wang Shin-chi 王錫奇 [Wang Xiqi]
Wang Shin-lung 王信龍 [Wang Xinlong]
Wang Show-lai 王壽來 [Wang Shoulai]
Wang Shu-ming 王叔銘
Wang Shu-peng 王叔朋
Wang Shu-yung 王舒芸 [Wang Shuyun]
Wang Sing-nan 王幸男 [Wang Xingnan]
Steven F. Wang 王飛 [Wang Fei]
Wang Ta-hsieh 汪大燮 [Wang Daxie]
Wang Tao-yuan 汪道淵 [Wang Daoyuan]
Wang Teh-pu 王德溥 [Wang Depu]
Wang Teh-shan 王得山 [Wang Deshan]
Thomas Wang 王正廷 [Wang Zhengting]
Thomas H.Y. Wang 王漢源 [Wang Hanyuan]
Wang Tian-sheng 王添盛
Wang Ting-fu 王廷輔
Wang To-chih 汪多志 [Wang Duozhi]
Wang To-far 王塗發 [Wang Tufa]
Wang To-nien 王多年 [Wang Duonian]
Wang Tseng-tsai 王曾才 [Wang Cengcai]
Wang Tso-yung 王作榮 [Wang Zuorong]
Wang Tuoh 王拓 [Wang Tuo]
Victor Wang 王必勝 [Wang Bisheng]
W. K. Wang 王文科 [Wang Wenke]
Wayne Wang 王永壯 [Wang Yongzhuang]
Wang Wei-chih 王未之 [Wang Weizhi]
Wang Wei-hsien 王維賢 [Wang Weixian]
Wang Wei-noon 王唯農 [Wang Weinong]
Wang Wen-ho 翁文灝 [Weng Wenhao]
Wang Wen-hua 王文華
Wang Wen-lu 王文陸
Wang Yao 王燿
Wang Yea-kang 汪雅康 [Wang Yakang]
Wang Yeong-her 王永和 [Wang Yonghe]
Wang Yi-chun 王逸群 [Wang Yiqun]
Wang Yi-fei 王一飛
Wang Yi-tang 王揖唐
Wang Yi-tien 王詣典 [Wang Yidian]
Wang Yin-tai 王蔭泰
Wang Ying-wei 王英偉
Wang You-tsao 王友釗 [Wang Youzhao]
Wang Yu-chi 王郁琦 [Wang Yuqi]
Wang Yu-ching 王宇清 [Wang Yuqing]
Wang Yu-ting 王昱婷
Wang Yu-yun 王玉雲
Wang Yün-wu 王雲五 [Wang Yunwu]
Wang Yun-shuen 王詠絢 [Wang Yongxuan]
Wang Yunn-ming 王運銘 [Wang Yunming]
Wang Yung-ching 王永慶 [Wang Yongqing]
Wang Yung-ping 王用賓 [Wang Yongbin]
Wang Yung-shu 王永樹 [Wang Yongshu]
Wea Chi-lin 魏啟林 [Wei Qilin]
Wei Che-ho 魏哲和 [Wei Zhehe]
Wei Cheng-tzu 魏正賜 [Wei Zhengci]
Wei Chien-hung 魏健宏 [Wei Jianhong]
Wei Duan 韋端
Duan Wei 韋伯韜 [Wei Botao]
Wei Hao-jan 魏浩然 [Wei Haoran]
Wei Ing-chou 魏應州 [Wei Yingzhou]
James Wei 魏景蒙 [Wei Jingmeng]
Wei Jan-lin 魏江霖 [Wei Jianglin]
John Wei 魏千峰 [Wei Qianfeng]
Wei Kuo-yen 魏國彥 [Wei Guoyan]
Wei Kwang-cheng 韋光正 [Wei Guangzheng]
Wei Ming-ku 魏明谷 [Wei Minggu]
Philip Wei 魏幸雄 [Wei Xingxiong]
Wei Tao-ming 魏道明 [Wei Daoming]
Wei Wei 魏巍
Wei Wu-lien 魏武煉 [Wei Wulian]
Wei Yin-chun 魏應充 [Wei Yingchong]
Wei Yin-heng 魏應行 [Wei Yinghang]
Wei Ying-chiao 魏應交 [Wei Yingjiao]
Wei Yung 魏鏞 [Wei Yong]
Wei Yung-ning 韋永寧 [Wei Yongning]
Wen Chen-kuo 聞振國 [Wen Zhenguo]
Byron S. J. Weng 翁松燃 [Weng Songran]
Weng Chang-liang 翁章梁 [Weng Zhangliang]
Weng Cheng-i 翁政義 [Weng Zhengyi]
Weng Chih-tsung 翁誌聰 [Weng Zhicong]
David Weng 翁嘉盛 [Weng Jiasheng]
David Weng 翁瑞亨 [Weng Ruiheng]
Geoffrey Weng 翁國彥 [Weng Guoyan]
Weng Hung-shan 翁鴻山 [Weng Hongshan]
Weng Yueh-sheng 翁岳生 [Weng Yuesheng]
Robin J. Winkler 文魯彬 [Wen Lubin]
Wong Chi-huey 翁啟惠 [Weng Qihui]
Wong Chin-chu 翁金珠 [Weng Jinzhu]
Edmond Wong 黃建業 [Huang Jianye]
Wong Hsi-ling 汪希苓 [Wang Xiling]
Wong Hung-chih 王鴻智 [Wang Hongzhi]
Wong Ming-chih 翁明志 [Weng Mingzhi]
Wong Po-tsung 翁柏宗 [Weng Bozong]
Wong Wen-wei 翁文維 [Weng Wenwei]
William Wong 王文淵 [Wang Wenyuan]
Yeni Wong 王燕怡 [Wang Yanyi]
Wong Yi-ting 汪彝定 [Wang Yiding]
Wu Ai-kuo 吳愛國 [Wu Aiguo]
C. F. Wu 吳祺芳 [Wu Qifang]
Wu Chang-jung 吳昌融 [Wu Changrong]
Wu Chao-hung 吳兆洪 [Wu Zhaohong]
Wu Chao-shu 伍朝樞
Wu Chen-chi 吳振吉 [Wu Zhenji]
Wu Chen-tau 吳振鐸 [Wu Zhenduo]
Wu Cheng-tien 吳成典 [Wu Chengdian]
Wu Cheng-wen 吳成文
Wu Chi-chang 吳啟章 [Wu Qizhang]
Wu Chia-li 吳嘉麗 [Wu Jiali]
Wu Chien-kuo 吳建國 [Wu Jianguo]
Wu Chii-pin 吳啟賓 [Wu Qibin]
Wu Chin-tzan 吳金贊 [Wu Jinzan]
Wu Ching-chang 吳慶昌 [Wu Qingchang]
Wu Ching-chi 吳清基 [Wu Qingji]
Wu Ching-fang 吳景芳 [Wu Jingfang]
Wu Ching-hsiung 吳經熊 [Wu Jingxiong]
Wu Ching-hung 吳景鴻 [Wu Jinghong]
Wu Ching-mei 吳景美 [Wu Jingmei]
Wu Ching-shan 吳清山 [Wu Qingshan]
Wu Ching-yun 吳清雲 [Wu Qingyun]
Wu Chun-i 吳俊億 [Wu Junyi]
Wu Chun-li 吳俊立 [Wu Junli]
Wu Chun-ming 吳浚明 [Wu Junming]
Wu Chung-cheng 吳聰成 [Wu Congcheng]
Wu Chung-hsin 吳忠信 [Wu Zhongxin]
Wu Chung-rung 吳宗榮 [Wu Zongrong]
Wu Chung-shu 吳中書 [Wu Zhongshu]
Wu Chung-yu 吳重雨 [Wu Chongyu]
Wu Chyung-en 吳瓊恩 [Wu Qiongen]
Wu Dau-kung 吳道艮 [Wu Daogen]
Delon Wu 吳德朗 [Wu Delang]
Wu Den-yih 吳敦義 [Wu Dunyi]
Wu E-yang 吳萼洋
Edward Tzu-yu Wu 吳祖禹 [Wu Zuyu]
Wu Fan-chi 吳繁治 [Wu Fanzhi]
Wu Fong-sheng 吳豐盛 [Wu Fengsheng]
Frank Wu Feng-shan 吳豐山 [Wu Fengshan]
Wu Fu-hsiang 吳福祥 [Wu Fuxiang]
Wu Fu-tung 吳富彤 [Wu Futong]
Wu Hai 吳海
Wu Hann-ching 吳漢卿 [Wang Hanqing]
Wu Hao-jen 吳豪人 [Wu Haoren]
Wu Hong-mo 吳宏謀
Wu Hsien-hsiung 吳憲雄 [Wu Xianxiong]
Wu Hsin-hsing 吳新興 [Wu Xinxing]
Wu Hsiu-chi 吳修齊 [Wu Xiuqi]
Wu Hua-peng 吳化鵬 [Wu Huapeng]
Wu Huei-long 吳輝龍 [Wu Huilong]
Wu Hui-sheng 吳輝生
Wu Hung-hsien 吳鴻顯 [Wu Hongxian]
Wu Hwei-ran 吳惠然 [Wu Huiran]
Wu Jeun-len 吳俊仁 [Wu Junren]
Wu Ji-ping 吳寄萍
Wu Jin 吳京 [Wu Jing]
Wu Jin-jin 吳津津
Wu Jin-lin 伍錦霖
Wu Jing-ju 吳靜如 [Wu Jingru]
Wu Jing-shown 吳靜雄 [Wu Jingxiong]
John Wu 吳志揚 [Wu Zhiyang]
Wu Jong-shinn 吳宗信 [Wu Zongxin]
Joseph Wu 吳釗燮 [Wu Zhaoxie]
Wu Jung-hui 吳容輝 [Wu Ronghui]
Wu Jyh-yang 吳志揚 [Wu Zhiyang]
Wu Jzer-yuan 伍澤元 [Wu Zeyuan]
Kenneth K. Wu 伍焜玉 [Wu Kunyu]
Wu Ko-kang 吳克剛 [Wu Kegang]
Wu Kuan-hsiung 武冠雄 [Wu Guanxiong]
Wu Kuang-chong 吳光鐘 [Wu Guangzhong]
Wu Kuo-ai 吳國愛 [Wu Guoai]
Wu Kuo-chang 吳國璋 [Wu Guozhang]
Wu Kuo-chen/K. C. Wu 吳國楨 [Wu Guozhen]
Wu Kuo-tong 吳國棟 [Wu Guodong]
Lance Wu 吳作樂 [Wu Zuole]
Wu Li-chu 吳麗珠 [Wu Lizhu]
Wu Man-ying 巫滿盈
Wu Maw-kuen 吳茂昆 [Wu Maokun]
Wu Mei-tsun 吳梅村 [Wu Meicun]
Wu Men-feng 吳盟分 [Wu Mengfen]
Wu Mi-cha 吳密察
Wu Min-yu 吳民佑 [Wu Minyou]
Wu Ming-chi 吳明基 [Wu Mingji]
Wu Ming-chueh 吳明珏 [Wu Mingjue]
Wu Ming-ji 吳明機
Wu Ming-ming 吳明敏 [Wu Mingmin]
Wu Ming-yang 吳明洋
Wu Mu-fu 吳木富
Wu Nai-jen 吳乃仁 [Wu Nairen]
Wu Nan-ju 吳南如 [Wu Nanru]
Wu Pao-feng 吳保豐 [Wu Baofeng]
Philip Wu 吳庭和 [Wu Tinghe]
Wu Po-hsiung 吳伯雄 [Wu Boxiong]
Wu Rong-i 吳榮義 [Wu Rongyi]
Wu Rong-ming 吳容明
Roy Y. Y. Wu 烏元彥 [Wu Yuanyan]
Wu Ruey-beei 吳瑞北 [Wu Ruibei]
Wu Rung-shun 吳榮順 [Wu Rongshun]
S. Y. Wu 吳尚鷹 [Wu Shangying]
Wu San-lien 吳三連 [Wu Sanlian]
Wu Se-hwa 吳思華 [Wu Sihua]
Selina Wu 吳旭慧 [Wu Xuhui]
Wu Sheng-yuan 伍勝園
Wu Shih-wen 伍世文 [Wu Shiwen]
Wu Shiow-ming 吳秀明 [Wu Xiuming]
Wu Shou-mei 吳秀梅 [Wu Xiumei]
Wu Shu-chen 吳淑珍 [Wu Shuzhen]
Wu Shuh-min 吳樹民 [Wu Shumin]
Wu Shun-ming 吳順明
Wu Shyan-chang 吳憲璋 [Wu Xianzhang]
Wu Ta-hui 吳大惠 [Wu Dahui]
Wu Ta-peng 吳達澎 [Wu Dapeng]
Wu Ta-you 吳大猷 [Wu Dayou]
Wu Tai-cheng 吳泰成
Wu Tao-i 吳道一 [Wu Daoyi]
Wu Te-chen 吳鐵城 [Wu Tiecheng]
Wu Tian-shung 吳天賞 [Wu Tianshang]
Wu T'ing-chang 吳鼎昌 [Wu Dingchang]
Wu Tsai-yi 吳再益 [Wu Zaiyi]
Wu Tsan 吳燦 [Wu Can]
Wu Tse-cheng 吳澤成 [Wu Zecheng]
Wu Tsu-sheng 吳祖勝 [Wu Zusheng]
Wu Tsung-neng 吳聰能 [Wu Congneng]
Wu Tsung-tsong 吳政忠 [Wu Zhengzhong]
Wu Tsung-yao 吳宗堯 [Wu Zongyao]
Wu Tung-ming 吳東明 [Wu Dongming]
Wu Tzu 吳梓 [Wu Zi]
Wu Tzu-dan 吳子丹 [Wu Zidan]
Wu Tzu-hsin 吳自心 [Wu Zixin]
Vivian Wu 吳舜文 [Wu Shunwen]
Wu Wan-jiao 吳萬教
Wu Wan-lan 吳挽瀾
Wu Wan-shun 吳萬順
Wayne W. Wu 吳文雅 [Wu Wenya]
Wu Wei-rong 吳偉榮
Wu Wei-wang 吳維綱
Wu Wu-ming 吳武明
Yan-hwa Wu Lee 吳妍華 [Wu Yanhua]
Wu Yen-cheng 吳炎成 [Wu Yancheng]
Wu Yi-chang 吳怡昌
Wu Yi-jheng 吳益政 [Wu Yizheng]
Wu Yin-chang 吳英璋 [Wu Yingzhang]
Wu Ying 吳瑛
Wu Ying-chao 吳英昭 [Wu Yingzhao]
Wu Ying-ping 吳應平
Wu Ying-wen 吳應文
Wu Ying-yih 吳英毅 [Wu Yingyi]
Wu Yong-yi 吳永毅
Wu Yu-chang 吳玉章 [Wu Yuzhang]
Wu Yu-chen 吳玉珍 [Wu Yuzhen]
Wu Yu-chin 吳玉琴 [Wu Yuqin]
Wu Yu-liang 吳玉良
Wu Yueh 烏鉞 [Wu Yue]
Wu Yueh-ai 伍曰藹 [Wu Yueai]

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Yan He-ling 嚴鶴齡
Yan Hong-sen 顏鴻森
Yan Jeou-rong 顏久榮 [Yan Jiurong]
Yan Tsung 顏聰 [Yan Cong]
Yang An 楊安
Andrew Yang 楊念祖 [Yang Nianzu]
Bob Yang 楊英育 [Yang Yingyu]
Yang Chao-chia 楊肇嘉 [Yang Zhaojia]
Yang Chao-lung 楊兆龍 [Yang Zhaolong]
Yang Chao-tai 楊兆泰 [Yang Zhaotai]
Yang Chao-yie 楊昭義 [Yang Zhaoyi]
Yang Chao-yun 楊肇熉 [Yang Zhaoyun]
Yang Chen-wu 楊鎮浯 [Yang Zhenwu]
Yang Cheng-hsi 楊誠璽 [Yang Chengxi]
Yang Chia-ling 楊家麟 [Yang Jialin]
Yang Chia-yu 楊家瑜 [Yang Jiayu]
Yang Chin-hu 楊金虎 [Yang Jinhu]
Yang Chin-jung 楊錦榮 [Yang Jinrong]
Yang Chin-long 楊金龍 [Yang Jinlong]
Yang Chin-yao 楊欽耀 [Yang Qinyao]
Yang Chiu-hsing 楊秋興 [Yang Qiuxing]
Yang Chung-sen 楊崇森 [Yang Chongsen]
Yang Du 楊渡
Yang Fang-wan 楊芳婉
Yang Gi-tzeng 楊繼曾 [Yang Jiceng]
Yang Hou-tsai 楊厚綵 [Yang Houcai]
Yang Hsi-an 楊錫安 [Yang Xi'an]
Yang Hsi-chen 楊希震 [Yang Xizhen]
Yang Hsiu-lan 楊秀蘭 [Yang Xiulan]
Yang Hsuan-chin 楊宣勤 [Yang Xuanqin]
Yang Hung-duen 楊弘敦 [Yang Hongdun]
Jackson C. T. Yang 楊金欉 [Yang Jincong]
Jeff Yang 楊家駿 [Yang Jiajun]
Yang Jen-ni 楊珍妮 [Yang Zhenni]
Yang Jen-shou 楊仁壽 [Yang Renshou]
Yang Jenq-chuan 楊政川 [Yang Zhengchuan]
Yang Jing-se 楊靜瑟
Jongher Yang 楊忠和 [Yang Zhonghe]
Yang Kuo-chiang 楊國強 [Yang Guoqiang]
Yang Li-huan 楊麗環
Yang Liang-kung 楊亮功 [Yang Lianggong]
Yang Mien-chung 楊綿仲 [Yang Mianzhong]
Yang Pan-chyr 楊泮池 [Yang Panchi]
Yang Pao-an 楊匏安
Philip Yang 楊永明 [Yang Yongming]
Yang Ping-cheng 楊平政 [Yang Pingzheng]
Yang Po-keng 楊伯耕 [Yang Bogeng]
Yang Sen 楊森
Yang Sheng-tsung 楊勝宗 [Yang Shengzong]
Yang Shih-chien 楊世緘 [Yang Shijian]
Yang Shu-chuang 楊樹莊 [Yang Shuzhuang]
Yang Sui-sheng 楊綏生
Yang Sweo-chung 楊瑞鍾 [Yang Ruizhong]
Yang Tao-ku 楊道古 [Yang Daogu]
Yang Te-chih 楊德智 [Yang Dezhi]
Yang Tien-hsiao 楊天嘯 [Yang Tianxiao]
Timothy Yang 楊進添 [Yang Jintian]
Yang Ting-chang 楊鼎章 [Yang Dingzhang]
Yang Ting-yun 楊亭雲
Tony Yang Jia-dong 楊嘉棟 [Yang Jiadong]
Yang Tso-chi 楊佐琦 [Yang Zuoqi]
Yang Tsui 楊翠 [Yang Cui]
Tuen-ho Yang 楊敦和 [Yang Dunhe]
Yang Tzu-chiang 楊子江 [Yang Zijiang]
Yang Tzu-pao 楊子葆 [Yang Zibao]
Yang Wan-ying 楊婉瑩
Yang Wei-che 楊維哲 [Yang Weizhe]
Yang Wei-fu 楊偉甫
Yang Wen-ko 楊文科 [Yang Wenke]
Y. K. Yang 楊業孔 [Yang Yekong]
Yang Yen-fei 楊燕飛 [Yang Yanfei]
Yang You-ming 楊有明
Yang Yu-huei 楊玉惠 [Yang Yuhui]
Yang Yu-tsun 楊雨村 [Yang Yucun]
Yang Yu-tzu 楊毓滋 [Yang Yuzi]
Yang Yun-li 楊允隸
Yang Yung-chiun 楊永浚 [Yang Yongjun]
Yao Chia-wen 姚嘉文 [Yao Jiawen]
Yao Ching-ling 饒慶鈴 [Yao Qingling]
Yao Eng-chi 饒穎奇 [Yao Yingqi]
Yao Jen-to 姚人多 [Yao Renduo]
Yao Kao-chiao 姚高橋 [Yao Gaoqiao]
Yao Ku-huai 饒谷懷 [Rao Guhuai]
Yao Leeh-ter 姚立德 [Yao Lide]
Pasuya Yao Wen-chih 姚文智 [Yao Wenzhi]
Yao Shun 姚舜
Yao Yew-mei 游玉梅 [You Yumei]
Yaung Chih-liang 楊志良 [Yang Zhiliang]
Yee Chin 易瑾 [Yi Jin]
Yeh Chang-tung 葉昌桐 [Ye Changtong]
Yeh Chi-tang 葉吉堂 [Ye Jitang]
Yeh Chin-fong 葉金鳳 [Ye Jinfeng]
Yeh Ching-chuan 葉金川 [Ye Jinchuan]
Yeh Chu-lan 葉菊蘭 [Ye Julan]
Yeh Ch'u-ts'ang 葉楚傖 [Ye Chucang]
Yeh Hsiang-chih 葉翔之 [Ye Xiangzhi]
Yeh Hsieh-lung 葉協隆 [Ye Xielong]
Yeh Hsueh-hsi 葉學皙 [Ye Xuexi]
Yeh Hui-ching 葉惠青 [Ye Huiqing]
Yeh Hung-chan 葉鴻展 [Ye Hongzhan]
James Yeh 葉昭雄 [Ye Zhaoxiong]
Yeh Jiunn-rong 葉俊榮 [Ye Junrong]
Johnny Yeh 葉雲龍 [Ye Yunlong]
Yeh Kuan-ling 葉冠伶 [Ye Guanling] = Kolas Yotaka
Yeh Kuang-shih 葉匡時 [Ye Kuangshi]
Yeh Kung-chao 葉公超 [Ye Gongchao]
Yeh Man-sheng 葉曼生 [Ye Mansheng]
Yeh Ming-kung 葉明功 [Ye Minggong]
Phoebe Yeh 葉非比 [Ye Feibi]
Yeh Sheng-mao 葉盛茂 [Ye Shengmao]
Yeh Shih-wen 葉世文 [Ye Shiwen]
Yeh Shin-cheng 葉欣誠 [Ye Xincheng]
Yeh Taun-ran 葉陶然 [Ye Taoran]
Yeh Tien-chiang 葉天降 [Ye Tianjiang]
Yeh Tsu-fuh 葉純甫 [Ye Chunfu]
Yeh Tung-tse 葉東滋 [Ye Dongzi]
Walter M. S. Yeh 葉明水 [Ye Mingshui]
William Hsieh-chi Yeh 葉學志 [Ye Xuezhi]
Yeh Ying 葉瑩 [Ye Ying]
Yeh Yu-lan 葉毓蘭 [Ye Yulan]
Yen Chen-hsing 閻振興 [Yan Zhenxing]
Yen Chi-lin 顏啟麟 [Yan Qilin]
Yen Chia-kan 嚴家淦 [Yan Jiagan]
Yen Ching-chang 顏慶章 [Yan Qingzhang]
Yen Ching-ling 嚴慶齡 [Yan Qingling]
Yen Ching-teh 顏慶德 [Yan Qingde]
Yen Chueng-kuang 嚴重光 [Yan Zhongguang]
Yen Chun-hui 顏春輝 [Yan Chunhui]
Yen Chun-lan 顏春蘭 [Yan Chunlan]
Yen Chung-cheng 顏忠誠 [Yan Zhongcheng]
Yen Da-ho 顏大和 [Yan Dahe]
Yen De-fa 嚴德發 [Yan Defa]
Yen Hai-po 宴海波 [Yan Haibo]
Yen Hsi-shan 閻錫山 [Yan Xishan]
Yen Hsiu 嚴修 [Yan Xiu]
Yen Hsu-ming 顏旭明 [Yan Xuming]
Yen Hui-ch'ing 顏惠慶 [Yan Huiqing]
Yen Jen-teh 顏仁德 [Yan Rende]
Kenneth Yen 嚴凱泰 [Yan Kaitai]
Yen Ming 嚴明 [Yan Ming]
Yen Pai-chien 言百謙 [Yan Baiqian]
Yen Shih-si 顏世錫 [Yan Shixi]
Yen Shui-long 顏水龍 [Yan Shuilong]
Stanley Yen 嚴長壽 [Yan Changshou]
Yen Tun-yuan 言敦源 [Yan Dunyuan]
Randy Yen Tzong-ming 顏宗明 [Yan Zongming]
Yen Wen-long 顏文隆 [Yan Wenlong]
Yen Yun 閻雲 [Yan Yun]
Yew Mi-kien 游彌堅 [You Mijian]
Yi Pei-chi 易培基 [Yi Peiji]
Yi Shouh 螘碩 [Yi Shuo]
William J. T. Yih 易榮宗 [Yi Rongzong]
Yiin Chii-ming 尹啟銘 [Yin Qiming]
Yin Chen-pong 尹承蓬 [Yin Chengpeng]
Yin Ching-fu 尹靜夫 [Yin Jingfu]
Yin Chun 尹俊 [Yin Jun]
Yin Chung-jung 尹仲容 [Yin Zhongrong]
Samuel Yin 尹衍樑 [Yin Yanliang]
Yin Shiu-hau 尹士豪 [Yin Shihao]
Yin Tsai-hsin 尹在信 [Yin Zaixin]
Yin Tsung-wen 殷宗文 [Yin Zongwen]
Levi C. Ying 營志宏 [Ying Zhihong]
Ying Shih-wen 應式文 [Ying Shiwen]
Yiong Cong-ziin 楊長鎮 [Yang Changzhen]
Yohani Isqaqavut 尤哈尼 • 伊斯卡卡夫特 [Youhani Yisikakafute]
Yok Mu-ming 郁慕明 [Yu Muming]
Yong Kay 戎凱 [Rong Kai]
Michael Y. You 游盈隆 [You Yinglong]
Young Hong-tsu 楊宏智 [Yang Hongzhi]
Yu Chao-chuan 余朝權 [Yu Chaoquan]
Yu Chao-chung 虞兆中 [Yu Zhaozhong]
Yu Chen-nan 余辰南
Yu Chen Yueh-ying 余陳月瑛 [Yu Chen Yueying]
Yu Cheng 俞政 [Yu Zheng]
Yu Cheng-kuang 余政光 [Yu Zhengguang]
Yu Cheng-wei 游振偉 [You Zhenwei]
Yu Chian-hsian 于建賢 [Yu Jianxian]
Yu Chien-feng 余劍峰 [Yu Jianfeng]
Yu Chien-min 于建民 [Yu Jianmin]
Yu Ching 尤清 [You Qing]
Yu Ching-tang 余井塘 [Yu Jingtang]
Yu Chuan-tao 余傳韜
Yu Chun 于俊 [Yu Jun]
Yu Chun-hsien 余俊賢 [Yu Junxian]
Yu Fei-peng 俞飛鵬
Yu Ging-shung 游景熊 [You Jingxiong]
Yu Han-mou 余漢謀
Yu Hao-chang 于豪章 [Yu Haozhang]
Yu Hsiao-pin 于孝斌 [Yu Xiaobin]
Yu Hsin-su 余幸司 [Yu Xingsi]
Yu Kuang-hwa 余光華 [Yu Guanghua]
Yu Kuang-ya 余光亞 [Yu Guangya]
Yu Kuo-hwa 俞國華 [Yu Guohua]
Yu Lien-fa 余連發 [Yu Lianfa]
Yu Ling-ya 余玲雅
Oliver F. L. Yu 游芳來 [You Fanglai]
Yu Pak-chuan 余伯泉 [Yu Baiquan]
Paul Yü Pin 于斌 [Yu Bin]
Yu Shaw-wu 俞邵武 [Yu Shaowu]
Yu Shyi-kun 游錫堃 [You Xikun]
Yu Teh-lin 虞德麟 [Yu Delin]
Yu Tzong-shian 于宗先 [Yu Zongxian]
Yu Tzu-min 俞慈民 [Yu Cimin]
Yu Wang-teh 于望德 [Yu Wangde]
Yu Wei 虞為
Yu Wen-yi 余文儀
Yu Ying-piao 郁英彪 [Yu Yingbiao]
Yu Yu-hsien 余玉賢 [Yu Yuxian]
Yu Yu-jen 于右任 [Yu Youren]
Yu Cheng-hsien 余政憲 [Yu Zhengxian]
Yuan Chin-shu 袁金書 [Yuan Jinshu]
Daniel Ta-nien Yuan 阮大年 [Ruan Danian]
Yuan Hsing-yuan 袁行遠 [Yuan Xingyuan]
Jason Yuan 袁健生 [Yuan Jiansheng]
Yuan Kuo-wei 袁國徵 [Yuan Guowei]
M. H. Yuan 袁夢鴻 [Yuan Menghong]
P. W. Yuan 袁柏偉 [Yuan Bowei]
Yuan Shikai 袁世凱
Yuan Shou-chien 袁守謙 [Yuan Shouqian]
Yuan Shu-sheng 袁樹聲
Yuan Yong 袁雍
Yuen Chung-shan 袁仲珊 [Yuan Zhongshan]
Alexander Tah-ray Yui 俞大㵢 [Yu Dalei]
O. K. Yui 俞鴻鈞 [Yu Hongjun]
David Yule 俞大維 [Yu Dawei]
Yung Chaur-shin 楊朝祥 [Yang Chaoxiang]
Yung Kwai 容揆 [Rong Kui]

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Zhang Jinghui 張景惠
Zhang Zhizhong 張治中
Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥

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A curious detail

Please note that former ROC premier Chang Chun-hsiung 張俊雄 (b. 1938, Taiwan) has a namesake who also was an ROC politician for some time. In Chinese, the name of Chang Jiunn-shyong 張俊雄 (b. 1940, Taiwan) is written and pronounced exactly the same as the name of the DPP co-founder, but the lesser known Chang was actually a local KMT politician. Interestingly, both ran for office successfully in elections that took place on Dec. 6, 1986—Chang Chun-hsiung in the by-election for the First Legislative Yuan as a DPP candidate in Kaohsiung City, Chang Jiunn-shyong in the supplementary election for the First National Assembly as a KMT candidate in Hualien County.

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Aliases and different spellings

  • Chan Ting-i 詹婷怡 is also known as Nicole Chan.
  • Chang Ching-kiang 張靜江 is referred to in English as Curio Chang in some publications, and he was also known under the alternative name Chang Jen-chieh 張人杰 [Zhang Renjie].
  • Chang Chung-cheng 張忠誠 is also known as Art Chang.
  • John Chang 章孝嚴, Chiang Ching-kuo's son born out of wedlock, legally changed his surname to Chiang in March 2005 and has been known as John Chiang 蔣孝嚴 [Jiang Xiaoyan] ever since.
  • Chang Wu-ueh 張五岳 is sometimes also referred to as Chang Wu-yueh, Chang Wu-yeh, Chang Wu-yen, and Andy Chang in English.
  • Chen Chao-yih 陳昭義 is also known as C. Y. Chen.
  • Chen Chin-te 陳金德 is also known as Derek Chen.
  • Chen Jung-chieh 陳榮傑 is sometimes spelled Chen Rong-jye in English.
  • Chen Ming-tong 陳明通 is sometimes spelled Chen Ming-tung in English.
  • Chen Nan-tien 陳南天 is also known under the name Chen Chun-kuang 陳重光 [Chen Zhongguang].
  • Chen Shei-saint 陳學聖 sometimes also uses the English name Apollo Chen.
  • Steve S. K. Chen 陳士魁 is also known as Steven S. K. Chen or Chen Shyh-kwei.
  • Chen Tzong-chyuan 陳宗權 is sometimes spelled Chen Tsung-chiuan in English.
  • In some English sources, the name of Chiang Ching-kuo 蔣經國 is abbreviated with "CCK".
  • Johnny Chiang 江啟臣 is sometimes referred to in English as Chiang Chi-chen.
  • In some English sources, the name of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石 is abbreviated with "CKS". In the ROC, the posthumous name Chungcheng 中正 [Zhongzheng] is still widely used.
  • Chiang Pin-kung 江丙坤 is sometimes spelled Chiang Pin-kun in English.
  • Handy Chiu 邱顯智 is sometimes referred to in English as Chiu Hsien-chih.
  • Cho Shih-chao 卓士昭 is also known as Bill Cho.
  • Chow Mei-ching 周美青 is also known as Christine Chow Ma.
  • Chung Shu-ming 鍾樹明 is sometimes referred to in Chinese as Chung Shu-ming 鍾樹民.
  • John C. C. Deng 鄧振中 is also known as Deng Chen-chung.
  • Duh Tyzz-jiun 杜紫軍 is also known as Woody Duh or Duh Tizz-jiun.
  • Fei Hwa 費驊 was also known as W. H. Fei or Walter Fei.
  • Kent Feng 馮世寬 is sometimes referred to in English as Feng Shih-kuan.
  • Hang Li-wu 杭立武 is sometimes spelled Han Lih-wu in English.
  • Her Jyh-huei 何智輝 is sometimes spelled Ho Chih-hui in English.
  • David Hong 洪健雄 was also known as Hong Chien-hsion.
  • Hou Yu-ih 侯友宜 is sometimes referred to in English as Hou Yu-yi.
  • Hsia Kung-chuan 夏功權 was also known as Konsin C. Shah.
  • Hsiao Tung-tze 蕭同茲 was also known as T. T. Hsiao.
  • Hsieh Hsiao-hsing 謝曉星 is sometimes referred to in English as Hsieh Shou-shing.
  • Hsieh Shih-chien 謝世謙 is sometimes spelled Hsieh Su-chien in English.
  • Hsu Chun-yat 許俊逸 is also known as Jack Hsu.
  • Rock Hsu 許勝雄 is sometimes referred to as Hsu Sheng-hsiung.
  • Hu Hsin-nan 胡新南 was also known as Jerome Hu Sinnan.
  • The tribal name of Hua Chia-chih 華加志 (Paiwan) is Tjaravak 達拉瓦克.
  • Peter Huang 黃文雄 is also known as Peter W. S. Huang or Ng Bun-hiong.
  • Hung Chien-chao 洪健昭 was also known as Joe Hung.
  • Huo Shou-yeh 霍守業 is sometimes spelled Huoh Shoou-yeh in English.
  • Jan Jyh-horng 詹志宏 is sometimes also referred to in English as Chan Chih-hung.
  • Koo Yen Cho-yun 辜嚴倬雲 is also known as Cecilia Y. Koo.
  • Law I-tieg 劉一德 is sometimes spelled Lau Yi-te in English.
  • C. K. Lee 李世光 is also known as Lee Chih-kung.
  • Lee Hsiang-chou 李翔宙 is also known as Lee Shying-jow.
  • John C. Y. Lee 李進勇 is sometimes referred to in English as Lee Chin-yung.
  • Louis Lee 李羅權 is sometimes referred to in English as Lee Lou-chuang.
  • Lee Meng-yen 李孟諺 is sometimes referred to in English as Li Men-yen.
  • Lee Shih-tseng 李石曾 was also known as Li Yu-ying 李煜瀛.
  • Lee Shu-chuan 李四川 is also known as Lee Shih-chuan.
  • Lee Sush-der 李述德 is sometimes spelled Lee Shu-te in English.
  • Lee Yuan-tseh 李遠哲 is sometimes referred to in English as Yuan T. Lee.
  • Li Mei-jhen 李眉蓁 is sometimes also referred to in English as Jane Lee.
  • Francis Liang 梁國新 is also known as Liang Kuo-hsin.
  • Ingrid Liao 廖碧英 is also known as Liao Pi-ying.
  • Lien Yu-ping 連玉蘋 is sometimes referred to in English as Vivian Lien.
  • Alfred W. Lin 林家興 is sometimes referred to in English as Lin Chia-hsing.
  • The tribal name of Lin Chiang-yi 林江義 (Amis) is Mayaw Dongi.
  • Lin Feng-cheng 林峯正 is sometimes spelled Lin Feng-jeng in English.
  • Lin Hong-dow 林鴻道 is sometimes spelled Lin Hung-dao in English.
  • Lin Te-fu 林德福 is sometimes spelled Lin De-fu in English.
  • Lin Tsong-shyan 林聰賢 is sometimes spelled Lin Tsung-hsien in English.
  • Lin Tsu-han 林祖涵 was also known as Lin Boqu 林伯渠.
  • W. S. Lin 林蔚山 is sometimes referred to in English as Lin Wei-shan.
  • W. Y. Lin 林郭文艷 is sometimes referred to in English as Lin Kuo Wen-yen.
  • Jason Liu 劉建忻 is sometimes referred to in English as Liu Chien-sin.
  • Liu Suan-yung 劉玄詠 is sometimes spelled Liu Shuan-yung in English.
  • Annette Lu 呂秀蓮 is also sometimes referred to as Lu Hsiu-lien in English.
  • Ng Chiau-tong 黃昭堂 was also known under the name Ng Yuzin 黃有仁 [Huang Youren].
  • Pan Meng-an 潘孟安 is sometimes spelled Pan Men-an in English.
  • Pang Pai-hsien 彭百顯 is sometimes referred to as Peng Pai-hsien.
  • Sah Chen-ping 薩鎮冰 has also been romanized as Sak Deng-bing.
  • Shu Shien-siu 徐賢修 was also known as S. S. Shu.
  • Su Huey-jen 蘇慧貞 is sometimes referred to in English as Jenny Su.
  • The tribal name of Sun Ta-chuan 孫大川 (Puyuma) is Paelabang Danapan 巴厄拉邦.
  • Sun Yat-sen 孫逸仙 was originally known as Sun Wen 孫文, but the name used for him most in China today is Sun Chung-shan 孫中山 [Sun Zhongshan] or Zhongshan 中山.
  • Tai Chuan-hsien 戴傳賢 is also known under the name Tai Chi-tao 戴季陶.
  • Tien Fang-luen 田方倫 is sometimes referred to in English as Allen Tien.
  • Ting Yi-ming 丁怡銘 is sometimes referred to in English as Evian Ting.
  • Tsai Yu-ling 蔡玉玲 is also known as Jaclyn Tsai.
  • Charles Tsao 曹啟鴻 is sometimes referred to in English as Tsao Chi-hung.
  • Wang Ching-wei 汪精衛 also used the name Wang Chao-ming 汪兆銘 [Wang Zhaoming].
  • Thomas Wang 王正廷 is sometimes referred to in English as C. T. Wang.
  • Wea Chi-lin 魏啟林 is sometimes referred to in English as Wei Chi-lin.
  • Wei Chien-hung 魏健宏 is sometimes referred to in English as Louis Wei.
  • David Weng 翁嘉盛 is also known as Wong Chia-sheng.
  • Geoffrey Weng 翁國彥 is sometimes referred to in English as Weng Kuo-yen.
  • William Wong 王文淵 is sometimes referred to in English as Wang Wun-yuan.
  • Wu Cheng-tien 吳成典 is sometimes spelled Wu Cherng-dean in English.
  • Wu Jing-ju 吳靜如 is sometimes referred to in English as Wu Jing-ru or Wu Ching-ju.
  • Joseph Wu 吳釗燮 is sometimes also referred to in English as Wu Jau-hsieh, Joseph Wu Jau-hsieh or Jaushieh Joseph Wu.
  • Wu Mei-tsun 吳梅村 is also known as M. T. Wu 吳梅邨 [Wu Meitun].
  • Wu Shu-chen 吳淑珍 is sometimes spelled Wu Sue-jen in English.
  • Wu Yong-yi 吳永毅 is sometimes referred to in English as Wuo Young-ie.
  • Yang Chen-wu 楊鎮浯 is sometimes referred to in English as Andy Yang.
  • Yao Ching-ling 饒慶鈴 also uses the English name April Yao.
  • James Yeh 葉昭雄 is also known as Yeh Jao-shyong.
  • Yeh Kung-chao 葉公超 is also known as George K. C. Yeh.
  • Yen De-fa 嚴德發 is sometimes spelled Yen Teh-fa in English.
  • Yen Hui-ch'ing 顏惠慶 is sometimes referred to in English as Weiching Williams Yen or W. W. Yen.
  • Yew Mi-kien 游彌堅 is sometimes spelled Yu Mi-hsien in English.
  • Yiin Chii-ming 尹啟銘 is sometimes spelled Yin Chi-ming in English.
  • Yu Cheng 俞政 is also known as Yu Chen S.
  • After Yu Shyi-kun 游錫堃 took office as president of the Legislative Yuan, the English spelling of his name was changed to You Si-kun.

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Names with variations of Chinese characters

Some Chinese names contain characters which have alternative versions with the same pronunciation.

English spelling Common version Alternative version Variation in which character
S. G. Chen 陳舜耕 陳舜畊 Third character (耕/畊)
Fu Kun-chi 傅崐萁 傅崑萁 Second character (崐/崑)
Lin Feng-cheng 林峯正 林峰正 Second character (峯/峰)
Lo Wen-kan 羅文幹 羅文榦 Third character (幹/榦)

Aborigines with additional Chinese names

Some indigenous personalities also use(d) Chinese names.

Aboriginal name Tribe Alternative Chinese name
Icyang Parod 夷將 • 拔路兒 Amis Liu Wen-hsiung 劉文雄
Kolas Yotaka 谷辣斯 • 尤達卡 Amis Yeh Kuan-ling 葉冠伶
Mayaw Dongi Amis Lin Chiang-yi 林江義
Paelabang Danapan 巴厄拉邦 Puyuma Sun Ta-chuan 孫大川
Tjaravak 達拉瓦克 Paiwan Hua Chia-chih 華加志
Walis Perin 瓦歷斯 • 貝林 Sediq Tsai Kuiy-tsung 蔡貴聰
Yohani Isqaqavut 尤哈尼 • 伊斯卡卡夫特 Bunun Sung Kuo-hsien 松國賢

Please note that Walis Perin was sometimes spelled Walis-Pelin in older sources. Before the ROC government officially recognized the Sediq as separate indigenous group in April 2008, Walis Perin was listed as Atayal.

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◆ Organizations index

This index lists in alphabetical order all agencies, centers, companies, institutions, institutes, organizations and other entities which are introduced with a certain amount of details on this website.

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Cathay Financial Holdings
Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE)
Centers for Disease Control, MOHW (CDC)
Central Broadcasting System (CBS)
Central Election Commission (CEC)
Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)
Central Geological Survey, MOEA (CGS)[restructured]
Central News Agency (CNA)
Central Police University, MOI (CPU)
Central Weather Administration, MOTC (CWA)
Central Weather Bureau, MOTC (CWB)[reorganized]
Chang Gung University (CGU)
Chang Chun Group
Chemicals Administration, MOENV (CHA)
Chi Mei Corporation (CMC)
Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation (CCKF)
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Management Office
Chiefs Aide-de-Camp to the President
Chiefs of General Staff (CGS)
China Airlines (CAL)
China Aviation Development Foundation (CADF)
China Medical University (CMU)
China Steel Corporation (CSC)
China Youth National Salvation Corps (CYC)
Chinese Association for Human Rights (CAHR)
Chinese Association for Relief and Ensuing Services (CARES)
Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI)
Chinese Nationalist Party / Kuomintang (KMT)
Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC)
Chinesisch-deutscher Kultur- und Wirtschaftsverband (CDKWV)
Ching Fu Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (CFS)
Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER)
Chung-Hwa Nuclear Society (CHNS)
Chunghwa Post
Chunghwa Telecom
Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC (CAA)
Civil Service Development Institute, DGPA (CSDI)
Civil Service Protection and Training Commission (CSPTC)
Climate Change Administration, MOENV (CCA)
Coast Guard Administration, OAC (CGA)
Coast Guard Administration (CGA)[defunct]
Collective Of Sex Workers And Supporters (COSWAS)
Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI)
Concentric Patriotism Alliance
Confucius-Mencius Society of the R.O.C.
Constitutional Court
Construction and Planning Agency, MOI (CPA)
Consumer Protection Commission[abolished]
Control Yuan
Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA)[upgraded]
Council for Cultural Planning and Development (CCPD)[reorganized]
Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)[abolished]
Council of Aboriginal Affairs (CAA)[reorganized]
Council of Agriculture (COA)[upgraded]
Council of Grand Justices
Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP)
Council of Labor Affairs (CLA)[upgraded]
Covenants Watch (CW)
Cross-Strait Policy Association (CSPA)
CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC)
CSBC Corporation Taiwan
CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
Customs Administration, MOF

National Academy for Educational Research, MOE (NAER)
National Academy of Civil Service (NACS)
National Academy of Marine Research, OAC (NAMR)
National Airborne Service Corps, MOI (NASC)
National Alliance of Taiwan Women's Associations (NATWA)
National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL)
National Archives Administration, NDC (NAA)
National Assembly (NA)[abolished]
National Audit Office
National Center for Traditional Arts, MOC (NCFTA)
National Central Library, MOE (NCL)
National Central University (NCU)
National Changhua University of Education (NCUE)
National Chengchi University (NCCU)
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)
National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)
National Chung Cheng University (CCU)
National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)
National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST)
National Communications Commission (NCC)
National Conscription Agency, MOI
National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF)
National Defense University (NDU)
National Development Council (NDC)
National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, MOC
National Environmental Research Academy (NERA)
National Fire Agency, MOI (NFA)
National Formosa University (NFU)
National Health Administration[reorganized]
National Health Insurance Administration, MOHW (NHIA)
National Health Research Institutes, MOHW (NHRI)
National Human Rights Museum, MOC (NHRM)
National Immigration Agency, MOI (NIA)
National Institute of Cyber Security (NICS)
National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, MOI (NLSC)
National Library of Public Information, MOE (NLPI)
National Long-Term Science Development Committee[reorganized]
National Museum of History, MOC (NMH)
National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, MOE (NMMBA)
National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, MOE (NMMST)
National Museum of Natural Science, MOE (NMNS)
National Museum of Prehistory, MOC (NMP)
National Museum of Taiwan History, MOC (NMTH)
National Museum of Taiwan Literature, MOC (NMTL)
National Palace Museum (NPM)
National Performing Arts Center, MOC (NPAC)
National Police Agency, MOI (NPA)
National Policy Foundation (NPF)
National Property Administration, MOF (NPA)
National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, MOHW (NRICM)
National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, MOST (NCDR)
National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)
National Science and Technology Museum, MOE (NSTM)
National Science Council (NSC)[upgraded]
National Security Bureau (NSB)
National Security Council
National Space Organization (NSPO)[reorganized]
National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU)
National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC)
National Taiwan Arts Education Center, MOE
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, MOC (NTCRI)
National Taiwan Library, MOE (NTL)
National Taiwan Museum, MOC (NTM)
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, MOC (NTMoFA)
National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
National Taiwan Science Education Center, MOE (NTSEC)
National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, MOC (NTSO)
National Taiwan University (NTU)
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
National Treasury Administration, MOF (NTA)
National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)
National Unification Council (NUC)
National Women's League of the ROC (NWL)
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)
National Yang-ming University (NYMU)
National Youth Commission (NYC)[abolished]
New Frontier Foundation Think Tank
New Party (NP)
New Power Party (NPP)
New Society for Taiwan
New Southbound Policy Office
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (NPSU)
Nuntiatura Apostolica in Sinis
Nylon Cheng Liberty Foundation (NCLF)

Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan (TECROJ)
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO)
Taipei Financial Center Corporation (TFCC)
Taipei Medical University (TMU)
Taipei Representation in the Federal Republic of Germany
Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium
Taipei Representative Office in Singapore
Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation (TWRF)
Taiwan Aerospace Corporation (TAC)
Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO)
Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute, COA (TACTRI)[reorganized]
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, MOA (TARI)
Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty (TAEDP)
Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR)
Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF)
Taiwan Asset Management Corporation (TAMCO)
Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR)
Taiwan Association for Strategic Simulation (TASS)
Taiwan Association of Family Caregivers (TAFC)
Taiwan Association of University Professors (TAUP)
Taiwan Biodiversity Research Institute (TBRI)
Taiwan Brain Trust (TBT)
Taiwan Competitiveness Forum (TCF)
Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS)
Taiwan Council for U. S. Affairs, MOFA (TCUSA)
Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA)
Taiwan Defense Industry Development Association (TW-DIDA)
Taiwan Democracy Watch
Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (TDCC)
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
Taiwan Falun Dafa Association
Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute (TFAI)
Taiwan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (TFH)
Taiwan Forestry Bureau, COA (TFB)[reorganized]
Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, MOA (TFRI)
Taiwan Forever Association (TFA)
Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD)
Taiwan Friends Association (TFA)
Taiwan Garrison Command (TGC)[abolished]
Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, MOJ
Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC)
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER)
Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd. (TIPC)
Taiwan International Workers' Association (TIWA)
Taiwan-Japan Relations Association, MOFA
Taiwan Jury Association
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, MOA (TLRI)
Taiwan New Century Foundation (TNCF)
Taiwan New Constitution Foundation (TNC)
Taiwan NextGen Foundation
Taiwan People's Party (TPP)
Taiwan Power Company (Taipower)
Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC (TRA)
Taiwan Research Institute (TRI)
Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station, MOA (TSIPS)
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSMC)
Taiwan Social Welfare League
Taiwan Society
Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU)
Taiwan Space Agency (TASA)
Taiwan Space Union (TSU)
Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC)
Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar/TSC)
Taiwan Thinktank
Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL)
Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB)
Taiwan United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA)
Taiwan Visitors Association (TVA)
Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC)
Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation (TPOF)
Taiwania Capital Management Corporation
Taiyen Biotech Co. Ltd.
Tang Prize Foundation
Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (TIAC)
Tatung Company
Taxation Administration, MOF
Tea and Beverage Research Station, MOA (TBRS)
Tea Research and Extension Station, COA (TRES)[reorganized]
Thinking Taiwan Foundation (TTF)
Third Wednesday Club
Ting Hsin International Group
Tourism Administration, MOTC
Tourism Bureau, MOTC[reorganized]
Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau, EPA (TCSB)[reorganized]
Transitional Justice Commission (TJC)
Trend Micro Inc.

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