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◆ The ROC National Assembly (NA)

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ROC National Assembly 國民大會
No. 53 Zhonghua Road Sec. 1, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10042, Taiwan ROC [10042 台北市中正區中華路 1 段 53 號]—or according to older sources: No. 1 Xiushan Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10042, Taiwan ROC [10042 台北市中正區秀山街 1 號]


The National Assembly (guomin dahui 國民大會, abbrev. guoda 國大 in Chinese and NA in English), first set up in April 1913 under the name "First Congress" (diyijie guohui 第一屆國會) in Beijing, was a representative body of the ROC. General elections for the First NA took place in November 1947, and the First NA convened in March 1948 in Nanjing. When the mainland came under Communist control at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, the ROC could not hold elections there for either the NA or the Legislative Yuan, so it was decreed that their members would stay in office until new elections could be held on the mainland. Members who had been elected on the mainland were not replaced after their death, but the number of seats for Taiwanese delegates was gradually increased.

After martial law was lifted in July 1987 and the "Temporary Provisions Effective During the Period of Communist Rebellion" were abolished in April 1991, all senior NA delegates elected in 1948 and 1969 were retired by Dec. 31, 1991. Elections for a completely new Second NA took place on Dec. 21, 1991. After the tenure of the Third NA ended in May 2000, the NA was transformed into a non-standing body, its delegates were nominated by political parties on the basis of proportional representation, and most of its functions were transferred to the Legislative Yuan. A last election for an Ad Hoc-NA ("renwuxing" guomin dahui 「任務型」國民大會) took place in May 2005, and after the latest constitutional revisions took effect a month later, the NA was abolished altogether on June 7, 2005.


According to the ROC Constitution promulgated on Jan. 1, 1947, the main functions of the NA were as follows: 1) to elect the president and the vice president (VP); 2) to recall the president and the VP; 3) to amend the constitution; and 4) to vote in the exercise of its right of referendum on proposed constitutional amendments submitted by the Legislative Yuan. Further constitutional amendments enacted in 1992, 1994 and 2000 reduced the powers of the NA, most notably when the authority to elect the ROC president was removed (the last time the head of state was elected by the NA was on March 21, 1990). In 1998 the ROC Yearbook listed six functions of the NA: 1) to elect the VP when that office becomes vacant; 2) to recall the president and the VP; 3) to pass a resolution on the impeachment of the president or VP instituted by the Legislative Yuan; 4) to amend the constitution; 5) to vote in the exercise of its rights of referendum on proposed constitutional amendments submitted by the Legislative Yuan; and 6) to exercise the power of consent to confirm the appointment of personnel nominated by the president of the ROC.

After the NA became a non-standing body in 2000, its functions were limited to voting on constitutional amendments, presidential impeachment, or alteration of national boundaries, as proposed by the Legislative Yuan, while its former powers, including hearing the president's state of the nation address and approving the president's nominations of the grand justices and the heads of the Examination and Control Yuan, had been transferred to the Legislative Yuan. When the NA was scrapped, it rendered its power to ratify constitutional amendments and territory changes to the public through referendums.

One organization of the NA that is worth mentioning was the Committee on Constitutional Research (xianzheng yantao weiyuanhui 憲政研討委員會). It was inaugurated on July 1, 1960 and consisted of all NA delegates. It was an organ for constitutional study while the NA was in recess, and it was divided into various groups to study the exercise of initiative and referendum powers as well as to discuss proposed amendments to the ROC constitution.


For the First and Second NA, a presidium (zhuxituan 主席團) was elected from among the delegates and served as a steering committee. Members of the presidium presided in turn over the plenary sessions. The secretariat (mishuchu 秘書處) of the NA was headed by a secretary-general (mishuzhang 秘書長) and two deputy secretary-generals (fu mishuzhang 副秘書長). In the Third NA and the Ad Hoc-NA, another senior position was the speaker (yizhang 議長).

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Secretary-generals of the NA

Tenure (started) Name Born/Died Native Province
1948— Hung Lan-yu 洪蘭友 1900-1958 Jiangsu
2/1960— Ku Cheng-kang 谷正綱 1901-1993 Guizhou
6/1966— @ Kuo Cheng 郭澄 1907-1980 Shanxi
6/1972— Chen Chien-chung 陳建中 1911-2008 Shaanxi
9/1976— Kuo Cheng (second time)
10/1980— Irwine W. Ho 何宜武 1912-2001 Fujian
9/1990— Chu Shih-lieh 朱士烈 1915-2011 Liaoning
1/1992—9/1996 Chen Ching-jang 陳金讓 b. 1935 Taiwan
9/1996—5/2003 Chen Chuan 陳川 b. 1934 Taiwan
5/2005 @ Chien Lin Hui-chun 錢林慧君 b. 1947 Taiwan
5/2005—6/2005 Yeh Jiunn-rong 葉俊榮 b. 1958 Taiwan

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General elections for the NA

National Assembly Election date Tenure
First NA 1947, Nov. 21–23 1948 (March 29)—1991 (Dec. 31)
Second NA 1991, Dec. 21 1992 (Jan. 1)—1996 (May 19)
Third NA 1996, March 23 1996 (May 20)—2000 (May 19)
Ad Hoc-NA 2005, May 14 2005 (May 30—June 7)

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Delegates of the First ROC National Assembly

For the First NA the number of seats was set at 3,045, and the different categories for NA delegates were as follows:

county and city election (xianshi quyu xuanju 縣市區域選舉);
Mongolia (Menggu 蒙古);
Tibet (Xizang 西藏);
racial groups in frontier regions (bianjiang diqu ge minzu 邊疆地區各民族);
Chinese citizens residing abroad (haiwai qiaobao 海外僑胞);
occupational groups (zhiye tuanti 職業團體): local (difangxing 地方性) and national (quanguoxing 全國性);
women's groups (funü tuanti 婦女團體): local (difangxing 地方性) and national (quanguoxing 全國性);
people in interior areas who have their own conditions of living and habits (neidi shenghuo xiguan teshuzhi guomin 內地生活習慣特殊之國民).

Due to circumstances which hampered the election process not all those seats could be filled, so 84 seats remained vacant. The table below shows the allocation of seats for each of above categories.

Category of delegates in the First NA Seats by default Elected seats
County and city election 2,177 2,141
Mongolia 57 57
Tibet 40 39
Racial groups in frontier regions 34 34
Chinese citizens residing abroad 65 22
Occupational groups Local 216 216
National 271 268
Women's groups Local 148 147
National 20 20
People in interior areas who have their own conditions of living and habits 17 17
SUM 3,045 2,961

The following tables provide a more detailed breakdown of the numbers of delegates elected in the provinces and municipalities of the ROC. The tables show only the default numbers of seats which totaled 2,177 in the county and city elections for the First NA of the ROC (provinces: 2,147, municipalities: 30).

County and city elections for the First NA—ROC provinces (2,147 seats)

Province Seats Province Seats Province Seats
Anhwei 67 Jehol 20 Shansi 106
Antung 20 Kansu 72 Shantung 110
Chahar 20 Kiangsi 82 Shensi 93
Chekiang 79 Kiangsu 75 Sikang 52
Fukien 69 Kirin 20 Sinkiang 84
Heilungkiang 26 Kwangsi 100 Suiyuan 23
Hokiang 18 Kwangtung 105 Sungkiang 17
Honan 111 Kweichow 80 Szechwan 151
Hopeh 134 Liaoning 26 Taiwan 19
Hsing'an 8 Liaopeh 19 Tsinghai 21
Hunan 87 Ninghsia 14 Yunnan 129
Hupeh 71 Nunkiang 19

County and city elections for the First NA—ROC municipalities (30 seats)

Municipality Seats   Municipality Seats   Municipality Seats
Canton 2 Harbin 1 Shanghai 10
Chungking 2 Mukden 2 Sian 1
Dairen 1 Nanking 2 Tientsin 3
Hankow 2 Peiping 3 Tsingtao 1

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Supplementary elections for the First NA (1969–1986)

Supplementary elections for NA delegates (zeng'e guodai xuanju 增額國代選舉) from the Taiwan area took place on four occasions:

—1969, Dec. 20 (15 new members),
—1972, Dec. 23 (53 new members),
—1980, Dec. 6 (76 new members), and
—1986, Dec. 6 (84 new members).

New delegates included members elected from geographical constituencies (quyu xuanchuzhi zeng'e guomin dahui daibiao 區域選出之增額國民大會代表), from aboriginal repesentatives (shanbao xuanchuzhi zeng'e guomin dahui daibiao 山胞選出之增額國民大會代表), from women's groups (funü tuanti xuanchuzhi zeng'e guomin dahui daibiao 婦女團體選出之增額國民大會代表), and from occupational groups (zhiye tuanti xuanchuzhi zeng'e guomin dahui daibiao 職業團體選出之增額國民大會代表).

1969 supplementary election: 15 new members

Election date: Dec. 20, 1969.
Distribution of new delegates: 8 from geographical constituencies, 5 from occupational groups, 2 from women's groups. All of the 15 new members belonged to the KMT.

Geographical constituencies

Taipei City: CHEN Pao-chuan 陳寶川, LIU Chieh-chou 劉介宙
Taipei County: YANG Teh-shou 楊德壽
Changhua County: HUONG Teau 洪挑
Yilan County: LO Wen-tang 羅文堂
Miaoli County: YEN Jiang-jin 嚴江津
Tainan County: KAO Chung-jen 高宗仁
Keelung City: YEN Chin-hsien 顏欽賢

Occupational and women's groups

Farmers, Taiwan Province (Taiwansheng nonghui 臺灣省農會): CHU Wan-cheng 朱萬成, WU Chuan-an 吳全洝
Farmers, Taipei City (Taibeishi nonghui 臺北市農會): HO Tien-ming 何天明
Workers, Taiwan Province (Taiwansheng gonghui 臺灣省工會): WU Pi-en 吳必恩
Workers, Taipei City (Taibeishi gonghui 臺北市工會): HUNG Tung-hsing 洪東興
Women's Groups, Taipei City (Taibeishi funü tuanti 臺北市婦女團體): CHENG Li-tzu 鄭李足, WANG WU Ching-hsiang 王吳清香

1972 supplementary election: 53 new members

Election date: Dec. 23, 1972.

1st NA, 1972 Supplementary election  KMT   Ind. 
36 geographical constituencies 27 9
2 aboriginal constituencies 2
5 women delegates 5
10 occupational constituencies 9 1
Total 53 43 10

Geographical constituencies, special municipality and Taiwan province

Taipei City: CHEN Wang-fu 陳丸福, CHIAU Pao-tai 喬寶泰, LIN Chih-hsin 林至信 [KMT]; HUANG Tien-fu 黃天福 [Ind.]
Taipei County: CHEN Chin-jang 陳金讓, CHENG Feng-shih 鄭逢時 [KMT]; CHIU Pi-chih 邱碧治 [Ind.]
Taoyuan County: LEE Fa 李發 [KMT]
Hsinchu County: TSOU Ti-chih 鄒滌之 [KMT]
Miaoli County: LIU Ting-kuo 劉定國 [KMT]
Taichung County: HUANG Yen-chih 黃演熾 [KMT]; LIN Long-shih 林隆士 [Ind.]
Nantou County: CHEN Ming-mu 陳銘木 [KMT]
Changhua County: WU Wang-hsiung 吳望熊 [KMT]; CHANG Chun-nan 張春男 [Ind.]
Yunlin County: CHUNG Ping-hui 鍾炳輝, WU Hsiu-liang 吳修量 [KMT]
Chiayi County: LIN KUO Pi-mei 林郭碧梅 [KMT]; HSIEH Ming-yang 謝明陽 [Ind.]
Tainan County: LEE Yao-kan 李耀乾 [KMT], Frank WU Feng-shan 吳豐山 [Ind.]
Kaohsiung County: LIU Shang-shiu 劉尚修, WU Chiang-chou 吳江洲 [KMT]
Pingtung County: CHUNG Shih-yung 鍾士勇 [KMT]; WANG Shih 王獅 [Ind.]
Yilan County: HSIEH Pao 謝報 [Ind.]
Hualien County: YANG Shouu-chyuan 楊守全 [KMT]
Taitung County: John L. CHENG 鄭烈 [KMT]
Penghu County: LAN Ting-kui 藍丁貴 [KMT]
Keelung City: CHANG A-lan 陳阿蘭 [KMT]
Taichung City: HO Tsung-lung 何宗龍 [KMT]
Tainan City: LIN Chuan-hsing 林全興 [KMT]
Kaohsiung City: LIN Chiung-yao 林瓊瑤 [KMT]; HUNG Chao-nan 洪照男 [Ind.]

Geographical constituencies, Fujian province [all KMT]

Kinmen County: HSIEH Ping-nan 謝炳南
Lienchiang County: TSAO Shun-kuan 曹順官

Aboriginal representatives, free area (ziyou diqu 自由地區) [all KMT]

Mountain aborigines (shandi shanbao 山地山胞): LIN Zong-ming 林榮明
Plains aborigines (pingdi shanbao 平地山胞): CHANG You-teh 張有德

Women's groups [all KMT]

Women's groups, Taiwan Province (Taiwansheng funü tuanti 臺灣省婦女團體): CHANG LAI Tsai-lien 張賴彩蓮, CHEN Shih-man 陳石滿, HUANG WU Tsai-yun 黃吳彩雲, KUAN Kuei-ying 官桂英
Women's groups, Taipei City (Taibeishi funü tuanti 臺北市婦女團體): FU WANG Hsun-hsueh 傅王遜雪

Occupational groups, free area

Farmers (nongmin tuanti 農民團體): CHANG Chun-sheng 張春盛, LIAO Kun-yuan 廖坤元 [KMT]
Fishermen (yumin tuanti 漁民團體): LO Chuan-chin 羅傳進 [KMT]
Workers (gongren tuanti 工人團體): LEE Lung-hsing 李龍星, LEE You-chi 李友吉 [KMT]
Industry (gongye tuanti 工業團體): LIU Wen-teng 劉文騰, WANG Ching-lien 王清連 [KMT]
Trade (shangye tuanti 商業團體): LIU Chin-cheng 劉今程 [KMT]; TSAI Lyu-pin 蔡旅濱 [Ind.]
Education (jiaoyu tuanti 教育團體): HSU Kuo-hsiung 許國雄 [KMT]

1980 supplementary election: 76 new members

Election date: Dec. 6, 1980.
The election was originally scheduled for Dec. 23, 1978 but was postponed after the Carter administration in Washington informed the ROC on Dec. 16, 1978 that the US would formally recognize the PRC and diplomatic relations with the ROC would end by Jan. 1, 1979.

Please note that in the table below ① stands for China Democratic Socialist Party.

1st NA, 1980 Supplementary election  KMT   ①   Ind. 
51 geographical constituencies 40 11
2 aboriginal constituencies 2
7 women delegates 7
16 occupational constituencies 14 1 1
Total 76 63 1 12

Geographical constituencies, special municipalities and Taiwan province

Taipei City: CHEN Chiung-sung 陳炯松, CHIAU Pao-tai 喬寶泰, HUANG Shu-woei 黃書瑋, LEE HWANG Herng-jen 李黃恆貞, WU Yeng-cheng 吳永成 [KMT]; CHOU Ching-yu 周清玉, WANG Chao-chuan 王兆釧 [Ind.]
Kaohsiung City: HSU Jong-chuan 許仲川, TANG A-ken 湯阿根 [KMT]; SHEU Jia-sheng 許嘉生 [Ind.]
Taipei County: CHAO Chang-chiang 趙長江, KUO Cheng-i 郭政一, CHEN Chin-jang 陳金讓, KUO Ru-juin 郭儒鈞, LIAN Sheng-yann 連勝彥, SHIEH Lung-shen 謝隆盛 [KMT]; CHEN Jing-chyn 陳靜琴 [Ind.]
Taoyuan County: CHAO Chang-ping 趙昌平, JEAN Chin-jer 簡欣哲, LIN Mu-lien 林木連 [KMT]
Hsinchu County: FANN Yang-gong 范揚恭, LIN Jung-tzer 林政則 [KMT]
Miaoli County: CHANG Wu-chi 張戊基 [KMT]
Taichung County: CHEN Chuan 陳川, LIN Chin-long 林欽濃 [KMT]; YANG Shuenn-long 楊順隆 [Ind.]
Nantou County: LIN Yuan-lang 林源朗 [KMT]
Changhua County: CHENG Yang-te 陳陽德 [KMT]; HUNG YEH Yu-chen 洪葉玉貞, LEE Tou 李讀 [Ind.]
Yunlin County: LIN Chun-huei 林俊惠, WU Hsiu-liang 吳修量 [KMT]
Chiayi County: LIN Chien-chih 林健治, HUANG Chun-po 黃俊博 [KMT]
Tainan County: WANG Ting-hsun 王鼎勳, YEH Dong-liang 葉棟樑 [KMT]; LIN Bin-din 林丙丁 [Ind.]
Kaohsiung County: LIN Kong-jyh 林榮治, LIU Shang-shiu 劉尚修 [KMT]; LIN Ying-juang 林應專 [Ind.]
Pingtung County: CHI Tien-fa 紀天發, HWANG An-ching 黃安慶 [KMT]
Yilan County: SHIAU Ching-hai 蕭清海 [Ind.]
Hualien County: YANG Shouu-chyuan 楊守全 [KMT]
Taitung County: John L. CHENG 鄭烈 [KMT]
Penghu County: CHENG Kuang-po 鄭光博 [KMT]
Keelung City: LI Bor-yuan 李伯元 [KMT]
Taichung City: LIN Pyng-yuan 林平原 [KMT]
Tainan City: CHEN Sen-mou 陳森茂 [Ind.]

Geographical constituencies, Fujian province [all KMT]

Kinmen County: HSIEH Ping-nan 謝炳南
Lienchiang County: CHEN Len-guan 陳仁官

Aboriginal representatives, free area [all KMT]

Mountain aborigines: LIN Zong-ming 林榮明
Plains aborigines: WUU Rong-cherng 武榮盛

Women's groups [all KMT]

Women's Group, Taiwan Province: HUANG WU Tsai-yun 黃吳彩雲, KUAN Kuei-ying 官桂英, KUO Ching-fang 郭慶芳, SU Yu-wei 蘇玉尾, YEH Chin-fong葉金鳳
Women's Group, Taipei City: TSEN Siung 曾蟳
Women's Group, Kaohsiung City (Gaoxiongshi funü tuanti 高雄市婦女團體): TSAI Su-yuan 蔡淑媛

Occupational groups, free area

Farmers: CHEN Wang-shiong 陳望雄, SHIAU Sing-chai 蕭生財 [KMT]; HUANG Chao-jan 黃昭仁 [China Democratic Socialist Party]
Fishermen: HUANG Kuo-fung 黃國風, LIN Shui-poh 林水破 [KMT]
Workers: CHIU Ching-hwei 邱清輝, TSAI Yi-hsiung 蔡義雄, YEN Wu-sheng 顏武勝 [KMT]
Industry: LIU Wen-teng 劉文騰, T. S. YANG 楊天生 [KMT]; CHEN Che-fang 陳哲芳 [Ind.]
Trade: HSU Chiu-kun 許志錕, HUANG Ying-hsiung 黃英雄, LIAO Chin-shun 廖金順 [KMT]
Education: CHEN Si-an 陳璽安, HSU Kuo-hsiung 許國雄 [KMT]

1986 supplementary election: 84 new members

Election date: Dec. 6, 1986.
Please note that in the table below ① stands for China Democratic Socialist Party.

1st NA, 1986 Supplementary election  KMT   DPP   ①   Ind. 
59 geographical constituencies 46 9 4
2 aboriginal constituencies 2
7 women delegates 7
16 occupational constituencies 13 2 1
Total 84 68 11 1 4

Geographical constituencies, special municipalities and Taiwan province

Taipei City: CHIAU Pao-tai 喬寶泰, HUNG Tung-kuei 洪冬桂, LEE HWANG Herng-jen 李黃恆貞, LIN Chiou-shan 林秋山, LIU Bentham 劉炳森, WANG Ying-chieh 王應傑 [KMT]; CHOU Ching-yu 周清玉, TSAI Shih-yuan 蔡式淵 [Ind./DPP]
Kaohsiung City: KAO Teng-te 高登得, SOON Lung-chi 孫榮吉, SUN Lee-kwan 孫禮光 [KMT]; HUANG Chao-hui 黃昭輝 [Ind./DPP]
Taipei County: CHAO Chang-chiang 趙長江, CHOU Shen-yen 周勝彥, KUO Ru-juin 郭儒鈞, LIAN Sheng-yann 連勝彥, OUNG Shiun-chinn 翁純正, SHIEH Lung-shen 謝隆盛, SHYR Chyong-wen 石瓊文 [KMT]; HONG Chi-chang 洪奇昌 [Ind./DPP]
Taoyuan County: CHAO Chang-ping 趙昌平, LIN Mu-lien 林木連, LU Ho-ching 呂河清 [KMT]; CHANG Kuei-mu 張貴木 [Ind./DPP]
Hsinchu County: FAN Chen-tzung 范振宗 [Ind./DPP]
Miaoli County: CHIANG Tsung-ren 江聰仁 [KMT]
Taichung County: CHEN Chuan 陳川, FU Yun-hai 傅雲海, LIN Chin-long 林欽濃 [KMT]
Changhua County: P. B. CHEN 陳寶彬, HUNG Ying-hua 洪英花 [KMT]; WONG Chin-chu 翁金珠 [Ind./DPP]; Jenny CHEN 陳照娥 [Ind.]
Nantou County: Frank LIN 林詩輝 [KMT]
Yunlin County: SHEU Wen-tsun 許文村, WU Hsiu-liang 吳修量 [KMT]
Chiayi County: HWANG Ching-ziang 黃清江 [KMT]
Tainan County: CHENG Yen-wen 鄭彥文, TSAI Tain-chia 蔡天再 [KMT]; Frank WU 吳豊山 [Ind.]
Kaohsiung County: CHUNG JEN Johnhon 張簡將弘, TSAI Kuan-yung 蔡寬永 [KMT]; SU Pei-yuan 蘇培源 [Ind./DPP]
Pingtung County: TSENG Yung-chuan 曾永權, WANG Chune-yune 汪俊容 [KMT]; SU Jia-chyuan 蘇嘉全 [Ind./DPP]
Yilan County: YEH Eng-chieh 葉英傑 [KMT]
Hualien County: CHANG Jiunn-shyong 張俊雄 [KMT]
Taitung County: SUNG Yen-hsiung 宋彥雄 [KMT]
Penghu County: HSU Shui-shen 許水神 [KMT]
Keelung City: LI Bor-yuan 李伯元 [KMT]
Hsinchu City: LIN Jung-tzer 林政則 [KMT]
Taichung City: HSIEH Hsien-ming 謝憲明, LIU Chih-yao 劉熾燿 [KMT]
Chiayi City: CHANG Wen-ying 張文英 [Ind.]
Tainan City: HSU Shue-chi 許石吉 [KMT]; SU Yu-fu 蘇裕夫 [Ind.]

Geographical constituencies, Fujian province [all KMT]

Kinmen County: HSIEH Ping-nan 謝炳南
Lienchiang County: CHEN Len-guan 陳仁官

Aboriginal representatives, free area [all KMT]

Mountain aborigines: HO Yau-huan 何耀寰
Plains aborigines: YANG Jen-huang 楊仁煌

Women's groups [all KMT]

Women's Group, Taiwan Province: CHANG A-lan 陳阿蘭, CHANG Jau-jau 張昭昭, KUO Ching-fang 郭慶芳, TSAI CHEN Tsui-lien 蔡陳翠蓮, YEH Chin-fong葉金鳳
Women's Group, Taipei City: TSEN Siung 曾蟳
Women's Group, Kaohsiung City (Gaoxiongshi funü tuanti 高雄市婦女團體): TSAI Su-yuan 蔡淑媛

Occupational groups, free area

Farmers: LEE Hua-yang 李華洋, LEE Ming-chih 李明治 [KMT]; HUANG Chao-jan 黃昭仁 [China Democratic Socialist Party]
Fishermen: HUANG Hsien-chih 黃獻池, YANG Chi-hsiung 楊吉雄 [KMT]
Workers: CHIU Ching-hwei 邱清輝, TSAI I-hsiung 蔡義雄 [KMT]; SHYU Mei-ying 徐美英 [Ind./DPP]
Industry: JEAN Chin-jer 簡欣哲, Lester T. C. LEE 李宗正, T. S. YANG 楊天生 [KMT]
Trade: CHEN Wang-fu 陳丸福, LIN Jzy-chang 林資清 [KMT]; WU Che-lang 吳哲朗 [Ind./DPP]
Education: CHEN Si-an 陳璽安, TSAI Pen-chuan 蔡本全 [KMT]

Note: When the 1986 NA supplementary election took place, martial law had not yet been lifted in the ROC. The DPP, established a little over two months before the election, was still illegal. Although the ROC authorities did not launch a crackdown against the new party but instead chose to tolerate it, DPP candidates nevertheless had to register as independents. Other restrictions the opposition was confronted with in the election campaign included not being allowed to use the name and party flag of the DPP. (See also Taiwan Communiqué No. 28.)

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Plenary sessions of the First NA

No. Year, opening and
closing date
Venue Members
Votes for
First 1948, March 29—May 1 Nanjing 1,629 2,704
Second 1954, Feb. 19—March 25 Taipei 1,578 1,573
Third 1960, Feb. 20—N/A  " N/A 1,576
[Extrao.] 1966, Feb. 1–8  " N/A
Fourth 1966, Feb. 19—March 25  " 1,446 1,488
Fifth 1972, Feb. 20—March 25  " 1,344 1,374
Sixth 1978, Feb. 19—March 25  " 1,220 1,248
Seventh 1984, Feb. 20—March 25  " 1,036 1,064
Eighth 1990, Feb. 19—March 30  " 739 668

The first plenary session took place in the National Assembly Hall (guomin dahuitang 國民大會堂) in Nanjing. Between 1954 and 1966, the NA convened in the Sun Yat-sen Hall (Zhongshantang 中山堂) in downtown Taipei. After construction of the Chungshan Building (Zhongshanlou 中山樓) at Yangmingshan 陽明山 (Beitou District, Taipei City) was completed in November 1966, it was used as venue for NA plenary sessions henceforth.

Please note that the number of members attending the Third Plenary Session in 1960 is not mentioned in the ROC yearbooks, but the chronology in ROC Yearbook 1986 (p. 386) reveals the following—'1960, Feb. 2: The Council of Grand Justices of the Judicial Yuan announced the total membership of the National Assembly, under the present period of national emergency, shall be 1,576.' Other sources set the figure of members attending the session in question at 1,453.

An extraordinary session of the NA was held shortly before the Fourth Plenary Session in 1966 to change constitutional provisions concerning cases of initiative and referendum.

The discrepancy between the listed number of members attending the plenary session and the number of members casting their votes in the ROC presidential election indicates that attendance during the plenary sessions was often changing.

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First NA—Members in the Final Stage

The 1986 supplementary election was the last one for the First National Assembly. As of June 1990, the NA had 693 members which are listed below in alphabetical order with no political party affiliation specified. Delegates who gained their seat in the 1986 supplementary election are identified with an asterisk [*]. (Source: ROC Yearbook 1990-91, p. 728-732)

Abaydullah Erturk 艾拜都拉
ANN Shui-lin 安瑞麟
CHAN Mong-wai 陳夢渭
CHAN Ning-ching 陳寧清
CHAN Tung-juan 陳統元
CHANG A-lan 陳阿蘭....................... *
CHANG Ay-yuan 張艾媛
CHANG Beran 張佩文
CHANG Chee-chen 張濟傳
CHANG Cheng-Shen 張正紳
CHANG Chin-fu 張錦富
CHANG Ching-en 張慶恩
CHANG Cho-fu 張拙夫
CHANG Chu 張榘
CHANG Chun-tse 張君澤
CHANG Cu-cheng 姜淑貞
Diana CHANG 張瑞芸
F. C. CHANG 張復權
CHANG Fa-i 常法毅
CHANG Ho-wei 張紅薇
CHANG Hou-jan 張豁然
CHANG Hsi-fu 張錫袚
CHANG Hsi-wen 張希文
CHANG Hwa 張驊
CHANG Hwai-yih 張懷義
CHANG I-ching 張漪清
CHANG Jau-jau 張昭昭..................... *
CHANG Jiunn-shyong 張俊雄.......... *
CHANG Jong-ning 張中寧
K. S. CHANG 張國興
CHANG Kuei-mu 張貴木.................. *
CHANG Kuo-chun 張國鈞
CHANG Kuo-ling 張國麟
CHANG Lo-min 張樂民
CHANG Ming 張明
Nicholas T. C. CHANG 張體謙
CHANG Pao-shan 張寶三
R. J. CHANG 張若珍
CHANG Shiaw-ching 張孝慶
CHANG Shih-liang 張世良
CHANG Shih-shen 張世森
CHANG Sin-pao 張新葆
CHANG Siu-han 張秀含
CHANG Tao-ming 張導民
CHANG Te-ming 張德敏
CHANG Tseh-jen 張澤仁
CHANG Tzu-chun 張子春
CHANG Wei-kuang 張偉光
CHANG Wen-cheng 張文成
CHANG Wen-ying 張文英................ *
CHANG Win-hang 張雲漢
CHANG Ye-meng 張一夢
CHANG Yi-ting 張彝鼎
CHANG Yih-torng 張翼彤
CHANG Yu-chen 張玉振
CHANG Yu-jen 張與仁
CHAO Chan-chieh 趙進階
CHAO Chang-chiang 趙長江............ *
CHAO Chang-ping 趙昌平................ *
CHAO Chih-chung 趙執中
CHAO Ching-li 趙靖黎
CHAO Hsiao-may 趙筱梅
Polly CHAO 李崇祜
CHAO Shu-cheng 趙樹檉
CHAO Torng-shinn 趙同信
CHAO Tsao 趙造
CHAO Tso-tong 趙作棟
CHAO Tung-mu 趙東木
CHAO Yuan-kuei 趙元魁
CHAO Yung-fu 趙庸夫
CHAU Maisie 丑輝瑗
C. Y. CHEN 陳存仁
CHEN Chang-hsing 陳長興
CHEN Chi-hsien 陳繼賢
CHEN Chieh 陳潔
CHEN Chien-chung 陳建中
CHEN Chien-po 陳艦波
CHEN Chuan 陳川............................. *
CHEN Chun-chuan 陳濬全
CHEN Chung-hai 陳中海
Dorothy S. CHEN 陳陶心
Jenny CHEN 陳照娥.......................... *
CHEN Kai-shun 成開勛
CHEN Le-chen 成理成
CHEN Len-guan 陳仁官.................... *
CHEN Loh-huan 陳樂歡
CHEN Mei-chuan 陳湄泉
P. B. CHEN 陳寶彬............................. *
CHEN Pao-chuan 陳寶川
CHEN Pon 陳鵬
CHEN See-chow 陳書疇
CHEN Shao-ping 陳紹平
CHEN Shao-ying 陳紹英
CHEN She-ching 陳喜清
CHEN Shee-shing 陳士誠
CHEN Shin-sun 陳筕蓀
CHEN Shing-rong 陳杏容
CHEN Si-an 陳璽安........................... *
CHEN Tak-hiang 陳特向
CHEN Wang-fu 陳丸福..................... *
CHEN We 陳維
CHEN Wen-deng 陳雯登
CHEN Wen-huan 陳文煥
CHEN Wing-ket 陳永吉
Y. C. CHEN 陳頤
CHEN Yi 陳詒
CHENG Bon-chin 鄭邦卿
CHENG I-chen 鄭翼承
CHENG Li-tsu 鄭李足
CHENG Ling-ieng 程麟豐
CHENG Shih-yu 成士瑜
CHENG Shu-chin 鄭秀卿
CHENG Tsu-ying 程翠英
CHENG Yen-wen 鄭彥文................. *
CHENG Yu-li 鄭玉麗
CHEUNG Shui-fong 張瑞芳
CHI Chang-chien 吉章簡
CHI Chen-kuei 姬鎮魁
CHI Hue-wu 齊惠吾
CHI Kuang-lieh 戚光烈
CHI Mou-chang 亓茂昌
CHI Wey-chiou 季蔚秋
Y. C. CHI 吉星福
CHI Zi-sen 祁繼先
CHIANG Chi-chau 蔣紀周
CHIANG Chi-fu 姜吉甫
CHIANG Chih-yung 蔣志雲
CHIANG I-an 蔣一安
CHIANG Me-hsien 蔣默掀
CHIANG Meng-pu 蔣孟樸
CHIANG Pai-i 蔣佩儀
S. C. CHIANG 江思聰
CHIANG Tsung-ren 江聰仁.............. *
CHIANG Wei-tsu 蔣慰祖
CHIAO Chia-chai 喬家才
CHIAO Pao-chuan 焦保權
CHIAO Ying 焦瑩
CHIAO Yuh-luh 趙玉璐
CHIAU Pao-tai 喬寶泰....................... *
CHIN Dal-gen 秦道堅
CHING Ho-sheng 靳鶴聲
CHIOU Ying-kuang 邱映光
CHIU Ching-hwei 邱清輝.................. *
CHIU Dah-tyng 瞿大廷
CHIU Kai-chi 邱開基
CHIU Li-kwang 丘藜光
CHIU Tsen-chan 邱增鑑
CHIU Yao-tung 邱耀東
CHIUE Su-haw 薛樹華
CHOU Chia-hsiang 周家祥
CHOU Chian-chong 周譧沖
CHOU Ching-yu 周清玉.................... *
CHOU Fong 周芳
CHOU Horng-ji 周宏基
CHOU Hsiang 周祥
CHOU Hsueh-hsiang 周學湘
CHOU Liang-fu 周良輔
CHOU Shen-yen 周勝彥.................... *
CHOU Ta-shih 周達時
CHOU TSAI Feng-yu 周蔡鳳有
CHOW Pan-tae 周邦道
CHU Chi-yu 朱季玉
CHU Ching-tong 朱慶堂
CHU Shih-lieh 朱士烈
CHU Sin-men 朱星門
CHU Tsu-yie 朱祖貽
CHU Wen-ming 朱文明
CHU Yeuan-mou 朱遠謀
CHUNG Chi-ping 鍾之平(紀)
CHUNG Chiu-feng 鍾秋焚
CHUNG JEN Johnhon 張簡將弘.... *
CHUNG Tin-wen 鍾鼎文
CHUNG Tung-li 鍾同禮
CHY Chyi 齊濟
CHY Teng-chuan 祁登荃
CHYN Hsiou-hao 秦修好
DELILHAN Canaltay 達列里汗
DENG Tang 鄧讜
DENG Tseh-shiun 鄧策勳
DING De-syan 丁德先
DOONG Jian-wa 董建華
DUH Chuen-ing 杜春英
DUH Goang-hwa 杜光華
Ecilagean 吳香蘭
Elbzilrito 史秉麟
FAN Chin-chyuan 范金泉
FAN Kuei-shu 范魁書
Lee J. FAN 范傑
FAN Tsai-kwei 范才騤
FAN Tsu-pang 樊祖邦
George T. FANG 方天
FANG Wen 方聞
C. T. FENG 馮著唐
FENG Chih-an 馮治安
FENG Kuo-ching 馮國卿
FONG Er-ying 馮爾穎
FU Shao-fung 傅曉峰
FU Te-tsun 富德淳
FU Yun-hai 傅雲海............................. *
GAZ Yeang-chiou 蓋慶成
GENG Chin-shien 耿欽謝
GUAN Bao-chyi 關寶琦
GUO Hae-ching 郭海清
HAE Yuh-shyang 海玉祥
HAN Der-chwen 韓德純
HAN Jenn-shyue 韓振學
HANG Li-wu 杭立武
HO Tien-ming 何天明
HO Yau-huan 何耀寰......................... *
Anna HOU 侯文銛
HOU Hsi-kai 后希鎧
HOU Tieng-i 霍天一
HSIA Hsueh-chou 夏學周
HSIA Shu-yuan 夏蔬園
W. W. HSIANG 向旡畏
HSIAO Sin-min 蕭新民
HSIAO Tzu-ming 蕭子明
HSIEH Chin-the 謝進德
HSIEH Hsien-ming 謝憲明............... *
HSIEH Ping-nan 謝炳南................... *
HSIEH Po-lung 謝伯掄
Y. T. HSIEH 謝玉裁
HSIEH Yo-sheng 謝又生
C. C. HSU 許整景
HSU Chung-pei 徐鍾珮
Haji Dawud F. S HSU 許曉初
HSU Hua-chiang 徐華江
HSU Lin-shiang 許菱祥
HSU Ming 許銘
HSU Pei-ken 徐培根
HSU Shue-chi 許石吉......................... *
HSU Shui-shen 許水神....................... *
HSU Su-yu 許素玉
HSU Yao-tsen 徐堯岑
HSUEH Jen-yang 薛人仰
HU Che 胡琦
HU Chi-yuan 胡志遠
HU Ching-sin 胡晶心
HU Han-ching 扈漢卿
HU Muk-lan 胡木蘭
HU Tsin-wen 胡倩文
HUA Li-hseu 郝立緒
HUA Shou-soong 華壽崧
HUANG Chao-hui 黃昭輝................. *
HUANG Chao-jan 黃昭仁................. *
HUANG Chi-fou 黃濟夫
HUANG Chi-lu 黃其祿
HUANG Hsien-chih 黃獻池.............. *
HUANG Hsien-lu 黃顯圖
HUANG Kong-hwa 黃光化
HUANG Kuang-shio 黃光學
HUANG Lin 黃琳
HUANG Non 黃農
HUANG Shih-hua 黃石華
HUANG Ting-ying 黃廷英
HUNG Tung-hsing 洪東興
HUNG Wen-shan 洪文山
HUNG Ying-hua 洪英花................... *
HUONG Teau 洪挑
HWA Soo-chin 華淑君
HWANG Ching-ziang 黃清江........... *
HWANG Hsun-ching 黃勛卿
HWANG Yueh-hsiang 黃悅祥
HWU Jong-wu 胡鍾吾
JAN Shih-chai 冉時齋
JAW En-yeu 趙恩煜
JEA Yung-shiang 賈永祥
JEAN Chin-jer 簡欣哲........................ *
JEN Chiao-wu 任覺五
JEN Jzu-chien 任子譧
JIING Ru-bin 井如濱,
YA Jye-ching 賈潔清
KANG Kou-tung 康國棟
KAO Chao-to 高占鐸
KAO Chung-chien 高仲譧
KAO Chung-jen 高宗仁
KAO Chung-li 高崇禮
KAO Hsin 高信
KAO I-chung 高益君
KAO Ta-chao 高大超
KAO Teng-hai 高登海
KAO Teng-te 高登得.......................... *
KENG Shyh 耿誓
KHO Chong-khay 許崇凱
KOO Shi 谷熹
KU Lin-yun 顧凌雲
KUAN Eur 管歐
KUAN Jiun-jer 關君哲
KUNG Shao-hseih 龔少俠
KUNG Teh-cheng 孔德成
KUO Ching-fang 郭慶芳................... *
KUO Ru-juin 郭儒鈞.......................... *
KUO Tsung-tai 郭宗泰
William KUO 郭威廉
KUO Yun-chung 郭庸中
KUO Yung-sheng 郭榮生
KWAN Nang-chong 關能創
KWEI Chung-gi 桂崇基
LAI Sheung-uo 梨尚武
LAU Hwa 劉華
LEE Ben-fan 李本蕃
C. S. LEE 李崇詩
LEE Chi-yuan 李啟元
LEE Chih-hua 李致華
LEE Chuen-ching 李春青
LEE Chung-hua 李仲華
LEE Eel-harng 李爾航
LEE Gou-i 李國彝
LEE Hsi-yen 李錫煜
LEE Hsiang-cheng 李相丞
LEE Hua-chen 李化成
LEE Hua-yang 李華洋........................ *
LEE Hung-chao 李鴻超
LEE Hung-ju 李鴻儒
LEE HWANG Herng-jen 李黃恆貞...*
LEE Jenn-tyng 李振廷
LEE Jui-heng 李瑞衡
LEE Ko-yau 李可瑤
Lester T. C. LEE 李宗正..................... *
LEE Lin-han 李遴漢
LEE Luoh-jeou 李洛九
LEE Ming-chih 李明治...................... *
LEE Ping-hwai 李冰懷
LEE Ren-fun 李仁甫
LEE Shang-tai 李常泰
LEE Shiang-tai 李象泰
LEE Shien-chang 李憲章
LEE Shih-chung 李時中
LEE Shih-hsien 李士賢
LEE Shih-ping 李實平
LEE Shih-tsen 李士珍
LEE Shing 李杏
LEE Shu-tze 李樹梓
LEE Shuh-shiuan 李恕軒
LEE Shyn-shiang 李士襄
LEE Sui-fong 李粹芳
LEE Tzu-yun 李子筠
LEE Yin-kuo 李蔭國
LEE Ying-chao 李應兆
LEE Yuh-chun 李玉純
LEE Yun 李雲
LI Bor-yuan 李伯元............................. *
LI Chien 李謇
LI Chih-kang 李志剛
LI Fu-yi 李拂一
LI Kang 李康
LI Shih-chang 李詩長
LI Ti-sheng 李滌生
LI Tzann-i 李贊一
LIAN Sheng-yann 連勝彥.................. *
LIANG Chia-rung 梁甲榮
LIANG Po-chiu 梁伯秋
LIANG Tse-heng 梁子衡
LIANG Yin-lin 梁應棱
LIANG Yu-fu 梁愉甫
LIE Hua-jung 李華榮
LIEN Hsun 練訓
LIEN Tu-an 連退菴
LIN Chin-long 林欽濃....................... *
LIN Chiou-shan 林秋山..................... *
LIN Chung 林忠
Frank LIN 林詩輝............................... *
LIN Junq-tzer 林政則......................... *
LIN Jzy-chang 林資清........................ *
LIN Mu-lien 林木連............................ *
LIN Shu-fan 林李樹範
LIN Ta-tsin 林大進
LIN Tzuu-peir 林祖培
LIN Wei-man 林偉民
LIN Yao-shan 林耀山
Freeman S. T. LING 凌紹祖
LIOU Jieh-jow 劉介宙
LIU Cheng 劉誠
LIU Cherng-jy 劉誠之
LIU Chia-shu 劉家樹
LIU Chien-hua 劉建華
LIU Chih-yao 劉熾燿.......................... *
LIU Chou-yan 劉卓炎
LIU Fa-hsian 劉法賢宧
LIU Fuan 劉宧
LIU Hsin-huang 劉心皇
LIU Huan-wen 劉煥文
LIU Jiunn-shan 劉寯善
LIU Jui-fu 劉瑞符
LIU Keh-tsong 柳克聰
LIU Man-chu 劉曼珠
LIU Mien-wen 劉勉文
LIU Ren-jye 劉仁傑
LIU Ruey-chang 劉瑞昌
LIU Shang-ku 劉香谷
LIU Sheau-feng 劉曉風
LIU Shih-chen 劉世珍
LIU Shuh-shian 劉述先
LIU Yen-fu 劉燕夫
LIU Yuan-yao 劉詠堯
LIU Yunn-shyr 劉韻石
LO Cheng-liang 羅正亮
LO Ke-tien 羅克典
LO Kit-wan 羅潔藴
LO Tien-fu 羅甸夫
LO Wen-tang 羅文堂
LO Ying 羅瑛
C. T. LU 盧祖澤
LU Ho-ching 呂河清.......................... *
LU Kuo-hua 路國華
S. M. LU 呂世明
LU Shyue-lii 盧學禮
LUI Lai-king 雷礪瓊
MA Chao-kuei 馬兆奎
MA Chi-yuan 馬繼援
MA Han-ying 馬含英
MA Hsing-hwa 馬興華
MA Kuei-chih 馬桂枝
MA Shen 麻森
MA Ting-sung 馬庭松
MA Tung-ching 馬敦靜
MA Tung-fa 馬同發
MAA Lian-fang 馬聯芳
MAO Koang-hi 毛光熙
MAO Yen-wen 毛彥文
MENG Chao-tsan 孟昭瓚
Ibrahim C. L. MENG 孟全禮
MENG Ta 孟達
MIAO Wen-chai 苗文齋
MO Sung-nien 毛松年
MOH Shi-pyng 莫希平
NING Shih 甯實
NING Sing 甯馨
NYEU Chang-yao 鈕長耀
Joseph C. O'YANG 歐陽譧
OU YANG Lung 歐陽濃
OUNG Shiun-chinn 翁純正.............. *
PAI Chong-der 白崇德
PAI Ming-dau 白明道
PAN Ping-te 潘秉德
PAN Tsung-wu 潘宗武
PAN NAN Pi-chuan 南碧泉
Y. C. PANG 龐宇振
PEI Le-chih 裴力之
PENG Chin-shiou 彭慶修
PENG Shih-W. 馮世輝
RAU Shih-cheng 饒世澄
REN Dar-der 任達德
RONG Horng-yuan 榮鴻元
Senba P. W. SENG 孫邦華
SHANG Shiu-fong 尚秀芳
SHEEN Der-heng 沈德亨
SHEN Kuan-ching 沈貫卿
SHEN Wen-ying 沈文英
SHENG Chang-chun 盛長忠
SHENG Chin-bih 申慶璧
SHEU Wen-tsun 許文村.................... *
SHEUN Chi-hou 熊起厚
SHIEH Cherng-pyng 謝澄平
SHIEH Horng-shiuan 謝鴻軒
SHIEH Lung-shen 謝隆盛................. *
SHIEH Shiou-jang 謝修璋
SHlEH Shyh-ching 謝世清
SHIH Chung-hsui 石鍾琇
SHIH Mei-tsen 史梅岑
SHIH Tai-an 史泰安
SHIH Tzu-chin 石紫瑾
SHIH Ying 時英
SHIH Yun-hi 石雲溪
SHIN Chi-wen 信致文
SHIUE Yueh 薛岳
SHON Chi-ling 熊啟琳
SHU Chang 徐昌
SHU Cheng-tung 許振東
SHU Tao 束濤
SHUNG Sou-hen 熊叔衡
SHY Jiann-kang 施建康
SHYR Chyong-wen 石瓊文............... *
SHYU Mei-ying 徐美英...................... *
SHYY Yo-ching 史耀青
SlE' Kang 謝康
SONG Jing-po 宋鏡波
SONG Mann-shi 宋慢西
SOON Lung-chi 孫榮吉..................... *
SU I-shih 蘇夷士
SU Jia-chyuan 蘇嘉全.......................... *
SU Pei-yuan 蘇培源............................. *
SU Shu-chen 蘇恕誠
SU Yu-fu 蘇裕夫.................................. *
SUEN Yih-ran 孫毅然
SUN Chiu-hsi 孫九翕
SUN Chung-yueh 孫中岳
SUN Hung-yu 孫鴻鈺
SUN Jen 孫仁
SUN Kuang-an 孫廣安
SUN Lee-kwan 孫禮光........................ *
SUN Ru-ling 孫如陵
SUN Tung-ming 孫東明
SUN Yun-feng 孫雲峰
SUNG Chih-pin 宋志斌
Francis I. SUNG 宋益清
SUNG Hwa-shing 宋化純
SUNG Jih-fong 宋季芳
SUNG Tsu-fang 宋子芳
SUNG Tung 宋浵
SUNG Yen-hsiung 宋彥雄................. *
SZE Kho-chuang 司可莊
TAI Shu-jen 戴樹仁
TAI Ting 戴鼎
TAN Dien-jan 譚典貞
Y. Y. TAN 譚應元
TANG En-chiang 唐恩江
TANG Fay-pown 鄧飛鵬
TANG Yeong-nian 湯永年
TAO Yung-lin 陶永霖
TARN Ing-nian 譚英年
TARN Shyong 譚雄
TARNG Shuen-jiun 唐舜君
TENG Chieh 滕傑
TENG Hsieh-shen 鄧協忱
TENG Yu-ing 鄧育英
TIEH Shen-yee 帖申一
TIEN Hsi-chen 田席珍
TIEN Keh-ming 田克明
TIEN Kuei-lin 田桂林
TIEN Kun-sheng 田崐生
Anna S. L. TING 丁少蘭
TING Chih 丁治
TING Deh-lung 丁德隆
TONG Yim-kong 湯炎光
TSAI CHEN Tsui-lien 蔡陳翠蓮....... *
TSAI I-hsiung 蔡義雄........................ *
TSAI I-zen 蔡義軔
TSAI Kuan-yung 蔡寬永.................... *
TSAI Meng-gian 蔡孟堅
TSAI Pen-chuan 蔡本全..................... *
TSAI Shih-yuan 蔡式淵...................... *
TSAI Su-yuan 蔡淑媛.......................... *
TSAI Tain-chia 蔡天再....................... *
TSAO Ming-hwan 曹明煥
T. K. TSAO 曹挺光
TSAO Wen-chao 曹文超
TSAU Pin 曹彬
TSEH Tsung-tao 翟宗濤
TSEN Siung 曾蟳................................ *
TSENG Yung-chuan 曾永權............. *
TSO Wen-chu 左文舉
TSOU Hsin-dee 鄒馨棣
TSOU Jen-mong 鄒人孟
TSOU Wen-chien 鄒文譧
TSUEI Chen-chuan 崔震權
TSUEI Young 崔榮
TSUI Yuen 徐雨川
TU Show-mei 涂壽眉
TU Yee-tong 杜以唐
TUNG Chuan 董銓
TUNG Kuang-chuan 董廣川
Marie TUNG 童俊屏
TUNG Park-sun 董百洵
TUNG Shih-tsuan 童世荃
TUO Der-rong 脫德榮
TWU Shao-may 涂少梅
TZUOO Guu-ching 左谷清
TZUOO Jeou-yu 左玖瑜
WAN Shaw-kang 萬壽康
Alan T. A. WANG 王財安
C. S. WANG 王崇熙
WANG Chang-hsi 王長璽
WANG Chang-hwa 王昌華
WANG Chao-kuang 王照光
WANG Cheh-yuin 王致雲
WANG Chen 王征
WANG Cheng-pin 王承彬
WANG Cherng-sheng 王成聖
WANG Ching-chih 王靜芝
WANG Chune-yune 汪俊容............... *
WANG Daw 王道
Eva WANG 王懷義
WANG Farn-tying 王藩庭
WANG Feng-chang 王奉璋
WANG Ho-piao 王鶴標
WANG Hseuh-cheng 王學政
WANG Hui-chuan 王會全
WANG Hung 王衍
WANG Ji-ying 王之英
WANG Juei-kang 王銳剛
WANG Jy-ren 王之仁
WANG Kong-an 王孔安
WANG Lan 王藍
WANG Lan 王蘭
WANG Li-wen 王立文
WANG Lien-kuei 王聯奎
WANG Men-jou 王孟周
WANG Moo-cheng 王慕曾
WANG Mu-hsin 王慕信
WANG Peir-ji 王培基
WANG Rong 王戎
WANG Shan-hsiang 王善祥
WANG Shih-tse 王世澤
WANG Shu-hsin 王淑珣
WANG Su-ching 王素清
WANG Ting-chu 王廷柱
WANG Wen-tan 王文坦
WANG Yeu-tyng 王禹廷
WANG Ying-chieh 王應傑................ *
WANG Yu-fu 王虞輔
WANG Yu-sheng 王雨生
WEI Chao-chi 魏兆基
WEI Gung 魏耿
WEI Tei-mou 韋德懋
WEI Ying-chao 韋永超
WONG Chin-chu 翁金珠.................. *
WONG Chun-chow 王崇周
WONG Hun-yeun 黃漢源
S. N. WONG 汪聖農
WONG Tsu-hwa 汪祖華
WONG Yin-joon 黃仁俊
WU Chang-hsi 吳常熙
WU Che-lang 吳哲朗.......................... *
WU Cheng-tzu 武成祖
Frank WU 吳豊山............................... *
WU Hsiu-liang 吳修量........................ *
WU Hsu-ying 吳秀瑛
WU Jen 吳箴
WU Kung-huai 吳廣懷
WU Ling 吳麟
WU Pi-en 吳必恩
WU Shyh-ling 吳仕玲
WU Ta-jueng 吳大鈞
WU Ting-yu 吳庭棫
WU Tseng-yu 吳曾育
WU Tsuan-wu 鄔繩武
Victor H. T. WU 吳錫澤
WU Wang-kun 吳萬恭
Y. P. WU 吳雲鵬
WU Yin-hwa 吳蔭華
WU Yung 武鏞
WUH Nai-san 沃耐珊
YAN Kou-sin 楊郭杏
C. F. YANG 楊金虎
YANG Chi-hsiung 楊吉雄................. *
YANG Chi-rong 楊繼榮
YANG Ching-chine 楊景秦
YANG Erh-ying 楊爾瑛
YANG Jen-huang 楊仁煌................... *
YANG Jih-tzer 楊季澤
YANG Jun-ping 楊潤平
YANG Kai-ling 楊愷齡
YANG Kon-ming 楊公鳴
YANG Kuai-fang 楊貴芳
YANG Kung-mai 楊公邁
YANG Lih-jun 楊立君
YANG Shao-ching 楊紹珍
YANG Shen-hsu 楊慎修
YANG Shi-ying 楊士瀛
YANG Shu-tang 楊樹棠
Susan K. YANG 楊俊
T. S. YANG 楊天生............................ *
YANG Teh-shou 楊德壽
YANG Thei-ming 楊德明
Y. K. YANG 楊業孔
YANG Yang 楊揚
YANG Yu-yuan 楊育元
YAO Ling-shien 姚令嫻
Mungo K. L. YAO 姚谷良(夢谷)
YEE Tai-teh 易大德
YEE Wai-yung 奚蔚容
YEH Charn-jen 葉蟬貞
YEH Chin-fong 葉金鳳..................... *
YEH Eng-chieh 葉英傑..................... *
YEH Kuang 葉光
Elim I. L. YEN 嚴以霖
YEN Jiang-jin 嚴江津
YEN Ken-chang 顏艮昌
YEN Lin-feng 嚴靈峰
YEN Tche-tze 顏澤滋
YI Jeong 易炯
YIN Tso-ching 殷作楨
YIP Ying-gee 葉穎基
YOUNG Pai-hsing 楊丕欣
YU Cheng-chung 俞成椿
YU Chuan-ching 余傳瑾
YU Chung-chu 俞俊珠
YU Jen-mai 余仁美
YU Jinn-jian 余晉堅
YU Kuei 于歸
YU Lieh 余烈
YU Nae-kuen 余乃焜
YU Tzer-sheng 俞澤生
YU LEE Shiang-lan 李湘蘭
YUAN Fu-tin 原馥庭
YUAN Jyn-shung 袁日省
YUAN Lu-shuang 袁履霜
YUAN Shou-cheng 袁守成
YUAN Shu-fang 袁樹芳
YUEH Chen-an 岳成安
ZING Shing-yan 秦興炎

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Breakdown of NA members' categories (1992–2005)

NA Total
absolute 2/3
2nd 325 219 6 20 80 ≥ 163 ≥ 217
3rd 334 228 6 20 80 ≥ 168 ≥ 223
A.H. 300 300 ≥ 151 ≥ 200

Please note that there were no lists available online of members of Taiwan's Second and Third NA. The respective lists presented here are derived from news reports published in Chinese-language Taiwanese newspapers—Central Daily News (zhongyang ribao 中央日報), China Times (Zhongguo shibao 中國時報), United Daily News (lianhebao 聯合報), Liberty Times (ziyou shibao 自由時報) et al.—after the elections as well as the ROC Yearbooks (editions 1993 to 1999) published by the (now defunct) GIO. As for the members of the 2005 Ad Hoc-NA, Chinese Wikipedia features a member list, but since for several of its names no official English spelling could be found I transcribed those names according to the Wade Giles Romanization which is still widely used in Taiwan.

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Delegates of the Second NA (1992–1996)

The Second NA was elected on Dec. 21, 1991 based on the first revision of the ROC Constitution which had been adopted by the First NA on April 22, 1991 and promulgated by the ROC president on May 1, 1991. The following list shows the distribution of seats according to the election result. (Please note that in the table below ① stands for Nationwide Democratic Nonpartisan Union.)

Members of the Second NA  KMT   DPP   ①   Ind. 
219 geographical delegates 173 41 3 2
6 aboriginal delegates 6
20 overseas Chinese delegates  15 5
80 nationwide delegates 60 20
Total 325 254 66 3 2
Seat percentage 78.15 20.30 0.92 0.61

Synopsis: KMT seats exceeded a two-thirds majority.

The following table breaks down the average ratio for the seats of the 219 geographical delegates, i. e. the number of residents represented per NA seat. (Population figures: end of 1991)

City / county Population Seats 2nd NA at opening session Ø Ratio1:
Taipei City 2,717,992 28 (22 KMT, 6 DPP) 97,071
Kaohsiung City 1,396,425 14 (10 KMT, 4 DPP) 99,744
Taipei County 3,107,278 31 (27 KMT, 3 DPP, 1 ①) 100,234
Taoyuan County 1,385,165 14 (11 KMT, 3 DPP) 98,940
Hsinchu County 379,443 4 (3 KMT, 1 DPP) 94,860
Miaoli County 551,016 6 (6 KMT) 91,836
Taichung County 1,286,839 13 (11 KMT, 2 DPP) 98,987
Changhua County 1,254,228 13 (11 KMT, 1 DPP; 1 Ind.) 96,479
Nantou County 539,211 6 (5 KMT, 1 ①) 89,868
Yunlin County 753,710 8 (6 KMT, 2 DPP) 94,213
Chiayi County 554,746 6 (6 KMT) 92,457
Tainan County 1,035,861 11 (9 KMT, 2 DPP) 94,169
Kaohsiung County 1,132,153 12 (9 KMT, 2 DPP; 1 Ind.) 94,346
Pingtung County 897,176 9 (5 KMT, 4 DPP) 99,686
Yilan County 453,765 5 (3 KMT, 2 DPP) 90,753
Hualien County 353,490 4 (4 KMT) 88,372
Taitung County 255,887 3 (1 KMT, 1 DPP, 1 ①) 85,295
Penghu County 95,446 2 (2 KMT) 47,723
Keelung City 355,894 4 (3 KMT, 1 DPP) 88,973
Hsinchu City 328,911 4 (3 KMT, 1 DPP) 82,227
Taichung City 774,197 8 (6 KMT, 2 DPP) 96,774
Chiayi City 258,468 3 (2 KMT, 1 DPP) 86,156
Tainan City 689,541 7 (4 KMT, 3 DPP) 98,505
Kinmen County 43,442 2 (2 KMT) 21,721
Lienchiang County 5,547 2 (2 KMT) 2,773
TOTAL 20,605,831 219 94,090

The 325 delegates of the Second NA are listed directly below.

254 KMT

Eugene C. CHA 查競傳 (Overseas Chinese)
CHANG Ching-chung 張慶忠 (Taipei County)
CHANG Chiung-wen 張瓊文 (Yilan County)
CHANG Fu-hsin 張福興 (Hualien County)
CHANG Hsiao-tzu 章孝慈 (Nationwide)
CHANG Hu-tang 張馥堂 (Taipei County)
CHANG Hui-yuan 張輝元 (Yunlin County)
CHANG Jiann-long 張建隆 (Taoyuan County)
CHANG Kuang-huei 張光輝 (Taichung City)
CHANG Li-tang 張麗堂 (Nationwide)
CHANG Ping-wing 張炳文 (Chiayi City)
CHANG Wei-yi 章偉義 (Taipei City)
CHANG Wen-yi 張文儀 (Taichung County)
CHANG Yee-shyi 張一熙 (Hsinchu City)
CHAO Liang-yen 趙良燕 (Kaohsiung County)
CHAO Lin-lin 趙玲玲 (Nationwide)
CHAO Shin-nan 趙辛男 (Kaohsiung City)
CHEN An-pang 陳安邦 (Taipei City)
CHEN Cheng-chuan 陳鄭權 (Taoyuan County)
CHEN Chih-ming 陳志明 (Nationwide)
CHEN Chin-fu 陳進富 (Nationwide)
CHEN Ching-jang 陳金讓 (Nationwide)
CHEN Ching-sui 陳清水 (Hualien County)
CHEN Chuan 陳川 (Nationwide)
CHEN Chun-kuan 陳重光 (Nationwide)
CHEN Chung-hsi 陳重熙 (Changhua County)
Henry C. CHEN 陳漢春 (Nationwide)
CHEN Horng-chi 陳鴻基 (Taipei City)
CHEN Hsi-tung 陳錫東 (Yunlin County)
CHEN I-chiu 陳義秋 (Nationwide)
CHEN I-hsiung 陳一雄 (Kaohsiung County)
Johnson C. T. CHEN 陳瓊讚 (Nationwide)
CHEN Li-ling 陳麗伶 (Changhua County)
CHEN Lin-jang 陳林讓 (Taipei County)
CHEN Mei-tzu 陳美子 (Changhua County)
CHEN Min-hsiung 陳明雄 (Taipei County)
CHEN Ming-chi 陳明吉 (Tainan County)
CHEN Tseng-te 陳正德 (Highland Aborigines)
CHEN Tsung-jen 陳宗仁 (Taoyuan County)
CHEN Yen-hoo 陳允火 (Kinmen County)
CHEN Yi-hsiung 陳義雄 (Pingtung County)
CHEN Yi-wen 陳亦文 (Keelung City)
CHEN Yueh 陳悅 (Taipei County)
CHEN Yun-tung 陳運棟 (Miaoli County)
CHEN Zu-chin 陳子欽 (Kaohsiung County)
CHENG Jyh-yih 鄭致毅 (Overseas Chinese)
CHENG Kuang-po 鄭光博 (Penghu County)
CHENG Tzu-hsiung 鄭次雄 (Nationwide)
CHENG Yung-tang 鄭永堂 (Hsinchu County)
CHERN Chung-tso 陳忠作 (Taipei County)
CHIANG Chi-wen 江綺雯 (Kaohsiung City)
CHIANG Hui-chen 江惠貞 (Taipei County)
Susie CHIANG Su-hui 江素惠 (Overseas Chinese)
CHIANG Yi-hsiung 江義雄 (Chiayi City)
CHIAO TSAI No-pu 焦再娜甫 (Nationwide)
CHIEN Han-sun 簡漢生 (Nationwide)
CHIEN Mao-sung 簡茂松 (Kaohsiung County)
CHIEN Seng-san 簡省三 (Taipei County)
CHIEN Teh-yuan 簡德源 (Taipei County)
CHIU Chih-chen 邱志成 (Changhua County)
CHOU Hsin-nan 周信男 (Kaohsiung City)
CHOU Ta-yeh 周大業 (Taipei County)
CHU Chang-hsin 朱樟興 (Taoyuan County)
CHU Chun-hsiao 朱俊曉 (Taipei County)
CHU Hsin-min 朱新民 (Taipei City)
CHU Li-lin 朱麗玲 (Taichung City)
CHU Wei-chung 朱為中 (Taichung County)
CHU Yeou-fu 朱有福 (Kaohsiung City)
CHUANG Hai-shu 莊海樹 (Overseas Chinese)
CHUANG Jung-chang 莊隆昌 (Taipei County)
J. P. FA 法治斌 (Nationwide)
FAN Yang S. 范揚盛 (Overseas Chinese)
FANG Lie-shieu 方力脩 (Taoyuan County)
FENG Ting-kuo 馮定國 (Taipei City)
FU Kuen-chen 傅崐成 (Taipei County)
Pauline FU 符寶玲 (Nationwide)
GENE Chih-jen 荊知仁 (Nationwide)
HSIEH Hsiu-ping 謝修平 (Nationwide)
HSIEH Miao-tsai 謝淼才 (Miaoli County)
HSIEH Wen-pin 謝文彬 (Tainan County)
William HSIEH 謝貞德 (Changhua County)
HSIEH Zui-chi 謝瑞智 (Nationwide)
HSIN Mien 辛勉 (Nationwide)
HSU Heng-tzu 許恆慈 (Yunlin County)
HSU Jong-chuan 許仲川 (Nationwide)
HSU Ming-jen 許明仁 (Changhua County)
HSUI Sheng-fa 許勝發 (Nationwide)
Antony C. HU 胡僑榮 (Nationwide)
HUANG Hsien-chou 黃顯洲 (Taichung City)
HUANG Kuo-tsang 黃國昌 (Overseas Chinese)
HUANG Lai-i 黃來鎰 (Tainan County)
HUANG Ming-tsung 黃明聰 (Taipei County)
HUANG Sang-yang 黃上揚 (Changhua County)
HUANG Ting-chuan 黃丁全 (Kaohsiung City)
HUANG Tsu-nan 黃初男 (Nationwide)
HUANG Tzu-yu 黃祖裕 (Kaohsiung County)
HUNG Chi-ming 洪啟明 (Changhua County)
HUNG Chien-wen 洪見文 (Taipei County)
Douglas T. HUNG 洪讀 (Overseas Chinese)
HUNG Huang-lin 洪皇琳 (Taichung County)
HUNG Teng-yueh 洪騰岳 (Changhua County)
HUNG Yu-ying 洪玉鶯 (Nantou County)
HWANG Ching-fong 黃鏡峰 (Nationwide)
HWANG Te-hung 黃德鴻 (Yunlin County)
HWANG Yih-lian 黃義聯 (Yilan County)
JEN Fu-yuon 任富勇 (Hsinchu City)
JOHN Jee-min 江吉明 (Highland Aborigines)
KANG Kuo-feng 康國鋒 (Taipei County)
Alice H. E. KAO 高惠宇 (Taipei City)
Benjamin C. M. KAO 高志明 (Nationwide)
David Jen-juch KAO 高正治 (Nationwide)
KAO Chung-hsin 高忠信 (Nationwide)
KAO Kuang-cheng 高光承 (Taipei City)
KO Shui-yuan 柯水源 (Keelung City)
KUAN Yung-shih 關永實 (Nationwide)
KUO Che 郭哲 (Nationwide)
Patrick Fong-yu KUO 郭芳煜 (Nationwide)
KUO Po-chun 郭柏村 (Chiayi County)
KUO Su-chun 郭素春 (Taipei County)
C. K. KWAN 關卓權 (Overseas Chinese)
LANG Yu-hsien 郎裕憲 (Nationwide)
LEE Cheng-chong 李正宗 (Nationwide)
LEE Shang-ren 李先仁 (Taipei County)
LEE Tseng-chang 李增昌 (Pingtung County)
Fred K. LI 李克明 (Taipei City)
LI Hung-yu 李宏裕 (Nantou County)
Nigel N. T. LI 李念祖 (Nationwide)
LI Pi-mei 李碧梅 (Tainan County)
LIAO Jung-ching 廖榮清 (Taipei County)
LIAO Wan-ju 廖婉汝 (Pingtung County)
LIAO Wen-chang 廖文章 (Taichung City)
LIN A-jen 林阿仁 (Taipei County)
LIN Bao-shy 林保獅 (Taichung County)
LIN Chang-ju 林嫦茹 (Taichung County)
LIN Chao-ying 林朝英 (Kaohsiung County)
LIN Cheng-er 林正二 (Lowland Aborigines)
LIN Chin-shih 林金泗 (Taichung County)
LIN Chui-chau 林垂宙 (Nationwide)
LIN Chung-hsin 林忠信 (Lowland Aborigines)
George C. H. LIN 林長勳 (Taipei County)
Helen LIN 林澄枝 (Nationwide)
LIN Heng-shen 林恆生 (Nationwide)
LIN Hsun 林訓 (Taichung County)
LIN Hung-chih 林鴻池 (Taipei County)
LIN Jen-shyong 林正雄 (Chiayi County)
LIN Ko-mo 林克謨 (Taichung County)
LIN Kuang-yen 林光演 (Nantou County)
LIN Kuo-hua 林國華 (Taichung City)
LIN Kuo-huang 林國煌 (Overseas Chinese)
LIN Meng-tan 林孟丹 (Kaohsiung City)
LIN Ming-te 林銘德 (Taichung County)
LIN Rong-huei 林榮輝 (Lowland Aborigines)
LIN Shui-chi 林水吉 (Nantou County)
LIN Yih-shyong 林義雄 (Taipei City)
LIN Yuan-hsi 林淵熙 (Pingtung County)
LIOU Jiing-yih 劉景義 (Nationwide)
LIU Chen-wen 劉正文 (Taipei City)
LIU Meng-chang 劉孟昌 (Kaohsiung City)
LIU Sen-tong 劉憲同 (Kaohsiung City)
LIU Shun-yung 劉顯原 (Chiayi County)
LIU Te-chen 劉德成 (Taichung County)
LIU Tsung-ming 劉宗明 (Taipei City)
LIU Wei-ta 劉偉達 (Tainan City)
LIU Yue-yao 劉裕猷 (Nationwide)
LO CHUNG Chen-chih 羅鍾澄枝 (Miaoli County)
LO Kwang-juei 羅光瑞 (Nationwide)
LO Ming-tsai 羅明才 (Taipei County)
LU Ching-yu 呂清游 (Taipei County)
LU Hsueh-chang 呂學樟 (Hsinchu City)
LU Hsueh-tu 呂學圖 (Taipei County)
LU Hsueh-yi 呂學儀 (Nationwide)
LU Wen-feng 盧文峰 (Kaohsiung County)
LU Weng-chin 呂文進 (Taichung County)
MA Hsu-yuan 馬緒援 (Nationwide)
Jenny MA 馬愛珍 (Taipei City)
MA Ying-jeou 馬英九 (Nationwide)
MU Ming-chu 穆閩珠 (Taipei City)
Austin Chin-jen OU 歐晉仁 (Overseas Chinese)
OU Ming-hsien 歐明憲 (Yunlin County)
PENG Kwang-cheng 彭光政 (Nationwide)
PENG Yeou-jy 彭有枝 (Taoyuan County)
SHAW Chonghal 邵宗海 (Taipei City)
SHEN Yin-ho 沈銀和 (Taipei City)
SHIEH Lung-sheng 謝隆盛 (Nationwide)
SHIH Chi-yang 施啟揚 (Nationwide)
SHIH Meng-hsiung 施孟雄 (Nationwide)
SHIH Shi-tien 施西田 (Changhua County)
SHIH Wan-chu 石宛珠 (Nationwide)
SHYU Jenn-shing 徐振興 (Taoyuan County)
SONG Shiun-guang 宋煦光 (Tainan County)
SSU TU Chen 司徒政 (Overseas Chinese)
SU Ching-jung 蘇清榮 (Tainan County)
SU Jyun-hsyong 蘇俊雄 (Nationwide)
SU Nan-cheng 蘇南成 (Nationwide)
Oliver Yuh-long SU 蘇玉龍 (Taitung County)
SU Yeong-chin 蘇永欽 (Nationwide)
TAI Tien-wen 戴天文 (Taipei City)
TAM Chiu-chun 譚超俊 (Overseas Chinese)
TSAI Chang-feng 蔡長楓 (Taoyuan County)
TSAI Chung-chi 蔡重吉 (Taipei City)
TSAI Ting-pang 蔡定邦 (Nationwide)
TSAY Yunn-hwang 蔡運煌 (Hualien County)
TSENG Hsien-chi 曾憲棨 (Taipei City)
TSENG Ping-huang 曾炳煌 (Taipei County)
TU Chen-jung 杜振榮 (Tainan City)
TUAN Chia-feng 段家鋒 (Nationwide)
TUNG Hsiang-fei 董翔飛 (Nationwide)
WANG Bih-rong 王必榮 (Taipei County)
WANG Chun-yuan 王俊元 (Taipei City)
WANG Fang-lan/Jolene Chang 汪芳蘭 (Overseas Chinese)
WANG Fu-mau 王富茂 (Taipei City)
WANG Hua-chen 王化榛 (Taipei City)
James Jam-ting WANG 王振廷 (Tainan County)
WANG Lan-fen 王蘭芬 (Chiayi County)
Peter WANG 王百祺 (Tainan City)
WANG Shih-kow 王石國 (Nationwide)
WANG Shu-ching 王述親 (Nationwide)
WANG Tong-i 王東一 (Chiayi County)
WANG Tzu-kuan 王慈官 (Lienchiang County)
WANG Wen-jeng 王文正 (Kaohsiung City)
WEN Ching-lan 溫錦蘭 (Nationwide)
WONG Hsing-wang 翁興旺 (Tainan County)
WONG Wen-der 翁文德 (Highland Aborigines)
WU Chi-mei 吳綺美 (Changhua County)
WU Chien-kuo 吳建國 (Kaohsiung City)
WU Chun-an 吳俊岸 (Hsinchu County)
WU Chung-ling 吳鐘靈 (Nationwide)
WU Ho-yu 巫和怡 (Overseas Chinese)
WU Jen-chian 吳仁健 (Chiayi County)
WU Jzer-yuan 伍澤元 (Pingtung County)
WU Kuang-hsun 吳光訓 (Kaohsiung County)
WU Kuo-chung 吳國重 (Nantou County)
Luke K. C. WU 吳克清 (Taoyuan County)
WU Mao-hsiung 吳茂雄 (Taipei City)
WU Ming-pou 吳明波 (Miaoli County)
WU Ming-tseng 吳明增 (Hsinchu County)
WU Sen-fa 吳森發 (Kaohsiung County)
WU Shiou-rong 吳修榮 (Yunlin County)
WU Tsai-fu 吳再福 (Tainan City)
WU Wan-teng 吳萬等 (Penghu County)
WU Yung-ching 巫永青 (Miaoli County)
YANG Chung-sen 楊崇森 (Nationwide)
YANG Jing-lin 楊景淋 (Miaoli County)
YANG Man-hwa 楊曼華 (Taoyuan County)
YANG Shu-shin 楊樹森 (Nationwide)
YANG Suh-yuan 楊肅元 (Kinmen County)
YANG Sui-sheng 楊綏生 (Lienchiang County)
YANG Szu-chin 楊思勤 (Keelung City)
YANG Tzuo-chow 楊作洲 (Overseas Chinese)
YEH Cheng-lin 葉正林 (Taoyuan County)
YEN Yao-shing 顏耀星 (Tainan County)
YU Hui-chang 虞會璋 (Hualien County)
YU Song-chun 余松俊 (Taichung City)
YU Sung-hsiung 尤松雄 (Yilan County)

66 DPP

CHANG Chia-chang 張甲長 (Nationwide)
CHANG Ching-hui 張慶惠 (Taoyuan County)
CHANG Chuan-tien 張川田 (Nationwide)
CHANG Chun-hung 張俊宏 (Nationwide)
CHANG Chung-tung 張忠棟 (Nationwide)
CHANG Fu-chung 張富忠 (Nationwide)
Michael C. CHANG 張晉城 (Taipei City)
CHEN CHANG Fu-mei 張富美 (Overseas Chinese)
CHEN Chin-lung 陳欽隆 (Taichung County)
CHEN Chin-te 陳金德 (Yilan County)
CHEN Chu 陳菊 (Kaohsiung City)
CHEN Mao-nan 陳茂男 (Taipei County)
Roger B. W. CHEN 陳博文 (Nationwide)
CHEN San-szu 陳三思 (Kaohsiung County)
CHEN Shiu-hui 陳秀惠 (Nationwide)
CHEN Yi-peng 陳逸鵬 (Hsinchu County)
CHEN Yong-hsin 陳永興 (Nationwide)
CHENG Pao-ching 鄭寶清 (Taoyuan County)
CHENG Tien-wang 鄭添旺 (Kaohsiung County)
Roy T. J. CHIOU 邱子正 (Pingtung County)
CHOU Ping-te 周平德 (Kaohsiung City)
HSU Jung-shu 許榮淑 (Taichung City)
Leonard P. L. HSU 許丕龍 (Overseas Chinese)
HSU Ping-feng 徐炳豐 (Pingtung County)
Stephen R. HSU 許瑞峰 (Taipei City)
HSU Yang-ming 許陽明 (Taipei City)
HUANG Chao-kai 黃昭凱 (Tainan City)
HUANG Hsin-chieh 黃信介 (Nationwide)
HUANG Huang-hsiung 黃煌雄 (Nationwide)
Lina HUANG 黃玲娜 (Yilan County)
HUANG Wen-ho 黃文和 (Nationwide)
JU Yi-hsu 朱義旭 (Nationwide)
KANG Ning-hsiang 康寧祥 (Nationwide)
KUO Shih-nan 郭時南 (Overseas Chinese)
LAI Chin-lin 賴勁麟 (Taipei County)
LAI Kun-cheng 賴坤成 (Taitung County)
LAI Wen-hsiong 賴文雄 (Overseas Chinese)
LAW I-tieg 劉一德 (Taipei City)
LEE Tsung-fan 李宗藩 (Tainan County)
LEE Wen-chung 李文忠 (Taipei County)
LIN Chun-yi 林俊義 (Taichung City)
LIN Hsi-hou 林熺厚 (Taoyuan County)
LIN HUANG Fu-mei 林黃富美 (Yunlin County)
LIN Yu-ti 林玉體 (Nationwide)
LIU Chen-hsiang 劉貞祥 (Kaohsiung City)
LIU Hui-hsiung 劉輝雄 (Tainan County)
LIU Wen-chung 劉文忠 (Nationwide)
SU Chih-yang 蘇治洋 (Yunlin County)
SU Fang-jung 蘇芳章 (Nationwide)
SU Ming-nan 蘇明南 (Pingtung County)
TANG Pi-o 唐碧娥 (Tainan City)
TSAI Chi-fang 蔡啟芳 (Chiayi City)
TSAI Jen-chien 蔡仁堅 (Hsinchu City)
Michael TSAI Ming-shian 蔡明憲 (Overseas Chinese)
Tracy M. H. TSAI 蔡明華 (Nationwide)
TSAI Wen-pin 蔡文斌 (Tainan City)
TSAO Chi-hung 曹啟鴻 (Pingtung County)
TU Wen-ching 杜文卿 (Nationwide)
WANG Chao-chuan 王兆釧 (Nationwide)
WANG Hsueh-fung 王雪峰 (Taipei City)
WANG Tuoh 王拓 (Keelung City)
WU Ching-guey 吳清桂 (Taipei City)
YANG Chia-yu 楊嘉猷 (Taichung County)
YANG Szu-hai 楊四海 (Nationwide)
YANG Weng-pin 楊文彬 (Changhua County)
YEN Ming-sheng 顏明聖 (Kaohsiung City)

3 Nationwide Democratic Nonpartisan Union

CHEN Tsi-chi 陳啟吉 (Nantou County)
SHAI Fan-wan 蕭芳萬 (Taipei County)
TANG Ming-tsao 唐明超 (Taitung County)

2 Independents

CHEN Fan-hsiung 陳繁雄 (Changhua County)
HWANG Hwarng-du 黃鴻都 (Kaohsiung County)

Please note that nationwide NA delegate David Jen-juch KAO 高正治 (1950-2022) of the KMT, a member of the Paiwan indigenous people, was also known as Kao Cheng-chih in English and under his tribal name Gui Giling.

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Speakers of the Third NA and the Ad Hoc-NA

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
7/1996—1/1999 Fredrick F. Chien 錢復 b. 1935 Beijing
1/1999—9/1999 Su Nan-cheng 蘇南成 b. 1936 Taiwan
9/1999—5/2000 @ Chen Ching-jang 陳金讓 b. 1935 Taiwan
5/2005—6/2005 Yeh Chu-lan 葉菊蘭 b. 1949 Taiwan

The official title of the NA's speaker in Chinese was guomin dahui yizhang 國民大會議長. Available sources provide no information about a similar function or title in the First NA and Second NA, ROC government directories listed the secretary-general as most senior position for them instead.

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Delegates of the Third NA (1996–2000)

The Third NA was elected on March 23, 1996 based on the second revision of the ROC Constitution which had been adopted by the Second NA on May 27, 1992 and went into effect on May 30, 1992. The following list shows the distribution of seats according to the election result. (Please note that in the table below ① stands for Green Party Taiwan.)

Members of the Third NA KMT DPP NP  ①  Ind.
228 geographical delegates 123 68 31 1 5
6 aboriginal delegates 6
20 overseas Chinese delegates  11 6 3
80 nationwide delegates 43 25 12
Total 334 183 99 46 1 5
Seat percentage 54.79 29.64 13.77 0.29 1.49

Synopsis: KMT kept absolute majority, KMT and NP combined had a two-thirds majority.

The following table breaks down the average ratio for the seats of the 228 geographical delegates, i. e. the number of residents represented per NA seat. (Population figures: end of 1995)

City / county Population Seats 3rd NA at opening session Ø Ratio1:
Taipei City 2,632,863 27 (9 KMT, 9 DPP, 9 NP) 97,513
Kaohsiung City 1,426,035 15 (7 KMT, 5 DPP, 3 NP) 95,069
Taipei County 3,305,615 33 (16 KMT, 9 DPP, 6 NP; 2 Ind.) 100,170
Taoyuan County 1,524,127 16 (8 KMT, 5 DPP, 3 NP) 95,257
Hsinchu County 408,577 5 (4 KMT, 1 NP) 81,715
Miaoli County 560,128 6 (5 KMT, 1 NP) 93,354
Taichung County 1,404,729 14 (8 KMT, 4 DPP, 1 NP; 1 Ind.) 100,337
Changhua County 1,288,447 13 (9 KMT, 4 DPP) 99,111
Nantou County 546,517 6 (4 KMT, 2 DPP) 91,086
Yunlin County 753,998 8 (6 KMT, 1 DPP, 1 ①) 94,249
Chiayi County 565,804 6 (4 KMT, 2 DPP) 94,300
Tainan County 1,081,801 11 (6 KMT, 5 DPP) 98,345
Kaohsiung County 1,193,912 12 (7 KMT, 4 DPP; 1 Ind.) 99,492
Pingtung County 911,843 10 (7 KMT, 3 DPP) 91,184
Yilan County 465,043 5 (3 DPP, 2 KMT) 93,008
Hualien County 358,981 4 (2 KMT, 1 DPP, 1 NP) 89,745
Taitung County 254,375 3 (3 KMT) 84,791
Penghu County 90,937 2 (1 KMT, 1 DPP) 45,468
Keelung City 368,771 4 (2 KMT, 1 DPP, 1 NP) 92,192
Hsinchu City 340,255 4 (2 KMT, 1 DPP, 1 NP) 85,063
Taichung City 853,221 9 (4 DPP, 3 KMT, 2 NP) 94,802
Chiayi City 261,391 3 (2 KMT, 1 DPP) 87,130
Tainan City 706,811 8 (4 KMT, 3 DPP; 1 Ind.) 88,351
Kinmen County 47,394 2 (1 KMT, 1 NP) 23,697
Lienchiang County 5,856 2 (1 KMT, 1 NP) 2,928
TOTAL 21,357,431 228 93,672

The 334 delegates of the Third NA are listed directly below.

183 KMT

CHANG Cheng-chi 張政治 (Lowland Aborigines)
CHANG Hui-yuan 張輝元 (Nationwide)
CHANG Jiann-long 張建隆 (Taoyuan County)
John CHANG Hsiao-yen 章孝嚴 (Hsinchu City)
CHANG Jung-hsien 張榮顯 (Kaohsiung City)
CHANG King-hua 張金華 (Keelung City)
CHANG Kuang-huei 張光輝 (Nationwide)
CHANG Kuen-lin 張坤霖 (Yunlin County)
CHANG Ling 張玲 (Taipei City)
CHANG Lung-sheng 張隆盛 (Taichung County)
CHANG Ming-chih 張明致 (Nationwide)
CHANG Sheng-hua 張勝華 (Changhua County)
CHANG Song-sue 張松樹 (Chiayi County)
CHAO Lin-lin 趙玲玲 (Nationwide)
CHAO Ning 趙寧 (Nationwide)
CHAO Shu-yuan 趙淑媛 (Changhua County)
Charles CHEN Cheng-kung 陳政寬 (Chiayi City)
CHEN Chi-hui 陳琪惠 (Hsinchu County)
CHEN Chi-san 陳志三 (Taoyuan County)
CHEN Chi-yang 陳淇陽 (Pingtung County)
CHEN Chien-ming 陳建銘 (Taipei City)
CHEN Chih-kuan 陳志寬 (Pingtung County)
CHEN Chih-naan 陳志男 (Taipei County)
CHEN Chin-ting 陳進丁 (Changhua County)
CHEN Ching-jang 陳金讓 (Nationwide)
CHEN Ching-jen 陳鏡仁 (Nationwide)
CHEN Chuan 陳川 (Nationwide)
CHEN Heng-sheng 陳恆盛 (Nationwide)
Henry C. CHEN 陳漢春 (Nationwide)
CHEN Hsueh-sheng 陳雪生 (Lienchiang County)
CHEN Jun-wu 陳潤吾 (Overseas Chinese)
CHEN Mei-tzu 陳美子 (Changhua County)
CHEN Ming-chi 陳明吉 (Nationwide)
CHEN Ming-jen 陳明仁 (Nationwide)
CHEN Tsan-hung 陳燦鴻 (Taipei City)
CHEN Tsun-hsiung 陳村雄 (Kaohsiung City)
CHEN Yi-wen 陳亦文 (Keelung City)
CHEN Yun-tung 陳運棟 (Miaoli County)
CHEN Zu-chin 陳子欽 (Nationwide)
CHENG Mei-lan 鄭美蘭 (Nationwide)
CHI TSAI Yueh-hsien 紀蔡月仙 (Taichung County)
CHIANG Chi-yen 江吉源 (Kaohsiung County)
CHIANG Hui-chen 江惠貞 (Taipei County)
CHIANG Shun-yu 江順裕 (Hsinchu County)
Fredrick F. CHIEN 錢復 (Nationwide)
CHIEN Tai-lang 簡太郎 (Pingtung County)
CHIEN Teh-yuan 簡德源 (Taipei County)
CHIU Chia-chien 邱家乾 (Taoyuan County)
CHO Cheng-fang 卓政防 (Kaohsiung County)
CHU Chun-hsiao 朱俊曉 (Taipei County)
CHU Hsin-min 朱新民 (Nationwide)
CHUANG Jung-chang 莊隆昌 (Nationwide)
FAN Yang-kung 范楊恭 (Hsinchu County)
FENG Ju-cheng 馮汝城 (Overseas Chinese)
FENG Pao-cheng 馮寶成 (Highland Aborigines)
GENE Chih-jen 荊知仁 (Nationwide)
Leo C. HO 何啟建 (Overseas Chinese)
HO Tsai-feng 侯彩鳳 (Nationwide)
HSIAO Shu-li 蕭淑麗 (Chiayi County)
HSIEH Dung-sung 謝東松 (Changhua County)
HSIEH Zui-chi 謝瑞智 (Nationwide)
HSU Ching-fu 許慶復 (Nationwide)
HSU Hsin-i 許信義 (Nantou County)
HSU Hung-chin 徐鴻進 (Taoyuan County)
HSU Pei-hsiu 許丕修 (Yunlin County)
HSU Shiang-kueen 徐享崑 (Miaoli County)
HSU Shou-chih 徐守志 (Tainan City)
HSUI Sheng-fa 許勝發 (Nationwide)
Jason HU 胡志強 (Taichung City)
HUANG Che-liang 黃哲諒 (Pingtung County)
HUANG Che-san 黃哲三 (Kaohsiung City)
Justin HUANG 黃健庭 (Taitung County)
HUANG Min-hui 黃敏惠 (Chiayi City)
HUANG Ming-tsung 黃明聰 (Taipei County)
HUANG Peng-hsiao 黃澎孝 (Taipei County)
HUANG Tzung-shih 黃宗詩 (Taoyuan County)
HUNG Hsiu-chu 洪秀菊 (Tainan County)
HWANG Te-hung 黃德鴻 (Yunlin County)
JAO Shu-chen 饒淑貞 (Kaohsiung County)
KANG Kuo-feng 康國鋒 (Taipei County)
KAO Chung-hsin 高忠信 (Nationwide)
KE Sun-jyi 柯三吉 (Nationwide)
KUNG Hsing-sheng 龔興生 (Yunlin County)
KUO Jeng-chung 郭正崇 (Overseas Chinese)
KUO Su-chun 郭素春 (Nationwide)
LAI Chien-jung 賴健榮 (Pingtung County)
LAI Tzung-hsin 賴宗炘 (Changhua County)
LANG Yu-hsien 郎裕憲 (Nationwide)
Alexander Y. T. LEE 李榮堂 (Tainan County)
Anthony S. LEE 李學英 (Overseas Chinese)
LEE Chen-chia 李成家 (Nationwide)
LEE Cheng-chong 李正宗 (Nationwide)
LEE Chi-sheng 李繼生 (Highland Aborigines)
LEE Ching-tsen 李清圳 (Chiayi County)
Lester T. C. LEE 李宗正 (Taipei City)
LEE Shang-ren 李先仁 (Taipei County)
LEE Wen-hung 李文鴻 (Taichung County)
LI Hung-yu 李宏裕 (Nantou County)
LI Shih-yi 李詩益 (Nationwide)
LIAO Fang-chou 廖芳洲 (Overseas Chinese)
LIAO Jung-ching 廖榮清 (Taipei County)
LIAO Kuo-tung 廖國棟 (Lowland Aborigines)
LIAO Wan-ju 廖婉汝 (Pingtung County)
LIN A-jen 林阿仁 (Taipei County)
LIN Chang-ju 林嫦茹 (Taichung County)
LIN Ching-chi 林慶麒 (Taipei County)
LIN Chu-lee 林居利 (Pingtung County)
Helen LIN 林澄枝 (Nationwide)
LIN Hung-chih 林鴻池 (Taipei County)
LIN Jen-te 林仁德 (Hualien County)
LIN Jung-te 林榮德 (Miaoli County)
LIN Ming-chang 林明昌 (Yilan County)
Paul LIN Kuang-hsien 林光顯 (Overseas Chinese)
LIN Shu-hung 林叔宏 (Taichung County)
LIN Shu-mei 林束梅 (Yilan County)
LIN Sung-shan 林嵩山 (Hualien County)
LIN Yi-lu 林益陸 (Highland Aborigines)
LIN Yuan-yuan 林淵源 (Nationwide)
LIOU Jiing-yih 劉景義 (Nationwide)
LIU Chao-chang 劉櫂漳 (Taitung County)
LIU Chia-chi 劉家驥 (Taichung City)
LIU Meng-chang 劉孟昌 (Kaohsiung City)
LIU Sen-tong 劉憲同 (Kaohsiung City)
LIU Te-chen 劉德成 (Taichung County)
LIU Tung-lung 劉東隆 (Taoyuan County)
LIU Yue-yao 劉裕猷 (Nationwide)
LIU Yung-fu 劉永福 (Changhua County)
LO CHUNG Chen-chih 羅鍾澄枝 (Miaoli County)
LU Chun-hung 呂鈞鴻 (Taipei County)
LU Hsuan-tung 呂軒東 (Taichung County)
LU Hsueh-chang 呂學樟 (Hsinchu City)
LU I-hsuen 盧憶萱 (Tainan County)
LU Wen-feng 盧文峰 (Kaohsiung County)
LU Wen-i 呂文義 (Penghu County)
LUNG Ying-ta 龍應達 (Taoyuan County)
MA Chang-feng 馬長風 (Nantou County)
John C. I. NI 黎昌意 (Taipei County)
PENG Ching-peng 彭錦鵬 (Nationwide)
PENG Fang-ku 彭芳谷 (Nationwide)
SHEN Yin-ho 沈銀和 (Nationwide)
SHIH Yuan-na 石元娜 (Nationwide)
SHIEH Lung-sheng 謝隆盛 (Nationwide)
SU Nan-cheng 蘇南成 (Nationwide)
SUN Ing-shan 孫英善 (Overseas Chinese)
TENG Hung-chi 鄧鴻吉 (Taichung City)
Alex TSAI Cheng-yuan 蔡正元 (Taipei City)
TSAI Chih-hong 蔡志弘 (Taipei City)
TSAI Chung-chi 蔡重吉 (Taipei City)
TSAI Liang-liang 蔡亮亮 (Overseas Chinese)
TSAI Ling-lan 蔡鈴蘭 (Nationwide)
TSAI Ting-pang 蔡定邦 (Nationwide)
TSAI Yung-chang 蔡永常 (Yunlin County)
TSENG Hsien-chi 曾憲棨 (Taipei City)
TSENG Ping-huang 曾炳煌 (Taipei County)
TSUNG Shu-kuei 叢樹貴 (Kaohsiung City)
Andrew WANG Ming-long 王明隆 (Tainan City)
WANG Chih 王智 (Overseas Chinese)
WANG DAY Chuen-man 王戴春滿 (Taichung County)
WANG Feng-ming 王逢明 (Kaohsiung County)
WANG Hsiu-yuan 王琇媛 (Yunlin County)
WANG Kuo-ching 王國清 (Tainan City)
WANG Lan-fen 王蘭芬 (Chiayi County)
WANG Mei-yueh 王美月 (Taipei County)
William WANG Shih-hsiung 王世雄 (Nationwide)
WEN Hsi-chin 溫錫金 (Changhua County)
WONG Hsing-wang 翁興旺 (Tainan County)
N. C. WONG 黃握中 (Overseas Chinese)
WU Chi-mei 吳綺美 (Changhua County)
WU Ching-yu 吳靜瑜 (Kaohsiung City)
WU Chun-an 吳俊岸 (Hsinchu County)
WU He-chung 吳鶴中 (Kaohsiung County)
WU Kuang-hsun 吳光訓 (Kaohsiung County)
WU Kuo-chung 吳國重 (Nantou County)
WU Mao-hsiung 吳茂雄 (Taipei City)
WU Tung-sheng 吳東昇 (Nationwide)
WU Ying-chin 吳映卿 (Tainan City)
YANG Ching-sheng 楊荊生 (Taitung County)
YANG Jen-huang 楊仁煌 (Lowland Aborigines)
YANG Jung-ming 楊榮明 (Tainan County)
YANG Suh-yuan 楊肅元 (Kinmen County)
YEH Yun-hsui 葉雲勗 (Taoyuan County)
YEN Yao-shing 顏耀星 (Tainan County)
YU Tung-chin 余東錦 (Miaoli County)

99 DPP

CHANG Chang-hsien 張倉顯 (Taipei County)
CHANG Chuan-tien 張川田 (Yilan County)
Kenny C. CHANG 張國慶 (Nationwide)
Monty C. H. CHANG 張禎祥 (Taipei County)
CHEN CHANG Fu-mei 張富美 (Nationwide)
CHEN Chao-lung 陳朝龍 (Nationwide)
CHEN Chin-fa 陳進發 (Tainan County)
CHEN Chin-te 陳金德 (Yilan County)
CHEN Jui-lin 陳瑞麟 (Hualien County)
CHEN Pi-feng 陳碧峰 (Taipei City)
CHEN Shiu-hui 陳秀惠 (Nationwide)
CHEN Shu-nuan 陳淑暖 (Yilan County)
Stella CHEN Woan-jen 陳婉真 (Taipei County)
CHEN Ta-chun 陳大鈞 (Taichung City)
CHEN Tao-ming 陳道明 (Nationwide)
CHEN Tsung-jen 陳宗仁 (Taoyuan County)
CHEN Yao-chang 陳耀昌 (Nationwide)
CHEN Yi-shen 陳義深 (Nationwide)
CHEN Yu-hui 陳玉惠 (Taichung City)
CHENG Hsin-chu 鄭新助 (Nationwide)
CHENG Kuei-lien 鄭貴蓮 (Kaohsiung County)
CHENG Li-wun 鄭麗文 (Taipei City)
CHIANG Chao-yi 江昭儀 (Overseas Chinese)
CHIANG Jui-tien 江瑞添 (Taoyuan County)
CHIEN Shu-hui 簡淑慧 (Taipei County)
CHIEN Tzu-hui 簡慈慧 (Nantou County)
Austin CHIU I-Pin 邱奕彬 (Taoyuan County)
CHIU Kuo-chang 邱國昌 (Taipei City)
CHIU Tai-san 邱太三 (Taichung County)
CHIU Yi-ying 邱議瑩 (Pingtung County)
CHOU Heng 周衡 (Taipei County)
CHOU Min-chin 周民進 (Nationwide)
CHOU Wei-yu 周威佑 (Taipei City)
CHU Tung-shu 朱銅樹 (Nationwide)
CHUANG Sheng-jung 莊勝榮 (Taipei City)
CHUNG Chia-pin 鍾佳濱 (Pingtung County)
CHUNG Shu-chi 鍾淑姬 (Nationwide)
FU Shu-chen 傅淑真 (Taichung County)
HO Min-hao 何敏豪 (Taichung City)
HONG Mow-cher 洪茂澤 (Kaohsiung County)
HONG Shun-wu 洪順五 (Overseas Chinese)
HOU Ching-chang 侯慶昌 (Chiayi County)
HOU Shui-sheng 侯水盛 (Tainan County)
HSIAO Chiuder 蕭秋德 (Overseas Chinese)
HSIEH Ching-wen 謝清文 (Tainan County)
HSIEH Ming-chang 謝明璋 (Penghu County)
HSU I-sheng 徐宜生 (Taichung County)
HSU Lung-chun 許龍俊 (Nationwide)
Wendell K. HU 胡維剛 (Overseas Chinese)
HUANG Chao-kai 黃昭凱 (Nationwide)
HUANG Te-lung 黃德隆 (Taoyuan County)
HUANG Wei-che 黃偉哲 (Tainan County)
HUANG Wen-ho 黃文和 (Nationwide)
HUANG Yung-huang 黃永煌 (Chiayi City)
HUNG Ping-lang 洪平朗 (Nationwide)
KANG Tai-shan 康泰山 (Overseas Chinese)
KANG Yao-chung 康耀忠 (Taipei City)
LAI Chin-lin 賴勁麟 (Taipei County)
LAI Fwu-hsing 賴福興 (Chiayi County)
LAI I-sung 賴儀松 (Changhua County)
William LAI Ching-te 賴清德 (Tainan City)
LAN Shih-tsung 藍世聰 (Taipei City)
LAW I-tieg 劉一德 (Taipei County)
LEE Chin-hsiang 利錦祥 (Nationwide)
LEE Chin-i 李金億 (Tainan City)
LEE Kun-tse 李昆澤 (Kaohsiung City)
LEE Ming-hsien 李明憲 (Taichung City)
LEE Wen-chung 李文忠 (Taipei County)
LIN Chung-mo 林重謨 (Taipei City)
LIN Mao-jung 林懋榮 (Kaohsiung County)
LIN Su-shan 林樹山 (Yunlin County)
Tommy LIN Yet-min 林逸民 (Nationwide)
Victor S. L. LIN 林勝利 (Changhua County)
LIN Yi-chen 林意楨 (Nationwide)
LIN Yu-sheng 林育生 (Pingtung County)
LIOU Gin-show 劉俊秀 (Nationwide)
LIU Chen-hsiang 劉貞祥 (Kaohsiung City)
NIEN Yung-ho 粘永和 (Changhua County)
PENG Pai-chung 彭百崇 (Nationwide)
SHIH Ming-hsiung 施明雄 (Overseas Chinese)
SU Chih-fen 蘇治芬 (Nationwide)
SU Ming-nan 蘇明南 (Nationwide)
TAI Jung-sheng 戴榮聖 (Kaohsiung City)
TANG Huo-sheng 湯火聖 (Nantou County)
TANG Mei-e 湯美娥 (Taoyuan County)
TANG Pi-o 唐碧娥 (Tainan City)
TING Yung-sun 丁詠蓀 (Changhua County)
TSAI Chi-fang 蔡啟芳 (Nationwide)
TSAI Hsin-te 蔡信德 (Kaohsiung City)
TSAI Jen-chien 蔡仁堅 (Hsinchu City)
TSAI Wen-pin 蔡文斌 (Nationwide)
WANG Ching-san 王慶三 (Taipei County)
WANG Ming-yu 王明玉 (Nationwide)
WANG Ming-yuan 王銘源 (Taipei City)
WANG Tung-hui 王東暉 (Keelung City)
WU Chun-ming 吳俊明 (Tainan County)
WU Fu-quei 吳富貴 (Taichung County)
YANG Chin-hai 楊金海 (Kaohsiung County)
YEN Ming-sheng 顏明聖 (Kaohsiung City)

46 NP

CHANG Chao-luen 常照倫 (Taichung City)
CHANG Hu-tang 張馥堂 (Nationwide)
CHEN Sheng 陳盛 (Taoyuan County)
CHEN Tze-ming 陳自明 (Overseas Chinese)
CHEN Yih-young 陳義揚 (Nationwide)
Rose CHI 紀欣 (Taipei City)
Susie CHIANG Su-hui 江素惠 (Overseas Chinese)
CHIN Jih-hua 秦繼華 (Hsinchu City)
CHIU Chien-yung 邱建勇 (Taoyuan County)
CHU Chao-hsiang 曲兆祥 (Taipei City)
Elmer FUNG 馮滬祥 (Nationwide)
GINGCHI Yu 荊溪昱 (Kaohsiung City)
HO Jeng-sheng 何振盛 (Nationwide)
HSIEH Chung-yu 謝仲瑜 (Kaohsiung City)
HSIEH Ming-hui 謝明輝 (Taipei County)
HSU Kuo-shih 徐國士 (Hualien County)
HSU Li-nung 許歷農 (Nationwide)
KAO Pao-hua 高寶華 (Taipei County)
LAI Shyh-bao 賴士葆 (Taipei City)
LEE Ben-nan 李炳南 (Nationwide)
LEE Ching-yuan 李慶元 (Taipei City)
LEE Hsin 李新 (Nationwide)
LEE Juh-feng 李炷烽 (Kinmen County)
LIN Chung-shan 林忠山 (Taipei City)
LIOU Ming-lone 劉銘龍 (Taipei County)
Lloyd E. LOH 羅怡德 (Taipei City)
Wynn H. T. PAN 潘懷宗 (Taipei City)
SHIH Chwen-yee 施純義 (Nationwide)
TANG A-ken 湯阿根 (Nationwide)
TANG Shao-cheng 湯紹成 (Taipei County)
TANG Yuan-liang 唐元亮 (Taichung County)
TIEN Chao-jung 田昭容 (Hsinchu County)
TSAO Yuan-chang 曹原彰 (Lienchiang County)
TU Jenn-hwa 杜震華 (Taipei County)
TZUNG Ching-I 宗景宜 (Nationwide)
WANG Chih-ping 汪志冰 (Taipei City)
WANG Kao-cheng 王高成 (Taipei City)
WANG Pei-chu 王培珠 (Miaoli County)
WEN Mei-kuei 溫梅桂 (Nationwide)
WU Cheng-chun 吳正群 (Taoyuan County)
WU Tsang-hai 吳滄海 (Keelung City)
WU Yuan-shan 吳遠山 (Taipei County)
YANG Min-hua 楊敏華 (Taichung City)
Thomas YANG 楊世雄 (Nationwide)
Levi C. YING 營志宏 (Overseas Chinese)
YU Shu-chieh 于樹潔 (Kaohsiung City)

1 Green Party Taiwan

KAO Meng-ting 高孟定 (Yunlin County)

5 Independents

CHEN San-szu 陳三思 (Kaohsiung County)
CHIANG Wen-ju 江文如 (Taipei County)
HUANG Te-chih 黃德治 (Taichung County)
LIN Cheng-kuo 林正國 (Tainan City)
LU Kuo-hsiung 盧國雄 (Taipei County)

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Delegates of the Ad Hoc-NA (2005)

The Ad Hoc-NA with 300 members was elected on May 14, 2005 based on the sixth revision of the ROC Constitution which had been adopted by the Third NA on April 24, 2000 and was promulgated by the ROC president the following day. The election was carried out using purely a party-list proportional representation system instead of the four categories of delegates—geographical delegates (quyu guoda daibiao 區域國大代表), aboriginal delegates (shanbao daibiao 山胞代表), overseas Chinese delegates (qiaomin daibiao 僑民代表), and nationwide delegates (bufenqu guoda daibiao 不分區國大代表)—which were applied for the Second and Third NA.

The 300 Ad Hoc-NA members were divided in delegates supporting proposed constitutional amendments (pro) and those opposing them (contra). The seats of the pro-group by far exceeded a two-thirds majority. On June 7, 2005 the Ad Hoc-NA approved the constitutional amendments with 249 to 48 votes.

👍Pro👍 👎Contra👎
Party Seats Seats (%) Party Seats Seats (%)
DPP 127 42.33 TSU 21 7.00
KMT 117 39.00 PFP 18 6.00
3 1.00 5 1.66
Peasant Party 1 0.33 NP 3 1.00
Civil Party 1 0.33 NPSU 2 0.66
TAIP 1 0.33
1 0.33
Total pro 249 83.00 Total contra 51 17.00

① = Chinese People's Party, ② = Chang Yia-chung union / DAA, ③ = Wang Ting-sing union

127 DPP 👍

CHANG Chi-chang 張基長
CHANG Chia-chang 張甲長,
CHANG Hsiu-chen 張秀珍
CHANG Sheng-hsun 張勝勛
CHANG Teng-jui 張登瑞
CHAO Chien-ming 趙健明
CHAO Wen-nan 趙文男
CHEN Chao-ming 陳超明
CHEN Hui-hsin 陳惠馨
CHEN Hui-hsiung 陳輝雄
CHEN Jung-chun 陳榮春
CHEN Kuang-hua 陳光華
CHEN Kun-ho 陳坤和
CHEN Man-li 陳曼麗
CHEN Mao-nan 陳茂男
CHEN Mao-sung 陳茂松
CHEN Ming-tong 陳明通
CHEN Ou-po 陳歐珀
CHEN Peng-yun 陳鵬雲
CHEN Shin-shin 陳欣欣
CHEN Shui-hui 陳秀惠
CHEN Ta-chun 陳大鈞
CHEN Tso-sheng 陳作生
CHEN Tzung-li 陳宗禮
CHEN Wen-hung 陳文宏
CHENG Kuei-lien 鄭貴蓮
CHENG Su-hua 鄭素華
CHENG Yu-chuan 鄭玉娟
CHI Hui-jung 紀惠容
CHIANG Jen-shou 江仁壽
CHIU Chih-wei 邱志偉
CHIU Yi-ying 邱議瑩
CHIU Yu-ming 邱宇銘
CHOU Ching-yu 周清玉
CHOU Hsiu-chen 周綉珍
CHOU Ping-te 周平德
CHOU Ya-shu 周雅淑
CHU Wen-tsai 朱文財
CHUANG Kuo-ming 莊國明
FAN Mei-hua 范美華
FANG Chen-chang 方禎璋
HO Li-hsing 何黎星
HO Pi-chen 何碧珍
Antonio HONG 鴻義章
HSU Chih-hsiung 許志雄
HSU Chin-jung 徐進榮
HSU Chin-tun 許金鈍
HSU Ching-huang 徐慶煌
HSU Chung-wen 許崇文
HSU Shih-ching 許石井
HSU Wen-hsien 許文獻
HUANG Chen-hsiang 黃禎祥
HUANG Ching-lin 黃慶林
HUANG Chiung-ming 黃炯明
HUANG Tien-ting 黃添丁
HUANG Tzu-yao 黃子堯
HUNG Tang-wu 洪當舞
HUNG Wen-jung 洪文榮
Icyang Parod 夷將 • 拔路兒
KAO Chen-hui 高振蕙
KAO Chia-yu 高嘉瑜
KAO Chih-pin 高志斌
KAO Wan-chin 高萬金
Wellington KOO 顧立雄
KUO Kuo-wen 郭國文
LAI Chi-hung 賴奇宏
LAI Yen-hsueh 賴燕雪
LAI Yu-mei 賴玉梅
LEE Yuan-chen 李元貞
LI Ching-fu 李清福
LI Hsu-ning 李旭寧
LI Hung-jen 李宏仁
LI Li-fen 李麗芬
LI Ling-ling 李玲玲
LI Tsang-tung 李蒼棟
LI Yu-tien 李余典
LIAO Kuan-po 廖冠博
LIAO Pi-ying 廖碧英
LIEN Li-chien 連立堅
LIN Ai-ling 林愛玲
LIN Chia-lung 林佳龍
LIN Chun-fu 林俊福
LIN Chun-mei 林純美
LIN Feng-shi 林豐喜
LIN Jui-yen 林瑞彥
LIN Kuo-wei 林國維
LIN Li-shuang 林麗霜
LIN Lien-yen 林怜妍
LIN Lu-hong 林綠紅
Shirley LIN 林靜萍
LIN Tsui-yun 林翠芸
LIN Tzu-chin 林子欽
LIN Wen-pin 林文彬
LIU Yueh-e 劉月娥
LU Ping-ching 呂平清
PAN Mei-hua 潘美華
PENG Fu-yu 彭富鈺
PENG Ming-hui 彭銘輝
SHEN Fu-hsiung 沈富雄
SHEN Kuo-jung 沈國榮
SHEN Ming-yao 沈明耀
SHIH Chao-hsien 施朝賢
SU Kao-sung 蘇高松
SU Tsung-hsiang 蘇聰祥
SUN Te-chih 孫德至
Tahas Tain Kaybaybaw 打赫史 • 達印 • 改擺刨
TSAI Feng-wu 蔡豐武
TSAI Kun-tsai 蔡坤財
TSAI Ting-san 蔡鼎三
TSENG Chien-hung 曾劍虹
TSENG Chih-yung 曾智勇
TU Jung-li 塗榮立
TUAN Yi-kang 段宜康
WANG Chin-ting 王金丁
WANG Kao-hsing 王高興
WANG Li-ching 王麗情
WEI Ching-chen 魏清圳
WEN Yung-ming 溫永銘
WU Nan-hung 吳南宏
WU Wan-chu 吳萬居
WU Yi-chen 吳宜臻
YANG Chih-wei 楊智偉
YANG Lung-yuan 楊隆源
YANG Szu-hai 楊四海
YEH Chu-lan 葉菊蘭
YEH Jiunn-rong 葉俊榮
YU Ling-ya 余玲雅

117 KMT 👍

CHAN Chao-li 詹朝立
CHANG Cheng-chi 張政治
CHANG Chih-cheng 張志成
CHANG Jui-hsing 張瑞星
CHANG Sen-hung 張森鴻
CHANG Tuan-mei 張端美
CHANG Yu-mei 張育美
Nancy CHAO 趙麗雲
Charles CHEN Cheng-kung 陳政寬
CHEN Cheng-feng 陳政峰
CHEN Cheng-hsiung 陳政雄
CHEN Chien-min 陳建民
CHEN Ching-jang 陳金讓
CHEN Ho-chia 陳何家
CHEN Hsi-chang 陳錫章
CHEN Jeaw-mei 陳皎眉
CHEN Ken-shen 陳根深
CHEN Kuo-chung 陳國忠
CHEN Li-hui 陳麗惠
CHEN Lung-sheng 陳隆昇
CHEN Sheng-hsien 陳勝賢
CHEN Shin-min 陳新民
CHEN Te-fu 陳德福
CHEN Tien-wang 陳添旺
CHEN Wan-sheng 陳萬生
CHEN Wu-hsiung 陳武雄
CHEN Yi-wen 陳亦文
CHEN Yuan-li 陳元利
CHENG Li-wun 鄭麗文
CHENG Yuan 鄭遠
CHI TSAI Yueh-hsien 紀蔡月仙
CHIANG Chi-wen 江綺雯
CHIANG Hui-chen 江惠貞
CHIANG Min-chin 江岷欽
CHIEN Chung-nan 簡忠男
CHIU Shih-ping 邱士平
CHOU Huang-min 周黃敏
CHOU Yu-jen 周育仁
CHU Hung-yuan 朱浤源
CHUANG Jung-chang 莊隆昌
CHUANG Wu-yuan 莊武源
CHUEH Mei-sha 闕枚莎
FANG I-liang 方醫良
GER Yeong-kuang 葛永光
HO Ching-wen 何慶紋
HO Yu 何語
HOU Hui-hsien 侯惠仙
HSIAO Chin-lan 蕭金蘭
HSIUNG Chun-ping 熊俊平
HSU Hung-chin 徐鴻進
HUA Chia-chih 華加志
HUANG Che-san 黃哲三
HUANG Cheng-ching 黃澄清
HUANG Chih-hsiung 黃志雄
HUANG Chih-yao 黃志耀
HUANG Hsiu-jung 黃秀榕
HUANG Jui-chi 黃瑞吉
HUANG LU Chin-ju 黃呂錦茹
HUANG Yu-yun 黃玉雲
HUANG Yung-fu 黃永富
HUNG Chun-te 洪俊德
HUNG Mao-chun 洪茂俊
HUNG SHEN Mei-chu 洪沈美珠
HWANG Te-hung 黃德鴻
KANG Shih-ju 康世儒
KAO Chao-wen 高超文
KUO Jung-feng 郭榮豐
LEE Ben-nan 李炳南
LI Kuo-lung 李國隆
LI Te-wei 李德維
LI Yu-wen 李玉文
LIAO Jung-ching 廖榮清
LIAO Shu-chia 廖述嘉
LIN Chang-te 林昌德
LIN CHENG Yu-ying 林鄭鈺瑛
LIN Chi-ming 林祺明
LIN Chien-chih 林健治
LIN Chin-hung 林錦洪
LIN Han-piao 林漢標
LIN Hsin-chin 林新欽
LIN I-ling 林羿伶
LIN Jung-chih 林榮治
LIN Jzy-chang 林資清
LIN Ling-hsu 林嶺旭
LIN Ming-chang 林明昌
LIN Ming-te 林銘德
LIU Te-chen 劉德成
LO Kuo-jung 羅國榮
LO Shih-chang 羅世昌
LU A-li 呂阿厘
LU Chi-chu 呂吉助
LU Li-li 呂麗莉
Jenny MA 馬愛珍
Ma Lai Ku Mai 馬賴 • 古麥
SHIH Shi-tien 施西田
SONG Shiun-guang 宋煦光
TENG Hung-chi 鄧鴻吉
TSAI Cheng-wen 蔡政文
TSAI Kuo-chih 蔡國智
TSAI Ling-lan 蔡鈴蘭
TSAI Tu-chin 蔡圖晉
TSAI WU Wang-shih 蔡吳罔市
WANG Chu-tung 王朱東
WANG Hsun-hui 王勳煇
WANG Kao-cheng 王高成
WANG Ting-ming 王鼎銘
WANG Ting-sheng 王廷升
WANG Tsai-hsia 汪彩霞
WU Chi-mei 吳綺美
WU Chun-an 吳俊岸
WU Hsiu-kuang 吳秀光
YANG Hsiu-hsia 楊秀霞
YAO Chiang-lin 姚江臨
YEH Yun-hsui 葉雲勗
YEN Su-chiu 顏素秋
YU Chih-li 余致力
YU Yen-sheng 于延生

21 TSU 👎

CHAO Kuo-shan 趙國珊
CHEN Chih-yu 陳芝余
CHEN Hui-huang 陳惠凰
CHEN Shih-chang 陳士章
CHEN Tsan-hung 陳燦鴻
CHEN Wen-kuei 陳文貴
CHEN Yi-shen 陳儀深
CHIEN LIN Whei-jun 錢林慧君
CHUNG Shang-heng 鍾尚衡
HUANG Shih-chieh 黃士杰
KOO YOU Chien-hua 辜游建華
Annie LEE 李安妮
LIAO Hui-ying 廖輝英
LIAO Wen-sheng 廖文生
TSAI Chung-chi 蔡重吉
TSAI Ta-hsiung 蔡達雄
TSAO Chia-li 曹嘉俐
WANG Mei-hsiu 王美琇
WU Chi-ming 吳琪銘
WU Shu-fen 吳淑芬
WU Yu-hsueh 吳雨學

18 PFP 👎

CHEN Chi-hui 陳琪惠
CHEN Yi-hsin 陳一新
CHEN Mei-hui 陳美惠
CHENG Hsiu-chu 鄭秀珠
CHENG Mei-lan 鄭美蘭
CHIN Huei-chu 秦慧珠
CHING Hung-shin 景鴻鑫
FAN Yu-wen 范宇文
HU Tsu-ching 胡祖慶
HUANG Chiao-yun 黃巧勻
KO Hsueh-chin 柯雪琴
LEE Hui-hsin 李慧馨
Thomas LEE Tung-hao 李桐豪
LI Miao-mei 李妙梅
LIAO Shu-ying 廖淑櫻
LIN Terng-yaw 林騰鷂
TENG Hsiu-shu 鄧秀淑
YEH Yao-peng 葉耀鵬

5 Chang Yia-chung union / DAA 👎

CHANG Yia-chung 張亞中
HUANG Kuang-kuo 黃光國
LI Jih-huang 李日煌
SHIH Ya-shan 史亞山
WANG Ching-feng 王清峰

3 NP 👎

Rose CHI 紀欣
CHOU Yang-shan 周陽山
LU Jui-chung 盧瑞鍾

3 Chinese People's Party 👍

CHEN Yuan-chi 陳源奇
CHU Chih-peng 朱志鵬
YUEH Meng-hsi 樂夢溪

2 NPSU 👎

CHU Hsing-yu 朱星羽
WU Ching-tang 吳慶堂

1 TAIP 👎

Roger LIN 林志昇

1 Peasant Party 👍

CHANG Ming-hsien 張銘顯

1 Civil Party 👍

QIAN Hanqing 錢漢清

1 Wang Ting-sing union 👎

WANG Ting-sing 王廷興

Note: The Chinese People's Party on May 19, 2005 (five days after the election, 11 days before the opening session) expelled Yueh Meng-hsi from its ranks and gave Yueh's seat to PAN Bi-yueh 潘碧月.

High turnover in the DAA

Chang Yia-chung, Huang Kuang-kuo and Wang Ching-feng of the DAA resigned their seats on the opening day (May 30, 2005). Information available online about their replacements is contradictory. According to media reports, the trio was replaced with SUI Tu-ching 隋杜卿, HSIEH Ying-hua 謝瀛華 and KUO HUNG Chin-fung 郭洪金鳳. However, data provided by the NA website suggest that Chang was replaced with LIAO Ta-chi 廖達琪 and Huang with YEN Kun-chuan 顏坤泉, while Wang did not take the oath of office. Liao resigned on June 6, 2005, being replaced with SHEN Fang-ping 沈方枰, but Shen resigned the following day, and his replacement HUANG Kuo-yen 黃國晏 failed to take the oath of office in time to participate in the final vote. Eventually, while the DAA had five seats in the Ad Hoc-NA, only three DAA delegates did cast votes, one of them turning out to be invalid.

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Index of all NA members 1992–2005

The following list shows all members of the Second NA [II], Third NA [III] and Ad hoc-NA [AH] in alphabetical order (without Hanyu Pinyin). AH in round brackets—(AH)—indicates that the delegate came in as a replacement for an original Ad Hoc-NA member. Ten persons served continuously as members of the Second NA, Third NA and Ad Hoc-NA: CHEN Ching-jang 陳金讓, CHEN Yi-wen 陳亦文, CHIANG Hui-chen 江惠貞, CHUANG Jung-chang 莊隆昌, HWANG Te-hung 黃德鴻, LIAO Jung-ching 廖榮清, LIU Te-chen 劉德成, TSAI Chung-chi 蔡重吉, WU Chi-mei 吳綺美, and WU Chun-an 吳俊岸.

AN Bi-yueh 潘碧月—(AH)
Eugene C. CHA 查競傳—II
CHAN Chao-li 詹朝立—AH
CHANG Chang-hsien 張倉顯—III
CHANG Chao-luen 常照倫—III
CHANG Cheng-chi 張政治—III, AH
CHANG Chi-chang 張基長—AH
CHANG Chia-chang 張甲長—II, AH
CHANG Chih-cheng 張志成—AH
CHANG Ching-chung 張慶忠—II
CHANG Ching-hui 張慶惠—II
CHANG Chiung-wen 張瓊文—II
CHANG Chuan-tien 張川田—II, III
CHANG Chun-hung 張俊宏—II
CHANG Chung-tung 張忠棟—II
CHANG Fu-chung 張富忠—II
CHANG Fu-hsin 張福興—II
CHANG Hsiao-tzu 章孝慈—II
CHANG Hsiu-chen 張秀珍—AH
CHANG Hu-tang 張馥堂—II, III
CHANG Hui-yuan 張輝元—II, III
CHANG Jiann-long 張建隆—II, III
John CHANG Hsiao-yen 章孝嚴—III
CHANG Jui-hsing 張瑞星—AH
CHANG Jung-hsien 張榮顯—III
Kenny C. CHANG 張國慶—III
CHANG King-hua 張金華—III
CHANG Kuang-huei 張光輝—II, III
CHANG Kuen-lin 張坤霖—III
CHANG Li-tang 張麗堂—II
CHANG Lung-sheng 張隆盛—III
Michael C. CHANG 張晉城—II
CHANG Ming-chih 張明致—III
CHANG Ming-hsien 張銘顯—AH
Monty C. H. CHANG 張禎祥—III
CHANG Ping-wing 張炳文—II
CHANG Sen-hung 張森鴻—AH
CHANG Sheng-hsun 張勝勛—AH
CHANG Sheng-hua 張勝華—III
CHANG Song-sue 張松樹—III
CHANG Teng-jui 張登瑞—AH
CHANG Tuan-mei 張端美—AH
CHANG Wei-yi 章偉義—II
CHANG Wen-yi 張文儀—II
CHANG Yee-shyi 張一熙—II
CHANG Yia-chung 張亞中—AH
CHANG Yu-mei 張育美—AH
CHAO Chien-ming 趙健明—AH
CHAO Kuo-shan 趙國珊—AH
CHAO Liang-yen 趙良燕—II
CHAO Lin-lin 趙玲玲—II, III
Nancy CHAO 趙麗雲—AH
CHAO Ning 趙寧—III
CHAO Shin-nan 趙辛男—II
CHAO Shu-yuan 趙淑媛—III
CHAO Wen-nan 趙文男—AH
CHEN An-pang 陳安邦—II
CHEN Chao-lung 陳朝龍—III
CHEN Chao-ming 陳超明—AH
CHEN Cheng-chuan 陳鄭權—II
Charles CHEN Cheng-kung 陳政寬—III, AH
CHEN Cheng-feng 陳政峰—AH
CHEN Cheng-hsiung 陳政雄—AH
CHEN Chi-hui 陳琪惠—III, AH
CHEN Chi-san 陳志三—III
CHEN Chi-yang 陳淇陽—III
CHEN Chien-min 陳建民—AH
CHEN Chien-ming 陳建銘—III
CHEN Chih-kuan 陳志寬—III
CHEN Chih-ming 陳志明—II
CHEN Chih-naan 陳志男—III
CHEN Chih-yu 陳芝余—AH
CHEN Chin-fa 陳進發—III
CHEN Chin-fu 陳進富—II
CHEN Chin-lung 陳欽隆—II
CHEN Chin-te 陳金德—II, III
CHEN Chin-ting 陳進丁—III
CHEN Ching-jang 陳金讓—II, III, AH
CHEN Ching-jen 陳鏡仁—III
CHEN Ching-sui 陳清水—II
CHEN Chu 陳菊—II
CHEN Chuan 陳川—II, III
CHEN Chun-kuan 陳重光—II
CHEN Chung-hsi 陳重熙—II
CHEN Fan-hsiung 陳繁雄—II
CHEN Heng-sheng 陳恆盛—III
Henry C. CHEN 陳漢春—II, III
CHEN Ho-chia 陳何家—AH
CHEN Horng-chi 陳鴻基—II
CHEN Hsi-chang 陳錫章—AH
CHEN Hsi-tung 陳錫東—II
CHEN Hsueh-sheng 陳雪生—III
CHEN Hui-hsin 陳惠馨—AH
CHEN Hui-hsiung 陳輝雄—AH
CHEN Hui-huang 陳惠凰—AH
CHEN I-chiu 陳義秋—II
CHEN I-hsiung 陳一雄—II
CHEN Jeaw-mei 陳皎眉—AH
Johnson C. T. CHEN 陳瓊讚—II
CHEN Jui-lin 陳瑞麟—III
CHEN Jun-wu 陳潤吾—III
CHEN Jung-chun 陳榮春—AH
CHEN Ken-shen 陳根深—AH
CHEN Kuang-hua 陳光華—AH
CHEN Kun-ho 陳坤和—AH
CHEN Kuo-chung 陳國忠—AH
CHEN Li-hui 陳麗惠—AH
CHEN Li-ling 陳麗伶—II
CHEN Lin-jang 陳林讓—II
CHEN Lung-sheng 陳隆昇—AH
CHEN Man-li 陳曼麗—AH
CHEN Mao-nan 陳茂男—II, AH
CHEN Mao-sung 陳茂松—AH
CHEN Mei-hui 陳美惠—AH
CHEN Mei-tzu 陳美子—II, III
CHEN Min-hsiung 陳明雄—II
CHEN Ming-chi 陳明吉—II, III
CHEN Ming-jen 陳明仁—III
CHEN Ming-tong 陳明通—AH
CHEN Ou-po 陳歐珀—AH
CHEN Peng-yun 陳鵬雲—AH
CHEN Pi-feng 陳碧峰—III
Roger B. W. CHEN 陳博文—II
CHEN San-szu 陳三思—II, III
CHEN Sheng 陳盛—III
CHEN Sheng-hsien 陳勝賢—AH
CHEN Shih-chang 陳士章—AH
CHEN Shin-min 陳新民—AH
CHEN Shin-shin 陳欣欣—AH
CHEN Shiu-hui 陳秀惠—II, III
CHEN Shu-nuan 陳淑暖—III
CHEN Shui-hui 陳秀惠—AH
Stella CHEN Woan-jen 陳婉真—III
CHEN Ta-chun 陳大鈞—III, AH
CHEN Tao-ming 陳道明—III
CHEN Te-fu 陳德福—AH
CHEN Tien-wang 陳添旺—AH
CHEN Tsan-hung 陳燦鴻—III, AH
CHEN Tseng-te 陳正德—II
CHEN Tsi-chi 陳啟吉—II
CHEN Tso-sheng 陳作生—AH
CHEN Tsun-hsiung 陳村雄—III
CHEN Tsung-jen 陳宗仁—II, III
CHEN Tze-ming 陳自明—III
CHEN Tzung-li 陳宗禮—AH
CHEN Wan-sheng 陳萬生—AH
CHEN Wen-hung 陳文宏—AH
CHEN Wen-kuei 陳文貴—AH
CHEN Wu-hsiung 陳武雄—AH
CHEN Yao-chang 陳耀昌—III
CHEN Yen-hoo 陳允火—II
CHEN Yi-hsin 陳一新—AH
CHEN Yi-hsiung 陳義雄—II
CHEN Yi-peng 陳逸鵬—II
CHEN Yi-shen 陳義深—III, AH
CHEN Yi-wen 陳亦文—II, III, AH
CHEN Yih-young 陳義揚—III
CHEN Yong-hsin 陳永興—II
CHEN Yu-hui 陳玉惠—III
CHEN Yuan-chi 陳源奇—AH
CHEN Yuan-li 陳元利—AH
CHEN Yueh 陳悅—II
CHEN Yun-tung 陳運棟—II, III
CHEN Zu-chin 陳子欽—II, III
CHENG Hsin-chu 鄭新助—III
CHENG Hsiu-chu 鄭秀珠—AH
CHENG Jyh-yih 鄭致毅—II
CHENG Kuang-po 鄭光博—II
CHENG Kuei-lien 鄭貴蓮—III, AH
CHENG Li-wun 鄭麗文—III, AH
CHENG Mei-lan 鄭美蘭—III, AH
CHENG Pao-ching 鄭寶清—II
CHENG Su-hua 鄭素華—AH
CHENG Tien-wang 鄭添旺—II
CHENG Tzu-hsiung 鄭次雄—II
CHENG Yu-chuan 鄭玉娟—AH
CHENG Yuan 鄭遠—AH
CHENG Yung-tang 鄭永堂—II
CHERN Chung-tso 陳忠作—II
CHI Hui-jung 紀惠容—AH
Rose CHI 紀欣—III, AH
CHI TSAI Yueh-hsien 紀蔡月仙—III, AH
CHIANG Chao-yi 江昭儀—III
CHIANG Chi-wen 江綺雯—II, AH
CHIANG Chi-yen 江吉源—III
CHIANG Hui-chen 江惠貞—II, III, AH
CHIANG Jen-shou 江仁壽—AH
CHIANG Jui-tien 江瑞添—III
CHIANG Min-chin 江岷欽—AH
CHIANG Shun-yu 江順裕—III
Susie CHIANG Su-hui 江素惠—II, III
CHIANG Wen-ju 江文如—III
CHIANG Yi-hsiung 江義雄—II
CHIAO TSAI No-pu 焦再娜甫—II
CHIEN Chung-nan 簡忠男—AH
Fredrick F. CHIEN 錢復—III
CHIEN Han-sun 簡漢生—II
CHIEN LIN Whei-jun 錢林慧君—AH
CHIEN Mao-sung 簡茂松—II
CHIEN Shu-hui 簡淑慧—III
CHIEN Seng-san 簡省三—II
CHIEN Tai-lang 簡太郎—III
CHIEN Teh-yuan 簡德源—II, III
CHIEN Tzu-hui 簡慈慧—III
CHIN Huei-chu 秦慧珠—AH
CHIN Jih-hua 秦繼華—III
CHING Hung-shin 景鴻鑫—AH
Roy T. J. CHIOU 邱子正—II
Austin CHIU I-Pin 邱奕彬—III
CHIU Chia-chien 邱家乾—III
CHIU Chien-yung 邱建勇—III
CHIU Chih-chen 邱志成—II
CHIU Chih-wei 邱志偉—AH
CHIU Kuo-chang 邱國昌—III
CHIU Shih-ping 邱士平—AH
CHIU Tai-san 邱太三—III
CHIU Yi-ying 邱議瑩—III, AH
CHIU Yu-ming 邱宇銘—AH
CHO Cheng-fang 卓政防—III
CHOU Ching-yu 周清玉—AH
CHOU Heng 周衡—III
CHOU Hsin-nan 周信男—II
CHOU Hsiu-chen 周綉珍—AH
CHOU Huang-min 周黃敏—AH
CHOU Min-chin 周民進—III
CHOU Ping-te 周平德—II, AH
CHOU Ta-yeh 周大業—II
CHOU Wei-yu 周威佑—III
CHOU Ya-shu 周雅淑—AH
CHOU Yang-shan 周陽山—AH
CHOU Yu-jen 周育仁—AH
CHU Chang-hsin 朱樟興—II
CHU Chao-hsiang 曲兆祥—III
CHU Chih-peng 朱志鵬—AH
CHU Chun-hsiao 朱俊曉—II, III
CHU Hsin-min 朱新民—II, III
CHU Hsing-yu 朱星羽—AH
CHU Hung-yuan 朱浤源—AH
CHU Li-lin 朱麗玲—II
CHU Tung-shu 朱銅樹—III
CHU Wei-chung 朱為中—II
CHU Wen-tsai 朱文財—AH
CHU Yeou-fu 朱有福—II
CHUANG Hai-shu 莊海樹—II
CHUANG Jung-chang 莊隆昌—II, III, AH
CHUANG Kuo-ming 莊國明—AH
CHUANG Sheng-jung 莊勝榮—III
CHUANG Wu-yuan 莊武源—AH
CHUEH Mei-sha 闕枚莎—AH
CHUNG Chia-pin 鍾佳濱—III
CHUNG Shang-heng 鍾尚衡—AH
CHUNG Shu-chi 鍾淑姬—III
J. P. FA 法治斌—II
FAN Mei-hua 范美華—AH
FAN Yang-kung 范楊恭—III
FAN Yang S. 范揚盛—II
FAN Yu-wen 范宇文—AH
FANG Chen-chang 方禎璋—AH
FANG I-liang 方醫良—AH
FANG Lie-shieu 方力脩—II
FENG Ju-cheng 馮汝城—III
FENG Pao-cheng 馮寶成—III
FENG Ting-kuo 馮定國—II
FU Kuen-chen 傅崐成—II
Pauline FU 符寶玲—II
FU Shu-chen 傅淑真—III
Elmer FUNG 馮滬祥—III
GENE Chih-jen 荊知仁—II, III
GER Yeong-kuang 葛永光—AH
HO Ching-wen 何慶紋—AH
Leo C. HO 何啟建—III
HO Li-hsing 何黎星—AH
HO Jeng-sheng 何振盛—III
HO Min-hao 何敏豪—III
HO Pi-chen 何碧珍—AH
HO Tsai-feng 侯彩鳳—III
HO Yu 何語—AH
Antonio HONG 鴻義章—AH
HONG Mow-cher 洪茂澤—III
HONG Shun-wu 洪順五—III
HOU Ching-chang 侯慶昌—III
HOU Hui-hsien 侯惠仙—AH
HOU Shui-sheng 侯水盛—III
HSIAO Chin-lan 蕭金蘭—AH
HSIAO Chiuder 蕭秋德—III
HSIAO Shu-li 蕭淑麗—III
HSIEH Ching-wen 謝清文—III
HSIEH Chung-yu 謝仲瑜—III
HSIEH Dung-sung 謝東松—III
HSIEH Hsiu-ping 謝修平—II
HSIEH Miao-tsai 謝淼才—II
HSIEH Ming-chang 謝明璋—III
HSIEH Ming-hui 謝明輝—III
HSIEH Wen-pin 謝文彬—II
William HSIEH 謝貞德—II
HSIEH Ying-hua 謝瀛華—(AH)
HSIEH Zui-chi 謝瑞智—II, III
HSIN Mien 辛勉—II
HSIUNG Chun-ping 熊俊平—AH
HSU Chih-hsiung 許志雄—AH
HSU Chin-jung 徐進榮—AH
HSU Chin-tun 許金鈍—AH
HSU Ching-fu 許慶復—III
HSU Ching-huang 徐慶煌—AH
HSU Chung-wen 許崇文—AH
HSU Heng-tzu 許恆慈—II
HSU Hsin-i 許信義—III
HSU Hung-chin 徐鴻進—III, AH
HSU I-sheng 徐宜生—III
HSU Jong-chuan 許仲川—II
HSU Jung-shu 許榮淑—II
HSU Kuo-shih 徐國士—III
Leonard P. L. HSU 許丕龍—II
HSU Li-nung 許歷農—III
HSU Lung-chun 許龍俊—III
HSU Ming-jen 許明仁—II
HSU Pei-hsiu 許丕修—III
HSU Ping-feng 徐炳豐—II
HSU Shiang-kueen 徐享崑—III
HSU Shih-ching 許石井—AH
HSU Shou-chih 徐守志—III
Stephen R. HSU 許瑞峰—II
HSU Wen-hsien 許文獻—AH
HSU Yang-ming 許陽明—II
HSUI Sheng-fa 許勝發—II, III
Antony C. HU 胡僑榮—II
Jason HU 胡志強—III
HU Tsu-ching 胡祖慶—AH
Wendell K. HU 胡維剛—III
HUA Chia-chih 華加志—AH
HUANG Chao-kai 黃昭凱—II, III
HUANG Che-liang 黃哲諒—III
HUANG Che-san 黃哲三—III, AH
HUANG Chen-hsiang 黃禎祥—AH
HUANG Cheng-ching 黃澄清—AH
HUANG Chiao-yun 黃巧勻—AH
HUANG Chih-hsiung 黃志雄—AH
HUANG Chih-yao 黃志耀—AH
HUANG Ching-lin 黃慶林—AH
HUANG Chiung-ming 黃炯明—AH
HUANG Hsien-chou 黃顯洲—II
HUANG Hsin-chieh 黃信介—II
HUANG Hsiu-jung 黃秀榕—AH
HUANG Huang-hsiung 黃煌雄—II
HUANG Jui-chi 黃瑞吉—AH
Justin HUANG 黃健庭—III
HUANG Kuang-kuo 黃光國—AH
HUANG Kuo-tsang 黃國昌—II
HUANG Kuo-yen 黃國晏—(AH)
HUANG Lai-i 黃來鎰—II
Lina HUANG 黃玲娜—II
HUANG LU Chin-ju 黃呂錦茹—AH
HUANG Min-hui 黃敏惠—III
HUANG Ming-tsung 黃明聰—II, III
HUANG Peng-hsiao 黃澎孝—III
HUANG Sang-yang 黃上揚—II
HUANG Shih-chieh 黃士杰—AH
HUANG Te-chih 黃德治—III
HUANG Te-lung 黃德隆—III
HUANG Tien-ting 黃添丁—AH
HUANG Ting-chuan 黃丁全—II
HUANG Tsu-nan 黃初男—II
HUANG Tzu-yao 黃子堯—AH
HUANG Tzu-yu 黃祖裕—II
HUANG Tzung-shih 黃宗詩—III
HUANG Wei-che 黃偉哲—III
HUANG Wen-ho 黃文和—II, III
HUANG Yu-yun 黃玉雲—AH
HUANG Yung-fu 黃永富—AH
HUANG Yung-huang 黃永煌—III
HUNG Chi-ming 洪啟明—II
HUNG Chien-wen 洪見文—II
HUNG Chun-te 洪俊德—AH
Douglas T. HUNG 洪讀—II
HUNG Hsiu-chu 洪秀菊—III
HUNG Huang-lin 洪皇琳—II
HUNG Mao-chun 洪茂俊—AH
HUNG Ping-lang 洪平朗—III
HUNG SHEN Mei-chu 洪沈美珠—AH
HUNG Tang-wu 洪當舞—AH
HUNG Teng-yueh 洪騰岳—II
HUNG Wen-jung 洪文榮—AH
HUNG Yu-ying 洪玉鶯—II
HWANG Ching-fong 黃鏡峰—II
HWANG Hwarng-du 黃鴻都—II
HWANG Te-hung 黃德鴻—II, III, AH
HWANG Yih-lian 黃義聯—II
Icyang Parod 夷將 • 拔路兒—AH
JAO Shu-chen 饒淑貞—III
JEN Fu-yuon 任富勇—II
JOHN Jee-min 江吉明—II
JU Yi-hsu 朱義旭—II
KANG Kuo-feng 康國鋒—II, III
KANG Ning-hsiang 康寧祥—II
KANG Shih-ju 康世儒—AH
KANG Tai-shan 康泰山—III
KANG Yao-chung 康耀忠—III
Alice H. E. KAO 高惠宇—II
Benjamin C. M. KAO 高志明—II
KAO Chao-wen 高超文—AH
KAO Chen-hui 高振蕙—AH
KAO Chia-yu 高嘉瑜—AH
KAO Chih-pin 高志斌—AH
KAO Chung-hsin 高忠信—II, III
David Jen-juch KAO 高正治—II
KAO Kuang-cheng 高光承—II
KAO Meng-ting 高孟定—III
KAO Pao-hua 高寶華—III
KAO Wan-chin 高萬金—AH
KE Sun-jyi 柯三吉—III
KO Hsueh-chin 柯雪琴—AH
KO Shui-yuan 柯水源—II
Wellington KOO 顧立雄—AH
KOO YOU Chien-hua 辜游建華—AH
KUAN Yung-shih 關永實—II
KUNG Hsing-sheng 龔興生—III
KUO Che 郭哲—II
KUO HUNG Chin-fung 郭洪金鳳—(AH)
KUO Jeng-chung 郭正崇—III
KUO Jung-feng 郭榮豐—AH
KUO Kuo-wen 郭國文—AH
Patrick Fong-yu KUO 郭芳煜—II
KUO Po-chun 郭柏村—II
KUO Shih-nan 郭時南—II
KUO Su-chun 郭素春—II, III
C. K. KWAN 關卓權—II
LAI Chi-hung 賴奇宏—AH
LAI Chien-jung 賴健榮—III
LAI Chin-lin 賴勁麟—II, III
LAI Fwu-hsing 賴福興—III
LAI I-sung 賴儀松—III
LAI Kun-cheng 賴坤成—II
LAI Shyh-bao 賴士葆—III
LAI Tzung-hsin 賴宗炘—III
LAI Wen-hsiong 賴文雄—II
William LAI Ching-te 賴清德—III
LAI Yen-hsueh 賴燕雪—AH
LAI Yu-mei 賴玉梅—AH
LAN Shih-tsung 藍世聰—III
LANG Yu-hsien 郎裕憲—II, III
LAW I-tieg 劉一德—II, III
Alexander Y. T. LEE 李榮堂—III
Annie LEE 李安妮—AH
Anthony S. LEE 李學英—III
LEE Ben-nan 李炳南—III, AH
LEE Chen-chia 李成家—III
LEE Cheng-chong 李正宗—II, III
LEE Chi-sheng 李繼生—III
LEE Chin-hsiang 利錦祥—III
LEE Chin-i 李金億—III
LEE Ching-tsen 李清圳—III
LEE Ching-yuan 李慶元—III
LEE Hsin 李新—III
LEE Hui-hsin 李慧馨—AH
LEE Juh-feng 李炷烽—III
LEE Kun-tse 李昆澤—III
Lester T. C. LEE 李宗正—III
LEE Ming-hsien 李明憲—III
LEE Shang-ren 李先仁—II, III
Thomas LEE Tung-hao 李桐豪—AH
LEE Tseng-chang 李增昌—II
LEE Tsung-fan 李宗藩—II
LEE Wen-chung 李文忠—II, III
LEE Wen-hung 李文鴻—III
LEE Yuan-chen 李元貞—AH
LI Ching-fu 李清福—AH
Fred K. LI 李克明—II
LI Hsu-ning 李旭寧—AH
LI Hung-jen 李宏仁—AH
LI Hung-yu 李宏裕—II, III
LI Jih-huang 李日煌—AH
LI Kuo-lung 李國隆—AH
LI Li-fen 李麗芬—AH
LI Ling-ling 李玲玲—AH
LI Miao-mei 李妙梅—AH
Nigel N. T. LI 李念祖—II
LI Pi-mei 李碧梅—II
LI Shih-yi 李詩益—III
LI Te-wei 李德維—AH
LI Tsang-tung 李蒼棟—AH
LI Yu-tien 李余典—AH
LI Yu-wen 李玉文—AH
LIAO Fang-chou 廖芳洲—III
LIAO Hui-ying 廖輝英—AH
LIAO Jung-ching 廖榮清—II, III, AH
LIAO Kuan-po 廖冠博—AH
LIAO Kuo-tung 廖國棟—III
LIAO Pi-ying 廖碧英—AH
LIAO Shu-chia 廖述嘉—AH
LIAO Shu-ying 廖淑櫻—AH
LIAO Ta-chi 廖達琪—(AH)
LIAO Wan-ju 廖婉汝—II, III
LIAO Wen-chang 廖文章—II
LIAO Wen-sheng 廖文生—AH
LIEN Li-chien 連立堅—AH
LIN A-jen 林阿仁—II, III
LIN Ai-ling 林愛玲—AH
LIN Bao-shy 林保獅—II
LIN Chang-ju 林嫦茹—II, III
LIN Chang-te 林昌德—AH
LIN Chao-ying 林朝英—II
LIN Cheng-er 林正二—II
LIN Cheng-kuo 林正國—III
LIN CHENG Yu-ying 林鄭鈺瑛—AH
LIN Chi-ming 林祺明—AH
LIN Chia-lung 林佳龍—AH
LIN Chien-chih 林健治—AH
LIN Chin-hung 林錦洪—AH
LIN Chin-shih 林金泗—II
LIN Ching-chi 林慶麒—III
LIN Chu-lee 林居利—III
LIN Chui-chau 林垂宙—II
LIN Chun-fu 林俊福—AH
LIN Chun-mei 林純美—AH
LIN Chun-yi 林俊義—II
LIN Chung-hsin 林忠信—II
LIN Chung-mo 林重謨—III
LIN Chung-shan 林忠山—III
LIN Feng-shi 林豐喜—AH
George C. H. LIN 林長勳—II
LIN Han-piao 林漢標—AH
Helen LIN 林澄枝—II, III
LIN Heng-shen 林恆生—II
LIN Hsi-hou 林熺厚—II
LIN Hsin-chin 林新欽—AH
LIN Hsun 林訓—II
LIN HUANG Fu-mei 林黃富美—II
LIN Hung-chih 林鴻池—II, III
LIN I-ling 林羿伶—AH
LIN Jen-shyong 林正雄—II
LIN Jen-te 林仁德—III
LIN Jui-yen 林瑞彥—AH
LIN Jung-chih 林榮治—AH
LIN Jung-te 林榮德—III
LIN Jzy-chang 林資清—AH
LIN Ko-mo 林克謨—II
LIN Kuang-yen 林光演—II
LIN Kuo-hua 林國華—II
LIN Kuo-huang 林國煌—II
LIN Kuo-wei 林國維—AH
LIN Li-shuang 林麗霜—AH
LIN Lien-yen 林怜妍—AH
LIN Ling-hsu 林嶺旭—AH
LIN Lu-hong 林綠紅—AH
LIN Mao-jung 林懋榮—III
LIN Meng-tan 林孟丹—II
LIN Ming-chang 林明昌—III, AH
LIN Ming-te 林銘德—II, AH
Paul LIN Kuang-hsien 林光顯—III
Roger LIN 林志昇—AH
LIN Rong-huei 林榮輝—II
Shirley LIN 林靜萍—AH
LIN Shu-hung 林叔宏—III
LIN Shu-mei 林束梅—III
LIN Shui-chi 林水吉—II
LIN Su-shan 林樹山—III
LIN Sung-shan 林嵩山—III
LIN Terng-yaw 林騰鷂—AH
Tommy LIN Yet-min 林逸民—III
LIN Tsui-yun 林翠芸—AH
LIN Tzu-chin 林子欽—AH
Victor S. L. LIN 林勝利—III
LIN Wen-pin 林文彬—AH
LIN Yi-chen 林意楨—III
LIN Yi-lu 林益陸—III
LIN Yih-shyong 林義雄—II
LIN Yu-sheng 林育生—III
LIN Yu-ti 林玉體—II
LIN Yuan-hsi 林淵熙—II
LIN Yuan-yuan 林淵源—III
LIOU Gin-show 劉俊秀—III
LIOU Jiing-yih 劉景義—II, III
LIOU Ming-lone 劉銘龍—III
LIU Chao-chang 劉櫂漳—III
LIU Chen-hsiang 劉貞祥—II, III
LIU Chen-wen 劉正文—II
LIU Chia-chi 劉家驥—III
LIU Hui-hsiung 劉輝雄—II
LIU Meng-chang 劉孟昌—II, III
LIU Sen-tong 劉憲同—II, III
LIU Shun-yung 劉顯原—II
LIU Te-chen 劉德成—II, III, AH
LIU Tsung-ming 劉宗明—II
LIU Tung-lung 劉東隆—III
LIU Wei-ta 劉偉達—II
LIU Wen-chung 劉文忠—II
LIU Yue-yao 劉裕猷—II, III
LIU Yueh-e 劉月娥—AH
LIU Yung-fu 劉永福—III
LO CHUNG Chen-chih 羅鍾澄枝—II, III
LO Kuo-jung 羅國榮—AH
LO Kwang-juei 羅光瑞—II
LO Ming-tsai 羅明才—II
LO Shih-chang 羅世昌—AH
Lloyd E. LOH 羅怡德—III
LU A-li 呂阿厘—AH
LU Chi-chu 呂吉助—AH
LU Ching-yu 呂清游—II
LU Chun-hung 呂鈞鴻—III
LU Hsuan-tung 呂軒東—III
LU Hsueh-chang 呂學樟—II, III
LU Hsueh-tu 呂學圖—II
LU Hsueh-yi 呂學儀—II
LU I-hsuen 盧憶萱—III
LU Jui-chung 盧瑞鍾—AH
LU Kuo-hsiung 盧國雄—III
LU Li-li 呂麗莉—AH
LU Ping-ching 呂平清—AH
LU Wen-feng 盧文峰—II, III
LU Wen-i 呂文義—III
LU Weng-chin 呂文進—II
LUNG Ying-ta 龍應達—III
MA Chang-feng 馬長風—III
MA Hsu-yuan 馬緒援—II
Jenny MA 馬愛珍—II, AH
Ma Lai Ku Mai 馬賴 • 古麥—AH
MA Ying-jeou 馬英九—II
MU Ming-chu 穆閩珠—II
John C. I. NI 黎昌意—III
NIEN Yung-ho 粘永和—III
Austin Chin-jen OU 歐晉仁—II
OU Ming-hsien 歐明憲—II
PAN Mei-hua 潘美華—AH
Wynn H. T. PAN 潘懷宗—III
PENG Ching-peng 彭錦鵬—III
PENG Fang-ku 彭芳谷—III
PENG Fu-yu 彭富鈺—AH
PENG Kwang-cheng 彭光政—II
PENG Ming-hui 彭銘輝—AH
PENG Pai-chung 彭百崇—III
PENG Yeou-jy 彭有枝—II
QIAN Hanqing 錢漢清—AH
SHAI Fan-wan 蕭芳萬—II
SHAW Chonghal 邵宗海—II
SHEN Fang-ping 沈方枰—(AH)
SHEN Fu-hsiung 沈富雄—AH
SHEN Kuo-jung 沈國榮—AH
SHEN Ming-yao 沈明耀—AH
SHEN Yin-ho 沈銀和—II, III
SHIEH Lung-sheng 謝隆盛—II, III
SHIH Chao-hsien 施朝賢—AH
SHIH Chi-yang 施啟揚—II
SHIH Chwen-yee 施純義—III
SHIH Meng-hsiung 施孟雄—II
SHIH Ming-hsiung 施明雄—III
SHIH Shi-tien 施西田—II, AH
SHIH Wan-chu 石宛珠—II
SHIH Ya-shan 史亞山—AH
SHIH Yuan-na 石元娜—III
SHYU Jenn-shing 徐振興—II
SONG Shiun-guang 宋煦光—II, AH
SSU TU Chen 司徒政—II
SU Chih-fen 蘇治芬—III
SU Chih-yang 蘇治洋—II
SU Ching-jung 蘇清榮—II
SU Fang-jung 蘇芳章—II
SU Jyun-hsyong 蘇俊雄—II
SU Kao-sung 蘇高松—AH
SU Ming-nan 蘇明南—II, III
SU Nan-cheng 蘇南成—II, III
Oliver Yuh-long SU 蘇玉龍—II
SU Tsung-hsiang 蘇聰祥—AH
SU Yeong-chin 蘇永欽—II
SUI Tu-ching 隋杜卿—(AH)
SUN Ing-shan 孫英善—III
SUN Te-chih 孫德至—AH
Tahas Tain Kaybaybaw 打赫史 • 達印 • 改擺刨—AH
TAI Jung-sheng 戴榮聖—III
TAI Tien-wen 戴天文—II
TAM Chiu-chun 譚超俊—II
TANG A-ken 湯阿根—III
TANG Huo-sheng 湯火聖—III
TANG Mei-e 湯美娥—III
TANG Ming-tsao 唐明超—II
TANG Pi-o 唐碧娥—II, III
TANG Shao-cheng 湯紹成—III
TANG Yuan-liang 唐元亮—III
TENG Hsiu-shu 鄧秀淑—AH
TENG Hung-chi 鄧鴻吉—III, AH
TIEN Chao-jung 田昭容—III
TING Yung-sun 丁詠蓀—III
Alex TSAI Cheng-yuan 蔡正元—III
TSAI Chang-feng 蔡長楓—II
TSAI Cheng-wen 蔡政文—AH
TSAI Chi-fang 蔡啟芳—II, III
TSAI Chih-hong 蔡志弘—III
TSAI Chung-chi 蔡重吉—II, III, AH
TSAI Feng-wu 蔡豐武—AH
TSAI Hsin-te 蔡信德—III
TSAI Jen-chien 蔡仁堅—II, III
TSAI Kun-tsai 蔡坤財—AH
TSAI Kuo-chih 蔡國智—AH
TSAI Liang-liang 蔡亮亮—III
TSAI Ling-lan 蔡鈴蘭—III, AH
Michael TSAI Ming-shian 蔡明憲—II
TSAI Ta-hsiung 蔡達雄—AH
TSAI Ting-pang 蔡定邦—II, III
TSAI Ting-san 蔡鼎三—AH
Tracy M. H. TSAI 蔡明華—II
TSAI Tu-chin 蔡圖晉—AH
TSAI Wen-pin 蔡文斌—II, III
TSAI WU Wang-shih 蔡吳罔市—AH
TSAI Yung-chang 蔡永常—III
TSAO Chi-hung 曹啟鴻—II
TSAO Chia-li 曹嘉俐—AH
TSAO Yuan-chang 曹原彰—III
TSAY Yunn-hwang 蔡運煌—II
TSENG Chien-hung 曾劍虹—AH
TSENG Chih-yung 曾智勇—AH
TSENG Hsien-chi 曾憲棨—II, III
TSENG Ping-huang 曾炳煌—II, III
TSUNG Shu-kuei 叢樹貴—III
TU Chen-jung 杜振榮—II
TU Jenn-hwa 杜震華—III
TU Jung-li 塗榮立—AH
TU Wen-ching 杜文卿—II
TUAN Chia-feng 段家鋒—II
TUAN Yi-kang 段宜康—AH
TUNG Hsiang-fei 董翔飛—II
TZUNG Ching-I 宗景宜—III
Andrew WANG Ming-long 王明隆—III
WANG Bih-rong 王必榮—II
WANG Chao-chuan 王兆釧—II
WANG Chih 王智—III
WANG Chih-ping 汪志冰—III
WANG Chin-ting 王金丁—AH
WANG Ching-feng 王清峰—AH
WANG Ching-san 王慶三—III
WANG Chu-tung 王朱東—AH
WANG Chun-yuan 王俊元—II
WANG DAY Chuen-man 王戴春滿—III
WANG Fang-lan/Jolene Chang 汪芳蘭—II
WANG Feng-ming 王逢明—III
WANG Fu-mau 王富茂—II
WANG Hsiu-yuan 王琇媛—III
WANG Hsueh-fung 王雪峰—II
WANG Hsun-hui 王勳煇—AH
WANG Hua-chen 王化榛—II
James Jam-ting WANG 王振廷—II
WANG Kao-cheng 王高成—III, AH
WANG Kao-hsing 王高興—AH
WANG Kuo-ching 王國清—III
WANG Lan-fen 王蘭芬—II, III
WANG Li-ching 王麗情—AH
WANG Mei-hsiu 王美琇—AH
WANG Mei-yueh 王美月—III
WANG Ming-yu 王明玉—III
WANG Ming-yuan 王銘源—III
WANG Pei-chu 王培珠—III
Peter WANG 王百祺—II
WANG Shih-kow 王石國—II
WANG Shu-ching 王述親—II
WANG Ting-ming 王鼎銘—AH
WANG Ting-sheng 王廷升—AH
WANG Ting-sing 王廷興—AH
WANG Tong-i 王東一—II
WANG Tung-hui 王東暉—III
WANG Tuoh 王拓—II
WANG Tsai-hsia 汪彩霞—AH
WANG Tzu-kuan 王慈官—II
WANG Wen-jeng 王文正—II
William WANG Shih-hsiung 王世雄—III
WEI Ching-chen 魏清圳—AH
WEN Ching-lan 溫錦蘭—II
WEN Hsi-chin 溫錫金—III
WEN Mei-kuei 溫梅桂—III
WEN Yung-ming 溫永銘—AH
WONG Hsing-wang 翁興旺—II, III
N. C. WONG 黃握中—III
WONG Wen-der 翁文德—II
WU Cheng-chun 吳正群—III
WU Chi-mei 吳綺美—II, III, AH
WU Chi-ming 吳琪銘—AH
WU Chien-kuo 吳建國—II
WU Ching-guey 吳清桂—II
WU Ching-tang 吳慶堂—AH
WU Ching-yu 吳靜瑜—III
WU Chun-an 吳俊岸—II, III, AH
WU Chun-ming 吳俊明—III
WU Chung-ling 吳鐘靈—II
WU Fu-quei 吳富貴—III
WU He-chung 吳鶴中—III
WU Ho-yu 巫和怡—II
WU Hsiu-kuang 吳秀光—AH
WU Jen-chian 吳仁健—II
WU Jzer-yuan 伍澤元—II
WU Kuang-hsun 吳光訓—II, III
WU Kuo-chung 吳國重—II, III
Luke K. C. WU 吳克清—II
WU Mao-hsiung 吳茂雄—II, III
WU Ming-pou 吳明波—II
WU Ming-tseng 吳明增—II
WU Nan-hung 吳南宏—AH
WU Sen-fa 吳森發—II
WU Shiou-rong 吳修榮—II
WU Shu-fen 吳淑芬—AH
WU Tsai-fu 吳再福—II
WU Tsang-hai 吳滄海—III
WU Tung-sheng 吳東昇—III
WU Wan-chu 吳萬居—AH
WU Wan-teng 吳萬等—II
WU Yi-chen 吳宜臻—AH
WU Ying-chin 吳映卿—III
WU Yu-hsueh 吳雨學—AH
WU Yuan-shan 吳遠山—III
WU Yung-ching 巫永青—II
YANG Chia-yu 楊嘉猷—II
YANG Chih-wei 楊智偉—AH
YANG Chin-hai 楊金海—III
YANG Ching-sheng 楊荊生—III
YANG Chung-sen 楊崇森—II
YANG Hsiu-hsia 楊秀霞—AH
YANG Jen-huang 楊仁煌—III
YANG Jing-lin 楊景淋—II
YANG Jung-ming 楊榮明—III
YANG Lung-yuan 楊隆源—AH
YANG Man-hwa 楊曼華—II
YANG Min-hua 楊敏華—III
YANG Shu-shin 楊樹森—II
YANG Suh-yuan 楊肅元—II, III
YANG Sui-sheng 楊綏生—II
YANG Szu-chin 楊思勤—II
YANG Szu-hai 楊四海—II, AH
Thomas YANG 楊世雄—III
YANG Tzuo-chow 楊作洲—II
YANG Weng-pin 楊文彬—II
YAO Chiang-lin 姚江臨—AH
YEH Cheng-lin 葉正林—II
YEH Chu-lan 葉菊蘭—AH
YEH Jiunn-rong 葉俊榮—AH
YEH Yao-peng 葉耀鵬—AH
YEH Yun-hsui 葉雲勗—III, AH
YEN Kun-chuan 顏坤泉—(AH)
YEN Ming-sheng 顏明聖—II, III
YEN Su-chiu 顏素秋—AH
YEN Yao-shing 顏耀星—II, III
Levi C. YING 營志宏—III
YU Chih-li 余致力—AH
YU Hui-chang 虞會璋—II
YU Ling-ya 余玲雅—AH
YU Shu-chieh 于樹潔—III
YU Song-chun 余松俊—II
YU Sung-hsiung 尤松雄—II
YU Tung-chin 余東錦—III
YU Yen-sheng 于延生—AH
YUEH Meng-hsi 樂夢溪—AH

An alphabetical index of all members of the Legislative Yuan since 1993 can be found here.


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◆ Cabinet-level agencies under the ROC Executive Yuan

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Abolished before the end of 1949

Ministry of Railways

Address of the Ministry of Railways and its logo at the time of its closure are not available!

The Ministry of Railways (tiedaobu 鐵道部), established on Oct. 25, 1928, was abolished on Jan. 1, 1938, its responsibilities were taken over by the Ministry of Communications (jiaotongbu 交通部).

Ministers of the Ministry of Railways

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
10/1928—5/1931Sun Fo 孫科1891-1973Guangdong
6/1931—12/1931Lien Sheng-hai 連聲海1885-1947Guangdong
1932–1935Ku Meng-yu 顧孟餘1888-1972Zhejiang
12/1935—1/1938Chang Kia-ngau 張嘉璈1889-1979Jiangsu

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Ministry of Social Affairs

Address of the Ministry of Social Affairs and its logo at the time of its closure are not available!

The Ministry of Social Affairs (shehuibu 社會部) was established in October 1940 by transforming the former KMT Department of Social Affairs (guomindang shehuibu 國民黨中央社會部), and it was integrated into the MOI on March 21, 1949.

Ministers of the Ministry of Social Affairs

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
10/1940—3/1949Ku Cheng-kang 谷正綱1902-1993Guizhou

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Ministry of Food

Address of the Ministry of Food and its logo at the time of its closure are not available!

The Ministry of Food (liangshibu 糧食部) was integrated into the MOF on March 21, 1949.

Ministers of the Ministry of Food

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
5/1941—10/1946Hsu Kan 徐堪1888-1969Sichuan
6/1947—7/1947Ku Cheng-lun 谷正倫1889-1953Guizhou
7/1947—5/1948Yu Fei-peng 俞飛鵬1884-1966Zhejiang
5/1948—3/1949Kuan Chi-yu 關吉玉1899-1975Liaoning

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Ministry of Water Resources

Address of the Ministry of Water Resources and its logo at the time of its closure are not available!

The Ministry of Water Resources (shuilibu 水利部) was established in April 1947 after the Water Resources Council (xingzhengyuan shuili weiyuanhui 行政院水利委員會) was reorganized. It was abolished on March 21, 1949.

Ministers of the Ministry of Water Resources

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
4/1947—12/1948Hsueh Tu-pi 薛篤弼1892-1973Shanxi
12/1948—3/1949Chung Tien-hsin 鍾天心1901-1987 Guangdong

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+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

Abolished since 1949

921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Recovery Commission

921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Recovery Commission 行政院九二一震災災後重建推動委員會
No. 71 Fuxi Road, Zhongxing New Village,
Nantou City, Nantou County 54045, Taiwan ROC
[54045 南投縣南投市中興新村府西路 71 號]

The 921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Recovery Commission (xingzhengyuan jiueryi zhenzai zaihou chongjian tuidong weiyuanhui 行政院九二一震災災後重建推動委員會, 🏁—zhixingzhang 執行長 [Executive Director]) was established on June 1, 2000 after a devastating earthquake struck central Taiwan on Sept. 21, 1999. The agency was closed on Feb. 4, 2006 after nearly all major reconstruction tasks were regarded complete.

921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Recovery Commission executive directors

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
6/2000—2001Huang Jong-tsun 黃榮村b. 1947Taiwan
2001–2002Chen Chin-huang 陳錦煌b. 1952Taiwan
2002—2/2006Kuo Yao-chi 郭瑤琪b. 1956Taiwan

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Consumer Protection Commission

Consumers Protection Commission 行政院消費者保護委員會
No. 1 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 1,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10058, Taiwan ROC
[10058 台北市中正區忠孝東路 1 段 1 號]

The Consumer Protection Commission (xingzhengyuan xiaofeizhe baohu weiyuanhui 行政院消費者保護委員會, abbrev. xiaobaohui 消保會, 🏁—zhuren weiyuan 主任委員), was established on July 1, 1994 and used to be headed by the sitting ROC Vice Premier. It was merged into the Executive Yuan on Jan. 1, 2012 and renamed Consumer Protection Committee (xiaofeizhe baohuhui 消費者保護會), thus losing its status as a cabinet-level agency.

Chairpersons of the Consumer Protection Commission

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
7/1994—9/1997Hsu Li-teh 徐立德b. 1931Henan
9/1997—12/1997John Chang 章孝嚴b. 1941Jiangxi/Zhejiang
12/1997—5/2000Liu Chao-shiuan 劉兆玄b. 1943Sichuan/Hunan
5/2000—7/2000Yu Shyi-kun 游錫堃b. 1948Taiwan
8/2000—10/2000Chang Chun-hsiung 張俊雄b. 1938Taiwan
10/2000—2/2002Lai In-jaw 賴英照b. 1946Taiwan
2/2002—5/2004Lin Hsin-yi 林信義b. 1946Taiwan
5/2004—1/2005Yeh Chu-lan 葉菊蘭b. 1949Taiwan
2/2005—1/2006Wu Rong-i 吳榮義b. 1939Taiwan
1/2006—5/2007Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文b. 1956Taiwan
5/2007—5/2008Chiou I-jen 邱義仁b. 1950Taiwan
5/2008—9/2009Paul Chiu 邱正雄b. 1942Taiwan
9/2009—5/2010Eric Chu 朱立倫b. 1961Taiwan/Zhejiang
5/2010—12/2011Sean C. Chen 陳冲b. 1949Taiwan/Fujian

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Government Information Office (GIO)

Government Information Office (GIO) 行政院新聞局
No. 2 Tianjin Street,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10051, Taiwan ROC
[10051 台北市中正區天津街 2 號]
The logo of the GIO was changed in December 2001, the older logo is shown on the right.

The GIO (xingzhengyuan xinwenju 行政院新聞局, 🏁—juzhang 局長) was established on May 2, 1947. It was dissolved on March 21, 1949 and replaced by the Information Department under the General Secretariat of the Executive Yuan (xingzhengyuan mishuchu she xinwenchu 行政院秘書處設新聞處) which was in turn replaced temporarily by the Office of government Spokesman (xingzhengyuan fayanren bangongshi 行政院發言人辦公室). Reinstated on Jan. 1, 1954, the GIO was finally abolished on May 20, 2012, its departments were distributed between the Executive Yuan, the MOFA and the new Ministry of Culture (MOC). The former GIO head's function as government spokesperson was transferred to the new Speaker Office under the Executive Yuan (xingzhengyuan fayanren shi 行政院發言人室). In English, the GIO head was called "director-general" before 2004, after that the title "minister" was used.

GIO director-generals

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
5/1947—12/1948Hollington K. Tong 董顯光1887-1971Zhejiang
12/1948—1/1949Shen Chang-huan 沈昌煥1913-1998Jiangsu

1/1954—1/1956Wu Nan-ju 吳南如1898-1975Jiangsu
2/1956—7/1961Sampson C. Shen 沈錡1917-2004Zhejiang
7/1961—11/1966James Shen 沈劍虹1909-2007Shanghai
11/1966—5/1972James Wei 魏景蒙1907-1982Shanghai
6/1972—5/1975Fredrick F. Chien 錢復b. 1935Beijing
5/1975—1/1979Ding Mou-shih 丁懋時b. 1925Yunnan
1/1979—9/1984James Soong 宋楚瑜b. 1942Hunan
9/1984—4/1987Chang King-yuh 張京育b. 1937Hunan
4/1987—9/1991Shaw Yu-ming 邵玉銘b. 1938Heilongjiang
9/1991—5/1996Jason Hu 胡志強b. 1948Jilin
6/1996—5/1997Su Chi 蘇起b. 1949Taiwan
5/1997—2/1998David Lee Ta-wei 李大維b. 1949Taiwan
2/1998—11/1999Chen Chien-jen 程建人b. 1939Jiangsu
11/1999—5/2000Chao Yi 趙怡b. 1950Taiwan
5/2000—10/2000Chung Chin 鍾琴b. 1953Zhejiang
10/2000—1/2002Su Tzen-ping 蘇正平b. 1950Taiwan
1/2002—7/2003Arthur Iap 葉國興b. 1952Taiwan
7/2003—5/2004Huang Hwei-chen 黃輝珍b. 1954Taiwan
5/2004—3/2005Lin Chia-lung 林佳龍b. 1964Taiwan
3/2005—1/2006Pasuya Yao Wen-chih 姚文智b. 1965Taiwan
1/2006—4/2007Cheng Wen-tsang 鄭文燦b. 1967Taiwan
4/2007—5/2007 @William J. T. Yih 易榮宗b. 1955Taiwan
5/2007—5/2008Shieh Jhy-wey 謝志偉b. 1955Taiwan
5/2008—12/2008Vanessa Shih 史亞平b. 1962Taiwan
1/2009—2/2010Su Jun-pin 蘇俊賓b. 1976Taiwan
2/2010—5/2011Johnny Chiang 江啟臣b. 1972Taiwan
5/2011—5/2012Philip Yang 楊永明b. 1964Taiwan

At the time of its abolishment, the GIO had the following administrative subdivisions:

Department of Domestic Information (guonei xinwenchu 國內新聞處, abbrev. guoneichu 國內處)
Department of International Information (guoji xinwenchu 國際新聞處, abbrev. guojichu 國際處)
Department of Compilation and Translation (ziliao bianyichu 資料編譯處, abbrev. zibianchu 資編處)
Department of Publications (chuban shiyechu 出版事業處, abbrev. chubanchu 出版處)
Department of Motion Pictures (dianying shiyechu 電影事業處, abbrev. dianyingchu 電影處)
Department of Broadcasting Affairs (guangbo dianshi shiyechu 廣播電視事業處, abbrev. guangdianchu 廣電處)
Department of Audio-Visual Materials (shiting ziliaochu 視聽資料處, abbrev. shitingchu 視聽處)
Department of Planning (zonghe jihuachu 綜合計畫處, abbrev. zongjichu 綜計處)
Department of Local Information (difang xinwenchu 地方新聞處)
GIO Minister's Office (juzhangshi 局長室)
Secretariat (zhuren mishushi 主任秘書室, abbrev. zhumishi 主秘室)
Information and Liaison Office (lianluoshi 聯絡室)
General Affairs Office (zongwushi 總務室)
Accounting Office (kuaijishi 會計室)
Personnel Office (renshishi 人事室)
Civil Service Ethics Office (zhengfengshi 政風室)
Legal Affairs Committee (faguihui 法規會)
Information Technology Unit (zixun xiaozu 資訊小組)
Premier E-mail Unit (yuanzhang xinxiang 院長信箱)

Since 1962 the GIO presented the Golden Horse Awards (jinmajiang 金馬獎) for excellence in Chinese-language cinema. In 1990, the organization of the competition was transferred from the GIO to the Motion Picture Development Foundation R.O.C. (caituan faren Zhonghua minguo dianying shiye fazhan jijinhui 財團法人中華民國電影事業發展基金會) which set up the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee (Taibei jinma yingzhan zhixing weiyuanhui 台北金馬影展執行委員會). The annual Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards (Taibei jinma yingzhan 台北金馬影展) have been a major cultural event in Taiwan and Asia, and the awards are considered to be the Chinese-language equivalent to the Oscars.

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National Youth Commission (NYC)

National Youth Commission (NYC) 行政院青年輔導委員會
14 F., No. 5 Xuzhou Road,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10055, Taiwan ROC
[10055 台北市中正區徐州路 5 號 14 樓]

The NYC (xingzhengyuan qingnian fudao weiyuanhui 行政院青年輔導委員會, abbrev. qingfuhui 青輔會, 🏁—zhuren weiyuan 主任委員) was established on Jan. 28, 1966 and at the beginning used the English name "Commission for Youth Assistance and Guidance" for more than a decade. It was downgraded to Youth Development Administration under the MOE (jiaoyubu qingnian fazhanshu 教育部青年發展署, abbrev. YDA) on Jan. 1, 2013.

NYC chairpersons

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
1/1966—7/1970Yen Chen-hsing 閻振興1912-2005Henan
7/1970—8/1972Lee Huan 李煥1917-2010Hubei
8/1972—1/1978Pan Chen-chew 潘振球1918-2010Jiangsu
2/1978—7/1978Wang Wei-noon 王唯農1934-1980Anhui
8/1978—11/1981Lien Chan 連戰b. 1936Shaanxi/Taiwan
12/1981—7/1984Kao Ming-huey 高銘輝b. 1931Taiwan
7/1984—4/1987Yao Shun 姚舜b. 1919Zhejiang
4/1987—11/1987John C. Kuan 關中b. 1940Liaoning
11/1987—2/1993Chiang Chia-hsing 蔣家興b. 1939Taiwan
2/1993—6/1996Yin Shiu-hau 尹士豪1938-2003Anhui
6/1996—3/1997Wu Wan-lan 吳挽瀾b. 1933Jiangxi
3/1997—2/1998Huang Teh-fu 黃德福b. 1954Taiwan
2/1998—5/2000Lee Jih-chu 李紀珠b. 1960Taiwan
5/2000—5/2004Lin Fang-mei 林芳玫b. 1961Taiwan
5/2004—2/2008Cheng Li-chiun 鄭麗君b. 1969Taiwan
2/2008—5/2008Lin Tai-hua 林岱樺b. 1972Taiwan
5/2008—2/2011Wang Yu-ting 王昱婷b. 1973Taiwan
2/2011—1/2012Jack Yun-jie Lee 李允傑b. 1964N/A
2/2012—12/2012Chen Yi-chen 陳以真b. 1977Taiwan

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Sports Affairs Council (SAC)

Sports Affairs Council (SAC) 行政院體育委員會
No. 20 Zhulun Street,
Zhongshan District, Taipei City 10489, Taiwan ROC
[10489 台北市中山區朱崙街 20 號]

The SAC (xingzhengyuan tiyu weiyuanhui 行政院體育委員會, abbrev. tiweihui 體委會, 🏁—zhuren weiyuan 主任委員) was established on July 16, 1997 as "National Sports Council". After the promulgation of the Organization Act of the Sports Affairs Council (xingzhengyuan tiyu weiyuanhui zuzhi tiaoli 行政院體育委員會組織條例) on Jan. 12, 1998, "National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports" (NCPFS) was used as its English name. This was changed to SAC on June 1, 2007. The SAC was downgraded to Sports Administration under the MOE (jiaoyubu tiyushu 教育部體育署) on Jan. 2, 2013.

SAC chairpersons

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
7/1997—4/2000Nancy Chao 趙麗雲b. 1951Taiwan
5/2000—1/2002Hsu I-hsiung 許義雄b. 1938Taiwan
1/2002—5/2004Lin Te-fu 林德福b. 1955Taiwan
5/2004—1/2007Chen Chuan-show 陳全壽b. 1941Taiwan
1/2007—5/2008Jongher Yang 楊忠和b. 1951Taiwan
5/2008—12/2012Tai Hsia-ling 戴遐齡b. 1962Taiwan

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Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)

Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) 經濟建設委員會
No. 3 Baoqing Road,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10020, Taiwan ROC
[10020 台北市中正區寶慶路 3 號]

The CEPD (jingji jianshe weiyuanhui 經濟建設委員會, abbrev. jingjianhui 經建會, 🏁—zhuren weiyuan 主任委員) was established on June 6, 1948 as Council for U. S. Aid (Mei yuan yunyong weiyuanhui 美援運用委員會, abbrev. Mei yuan hui 美援會 in Chinese and CUSA in English), reorganized into the Council for International Economic Cooperation and Development (xingzhengyuan guoji jingji hezuo fazhan weiyuanhui 行政院國際經濟合作發展委員會, abbrev. jinghehui 經合會 in Chinese and CIECD in English) in September 1963, renamed Economic Planning Council (xingzhengyuan jingji sheji weiyuanhui 行政院經濟設計委員會, abbrev. jingshehui 經設會 in Chinese and EPC in English) in August 1973 and renamed again CEPD in December 1977. On Jan. 22, 2014 the CEPD was merged with the RDEC, constituting the new National Development Council (NDC).

CEPD chairpersons

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
6/1948—11/1948Wang Wen-ho 翁文灝1889-1971Zhejiang
11/1948—3/1949Sun Fo 孫科1891-1973Guangdong
3/1949—6/1949Ho Ying-chin 何應欽1890-1987Guizhou
6/1949—3/1950Yen Hsi-shan 閻錫山1883-1960Shanxi
3/1950—5/1954Chen Cheng 陳誠1898-1965Zhejiang
6/1954—8/1957O. K. Yui 俞鴻鈞1897-1960Guangdong
8/1957—7/1958Yen Chia-kan 嚴家淦1905-1993Jiangsu
7/1958—12/1963Chen Cheng (second time)
12/1963—8/1969Yen Chia-kan (second time)
8/1969—7/1973Chiang Ching-kuo 蔣經國1910-1988Zhejiang
8/1973—6/1976Chang Chi-cheng 張繼正1918-2015Sichuan
6/1976—11/1977Yang Chia-ling 楊家麟1910-1994Yunnan
12/1977—5/1984Yu Kuo-hwa 俞國華1914-2000Zhejiang
6/1984—7/1988Chao Yao-tung 趙耀東1915-2008Shanghai
7/1988—5/1990Fredrick F. Chien 錢復b. 1935Beijing
6/1990—2/1993Shirley W. Y. Kuo 郭婉容b. 1930Taiwan
2/1993—12/1994Vincent Siew 蕭萬長b. 1939Taiwan
12/1994—6/1996Hsu Li-teh 徐立德b. 1931Henan
6/1996—5/2000Chiang Pin-kung 江丙坤1932-2018Taiwan
5/2000—1/2002Chen Po-chih 陳博志b. 1949Taiwan
2/2002—5/2004Lin Hsin-yi 林信義b. 1946Taiwan
5/2004—1/2007Hu Sheng-cheng 胡勝正1940-2018Taiwan
1/2007—5/2008Ho Mei-yueh 何美玥b. 1951Taiwan
5/2008—9/2009Chen Tain-jy 陳添枝b. 1953Taiwan
9/2009—5/2010Tsai Hsun-hsiung 蔡勳雄b. 1941Taiwan
5/2010—1/2012Christina Liu 劉憶如b. 1955Taiwan
2/2012—2/2013Yiin Chii-ming 尹啟銘b. 1952Taiwan
2/2013—1/2014Kuan Chung-ming 管中閔b. 1956Taiwan

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Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC)

Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) 行政院研究發展考核委員會
6 F., No. 2-2 Jinan Road Sec. 1,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10051, Taiwan ROC
[10051 台北市中正區濟南路 1 段 2-2 號 6 樓]

The RDEC (xingzhengyuan yanjiu fazhan kaohe weiyuanhui 行政院研究發展考核委員會, abbrev. yankaohui 研考會, 🏁—zhuren weiyuan 主任委員) was established on March 1, 1969. Its original English name "Administrative Research and Evaluation Commission" was changed to its current form in the second half of the 1970s. On Jan. 22, 2014 the RDEC was merged with the CEPD, constituting the new National Development Council (NDC).

RDEC chairpersons

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
3/1969—6/1972Chen Hsueh-ping 陳雪屏1901-1999Jiangsu
6/1972—6/1976Yang Chia-ling 楊家麟1910-1994Yunnan
6/1976—9/1976Kuo Cheng 郭澄1907-1980Shanxi
9/1976—7/1988Wei Yung 魏鏞b. 1937Hubei
7/1988—6/1991Ma Ying-jeou 馬英九b. 1950Hong Kong/Hunan
6/1991—12/1994Sun Te-hsiung 孫得雄b. 1930Taiwan
12/1994—6/1996Peter Jen-huong Wang 王仁宏b. 1939Taiwan
6/1996—9/1997Huang Ta-chou 黃大洲b. 1936Taiwan
9/1997—7/1999Yung Chaur-shin 楊朝祥b. 1947Taiwan
7/1999—5/2000Wea Chi-lin 魏啟林b. 1947Taiwan
5/2000—5/2004Lin Chia-cheng 林嘉誠b. 1952Taiwan
6/2004—4/2006Yeh Jiunn-rong 葉俊榮b. 1958Taiwan
8/2006—5/2008Jay N. Shih 施能傑b. 1960Taiwan
5/2008—9/2009Jiang Yi-huah 江宜樺b. 1960Taiwan
9/2009—10/2009 @Sung Yu-hsieh 宋餘俠b. 1956Taiwan
10/2009—7/2012Chu Chin-peng 朱景鵬b. 1963Taiwan
7/2012—1/2014 @Sung Yu-hsieh (second time acting)

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Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission (MTAC)

Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission (MTAC) 蒙藏委員會
4 F., No. 5 Xuzhou Road,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10055, Taiwan ROC
[10055 台北市中正區徐州路 5 號 4 樓]
Description: MTACx03d

The MTAC (mengzang weiyuanhui 蒙藏委員會, abbrev. mengweihui 蒙委會, 🏁—weiyuanzhang 委員長) was established on Feb. 1, 1929. It operated the Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center (mengzang wenhua zhongxin 蒙藏文化中心, established in February 1993) in Taipei. In the 2012-2014 ROC government restructuring, the MTAC was slated to be abolished by Jan. 1, 2015, but the process was delayed until Sept. 15, 2017—on that day the agency was finally disbanded, its tasks and budgets were distributed between the MOC, the MAC and the MOFA. At the same time, a new entity called Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center (mengzang wenhua zhongxin 蒙藏文化中心) was set up on the premises of the former MTAC, while the older center was renamed Mongolian and Tibetan Gallery (mengzang wenhuaguan 蒙藏文化館).

MTAC chairpersons

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
12/1928—4/1930Yen Hsi-shan 閻錫山1883-1960Shaanxi
9/1930—12/1931Ma Fu-hsiang 馬福祥1876-1932Gansu
12/1931—3/1935Shih Ching-yang 石青陽1879-1935Chongqing
3/1935—7/1936Huang Mu-sung 黃慕松1883-1937Guangdong
7/1936—8/1936Lin Yun-kai 林雲陔1883-1948Guangdong
8/1936—12/1944Wu Chung-hsin 吳忠信1884-1959Anhui
12/1944—4/1947Lo Liang-chien 羅良鑒N/AHunan
4/1947—11/1948Hsu Shih-ying 許世英1873-1964Anhui
11/1948—6/1949Pai Yun-ti 白雲梯1894-1980Inner Mongolia
6/1949—11/1949Kuan Chi-yu 關吉玉1899-1975Liaoning
11/1949—3/1950Chou Kun-tien 周昆田b. 1905, d. N/AAnhui
3/1950—2/1951Yu Ching-tang 余井塘1896-1985Jiangsu
2/1951—5/1954Tien Chung-chin 田炯錦1899-1977Gansu
5/1954—7/1958Liu Lien-ke 劉廉克1901-1978Inner Mongolia
7/1958—5/1960Li Yung-hsin 李永新1901-1972Liaoning
5/1960—12/1963Tien Chung-chin (second time)
12/1963—5/1972Kuo Chi-chiao 郭寄嶠1902-1998Anhui
5/1972—11/1981Tsui Chui-yien 崔垂言b. 1907, d. N/AJilin
11/1981—5/1984Hsueh Jen-yang 薛人仰1913-2006Fujian
5/1984—3/1986Tung Shu-fan 董樹藩1932-1986Inner Mongolia
4/1986—2/1993Wu Hua-peng 吳化鵬b. 1921Inner Mongolia
2/1993—12/1994Chang Jiunn-yih 張駿逸b. 1950Hunan
12/1994—9/1997Harry H. K. Lee 李厚高1926-2006Hubei
9/1997—5/2000Kao Koong-lian 高孔廉b. 1944Fujian
5/2000—1/2002Hsu Cheng-kuang 徐正光b. 1943Taiwan
2/2002—5/2008Hsu Chih-hsiung 許志雄b. 1953Taiwan
5/2008—2/2011Kao Su-po 高思博b. 1968Taiwan
2/2011—9/2013Luo Ying-shay 羅瑩雪1951-2021Taiwan
9/2013—11/2013 @Chen Ming-jen 陳明仁b. 1967N/A
11/2013—5/2016Tsai Yu-ling 蔡玉玲b. 1955N/A
5/2016—2/2017Lin Mei-chu 林美珠b. 1953Guangdong
2/2017—9/2017Hsu Jan-yau 許璋瑤b. 1951Taiwan

At the time of its closure the MTAC had the following two subdivisions:

Department of Mongolian Affairs (Meng shi chu 蒙事處), and
Department of Tibetan Affairs (Zang shi chu 藏事處).

Part of the country?

Mongolia and Tibet are populated by peoples who are not ethnic Han Chinese but have their own distinct languages, cultures and history. The two areas were occupied during the Qing dynasty, and after the establishment of the ROC the new rulers upheld the previous regime's claim of sovereignty over those areas. While the ROC today acknowledges that Outer Mongolia is not a part of the ROC territory, the formal sovereignty claim over Tibet has not yet been given up. Stateless Tibetans who arrived in Taiwan from India or Nepal between May 21, 1999 and June 29, 2016 are granted ROC residence permits.

— — — Flag of Mongolia — — —

● Timeline ROC–Mongolia

1913 Nov. 5: In a Russian-Chinese agreement (Zhong E shengming 中俄聲明), both sides recognize the autonomy of Mongolia
1915 May 25: The Treaty of Kyakhta (Zhong E Meng tiaoyue 中俄蒙條約) signed by China, Russia, and Mongolia formalizes Mongolian autonomy
1918 Sept. 18: Chinese troops occupy Outer Mongolia
1919 Nov. 17: Hsu Shih-chang 徐世昌, president of the ROC government in Peking, urges Mongolian politicians to sign a document that would end Mongolian autonomy
1921 July: Mongolian rebels expel Chinese troops from Outer Mongolia (operation completed by mid-1922)
1924 Nov. 26: Establishment of the Mongolian People's Republic with Ulan Bator as capital
1941 April 14: Condemning the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact, ROC FM Wang Chung-hui 王寵惠 declares that Outer Mongolia and the northeastern provinces are Chinese territory and the Soviet-Japanese statement is not binding on China
1945 Oct. 20: A referendum is held in Mongolia concerning independence, voter turnout 98.474 percent and approval rate 100 percent
1946 Jan. 5: According to the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance (Zhong Su youhao tongmeng tiaoyue 中蘇友好同盟條約) signed on Aug. 14, 1945 in Moscow, Chiang Kai-shek is compelled to recognize independence of the Mongolian People's Republic following the referendum in Mongolia
1953 Feb. 24: The ROC Legislative Yuan votes to officially terminate its commitments to the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance, thereby rescinding its recognition of the independence of the Mongolian People's Republic
1955 Dec. 13: In the UN Security Council, the ROC vetoes the admission of Mongolia into the UN
1961 Oct. 27: The UN General Assembly admits the Mongolian People's Republic into the UN, the ROC abstains from voting
1966 March 26: The US recognizes the Mongolian People's Republic; the ROC protests
1992 Jan. 13: Mongolia adopts a new constitution (goes into force on Feb. 12), the "People's Republic" is dropped from the country's name
2002 Feb. 26: The ROC drops its claim that Mongolia is Chinese territory
June 5: TAITRA opens a Taiwan Trade Center in Ulan Bator
Sept. 2: The ROC and Mongolia agree to establish representative offices to strengthen bilateral ties, one day after the "Taipei Trade and Economic Representative Office in Ulaanbaatar" (zhu Menggu daibiaochu 駐蒙古代表處) was opened
Oct. 3: The ROC MOFA announces it considers Mongolia an independent country
2003 Feb. 14: The "Ulaanbaatar Trade and Economic Representative Office in Taipei" (zhu Taibei Wulan Batuo maoyi jingji daibiaochu 駐台北烏蘭巴托貿易經濟代表處) is opened
2012 May 21: The ROC MAC states that Mongolia is not included in the ROC territory

— — — Flag of Tibet — — —

Please note that the Tibet flag used by the Tibetan government-in-exile and pro-independence advocates is banned in the PRC.

The supreme political and religious leader of the Tibetans is the Dalai Lama. The current Dalai Lama, born as Tenzin Gyatso on July 6, 1935 and installed on Feb. 22, 1940, was enthroned as Tibet's head of state on Nov. 17, 1950.

After Tibet's invasion and occupation by PRC troops, a delegation of the Tibetan leadership on May 23, 1951 was forced to sign the "Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet" (guanyu heping jiefang Xizang banfade xieyi 關於和平解放西藏辦法的協議)—also called the "Seventeen Point Agreement" (shiqi tiao xieyi 十七條協議)—in Beijing, ending Tibet's de facto independence, which had lasted since 1914. Between July 1954 and May 1955, the Dalai Lama stayed in Beijing to confer with the PRC leadership. On March 17, 1959 the Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh, India) following a bloody crackdown of PRC forces against a major uprising in Tibet, and he has been living in exile ever since.

The Dalai Lama has visited the ROC on three occasions: 1997 (March 22–27), 2001 (March 31—April 9), and 2009 (Aug. 30—Sept. 4).

● List of all Dalai Lamas to date

No. Name (birth name in brackets) Born/died Enthroned in Chinese name
1st Gendun Drup (Pema Dorje) 1391-1474 N/A 根敦朱巴
2nd Gendun Gyatso Palzangpo (Sangyey Pel) 1475-1542 N/A 根敦嘉措
3rd Sonam Gyatso 1543-1588 N/A 索南嘉措
4th Yonten Gyatso 1589-1617 N/A 雲丹嘉措
5th Lobsang Gyatso 1617-1682 1642 羅桑嘉措
6th Tsangyang Gyatso 1683-1706 1697 倉央嘉措
7th Kelzang Gyatso 1708-1757 ~1721 格桑嘉措
8th Jamphel Gyatso 1758-1804 1762 強白嘉措
9th Lungtok Gyatso 1805-1815 1810 隆朵嘉措
10th Tsultrim Gyatso 1816-1837 1822 楚臣嘉措
11th Khedrup Gyatso 1838-1856 1842 凱珠嘉措
12th Trinley Gyatso 1857-1875 1860 成烈嘉措
13th Thubten Gyatso 1876-1933 1879 圖登嘉措
14th Tenzin Gyatso (Lhamo Thondup) b. 1935 1940 丹增嘉措

On March 10, 2011 the Dalai Lama announced that he would begin the formal process of stepping down and devolve his political responsibilities to an elected figure; on April 26 that year Lobsang Sangay, an academic trained at Harvard Law School, was elected leader ("Kalon Tripa", in Chinese: gelun chiba 噶倫赤巴) of the Tibetan government-in-exile (known as Xizang liuwang zhengfu 西藏流亡政府 in Chinese) and took over the political role previously played by the Dalai Lama.

The following list shows all prime ministers (Sikyong 斯迥, in Chinese: sizheng 司政) of the Central Tibetan Administration (not an ROC agency!) since 1959.

Tenure Name Born/died Name in Chinese
1959–1960 Jangsa Tsangy N/A N/A
1960–1964 Surkhang Wangchen Gelek 1910-1977 卓康 • 阿旺格列
1965–1970 Shenkha Gurmey Topgyal 1896-1967 新噶 • 久美多杰
1970–1975 Garang Lobsang Rigzin b. 1905, d. N/A 噶讓 • 洛桑仁增
1975–1980 Kunling Woeser Gyaltsen 1915-2001 更德林 • 烏色堅贊
1980–1985 Wangdue Dorjee 1919-1994 旺德多杰
1985–1990 Juchen Thupten Namgyal 1929-2011 久欽 • 土登南嘉
1990–1991 Kalsang Yeshi b. 1941 格桑益西
1991–1993 Gyalo Dhondup b. 1928 嘉樂敦珠
1993–1996 Tenzin Tethong b. 1950 哲通 • 丹增南嘉
1996–1997 Kalsang Yeshi (second time) —see above—
1997–2001 Sonam Topgyal 1941-2012 索南多杰
2001–2011 Lobsang Tenzin b. 1939 桑東仁波切
2011— Lobsang Sangay b. 1968 洛桑森格

Please note that the Tibetan government-in-exile operates a representative office in Taiwan—the Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Dalai Lama Xizang zongjiao jijinhui 達賴喇嘛西藏宗教基金會) which was established after the Dalai Lama's 1997 Taiwan visit.

Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 達賴喇嘛西藏宗教基金會
10 F., Room 4, No. 189 Keelung Road Sec. 2,
Xinyi District, Taipei City 11054, Taiwan ROC
[11054 台北市信義區基隆路 2 段 189 號 10 樓之 4/5]
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The organization's Taipei office was opened on April 16, 1998 and has since been headed by the following officials:

Tenure Name Born/Died Name in Chinese
9/1997—1999Kesang Yangkyi Taklab. 1944 Gesang Yangjin 格桑央金
1999–2003Tenzin Phuntsok AtishaN/A Danzeng Pengcuo 旦增彭措
2003—8/2005Tsegyam Ngawab. 1964 Caijia 才嘉
9/2005—12/2020 Dawa Tsering b. 1963 Dawa Cairen 達瓦才仁
1/2021— Kelsang Gyaltsen Bawa b. 1966 Bawa Gesang Jiancan 巴瓦 • 格桑堅參

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Coast Guard Administration (CGA)

Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan (CGA) 行政院海岸巡防署
No. 296 Xinglong Road Sec. 3,
Wenshan District, Taipei City 11698, Taiwan ROC
[11698 台北市文山區興隆路 3 段 296 號]
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The CGA (xingzhengyuan hai'an xunfangshu 行政院海岸巡防署, abbrev. haixunshu 海巡署, 🏁—shuzhang 署長) was set up on Jan. 28, 2000. In the 2012-2014 ROC government restructuring, the CGA had been slated to be transformed to the new Ocean Affairs Council (haiyang weiyuanhui 海洋委員會, abbrev. OAC) by Jan. 1, 2015, although at that time its planned official English name was Council of Marine Affairs. The establishment date of the new agency was then postponed to July 4, 2016, a deadline that wasn't met either. The CGA was finally merged into the extended and upgraded OAC on April 28, 2018.

CGA director-generals

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
1/2000—5/2000Yao Kao-chiao 姚高橋b. 1938Taiwan
5/2000—5/2004Wang Chun 王郡b. 1936Taiwan
5/2004—1/2006Shi Hwei-yow 許惠祐b. 1952Taiwan
1/2006—12/2014Wang Ginn-wang 王進旺b. 1947Taiwan
12/2014—5/2016Wang Chung-yi 王崇儀b. 1952N/A
5/2016—4/2018Lee Chung-wei 李仲威b. 1951N/A

By the time the CGA was merged into the extended and upgraded OAC it had the following departments (in addition to its administrative units):

Department of Coastal Patrol (xunfangchu 巡防處),
Department of Communications, Electronics and Information (tongdian zixunchu 通電資訊處),
Department of Intelligence (qingbaochu 情報處),
Department of Logistics (houqinchu 後勤處); and
Assignment Command Center (qinwu zhihui zhongxin 勤務指揮中心).

Furthermore, the CGA had the following subordinate organizations:

Coastal Patrol Directorate General (haian xunfang zongju 海岸巡防總局),
Maritime Patrol Directorate General (haiyang xunfang zongju 海洋巡防總局);
Legal Affairs Committee (fagui weiyuanhui 法規委員會),
Maritime Affairs Research Committee (haiyang shiwu yanjiu weiyuanhui 海洋事務研究委員會),
Petitions and Appeals Committee (suyuan weiyuanhui 訴願委員會);
State Compensation Claims Unit (guojia peichang shijian chuli xiaozu 國家賠償事件處理小組); and
Education and Training Center (jiaoyu xunlian zhongxin 教育訓練中心).

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Transitional Justice Commission (TJC)

Transitional Justice Commission (TJC) 促進轉型正義委員會
No. 129 Anhe Road Sec. 1,
Daan District, Taipei City 10681, Taiwan ROC
[10681 台北市大安區安和路 1 段 129 號]

Following the promulgation of the Act on Promoting Transitional Justice (cujin zhuanxing zhengyi tiaoli 促進轉型正義條例) on Dec. 27, 2017, the TJC (cujin zhuanxing zhengyi weiyuanhui 促進轉型正義委員會, abbrev. cuzhuanhui 促轉會, 🏁—zhuren weiyuan 主任委員) was formally set up on May 31, 2018 in order to uncover the history of political repression during Taiwan's martial law period, as a foundation for social reconciliation. The TJC was supposed to complete its initial task of compiling a detailed investigative report, a plan of action and draft legislation within two years before being dissolved. On Feb. 21, 2020 ROC Premier Su Tseng-chang announced that the mandate of the TJC would be extended by at least one year, another one-year extension was granted on May 11, 2021.

The Executive Yuan on Feb. 24, 2022 approved a plan to dissolve the TJC by May 30, 2022 and establish a Transitional Justice Board (tuidong zhuanxing zhengyi huibao 推動轉型正義會報) under the Cabinet and headed by the ROC Premier to review and coordinate tasks taken on by different government agencies following the TJC's dissolution, allowing the government to continue promoting transitional justice and human rights in Taiwan. After the TJC was disbanded, the organization chart of the Executive Yuan did not show a Transitional Justice Board but a Department of Human Rights and Transitional Justice (renquan ji zhuanxing zhengyichu 人權及轉型正義處) instead.

Uncovering the truth

The TJC was entrusted with key missions—making political archives more readily available (including the retrieval of those kept by the KMT), removing remnants of Taiwan’s authoritarian rule, redressing judicial injustices, producing a report on the history of the period and taking steps to promote transitional justice. Furthermore, the TJC investigated the 1980 murder of Lin I-hsiung’s family members, the 1981 death of Chen Wen-chen and other unsolved cases. On July 4, 2019 the Legislative Yuan approved the Political Archives Act (zhengzhi dang’an tiaoli 政治檔案條例) aimed at declassifying and archiving political files kept by Taiwan’s government agencies and political parties during its period of authoritarian rule. On Feb. 26, 2020 the Chinese-language Taiwan Transitional Justice Database (Taiwan zhuanxing zhengyi ziliaoku 臺灣轉型正義資料庫) was formally launched and went online immediately.

Regarding the task of redressing judicial injustices, the TJC investigated cases of potential victims of the 2-28 Incident and cleared the names of thousands of individuals who were wrongly convicted or killed during the era of martial law. The first round of exonerations on Oct. 5, 2018 named 1,270 persons, the second round on Dec. 9, 2018 named 1,505 persons, the third round on Feb. 27, 2019 named 1,056 persons, and the fourth round on May 30, 2019 named 2,006 persons. Following another round of exonerations, a total of 5,937 persons (involving 5,942 cases) had the charges brought up against them repealed, their convictions overturned or received pardons as of March 27, 2021. According to a CNA report that was published on Focus Taiwan on April 30, 2022, the number of exonerated victims of political persecution during the martial law period then stood at 22,028. A TJC press release dated May 23, 2022 stated that the TJC had rehabilitated a total of 5,983 cases of wrongful justice.

TJC chairpersons

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
4/2018—10/2018Huang Huang-hsiung 黃煌雄b. 1944Taiwan
10/2018—5/2021Yang Tsui 楊翠b. 1962Taiwan
5/2021—5/2022 @Yeh Hung-lin 葉虹靈b. 1979Taiwan

TJC members

In addition to the chairperson, the TJC consisted of a vice chairperson (fuzhuren weiyuan 副主任委員), three full-time members (zhuanren weiyuan 專任委員) and four part-time members (jianren weiyuan 兼任委員), including a maximum of three members from the same political party and no fewer than three members from each gender. The full member list was announced by the Executive Yuan on April 7, 2018 and confirmed by a vote of the Legislative Yuan on May 8, 2018. The other TJC members then were: Chang Tien-chin 張天欽 (vice chairperson); Peng Jen-yu 彭仁郁, Yang Tsui 楊翠, Yeh Hung-lin 葉虹靈 (full-time members); Hsu Hsueh-chi 許雪姬, Hua Yih-fen 花亦芬, Eleng Tjaljimaraw 高天惠, Greg Yo 尤伯祥 (part-time members).

Vice Chairman Chang Tien-chin resigned on Sept. 12, 2018 over remarks that he made in an internal meeting on Aug. 24 that year about Hou Yu-yi 侯友宜, mayoral candidate of the KMT for New Taipei City, which was widely criticized as politically motivated and inappropriate; Chang was impeached by the ROC Control Yuan on Oct. 1, 2019 for breaching administrative neutrality by plotting against a political opponent. Chairman Huang Huang-hsiung resigned over the same affair on Oct. 6, 2018. Full-time member Yang Tsui subsequently also exercised the function of spokesperson (fayanren 發言人), and on Oct. 16, 2018 the TJC's website listed her as acting chairwoman. In a vote on May 26, 2020 the Legislative Yuan confirmed Yang as chairperson on a permanent basis and approved the following members: Yeh Hung-lin, Peng Jen-yu as well as new members Chen Yu-fan 陳雨凡, Hsu Wei-chun 徐偉群, Lin Chia-fan 林佳範, Awi Mona 蔡志偉, and Frank Wang 王增勇.

Chairwoman Yang Tsui tendered her resignation on May 30, 2021 which was approved the following day, Yeh Hung-lin was appointed acting chairperson. Alongside Yang Tsui, Lin Chia-fan also resigned but was not replaced.

Milestones of transitional justice in Taiwan

1989 Aug. 29 The first 228 Peace Memorial Monument (Jiayishi mituolu ererba jinianbei 嘉義市彌陀路二二八紀念碑) is completed in Chiayi City
1990Nov. 29The ROC Executive Yuan establishes the "Ad Hoc Research Group into the 228 Incident" (xingzhengyuan yanjiu ererba shijian zhuan'an xiaozu 行政院研究二二八事件專案小組)
1992Feb. 22The Ad Hoc Research Group into the 228 Incident publishes the "February 28 Incident Research Report" (ererba shijian yanjiu baogao 二二八事件研究報告)
1995Feb. 28Lee Teng-hui, doubling as ROC president and KMT chairman, expresses a formal apology to the families of the victims of the 2-28 Incident
April 7The ROC Legislative Yuan promulgates the February 28 Incident Disposition and Compensation Act (ererba shijian chuli ji peichang tiaoli 二二八事件處理及賠償條例)
1996Feb. 28The 228 Memorial Monument (ererba heping jinianbei 二二八和平紀念碑) in the Taipei New Park (xingongyuan 新公園) is unveiled and the park renamed 228 Peace Memorial Park (ererba heping jinian gongyuan 二二八和平紀念公園)
1997Feb. 27The MOI designates the Peace Memorial Day (heping jinianri 和平紀念日)—observed annually on Feb. 28—a national holiday from 1998 on
Feb. 28The Taipei 228 Memorial Museum (Taibei ererba jinianguan 台北二二八紀念館) is opened
2002Dec. 10The New Life Correction Center (xinsheng xundaochu 新生訓導處) and the Green Island Reform and Reeducation Prison (Lüdao ganxun jianyu 綠島感訓監獄) become the Green Island Human Rights Culture Park (Lüdao renquan wenhua yuanqu 綠島人權文化園區)
2007Dec. 10The former Chingmei Military Detention Center (Jingmei junshi kanshousuo 景美軍事看守所) becomes the Jing-mei Human Rights Memorial and Cultural Park (Jingmei renquan wenhua yuanqu 景美人權文化園區)
2017Nov. 28The ROC Legislative Yuan passes the Organizational Act of the National Human Rights Museum (guojia renquan bowuguan zuzhifa 國家人權博物館組織法)
Dec. 5The Legislative Yuan passes the Act on Promoting Transitional Justice (cujin zhuanxing zhengyi tiaoli 促進轉型正義條例) which aims at addressing injustices perpetrated by then-KMT led ROC government between Aug. 15, 1945, when the Japanese government announced it had surrendered, and Nov. 6, 1992, when martial law on the outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu ended
2018May 17The National Human Rights Museum (guojia renquan bowuguan 國家人權博物館, abbrev. NHRM) is inaugurated with a ceremony at the Green Island White Terror Memorial Park (baise kongbu Lüdao jinian yuanqu 白色恐怖綠島紀念園區)
May 18A second NHRM inauguration ceremony is held at the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park (baise kongbu Jingmei jinian yuanqu 白色恐怖景美紀念園區)
May 31The Transitional Justice Commission (TJC) is established
2022May 30The TJC is dissolved

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◆ Other major government agencies abolished since the 1990s

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Planning Commission for the Recovery of the Mainland (PCRM)

Planning Commission for the Recovery of the Mainland (PCRM) 光復大陸設計研究委員會
No. 45 Hanzhong Street,
Wanhua District, Taipei City 10842, Taiwan ROC
[10842 台北市萬華區漢中街 45 號]

The Planning Commission for the Recovery of the Mainland (guangfu dalu sheji yanjiu weiyuanhui 光復大陸設計研究委員會, abbrev. PCRM) was established on Nov. 25, 1954 as a subordinate organization of the ROC presidential office and disbanded on June 30, 1991. It was headed by a chairman (zhuren weiyuan 主任委員).

PCRM chairmen

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
11/1954—3/1965 Chen Cheng 陳誠1898-1965Zhejiang
5/1966—6/1991 Hsueh Yueh 薛岳1896-1998Guangdong

General Hsueh Yueh was appointed acting chairman on April 2, 1965.

Before the lifting of martial law in Taiwan, the Chinese Communists (Zhonggong 中共) were generally referred to as “Communist bandits” (gongfei 共匪). It also should not be forgotten that even in the late 1980s high-ranking hardliners in the KMT still had not given up their goal of recovering the mainland—following the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, ROC Premier Lee Huan 李煥 less than a week after taking office reacted to indications of internal strife in the PRC leadership and announced that ‘The day of recovering the mainland is near.’ (光復大陸的日子,很快就要到了。) Likewise, around the same time his predecessor Yu Kuo-hwa 俞國華 stated that previously he had concerns about taking action because it would have created an excuse for the Communists to repress the students. ‘Now these worries are gone, we should launch actions so as not to lose the golden opportunity of recovering our nation and expelling the Communists.’ (過去我們曾顧慮採取行動會造成中共鎮壓學生的籍口,現在中共已對學生用武,我們的顧慮沒有了,應該採取實際具體的行動,不要失去反共復國的良機,否則中共政權垮了,我們還沒有準備。)

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Taiwan Garrison Command (TGC)

Taiwan Garrison Command 台灣警備總司令部
No. 172 Boai Road,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10048, Taiwan ROC
[10048 台北市中正區博愛路 172 號]

The Taiwan Garrison Command (Taiwan jingbei zong siling bu 台灣警備總司令部, abbrev. jingzong 警總 in Chinese and TGC in English, 🏁—zong siling 總司令 or siling司令) was a powerful, feared military organization which today is widely regarded as a major tool of oppression used by the ROC government during Taiwan's era of White Terror (baise kongbu 白色恐怖) between the 2-28 incident (ererba shijian 二二八事件) in 1947 and the end of martial law in 1987. It was established in September 1945 following the end of Japanese colonial rule over Taiwan (1895-1945) and the retrocession of the island to China at the conclusion of WWII, and its functions were similar to those of a secret police, cracking down on pro-democracy activities and enforcing the KMT's dictatorial rule. After the "Temporary Provisions Effective During the Period of Communist Rebellion"—imposed on April 18, 1948—were abolished on May 1, 1991, the notorious Taiwan Garrison Command was disbanded on Aug. 1, 1992 and replaced with the Military Reserve District Command aka Armed Forces Reserve Command (junguanqu silingbu 軍管區司令部) and the Coast Guard Command (haian xunfang silingbu 海岸巡防司令部).

Please note that between 1945 and 1949 the TGC was called "Taiwan Provincial Garrison Command" (Taiwan sheng jingbei zong silingbu 台灣省警備總司令部), between 1947 and 1949 "All-Taiwan Provincial Garrison Command" (Taiwan quansheng jingbei silingbu 台灣全省警備司令部), and between 1949 and 1958 "Taiwan Provincial Security Command" (Taiwan sheng baoan silingbu 台灣省保安司令部).

TGC commander-in-chiefs

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
9/1945—5/1947Chen Yi 陳儀1883-1950 Zhejiang
5/1947—1/1949Peng Meng-chi 彭孟緝1908-1998Hubei
1/1949—8/1949Chen Cheng 陳誠1897-1965Zhejiang
9/1949—12/1949Peng Meng-chi (second time)
12/1949—4/1953Wu Kuo-chen 吳國楨 ©1903-1984Hubei
4/1953—6/1954O. K. Yui 俞鴻鈞 ©1897-1960Guangdong
6/1954—8/1957Yen Chia-kan 嚴家淦 ©1905-1993Jiangsu
8/1957—5/1958Chow Chih-jou 周至柔1899-1986Zhejiang
5/1958—8/1958Huang Chen-chiu 黃鎮球1898-1979Guangdong
8/1958—11/1962Huang Chieh 黃杰1902-1995Hunan
12/1962—6/1967Chen Ta-ching 陳大慶1905-1973Jiangxi
7/1967—6/1970Liu Yu-chang 劉玉章1903-1981Shaanxi
7/1970—4/1975Yin Chun 尹俊1909-1987Hunan
4/1975—5/1978Cheng Wei-yuan 鄭為元1913-1993Anhui
6/1978—11/1981Wang Ching-hsu 汪敬煦1918-2011Beijing/Zhejiang
12/1981—12/1989Chen Shou-shan 陳守山1921-2009Taiwan
12/1989—8/1992Chou Chung-nan 周仲南b. 1932Jiangsu

Only three heads of the Taiwan Garrison Command were civilians: Wu Kuo-chen, O. K. Yui, and Yen Chia-kan, all others had the military rank of three-star general (shangjiang上將).

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Special Investigation Division (SID)

Special Investigation Division (SID) 最高法院檢察署特別偵查組
4 F., No. 3 Xinyi Road Sec. 1,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10048, Taiwan ROC
[10048 台北市中正區信義路 1 段 3 號 4 樓]
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The SID (zuigao fayuan jianchashu tebie zhenchazu 最高法院檢察署特別偵查組, abbrev. tezhenzu 特偵組) was established on April 2, 2007 under the Supreme Prosecutors Office (zuigao jianchashu 最高檢察署) and headed by a director who doubled as spokesperson (zhuren jian fayanren 主任兼發言人). Following Chen Hung-ta's resignation on April 19, 2013 it was decided not to fill the post of SID director again but to let the three division chiefs (zuzhang 組長)—John Chang 張進豐 [Zhang Jinfeng], Yang Jung-tsung 楊榮宗 [Yang Rongzong] and Lin Feng-wen 林豐文—perform the function of acting director (daili zhuren 代理主任), alternating monthly. After that, media reports often referred to the acting director as "SID spokesperson" (tezhenzu fayanren 特偵組發言人). When the DPP became the ruling party of the ROC in 2016, the new administration moved towards abolishing the SID, and the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee (sifa ji fazhi weiyuanhui 司法及法制委員會) of the Legislative Yuan approved a draft amendment of the Court Organization Act (fayuan zuzhifa 法院組織法) concerning this matter on Sept. 21, 2016. On Nov. 18, 2016 the Legislative Yuan passed said amendments, abolishing the SID by Jan. 1, 2017.

SID directors

Tenure Name Born/Died Native Province
4/2007—5/2010Chen Yun-nan 陳雲南N/AN/A
5/2010—4/2013Chen Hung-ta 陳宏達N/AN/A
>>> [vacant] <<<
4/2014—12/2016Kuo Wen-tung 郭文東b. 1953N/A

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